Cocksucking Captain

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As a married straight cocksucker, it’s not always easy to find a convenient place to engage in my favorite activity. I have a large sailboat that I keep on a mooring on the harbor and lately, I have been bringing guys out to the boat and taking them below to suck their dicks. Although the following story is fiction, it’s not that far from the truth.

After an extended period of anonymous communication, we finally met at a local Starbucks and as we had indicated in our messages, we were pretty similar in appearance. Although both of us had mostly gray hair, we were in fairly good physical condition since each of us pursued an active lifestyle. After a few such meetings, during which we agreed that since we both were in longtime marriages, we could assume that we posed no health risks to one another and could proceed to the next step and arrange to meet someplace where we would have the needed privacy for a sexual liaison. I proposed that we go out to my sailboat that I kept on a mooring far out in the harbor. He agreed, and on the designated day, we both rowed out to the boat, got aboard and went below.

Once below, after some initial awkwardness, we managed to unzip each others pants and extract our cocks, As I gripped his still flaccid penis, I noted that even though I was taller than he was, even gaziantep escort soft, his cock was much larger than mine was and quickly grew rigid under my stroking as did mine under his. In a matter of moments, we were both rock hard and as it was my boat, I claimed the right to go first and quickly dropped to my knees and began to lick and slurp at the helmet shaped head of his thick cock. His crotch had a musky male aroma and within minutes, I could taste the precum that began oozing out of the tip of his erect dick. While I wanted to prolong my enjoyment of the experience by concentrating my attentions on suckling the engorged head of his cock, he began to show his impatience by placing a hand on the back of my head and gently but firmly pushing my mouth further down on his erection. By relaxing my jaws, I was able to accommodate his rigid cock to the back of my mouth but by tightening the grip of my lips around the smooth skin on his shaft and pressing my tongue against the bottom of his dick as he pumped it faster and deeper into my welcoming mouth, I could increase the friction that created the sensation that I loved so much.

By this time, my hungry mouth was producing an abundance of lubricating saliva, and on each stroke, his ever-thickening cock was bumping up against my uvula at the entrance to my throat. Each time he withdrew. I could feel my cheeks being pulled in by the suction created by his retreating member, and being pushed out as he shoved it back in. After about fifteen minutes of this exquisite torture, he apparently felt that the preliminaries were over, and holding my head tightly in his hands, on one down stroke, he slowly forced the massive head of his cock past the bend at the back of my mouth and completely down my throat. My lips were stretched wide around the base of his engorged dick and I could feel his balls being pressed against my chin as he tried to reach even deeper. Just as I was about to completely run out of air, he withdrew his cock, allowing me to take a deep breath before shoving it all the way down my throat again. For the next few minutes, he repeatedly alternated between my mouth and my throat but gradually I could feel my throat relaxing and opening up until it offered no resistance to the invasion and I actually seemed to be swallowing his engorged cock head from just inside my mouth to completely down my gullet in one long smooth stroke. I don’t remember ever feeling anything this erotically satisfying and exciting.

As soon as I became accustomed to the rhythm of his cock sliding in and out as he continued fucking my throat, I was able to time my breathing with his thrusting and I began to feel as if I wanted this to go on forever, but suddenly, he moved one hand to the back of my head and with the other hand he gripped me tightly below my jaw locking my head firmly in place. He kept his thick cock buried deep in my throat, only moving it in and out slightly as I swallowed tightly around his cock using my throat muscles to massage his cock and to milk it the way that I liked it done to me. It was at this point that he began to moan. With both of my hands on his ass cheeks, I could feel his whole body tense up and I could feel his cock beginning to tremble and expand even bigger in my mouth. With one final spasm, he cried out and jammed his cock even further down my throat as it began to pulsate and I could feel it spurting stream after stream of warm and thick semen into my throat.

He was still ejaculating as he withdrew his cock from my gullet, so I was delighted to feel the last few jets coating my tongue with his sweet, pungent sperm, which I savored and then immediately swallowed. I held his dick gently in my mouth as it began to soften, but I had to release it when it was obvious that it had become painfully tender to the slightest touch. After a full five minutes, when his body finally stopped shaking, he told me that that was the best blowjob he had ever received and that I was without question the best cocksucker on the harbor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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