Coffee with the Other Sister-in-Law

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It had been a very long flight to Johannesburg, but Alice had been very excited to see them all – Kate, Lucas and their two small children – waiting expectantly at the airport. The reunion had been joyful, especially between Kate and Alice, as Kate had always been Alice’s favourite sister. Not only was she much closer in age to Alice than their eldest sister, Debbie, was, but she was less strait-laced than Debbie, and, despite the ten-year age gap between them, Kate and Alice had been sharing cosy female chats for six or seven years, now.

Not that there was any chance of that on their first evening, which was all ‘family’ until, suddenly, the long flight caught up with Alice and she collapsed in bed – out for the count for twelve hours.

When she awoke, at last, the sun was high in the sky, and Alice felt totally refreshed. She slid out of bed and padded through to the living-room, where Kate was stretched out on a lounger, wearing blouse and shorts, leafing through a magazine. She was holding a long-stemmed glass of something cool and fizzy.

“Wow!” she exclaimed, looking up at Alice. “Good job my faithful husband isn’t around!”

Alice looked down at herself. She was wearing a short pale yellow nightdress, with matching panties.

“Why?” she asked, in puzzlement. “I’m decent, aren’t I?”

“Well,” laughed her sister “if we discount the outline of two rather hard, dark nipples, and the shadow of your bush, and the long legs going right up to your far too shapely arse – Christ, Alice, when did you suddenly become so absolutely fuckable?”

Alice blushed, but only a little. One of the things she loved about Kate was her direct speech – such a change from her parents, who, she knew, had sex much more often than they spoke about it, at least in front of her ……

“Oh, am I?” she asked, with a shy smile. “I must admit – I do get a bit of male attention, from time to time!”

“Yes!” riposted Kate. “And you’ll bloody get it here, too – not least from ‘nooky’ Lukey!”

“Oh, Kate!” Alice laughed. “What a thing to call him!”

“Well – if the cap fits ……” Kate said, continuing to look her sister up and down, with admiration. “God, Alice, you are a bit of a stunner, though. Have you fucked anybody yet?”

Even though she was no stranger to her sister’s direct approach, the blunt question caught Alice a little off guard.

“Whoa!” she laughed. “What does a girl have to do to get a cup of coffee round here?”

“Again – it’s a good job Luke isn’t here, or you might find out!” chuckled Kate, getting up and going into the kitchen, to turn on the percolator. Alice sank onto a settee, pulling her long legs up under her shapely bottom.

“I hope you haven’t let any of these village yobs into your knickers – like I did!” came Kate’s voice, from the kitchen.

“Oh, Kate!” protested Alice. “Roy’s not so bad. I know his father’s a bit – well, beyond the pale – but Roy’s doing well at Grey Gables, and ……”

“Yes, but he’s hardly ‘our type’, as Dad would say – and he’s right!” replied Kate, thoughtfully, as she returned. “Anyway, I don’t mean – just Roy. I know most of them have left the village now, but there was one afternoon, up at the stables – well, there must have been four or five of them – stable-lads and so on”

“Oh!” exclaimed Alice, her interest very rapidly aroused. “What happened?”

“Quite a bit!” came the laughing reply. “It was lucky I was ‘on the pill’ – thanks to Roy!”

“It was while you and he were ‘together’, then?” queried Alice, mildly shocked – but only mildly, given what she knew of Kate’s ‘wayward’ ways, in her youth.

“Well – I was shagging him,” Kate shrugged dismissively, “but I was getting fed-up with him. He was so fucking serious – and possessive. The stable-lads were – refreshing – they just fancied me! You know? No ‘love’ crap – all they wanted was to fuck me!”

Alice stared at her, wide-eyed.

“So what – what happened – that afternoon?” she asked. This little episode was complete news to her, and she realised there was still quite a lot about Kate she didn’t know – yet.

“Well,” replied her sister, with a reminiscent chuckle, “I was mucking out one of the stalls when they came back from lunch – it must have been a pretty liquid one, down at the Cat and Fiddle – because they were staggering about a bit and, when they saw me in my jodhpurs, they started making comments about my bum, and then my tits. Then one of them asked me to let them have a look at my tits, and I told him to piss off. But I could see they were getting a bit pushy so I thought I’d better clear off, myself, before things got tricky. So I started to finish up in the stall, but – well, then they all chipped in, asking for a look at my tits, and things.”

“What did you do?” asked Alice, breathlessly, her eyes wide and bright with interest.

“I suppose I thought I could joke my way out of it,” said Kate. “It wasn’t the first time one or other of them had tried to chat me up, but it never came to anything poker oyna – mainly because of the ‘class’ thing, and, of course, they all knew about Roy and me …… and, well, we back-chatted to and fro a little, and I drank a can of their cider, just to be friendly. But, they wouldn’t let me leave the stall until I showed them my tits, so I eventually agreed to take off my shirt and let them see me in my bra.”

“How many boys were there?” Alice had to know, her heart thumping as she imagined what it must have been like.

“Five,” Kate responded – “but two of them weren’t really boys – they were both over 20, and one of them was married with at least one child, if not two. He was probably nearer 30, and, actually, he was the one who kept pushing it – I could have handled the others.”

“And did you have to take your shirt off?”

“Well, I didn’t ‘have to’, but – yes, I did. I wanted to just hold it open and let them look, but the married prat insisted I take it right off and I didn’t see that it made much difference – so I pulled it off and held it while they all looked at me.”

“And were they happy with that?”

“For a while.” Kate laughed, ruefully. “But of course it didn’t last – I can’t believe I thought I was going to get away with just that. They looked, and made – comments – and they gave me another can of cider. And then – of course – the oldest one said my bra didn’t let them see enough!”

“What was it like?” asked her young sister.

Kate snorted, derisively. “Like that mattered? It was a fucking bra! They were always going to want to see my tits – bare – I was a complete fool to think they’d settle for anything less!”

“So – what did you do?” Alice was becoming more and more excited.

“What could I do? There were five of them and one of me, and I couldn’t get past them to get out! Oh, I argued the toss, but I could see I was on a loser, so, after a while, I agreed to take my bra off, and let them all have a good look, on condition they let me go home. But the two older guys said they had to get a feel, too, or they’d never let me out of there, so, eventually, after another bloody long argument, I agreed.”

“You agreed to two of them – feeling your breasts – in front of the others?” breathed Alice, incredulously.

Kate nodded, and shrugged her shoulders.

“I asked for another can of cider and, when I had had a drink out of it, I turned my back on them and undid my bra. I dropped it on the ground, with my shirt, then turned round. I left my hands down, so they could all see my breasts. Actually, I was feeling quite excited, myself. I hadn’t ever showed my tits to that many men at once, and their reactions were – well, quite flattering. Although I say it myself, my tits were pretty nice, then, before I had the kids – and they all seemed to like what they saw.”

“But what about – the – touching?” asked Alice.

Kate sighed, with another little shrug of resignation.

“Well, that was when it kind of – all fell apart,” she said. “The married bloke – the prat – I can’t remember his name – said he had to have first go and he just walked up to me and grabbed my tits and squeezed them. Honestly, he hadn’t a bloody clue – God help his wife! Then, at last, he let go and the other older one – his name was Mike – he came over and stood behind me and slid his hands over my tits, from behind, gently, with his fingertips teasing my nipples.”

“Then, he dipped his head, and started kissing my neck, softly, and he took hold of my nipples and rolled them between his index finger and thumb. I don’t know about you, Ali, but that always flicks my switch and – well, what with all the other guys watching, as well, I started to get really turned on. Then one of the others got one of my nipples in his mouth and flicked it with his tongue ……”

Kate’s voice trailed away. Her eyes were closed, her breathing shallow.

“What happened then?” After a long silence, Alice dared to speak.

“Oh, what do you think?” Kate whispered. “They all clustered round, touching me – they laid me down on a blanket and pulled my boots and joddies off ……”

“Did they …… all ……?”

“Oh, yes. Oh, yes. I think the first one just pulled my panties to the side and thrust it up me – I don’t even know which one it was – but then the next one pulled my panties right off and held my legs apart as he pushed his cock into me. Not that he needed to – I’d have opened them as wide as he wanted! – but I think it gave him a thrill to think – you know – that he was raping me – Kate Aldridge, from Home Farm – snooty little tart. Not that I cared – I just wanted them to keep doing it – to keep sticking their hard cocks up me until they came and came inside me. Roy Tucker had been the only one for nearly a year, and he was starting to bore me with all that ‘love’ bollocks! That’s what I was saying, earlier – these guys – they just wanted to give me a good fucking, and it turned out that was just what I wanted, too!”

Kate blew canlı poker oyna her cheeks and shook her head as if to clear the memory, then grinned over at her sister.

“Right!” she said. “Coffee must be ready, now!”

Alice watched her as she disappeared into the kitchen. At the time of this incident, Kate, she thought, would have been around the same age as she, Alice, was, now. Alice was confused. She had no idea how she would have dealt with the situation. She was no virgin – a ski instructor at Innsbruck had had the pleasure of initiating her, last winter, but Alice had fended him off until quite late in her holiday, with the result that there had only been two ‘repeat performances’ before her flight home, and nobody in Ambridge or surrounding district had measured up to Klaus, since.

What she was forced to acknowledge was that the thought of what had happened in the stables that afternoon left her both dry-mouthed and moist between the thighs.

Kate returned, coffee on a tray.

“Well,” said Alice, anxious not to change the subject, “that was some story! Was it true? All five of them?”

“‘Fraid so!” countered Kate, jauntily. “And Roy never suspected a thing.”

“Well!” repeated Alice. “Well, I never!”

“Careful,” warned Kate. “That sounded just like Mum!”

“Oh,” laughed Alice. “That would never do! Sounding like Debbie’s bad enough! She must have inherited the strait-laced gene from Mum.”

Kate looked at her, thoughtfully, one eyebrow slightly raised, at the suggestion that their older sister, Debbie, was unfailingly strait-laced.

“What?” exclaimed Alice. “Why are you looking at me like that? Don’t tell me Debbie took on all comers up at the stables, too!”

Kate laughed, but remained silent.

Alice, rabid with curiosity now, persisted – “Is there something I don’t know – about Debbie?”

“Hmmm,” responded Kate, at last. “Yes – I think it’s fair to say you don’t know all there is to know about our big sis! The question is – are you ready to be told?”

“Ready!” protested Alice. “How ready do I have to be? I’m 20, for God’s sake!”

“Yes, OK,” agreed her sister. “But – don’t you think you should go and shower and get dressed first – or else my husband is going to find you dressed – or undressed! – like that, and who knows what might happen!”

Uncurling her long legs, Alice laughed, and set off for her shower, quivering with excited anticipation at the thought of what Kate was about to reveal about the ‘saintly’ Debbie.


An hour later, having both had brunch, the two girls were on the balcony of the apartment, sharing a bottle of Chablis. Alice was wearing a simple orange dress, knee-length, which buttoned all the way up the front, and Kate was similarly clad, in lime-green.

“Now,” said Alice. “Come on – dish me the dirt on Debbie. Is something going on in Hungary?”

“Oh, no,” denied Kate. “Nothing like that! Well, maybe there is, but, if there is, I don’t know about it. No – this goes back to when she was married to Simon.”

“Oh, my God,” exclaimed Alice. “Don’t tell me she was unfaithful to him! Who with?”

Kate looked at her sister for a long time, then – “Well, I suppose you’re old enough to know, now. It was Lucas.”

“Lucas!” Alice practically shrieked. “But – I don’t understand.”

“No – I don’t suppose you do,” said Kate. “Why don’t you just let me tell you about it, rather than have you asking all sorts of silly questions?”

“But – but – well, I suppose …… Yes – OK.”

Alice drained her glass, and Kate filled it again, topping up her own in the process.

“Look,” she said, “one thing you have to understand, right from the start, is that Lucas and I – well, our marriage is a bit – unconventional, so – it’s not a problem for me that Lucas has been with Debbie. I won’t go into details, now, but just bear that in mind. OK?”

She looked at Alice, who nodded, uncomprehendingly. So much had emerged this morning to shock her – she felt that nothing could really surprise her, now.

“We came home for a visit just over six years ago,” Kate started.

“Yes, I remember,” Alice said. “You were there for my birthday.”

“Yes,” said Kate, absently. “Well, one morning, Mum and I were doing a little shopping in Borchester, and Lucas said he thought he would drop in on Debbie for a cup of coffee and a chat, if she wasn’t too busy. So, off he went, while Mum and I set off for the shops – and the rest is what Lucas told me when I saw him after lunch.”

She lifted her glass, and emptied it.

“That’s a nice wine,” she commented, lifting the bottle. “Top-up?”

Alice nodded, and Kate poured some into each glass, emptying the bottle. She took the empty into the kitchen, and re-appeared after a minute or two, carrying an opened replacement. Meanwhile, Alice was trying to come to terms internet casino with Kate’s latest revelation, but her mind was reeling.

“Well,” continued Kate, “Lucas said Debbie was home alone, doing some work on the farm accounts, as far as he could tell, but she seemed happy to see him, and they settled down for coffee and a talk. According to Lucas, Debbie very quickly turned the talk around to – well, relationships, in general, and Lucas and me, in particular. She seemed very curious about me being white and him being black – especially in the bed department!”

Emboldened, perhaps, by the wine, Alice blurted out – “That’s not too surprising, though, is it, Kate? I mean – well – most English girls – women – well, they probably don’t know what it’s like ……”

Her voice trailed off as her courage dwindled away.

A knowing smile flitted over her sister’s face.

“Yes,” Kate murmured. “You’re all curious, aren’t you? But you never ask me, do you? You never say ‘What’s it like, Kate?’ Are you scared of the answer – scared of finding out you might be missing something?”

Flushing scarlet, Alice dropped her eyes, shaking her head.

After a second or two, Kate resumed. “She asked Lukey if I had been his first white girl.”

“Were you?” The question was out before Alice was aware she had asked it, and she blushed again.

“No,” Kate responded, quietly. “He told Debbie that – then he told her about his first white girl. He told her the story in some detail. It’s a very sexy story – well, I think so, and I’m not the only one! – and Lucas admitted that he told Debbie the details because he wanted to arouse her. He wanted to arouse her, sexually, and he wanted to arouse her curiosity about him, as a black man, in a sexual context.”

“And – he did?” asked Alice.

“Oh, yes,” Kate confirmed, with a quiet smile. “He definitely did that. Quite definitely.”

“So – what is the story?” Alice wanted to know.

Kate looked directly at her and said – “Look – I don’t think I can do it justice, and I think Lucas may be too busy with other things to tell you, himself. But, he posted it on the Internet, in the third person, under a pen-name. If you Google the title ‘Coffee with sister-in-law’, along with the name, Debbie, you’ll get a link to it. It’ll be something to entertain you over the long winter, when you get back home.”

“OK,” agreed Alice. She was intrigued about the ‘story’, but even more desperate to hear about Lucas and her other sister. “But – what happened at Debbie’s house?”

“Well,” Kate carried on, “Lucas was watching her carefully, as he told Debbie his story, and he saw her become uncomfortable when he got to the really explicit parts – especially when he had to describe the scenes when a black man’s hands were on a white woman’s body – feeling her breasts, or running up her legs – or when a black man took his cock out in front of a white girl, and made her handle it, or suck it …… or spread her legs for it ……”

Kate paused, and looked at Alice again.

“Yes,” she went on, after a short silence, “he noticed she was wriggling on her chair – just like you are! But, of course, Debbie could also see that Lucas was aroused …… so that made her wriggle even more ……”

“My God, Kate,” breathed Alice. “How can you talk about it like that? You mean Lucas – was – well ….?

“Yes – he was erect, Alice! He had a hard-on – and he was making bloody sure Debbie was aware of it! I can tell you, when Lukey has a hard-on, a blind girl on a galloping horse would be aware of it!”

“So – what happened?” Alice was fighting a huge temptation to push her hand down between her thighs, and she could feel her heart pounding with excitement as she imagined herself in Debbie’s place, trying not to sneak surreptitious glances at her brother-in-law’s bulging crotch as he wove whatever this erotic tale of inter-racial, and, possibly, non-consensual, sex was.

“Well – when Lukas thought he had got Debbie worked up sufficiently, he unzipped his jeans, and took out his cock, and told Debbie to touch it – to put her fingers round it,” Kate said, simply, watching her sister very carefully, gauging her reaction. She wasn’t disappointed. Her sister’s eyes were like saucers.

“He did that – he said that – to Debbie?” Alice squeaked, incredulously. Kate nodded.

“Oh, yes – and she made the usual noises you’d expect from Debbie – then she reached out and touched it, then she held it, then she kissed it, then she took it in her mouth ……”

“Debbie did?”

“Oh, yes,” confirmed Kate, with a sly smile. “Then Lukey stripped her – stripped her naked and laid her down on the carpet.”

“And then? And then – did he – do it to her?”

“Only after she asked him to,” Kate grinned. “He made her beg! Can you imagine it? Debbie begging to be fucked? And – he made her specify his black cock – she had to say ‘stick your black cock up my cunt’! So – he did – once she had asked him nicely!”

“Well!” Alice was totally lost for words.

“Well, I never, eh?” laughed Kate, and Alice laughed, too, but very shakily.

“Well – I just can’t believe it!” she said. “I mean – I do believe it, but – it’s just incredible! Debbie – of all people!”

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