Cockland Island Pt. 05

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Waking up like that I think my brain wanted not just more but to place everything that happened to me in an order that I could handle.

So deeper into sissyness it was.

Playing with my butt plug until I was edging myself and losing myself in it.

Abby showed up.

Rolled a joint and watched me.

“C’mon Nikki, up, let’s get you fed and working out.”

It was hard getting up and getting my head working in the getting up and moving way.

It still felt kinky, sexy, alien, weird, and amazingly with my cocklette caged and the butt plug in my ass.

“Last night was fun.”

“Last night sounds like fun, David and his friends were really pleased from stuff I heard.”

“Oh goodie, I do want to at least be a good lay.”

“Nikki you’re a natural, most sissies are.”


Abby smiles. “Life’s better taking cock isn’t it?”

I nodded. I didn’t even think about it because it was.

“Life is better taking cock, I never thought I’d love it so much.”

Abby laughs and we get me ready and going with us sharing a joint, a shower, new cage and new plug after getting flushed out then more hormones and blockers, vitamins just because and a sugar free redbull to get me more into getting up and going.

Workout girls clothes with shape wear stuff and a corset.

It’s late afternoon and I don’t really get ready for the party set but instead have breakfast of some berries, yogurt, granola, and a smoothie and then to working out.

Sissy workouts here aren’t sex.

Cardio, Step-classes from hell, cycling, rowing, yoga styled exercises all designed to lose weight, not build muscles really except to built out asses.

And the thing is.

We drive ourselves, drive hard because we all want to be like those sexy perfect elite fuck bunnies. We talk, drive each other, we all want to be sexy, slim, slender, hot and fuckable…and as much as there’s peer pressure none of us feel as weird as we could for giving in and just being sissies.

I want to be, need to be and work myself out until muscles are calling me a crazy Kartal Anal Escort sissy bitch.

I wasn’t great at anything, there were a few things I was good at but this.

I kinda want this.

I’m a sweat soaked sissy swamp witch when I’m done and rubbery as hell but that massage afterwards.

Strong hands, hot guy, a real massage followed with being gently fucked by a guy that knows how to please a sissy ass.

After getting cleaned up from that it’s a sissy taught workshop on make-up and talking and walking like a sissy until it was suppertime.

Abby pulls me from the flirting game after I eat and takes me back to my room.

“Why aren’t I finding some guys?”

“You’re too well used for that tonight, you need more rest and training. I’m bringing Maxine in to train you some more.”

“Okay, good training?”

“Oh yes it’s good, Maxine is great.”

We’re met by this sexy petite redhead that has a bag with her and I get introduced to Maxine and she smiles and kisses me with long slow tongue that’s sort of confusing.

Max says. “Sissies kiss, suckle, and play with each other.”


“Oh yes Nikki baby, men like to watch us.”

“Oh this is going to be fun isn’t it.”

“Oh Nikki I’m going to break your brain.”

“I don’t know I’m pretty broken I know I’m not the guy that showed up here.”

“Oh baby trust me you’ll love this.”

We settle in with a drink from a bottle she brought that was some of the smoothest whiskey I ever had and never heard of.

And a joint and some pills that were definitely drugs and while they were waiting to kick in Abby and Max gave me lessons in sexy dancing, sissy sexy girl dancing.

Then things sort of started getting spinning and I had to sit down and was so warm I had to get undressed.

And Max got undressed.

And we kissed and touched, caressed and sucked each other’s titties and while I felt it I never felt it like she did and it started that entire idea and need, I wanted girlish, woman’s, sissy nipples that would look so fucking sexy and make Kartal Yaşlı Escort me moan like a bitch.

I got even more out of body and stoned as whatever I took really kicked in and Max was so sweet to me as she lubed me up and fingered me in my sissy spot so good, so professionally like she knew my sissy cunt better than anything.

And I came so close to cumming, to sissying in my cage and she made me live in that edge. That edging zone where it felt like my cocklette was going to kill me until the pain was pleasure and the entire thing was telling my body that I needed to get fingered, fucked, filled with cock and that was the answer.

“That’s it Nikki, that’s it, feel it…feel the difference, you don’t have a cock any more, you don’t work like that anymore, you can’t work like that anymore.”

“No cock just a sissy clit.”

I groaned crying out so close.

“Say it.”

“No cock just a sissy clit.”


“No cock just a sissy clit.”


“No cock just a sissy clit.”

Max did something with her hand where there was this thing on her fingers that were rubber vibe tips and she played with my caged sissy clit while fingering my sissy spot in my ass.

I sissied with a scream.

Sock, pure shock as it was me cumming but that other feeling too that cumming in behind my bits deep inside.

I bucked, spasmed and bit my lip.

And Max kept going but switching her fingers out for a vibrating dildo that she caressed around my inside sissy spot as much as she pounded it with mini-thrusts and her vibing fingers on my sissy clit.

“That’s it Nikki, cum, sissygasm, cum like the sissy slut you are, cum and cum and sissy, just let it take you, wreck you, remake you, become you.”

“Sissy…of fuck…of fuck…I’m a sissy!”

“Yes girl, a sissy slut, a bambi slut, a bimbo sissy.”

“Bim…bo sissy…ughnn…fuck!”

“Yes Nikki, bimbo sissy, bimbo sissy, you can feel it each time you sissy, that guy, that whoever going away but just replaced by this, by how good this feels, how good Kartal Zenci Escort getting fucked feels.”

“Bimbo sissy…god!”


“Bimbo sissy slut?”

“That’s right, that’s right just cum, just give in, just cum like a sissy, just cum, just sissy, let it carry the shit away from your life. No jobs, no math, no taxes, no labor work, no student loans just being sexy, being a sissy, getting filled, fucked, filled.”

“Aaah…ahhh cumming…ff…fuck…Bimbo, bimbo sissy!”

And it was working too.

It felt so good, nothing but good and there was literally the most seductive thing in the world to let go of every fucking real life piece of bullshit and honestly between edging until sobbing in pleasure and pain to cumming like it was sexual electro-shock it wasn’t that hard to stop giving a fuck about any of that stuff and let all this stuff in.

It was literally more important.

Being, becoming a bimbo sissy was the only really important thing in my life.

The only thing that felt good, felt this good.

I barely remember Abby coming in and that it had been that long and that I was given another energy drink, and headphones and a dildo to suck like a real cock and was positioned with the fucking machine and with a dildo on it that has big enough to make me grunt.

It started slow for a few minutes and just a few minutes before they set it to hammer fuck my bimbo sissy ass.

You don’t get what it’s like on the machine.

Sex is bursts of fucking, minutes at a time, moments, all of it good, great.

But it’s minutes. Moments.

The machine is positioned perfectly.

It’s relentless, hard, deep, over and over and you have no control.

You’re being pounded, fucked, cumming, sissying with no stopping no control.

Which after five minutes is torture after ten minutes you give in, after fifteen…twenty it starts taking you over, pounding the fact home that you’re helpless, a helpless, mewling, cumming sissy…after an hour your brain just turns off.

Just pounded and fucked and sissied until your brain just stops working like anything.

And Maxine and Abby put me to bed after cleaning me up and I was zoned out, in shock, asleep headphones on and sucking dildo cock.

And that’s how you wake up completely good with everything that they’re doing to you or have done to you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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