Cocky Hairtiste Ch. 07

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Coming back to Italy was always emotional for me. Though I had been living in Los Angeles for more than 25 years every visit home was a sentimental journey. I always remembered my not so fortunate days as a struggling teenager caught in the web of casting couch and the entrapments of wealth and fortune. It was not easy but at least I found a way through and frankly sucking cock of some of those gorgeous Italian hunks in the male lead role or even the young directors or producers were not as bad as it is made out.

In fact it was a way out for me as my family was not well off and as a young girl I was always complimented for my attractive features and my body. I did, of course, have out sized breasts and on a lithe body it did stick out! Sex was something I loved and sucking a huge penis was an enjoyable experience. I have sucked off countless cocks and nuzzled numerous balls and sometimes even taken some of the crew members but it was almost always fun.

It was only in Hollywood that initially many of my lovers were somewhat taken aback by my hirsuteness. I don’t think for many years that men seemed to realize the extent of the hair in my armpits and pussy. Some of the legendary stars would call for me to see the massive growth of jet black hair in my armpits and one three time Oscar winner in fact playfully used to rub his rather inadequate penis in the fur in my bushy armpits. In fact, I always, had a part in his movies and when his snotty wife was not around on the sets I spent most of my evenings in his trailer wearing a sleeveless nightie, the length of which ended above my navel so that he could look at my hairy pubes. My pubic hair bursa escort bayan grew from almost my navel and you could not see my slit. However he made me spread my legs and short nightie would ride up and my bushy pubes and my treasure trail were his special request. Of course it goes without saying that my asshole was very hairy too. His hands, tongue and dick were mostly alternating between themselves in the coarse jungle in my unshaven underarms. He, of course would end by spraying his cum in my hairy armpits.

The other memorable experience was with a younger superstar he had just made the biggest box office grosser in 1984 and was voted the sexiest star of 1984 and I was acting in his movie, which was made, by one of my favorite directors John who had a fetish for my bushy underarms. I did not know that he loved hairy women but I was “summoned” to his room. He wasted no time and I could feel his hard cock straining against his pants, so I undid the zipper.

Out came the largest cock I had ever seen and I gasped at the sight of it. “What’s wrong?” he said.

“Nothing, I just haven’t ever seen a cock that huge!”

“Don’t worry baby, I’ll be gentle.” His cock was 11 inches long. I just had to suck on it, but as I was about to drop to my knees, he started taking off my shirt.

“I’ve got to see those great hairy armpits of yours that John talks about” he explained as he undid my bra.

“Damn! I’ve never seen tits this big!!” he exclaimed.

I raised my arms and I saw him staring intently at the jet-black hair in my bushy pits. Then he cupped my right breast in his hand and started licking my armpit. bursa bayan escort I wrapped my hand around his cock and started stroking it. He took his free hand and unzipped my skirt and it fell to the floor, and then took my panties off. He started stroking my hairy pussy, the next thing I knew the most powerful orgasm I had ever had started ripping through my body.

“I have to suck on your cock first, it just looks so massive.”

His cock was so big around I could barely fit it in my mouth, so I licked up and down the shaft and sucked on his balls a bit. I stood up and he decided to tit fuck me after rubbing it in my bushy armpits. I got his cock really wet and wrapped my tits around it.

“God, that feels good!” he moaned, as his cock moved in and out of my tits.

He then pushed me on to the bed and got on top of me as his gigantic rod began pushing into my now well-lubed hairy pussy. The big fat head of his monster pushed past my defenses, entering my hot sex hole. I was already ready to explode, and I tried to fight it. I suddenly began a long and powerful orgasm.

He continued thrusting his cock into me, making me cry out with every thrust. He kept pushing it back in, and I felt as if I might not be able to take it. He seemed to grow inside my exhausted pussy and then he blasted his hot seed deep inside of me, causing me to again let my own juices leak

He wanted more and very soon he was hard again. He was begging to fuck my bushy armpits and though it was a strange request coming from a Hollywood superstar it was something that many of my lovers wanted to bursa merkez escort do. It was not something, which turned me on, but the fact that men were so fascinated by the hair in my unshaven pits was itself magnetic. I leaned over him took his swollen dick into my hands and then pushed it into my armpit garden. His white cock wrapped into my jet-black bushy armpits was quite a sight.

The superstar started pumping his cock in my unshaven underarms just like John my director used to love doing.

“AAAhhhhhhhh I want to cum in your hairy armpits you slut I want to wet your armpit hair with my cum” he screamed as his monster dick ravaged my armpit forest. His cock moved in and out of the sweaty matted hair in my untrimmed armpits.

Though he was looking exhausted his eyes were shining and he was keeping up his attack on my bushy armpits. Like a maniac he fucked my armpits and suddenly he shot a wad of his cum into my bushy armpits. He streaked my jet-black bushy armpits with his white cum as the fluid mixed with the sweat dripping from the heavy pelt of hair in my furry armpits.

As I passed through immigration and left the airport terminal building and waited for my car the smell and heat of Rome hit me. Coming from the cooler climes I was wearing a jacket over my sleeveless dress and as I paused to take my coat off I looked around to see if any body would stare at the sight of my untrimmed armpits. There was a buzz at the airport and as I removed my jacket and put it on my trolley nobody turned to look at me like they would in America at the unusual view of a woman with hairy armpits. As I raised my arms behind my head to gather the hair on my head the unruly hair in my bushy armpits was glistening with perspiration and nobody seemed taken completely aback by the enormous quantity of hair in my unshaven pits.

I was back home after many years as the Mercedes stopped before me and Carlo opened he door to take me to my hotel.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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