Cold and Sweet

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The can of whipped cream hisses. I push the nozzle a little harder, shoving the plastic tip deeper into Natalie’s asshole. She whimpers and wiggles her ass, letting those fat cheeks jiggle. She’s so fucking full—her butthole, her belly, pumped so so full of whipped cream. Her stomach gurgles, a deep and long sound.

“Fuck—Ty—oh my God, Tyler, I’m gonna fart,” she says with a gasp. Her hand pushes back at my chest.

I pull the can back and watch her butthole clench, a bit of white cream leaking out between her asscheeks. It’s a loud fart—just one, a wet and deep noise that makes her butthole open up and flutter.

“Fuck,” she grunts, and buries her face in the sheets. Her long black hair fans out against the white fabric. She looks…angelic. Another loud, gurgling fart rips from her stretched asshole, gaped wide for the airy fart before she clenches it shut again, holding as much of that thick cream inside her bowels as possible. “Ugh, I’m so fucking full,” she says, eyes rolling back. “Ooh, my asshole—it’s so…ugh, I feel like I might—”

“Do not,” I say, and then laugh, a little childishly. She looks over her shoulder and makes sure to glare at me. Her eyes are beautiful—soft and warm, the way they always get when I’m pumping her asshole full of cream. I grin and cock my head, holding up the can. “One more squirt?”

I don’t even wait. I line the tip up with her pretty little asshole and—yeah, that’s it, her asshole always takes this so well. She can hold so much fucking cream in her tight butthole. I hold the nozzle for a second longer, hearing the satisfying hiss as I fill my girlfriend’s bowels, and then I toss the can to the side.


I rub my thumb over her butthole a few times before lining my massive, rock-hard cock up to her little hole. It twitches as she struggles to hold in all the cream.

“Fuck—gonna—” Her face scrunches up before she farts—I feel the rubbery vibrations against my bulging tip, the warm butthole air blowing over my fat pole. I rub it along her asshole and groan as she continues to poot all over the length of my cock. Her farts are always so nice and wet and loud. Her butthole was made to fart, her asshole made to be filled with cream and cock.

“You’re a fucking good girl,” I mumble. “Yeah, so fucking good for me. Your butthole vibrating against my cock like this, yeah—” I feel her fat plump pussy lips throb against my veiny cock when I say that.

“Mm, yes—please fuck me.” She backs her fat ass up and my hot pole digs into her meaty butt cheek. She farts again; it’s a quick, sputtering sound that makes my cock pulse with heat. I need to be inside her asshole.

“Only ’cause you asked nicely,” I tease.

“Yeah, fuck you.”

I give her a quick smack on the ass for that, and watch her assmeat jiggle back and forth. This thick little bitch, fuck, I love her.

As soon as I push my cock into her well-stretched asshole, she begins to fart even more. There’s so much fucking air inside her guts from that whipped cream, and it makes her stomach growl and gurgle. Her asshole releases a particularly bubbly fart around my fat cock, and I feel wet globs of cream drip onto my balls.

“Oh, it’s all coming out, it’s all coming out,” Natalie says with a moan. When the cream starts to come out, the farts start to get bassier, heavier, if you will. Dirtier.

I pull my cock out with a pop and groan in appreciation casino oyna as Natalie’s buttery smooth butthole flutters around some fat globs of white cream. It all comes spurting out, airy farts after wet farts as her butthole pumps to empty itself.

“Ooh, fuck yeah, push it all out Nat,” I say, grabbing her plump butt cheek with one hand and squeezing, enjoying the smoothness and squishiness. She farts and grunts, face buried in the sheets. “Yeah, let that dirty fuckin’ butthole talk to me,” I say.

“Oh my g—shut up,” she mumbles.

“What?” I laugh and smack her ass, making a sharp, sputtering fart come bursting out of her tight asshole, along with a thick spurt of white cream. It’s so angelically white, and I fucking love the obscenity of it coming out of her dirty, loud anus. “Don’t like when I call you dirty?”

She blushes hard and shakes her head, trying to cover her face with her beautiful long hair. She mumbles something.

“What?” I tease, and run my hand down her smooth, curved back, gripping her plush ass at the end.

“You know I like it,” she says quietly, words entirely of breath.

I smile and hum, leaning forward to kiss the back of her head. As I do so, my throbbing cock gets closer to her asshole just as she releases a deep, powerful fart and shoots a glob of cream onto my cock.

“You empty now, baby?” I ask. She shudders. She loves when I call her that—maybe it’s cruel of me to only give it to her every so often. It makes her reactions so much better, though. I whisper to her, “You want more cream in your pretty little butthole?”

I don’t expect her to answer—she never does, claims she’s too proud or too embarrassed or something. But I know it’s just because she knows that I already know her answer.

She wants to be fucking pumped full.

I get the can of whipped cream and fill up her bowels with thick, sticky cream as fast as I can. Her stomach gurgles unhappily and she whines, her back curving deeper. Her thick thighs are so tense, and the muscles of her lower back show dimples right above her fat fucking ass. I quickly pull the nozzle out of her ass, and right as air begins to leave her asshole in loud, rubbery farts, I push my cock inside her hole and plug all her gases inside that dirty butthole.

“Ooh…” Natalie moans. “Oh, Tyler, I don’t know if I can—oh.”

I bite my lip. “You know your safeword?”

“Of course,” she says back instantly. I nod.

She farts.


“Jesus,” I say with an incredulous laugh. Her asshole squeezes around my cock before it loosens slightly to let the slightest whisper of gas come through. She squeezes her eyes shut and groans, wiggles her jiggly ass, squirms and moans and does everything she can to fight it, a rumble of very loud farts begin to escape her dirty ass.

I pull my cock out and she groans in appreciation as her asshole shits out an entire load of cream with a hot, thick fart, the strong kind of flatulence that Natalie’s amazing butthole is capable of.

“Fuck, your farts are amazing,” I say, my voice hoarse with need. “Push, yeah, mmh…” I push my cock into her wet, stretched bumhole. It makes rumbling noises at me, and once I’m bottomed out I feel the sticky vibrations on my balls. Her elastic butt ring squeezes the base of my cock, the warmth of her hole rippling over my pole in waves as her entire body shivers.

“Fuck my ass, Ty.” She moans canlı casino and rocks her plump butt back into my hips.

The big, smooth globes of her ass glisten, and I grab the whipped cream can to spray swirls of cream all over those globes. I spray it right near her butthole and pump my shaft in and out of her clenching, buttery butthole, making her let out a quick staccato of satisfyingly wet farts, coupled with streams of that thick white shit from deep inside her sticky bowels. I pull back till just my glans is being pinched by her sphincter, and then slowly work my cock back in, inch by inch, feeling the stretch of her butthole and the soft whooshes of air as she lets loose all that hot, wet air from inside her filthy ass. I squeeze the thin, plastic nozzle of the whipped cream in next to my cock, making sure it’s secured in her asshole—and then I begin to spray.

Natalie inhales once, sharply, and goes still.

I bite my lip in satisfaction, watching her butthole get filled, her stomach beginning to bulge out slightly as I pump her full.

“Oh…mmh.” Her eyebrows knit together, and she squirms uncomfortably. “Fuck, it’s too much,” she says.

“Really?” I ask, knowing—no, not really.

She bites her lip, blushing, and then lowers her head so her hair covers her eyes. I pull the nozzle out to let her release some gas, knowing the pressure in her guts will be growing unbearable soon. The hot gusts of air blast of out her ass—bbhphh—right before I start to spray her butthole full of cream again.

“Fuck,” she spits. “Fuck, fuck, oh my God, that’s too much, that’s too fucking much—fuck, I need to shit it out.” She wiggles and writhes, her hole fluttering deliciously around my cock. “I need to fart, I’m gonna—mm, it’s gonna come out, fuck, pull it out.”

I do. I pull the nozzle out of her ass, and right as I do, she sprays my chest with a fat, hot load of butthole cream. Those rippling ass muscles suck my cock deeper into her bowels, and the heat and wetness engulfing my cock makes my gut feel hot and my length twitch inside her. Then I pull my length out with a slurping sound and let her toot out what’s left of the cream. There’s more than I expected, and it runs down the smooth, tan back of her thick, muscular thigh. I run my finger up through the mess and press it against her butthole. It twitches.

Natalie grunts, and her stomach gurgles and whines before she releases a hot rumble of gas. Then she sighs and wiggles her ass. I pat it.

“Empty?” I ask.

“Mm-hm.” She looks back at me, eyelashes thick and black over her eyes. “Once more.”

So I do it once more.

She starts to make whining noises right before the first heavy gurgles of her stomach. It sounds like there’s an incredible amount of wet air stuffed up there. Her belly’s loud rumblings grow as I fill up her bowels.

“Tyler,” she says. “Gonna—”

I pull the nozzle back for a second and let her expel the trapped gas, watching her hole clench up right before the cream oozes out.

“Fuck, there’s so much,” she says as I stuff the nozzle back up her ass to make sure her butthole is filled till she can’t take it anymore.

“Yeah there is.” Satisfaction makes my chest feel hot.

“There’s too much.” She gasps and drops her face onto the bed.

“No, there isn’t.”

I make her take all of it, every fucking ounce of cream that I want to fill her up with. She kaçak casino takes it all so well.

When I pull the nozzle out, she shits it all out so well. It makes me proud of her.

“Good girl,” I murmur. Her sloppy butthole puckers and dilates right as she starts to fart, and I lean in to press my tongue to her asshole, tasting the sweetness of the cream and the otherwise cleanliness of her skin. She’s always sure to keep so clean for me. “Such a good girl,” I mumble, muffled, tongue pushed against her asshole.

Natalie’s only response is a tortured moan and a hot, disrespectful fart against my tongue. Then another, louder and grosser.

She barks out a laugh. “Jesus—oh.” A violent stream of farts blast from her dirty butthole, spraying a load of cream onto my tongue. I pull back, not wanting to get too much of it in my mouth. I moan low in the back of my throat as I watch her writhe, butthole pulsing around the globs of cream coming out of her, her farts getting wetter and wetter. It all dribbles down the glistening backs of her thighs, onto the plastic covering on the bed.

Her asshole sputters one last time before she sighs and relaxes.

“Not done with you yet,” I remind. I position myself behind her and slide my cock in—smooth and controlled, right into that hole opened up just for my fat, veiny shaft. I feel the warm pressure of her canals around my cock, quivering and sucking me in deeper. I know she’s touching her clit when I feel her fingers gently touch the shaft, feeling how I pump in and out of her plump, sopping ass.

She starts to move her fat ass back against me in rhythm, and the shift in angle causes her butthole to stretch wider and suck in air, only to be squeezed out when I thrust my cock back inside her. Her farts vibrate around my cock with each thrust, and it makes my head feel fuzzy. The friction of my cock against her inner walls of her greasy butthole make me start to need to cum.

“Fuck…” I grit out. Natalie hears it and grunts, clenching once tight around me.

“Yeah, you like that butthole, Ty? Fuck it harder. I know you can.”

She’s right; I can.

I start to fuck her harder, as hard as I can, and my muscles begin to ache and I know it’s going to get bad soon, but—fuck. She’s sexy. Her big ass jiggles as I fuck her. I can see the weight of her cheeks in the way they move, heavy and firm. Her oily sphincter tightens around my cock considerably, and I know she’s gonna cum and it makes me throb, so hard that I have to squeeze my eyes shut and focus on not cumming into Natalie’s hot, slippery, tight, pulsing—

“I’m gonna cum,” she manages to say. It’s more of a choked whisper but I definitely hear her say it. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding and start panting, grabbing her by the back of the neck and pushing her face down against the bed. Right now it’s covered in a plastic sheet, and for a moment I feel bad. Just a moment.

“Fuck, your fucking asshole, Natalie—oh, fuck. Fuck, I’m gonna cum.”

My eyes roll back into my head slightly, and I come so hard my scalp tingles, my thick cum shooting deep into Natalie’s hot bowels and mingling with the sticky cream left inside. I feel the clenching in-and-out of her asshole around my girth as she comes down from her orgasm.

When I pull out, her butthole releases a final bit of gas, making her blush and smile, breathless. Hands on her fat asscheeks, I pull them apart and stretch her open. My cum drips out.

“Like it?” She grins, looking at me. Her eyes are beautiful.

I kiss her butt cheek and a bit of whipped cream gets on my lips. It’s cold. “Yeah. A lot.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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