Coast to Coast Pt. 04

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I immediately felt the pressure leaving my body, and as soon as I managed to get rid of the restraints, I rushed to the bathroom to do my thing, leaving Stephanie behind.

Being free after all those hours was beautiful and I could relax myself.

“Monica.” She called as I flushed the toilet.


“Could you please help me?”

I was taken aback by the request, but I complied, then, since we were both nude, I asked if she would like a shower, because obviously I needed one.

There was a hesitation in her voice.

“I want to do something else. Do you have some handcuffs lying around?”

I looked back in the room, and on the table there were a couple of pairs of handcuffs. As I told her so, she asked me to look if there were keys with them.

“Found them.”

“Ok, put them in a place easy to reach.”


“Now do you have the gag I had before?”


“Could you please gag yourself?”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Trust me. Place the gag, and open the water in the shower, we will need it, later.”

I opened my jaws and put the thing between my teeth, then fumbled with my fingers to block the screws. Once they reached the right extension, I could feel that my ability to speak was really dampened. I found the right temperature for the shower, and then I returned where Stephanie was waiting for me.

“All set?”

I mumbled a “Yes.”

“Ok, a pair of handcuffs on my wrists, and a pair on yours. But behind your back.”

Mesmerized by her commands, I put a pair of handcuffs on her just over her mittens. I could see that she was reaching a level of excitement, simply because her boobs were heaving up and down.

Then, I tentatively tried and succeeded to tie my hands behind my back with those cuffs.

At that point, we were both nude, she could not see how excited I was by the whole situation. So aroused that when she moved her arms in front of me, the chain linking her wrists entangled itself on my engorged nipples. I whimpered, but it was more erotic than ever in my mind.

She was moving her hands over my head and then pushed them down, encircling my torso in her embrace, her body pressing on mine to pass my shoulders’ width.

Our skins were in contact and I could feel jolts passing from me to her and the other way around.

Her mittened hands reached mine, tied behind my back, and she pulled with all her weight until the back of my legs touched the edge of the bed. She pushed her hands down past my buttocks and then she told me to.sit on the bed. In that position, she knelt in the middle of my legs and using her hands and the chain to lock me in place, she went on my labia.

This time there was no steel hampering her access, and as I felt her tongue starting to explore my pussy, the wave of pleasure swept me with violence, my body jerked against her grip.

Good thing the gag was on or I would have screamed from the top of my lungs.

It was something spectacular, something I had never experienced before.

When I came, buckling like a horse, I was trembling from excitement.

She reached my ear and while she was getting her hands over my head, she whispered.

“C’mon, let’s go. Where is the shower.”

I wanted to shower too, and this desire was more than enough to wake me up from my reverie.

I stood up and guided her into the shower stall. Then I watched as she placed herself under the faucet and pushed her wrists up, moving to entangle the chain of her handcuffs to the fixture.

She was doing it blind, and with a few tries she succeeded.

There was this really beautiful woman, helpless, wet in front of me, and I could do nothing to stop myself. My tongue, stretched out from the gag, started with her nipples.

I could hear her pleasure squeals resounding in the room. Then I crouched a little to reciprocate what she had done for me just before.

It was a quick move as she lifted her right leg, twirled it over my head and then placed it behind me, between my back and the cuffs.

I was trapped, and she used her leverage and physical prowess to push my head in her vice.

In a matter of seconds, I was trapped, unable to speak and deafened by the sound of the water creeping all over me.

She pushed again and my only thought had become her dripping vagina. I pushed my tongue through the gag and started to work.

I was astounded at myself, not even in my wildest dreams I had thought of me doing something like that. Yet her pleasure was giving me pleasure as well, in waves and twitches.

After a while she let me go, and I collapsed sitting on the shower floor.

She was still hanging from the faucet, while I regained my feet and, still dripping wet, I left to get the keys.

I fumbled with those pesky things, and eventually got those handcuffs off, and then the gag.

Finally free, I went back into the shower and started to clean her body, and mine as well.

After a while, we were both clean and I had freed Stephanie from the handcuffs, and we were on my bed, talking.

“Well, ardahan escort thank you.”

“Was it your first time?” she asked.

“With a woman? Yes. Absolutely fantastic.”

She laughed.

“Do you happen to know what is the time?” she asked.

As I got my phone, I saw that it was nearly three a.m. And Dawn was nowhere to be seen.

“Well, it seems like this night is lost, for rest, at least. What do you want me to do, for you?” I asked Stephanie.

“Well, at some point, I want you to lead me back to my room, but first I have to ask you for a very intimate thing.”


“Can you help me to the bathroom?” She asked, waving her useless hands.

I helped her doing her business, and while doing so I wondered what could bring an intelligent being to submit herself to this kind of control.

So when we returned to the bed, I asked her once again.

“I do not want to annoy you, but I fail to wrap my head around your relationship with the Mistress. How can you be okay with this?” I took her hands in my hands.

“Well, it’s personal most of all. Before meeting her I was a mess, emotionally. I wanted to please everyone, I did some bad things. Did not break the law, mind you, but I took the habit to go out in bars, getting hammered and waking up in different beds, with different people. I left job after job. After all, who is going to employ someone who presents herself at work with her hair a mess, bags under her eyes and so on.”

“Mistress,” she continued “gave a kind of order to my chaos. She taught me restraint, also in a mental state. And when I am in her hands, I feel so free.”

“But how can it be? This is something uncomfortable.”

“This? Oh, dear, you should see some things I was made to endure. But she knows my limitations and if I give her any indications that I’m in pain or not completely ok, it ends right then. I trust her with my life.”

“So, the whole harness thing? Are you ok with this, also?”

“Absolutely, yes. And I want to be in it. I have researched it, I know it, but just having seen it on your friend yesterday at the exposition, it made me more certain.”

“Do you realize all the things she is enduring?” I was astounded at her words.

“More than you can say. But this is something I need right now, and Mistress is well aware of my reasons.”

“Ok, then. I trust your judgement. But it seems a little bit extreme. Do you want me to help return to your room?”

“Yes definitely.”

“Hold on, let me get something to wear.”

Absentmindedly, I picked up the catsuit I wore the day before, since I was in the nude, and to my amazement, I found that it was easier to get it on, this time.

Once dressed, I put the wardrobe and the slippers back on Stephanie, and we left the room back to the suite.

“Do you know the code?”

She gave me the numbers, and this time, for me, it was easier.

At four in the morning we entered the room, and I saw Mistress and Dawn sleeping on the couch. Actually, they were gently snoring while cuddled together. I led Stephanie to the bed, and then she asked me to put the gag back on.

After tucking her in, I came near Dawn and lightly touched her to wake her up.

She looked at me, and then she acted as if she had immediately recollected her night out. She moved gracefully and rose from the couch.

I was amazed at her figure, she stretched and looked around the room. Picking up her pad with all the measurements, she took a piece of paper and scribbled something.

As she left the note on the table, I could read “Looking forward to continuing later.”

We left the suite, in silence, and once we got to the elevator, she finally asked me: “What happened?”

“I can ask the same to you!”

“You first.”

“Ok, I woke up and you were not around, so with Stephanie’s help, that’s Two, I got back to the room. Then we managed to open the harness, then I finally went to the bathroom, then we had round two, then we took a shower. Finally we returned to the suite and I tuck her under the covers. Ok, your turn.”

She laughed at my very succinct resume, and told me the rest of the night.

“Mistress is very persuasive and she is very interested in the harness, so while you were enjoying yourselves, she brought me to another suite. It’s some sort of informal bar where we could lay down and drink. She was asking millions of questions on this thing. And I told everything except for the final customer, because Markus told me it is not something that the Sheik wishes to be known for. In the spur of the moment I told her also why I’m stuck in it, and this seemed to stir something in her.”

It was something that happened to me too, but she continued with the story.

“Well, we make out. A lot. And in the end we made it back to the suite where we literally collapsed on the couch. Ah, I was nearly forgetting, she gave me this.”

And with those words and a laugh, she took a piece of paper from the pad.

As I got it in my hands, I realized it was a check, a very generous one, at the artvin escort Mistress’ name.

Then I was speechless. This night was really full of surprises.

“So let me prepare a get-well gift for Markus.”

She picked her sketch, and the check, and placed them neatly on the table, then she proceeded to.snap.some photos and sent them to his phone.

“Done. Let’s try some sleep, will you?” She told me, and she was right, in a few hours we would be roaming again at the exhibition center. Without undressing, I leaned on the bed, closing my eyes and I went into a fitful sleep.

I woke up at the sound of a mobile phone. Dawn responded and she had a surprising strong voice. Once she realized that I also was awake, she spoke on the phone.

“Ok, Markus, she is up. I put you on speaker.”

The voice on the phone boomed in the room, he had a hint of a German accent, but otherwise he spoke in a new yorker accent.

“Hi, Monica. Pleased to meet you. You two are making waves over there, there is so much press on the net right now. Lots of photos of you and Dawn. I must say that I have already got contacts with people you have met yesterday at the booth, and the harness is just some icing on the cake.”

There was joy in his voice.

“I’m really thinking of employing you in the future. Would you be interested?”

This caught me totally by surprise.

“Well… Yes… maybe… it’s all new to me…”

“Do not worry, it is something in the future. Dawn, today you will meet Lyll, he has a prototype for me. Could you please fetch it up?”

“Yes, no big deal. We have to go, we had a rough night and we need, like, a whole tank of coffee full to the brim.”

There was laughter from the phone.

“Ok, love you both. Keep up the good job.”

It was a boost to leave the bed. We prepare ourselves for the day. This time, Dawn hid her harness under a tunic with a leather belt. Then we went to the hotel restaurant to have a much needed breakfast.

It took the most part of an hour for us to finally wake up, and we were ready when we got to the exhibition. Deciding to take it slow, we took turns, one was upfront dealing with the few morning customers, and the other was in the stall room to relax.

This strategy bought us at least another hour of rest.

Later, I was fitting a pair of handcuffs on a big guy, when a man walked to the stand.

He was wearing a suit, with white shirt and a tie, long gray hair tied in a tail and a white shirt.

He waited until I was finished with the demonstration, then he approached.

“Hi, I think I’m in the right place. My name is Lyll and Markus told me I have to speak with Dawn. Are you Dawn?”

“No, but I can call her for you. We were expecting you, don’t we?”

“Yes, I believe so.”

He was carrying a cardboard box and he put that on the floor while waiting. I came into the makeshift office and woke up Dawn, who was there taking a nap.

“Dawn, the guy Markus told us this morning, is here.”

It took a little for her to focus, and as she shook her head, told me.

“Lyll? Let him in. Thanks.”

I turned to the guy and directed him to enter.

He picked up the box, and went into the room.

As I closed the door, I could hear her greeting.

“Hi. I’m Dawn. Markus is very sorry that he could not…”

I returned my attention to the potential customers, and occasionally I still had thoughts about what happened the night before. We did not see either Mistress nor Two all morning, and I must admit that, deep inside, I did not look forward to this.

Last night, Two was blind because of the contact lenses, so.she could not see me, and the fact that we would meet and, this time, she would be able to see how inept I am, filled my mind with embarrassment.

Yet, in the back of my head I was certain that we would meet in the future, and sooner or later I would have to face my fears.

I was lost in these thoughts, as I heard Dawn calling for me.

“Monica, could you please come here?” the call brought me out of my reverie. I turned and she was at the door of the little office. I looked around, all the showcases were locked, there was no merchandise on display, so I left my post and walked to her.

As I got into the room, she told me that Lyll is a Markus’ associate, an artist that sometimes provides him with prototypes and proofs of concept, for projects that are in development.

“As a matter of fact, I think that he was the designer of this locking mechanism.” And she opened the tunic to let him see the harness she was stuck in.

Seeing this, Lyll blushed.

“Oh, my… it looks beautiful on you, young lady.”

“I know, the real problem is I do not have the key to this fracking thing.”

“Well, this is very unfortunate. But if you want, I can tell you the exact spot in which you have to drill to gain access to the release for the whole thing.”

“No way. Markus would sell me to the Sheik. So, here is Monica, can you use her as a model?”

He looked at me, clad in the tight fitting catsuit, ataköy escort and simply nodded.

“Well, this is a metal girdle. High waisted, and adjustable.”

Talking, he put out from his box a metal contraption, and from the shape of it, seemed like a pair of high waisted panties. Metallic.

As he opened the front panel, the waist area unfolded and he invited me to put my legs on the openings. The front panel was dangling between my legs as he pushed the waist part in position.

“Well, the first thing is to put the rear upper edge over the curve of the buttocks. Can I?”

I simply nodded as I felt something over my ass.

“Then we connect the sides in the front, creating a waist belt.”

The two parts were connected by a simple hook, and once he got them together I felt that the contraption’s sides were loose on my body.

Lyll picked up a screwdriver and proceeded to tighten the ensemble using some screws on the inside of the panel.

“And so we can find the exact measure directly on her body.”

As he was tightening the screws I could feel that the device was hugging my midriff. There were three screws for each side and in the end, it was snug. As I observed the sides were formed by some tiny metal bits all intertwined that worked telescopically enlarging and tightening their formation.

“Then we have to tighten the crotch area.” And, screwing another couple of knobs, he proceeded to make the area between my legs more adherent to my crotch.

“And finally…” he picked up the crotch shield that closed on the front, with a click.

There was silence, then Dawn was the first to say “Wow!”

I looked down and explored the device with my hands.

It was a girdle, some of those high waisted panties that were on the cover of glamour pinup posters, the main difference was that instead of fabric, it was made of shiny steel.

Lyll was obviously very proud of it and started some sort of sales pitch.

“Actually, it is designed in a way in which you can go to the bathroom in it, there is a slit on here.”

He put his finger a couple of inches below the waist band.

“Where you can make some water flow, and there are a couple of little holes in the lower part to let it escape.”

Dawn spun me around to get a look at my behind, while Lyll continued his presentation.

“For use of the bathroom, there is this mechanism. Could you please bend forward?”

As I complied with his request I could feel something shifting in anus’ area.

“When you bend, or sit, you apply some pressure on the rear and this pressure opens a slot around here.”

I could see that Dawn was inserting a finger and I could feel her touching my catsuit inside.

“There is a guard inside?”

“Yes, a steel wire, to prohibit intercourse, obviously. But it is shaped so as not to make the bathroom break too messy.”

As I returned upright I explored the belt. Well, it was astounding, all the parts connected seamlessly, and it seemed something from another world.

In a moment, a poster from a japanese artist came to my mind, it was a sort of space fighter, a woman, all dressed in steel, even a steel helmet on her head.

“Then I have also this one to model.”

And he got from the box a steel bra. I could clearly identify the domes and there was a belt around the torso from which there were the straps. As I got a better view in his hands, I could see that it was shaped like a sports bra. The rear strap was central and came high behind the neck and there was divided in two to reach the top of the domes.

After shrinking the rear strap, Lyll helped me put it on like a jacket. The closure was between the cups. He fitted and he saw that the torso strap was not so tight. Needless to say, inside the cups there were a couple of screws to tighten it all. He tweaked for a couple of minutes to find the exact measurements and when he was satisfied he closed the locking mechanism with a loud click. Perfect.

These two things were staggeringly flashy against my black catsuit.

“Wow. Beautiful.” Dawn was transfixed on me.

“You need to see yourself.”

On a spur, I said.

“Lyll, could you please open these up and leave the room?”

Dawn was looking at me in a weird way.

“I want to take a real test. I’m fine.”

The keys to the devices were long and had to be inserted into some hidden holes. Lyll told me that it could be closed without them, but if someone were to open it, it would be a job for a power tool, and it was so near the skin that whoever was wearing these would be seriously injured.

“All the more reasons to keep them safe.” I quipped.

He put them back in a pouch in the box where the two things were stored.

As I was left alone in the room I felt the urge to proceed and I got out from the belt, and the bra, and started to peel the catsuit off my body.

It was weird to get nude in a booth in the middle of an exposition floor, among a lot of people. But, I thought, it was not the weirdest thing I had made those days.

I folded the catsuit neatly on the table, and then I started to put the chastity belt on. Inside there were a lot of neoprene pads that helped with friction and chafing, so apart from the weight it was very comfy. The real thrill came when I pushed the front panel down to close it.

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