Cold War

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It had been quite a winter so far. Above average snowfall, below average temperatures and it was only January. But it was Michigan. Today was quite a different story. The sun was actually out, it was approaching 40 degrees and some of the winter mix was quickly melting. It was Friday, and everyone was looking forward to the weekend. Some accident right outside the office caused the power to be cut to the building; 11:00 am and everyone had to be sent home, can’t work without heat. A bonus time weekend.

Pam was without a ride. She is a 46 year old woman, 5′-7″, sharp shoulder length bleached blond hair, and fighting the middle aged battle of the bulge. She was approaching about 160 lbs. She carried her weight well, and usually wore one-piece outfits that didn’t hug her curves, but were not a tent. Today was no exception, she wore a gray, flannel jumper v-neck dress with a black belt, black panty hose and black turtle neck light sweater under the dress which covered the v-neck and kept her warm in the winter air. She carried her 38-D chest proudly. Her car was in the shop, her son was away at college. Her husband was to pick her up at 5, she looked around for a hitch home, her house being out in the country. She saw Sandy walking by and remembered that they only lived a few miles apart.

Sandy was a 31 year old, new mother of about 6 months. She was about 5′-5″ and already slimmed down to about 140 lbs. since giving birth six months ago. She had medium length brunette hair, which she wore “puffed-up” and framed her full rounded face. She looked a lot like Monica Lewinsky. Even most of the people at work joked and called her Monica. She did not mind. Since giving birth, she was trying, almost too hard, to look leaner and younger and wore clothes that were a bit too tight and a bit too short. Today she was in a short plaid skirt, white panty hose, knee high black boots and a white wool sweater which clung to her milk engorged 40D chest. Normally she was about a 36C. The breast-feeding did have its advantages.

Sandy was not particularly well liked by anyone in the building, except of course by some of the younger males. Everyone agreed she was a high maintenance type bitchy woman, who always complained about her second husband, and gave everyone the impression that she was the only one who experienced childbirth. Pam, wanting to get home sooner, bit her tongue, considered the alternative and asked for a ride, which Sandy, without hesitation, agreed to, that was strange.

On the 40 minute ride home the conversation was carried by Sandy who was bitching up a storm about, breast-feeding, diaper changing and so forth. Her husband was going to pick up the baby from day care and that was fine for her, she wanted an afternoon alone. As the two approached Pam’s house, lucky they were in a Ford Expedition, the gravel road was melting and quite full of mushy potholes. Snow was really melting, it almost felt like a breath of spring. The vehicle was warm with the sun out and both women shed their coats. It was a rough ride to the driveway, turning off the main road to an almost secluded private road that was pock marked with potholes. Pam’s house was about 200 feet off the private road. She told Sandy to just drop her at the drive and that she would walk up the drive. She turned in the drive and Pam grabbed her purse, bag with shoes, as she wore her winter boots to and from work, and her coat that she was going to put on for the trek to the house. As she was slipping the coat on, and leaving the front seat, she was not familiar with the large step down from the 4×4, as she went to plant one foot on the running board, and promptly slipped and slid out the door and sprawled onto the 3 ft high snow bank. The snow bank was created by the plows, which maintained the street. Her shoe bag flew one way, her purse another and her coat was half off and crushed under her.

Sandy couldn’t help but laugh and giggle loudly. She couldn’t stop. It was like something out of the movies. Pam just lay on the snow bank trying to figure out how this happened. She was lying on her back on the front of the bank. Her dress slid up and her ass was getting wet and her coat, with only one arm in, was providing a crude headrest. Pam was starting to get mad at Sandy’s laughter. She didn’t even ask if she was OK. Sandy yelled, “Hey the Olympics aren’t until next year, you better save the good stuff for then, I would give you a 9.0 for form”. That was it. Pam was steamed but good. She rolled onto her side and grabbed the still open door for support and lifted herself up. She pulled her other arm into her somewhat wet coat, then reached out to steady herself on the snow bank. The snow was wet and good packing. She hastily formed a baseball-sized snowball and whipped it into the front seat of the vehicle to silence the aggravating laughter.

Bulls-eye. Pam was shocked. Never being one for sports, her aim was impeccable. She scored a hit right in Sandy’s open mouth, which had the poker oyna added benefit of humor as well as stopping the laughing. Now it was Pam’s turn. She began a belly type laughing at her luck and the expression on Sandy’s face. Sandy was instantly mad and focused her thoughts on revenge. She wiped her face and opened her door, spit out the snowy residue and swung out on the running board and jumped down on the snow bank on her side of the vehicle. She quickly scooped up some snowballs and charged around the front of the truck. Pam being surprised by Sandy’s quickness, reacted slowly. She bent over for more ammunition and was promptly whacked with a snowball in her shoulder. Then one at her ass. Then another that just kissed the top of her head. She hastily threw one and retreated for the rear of the large vehicle. Sandy was an expert shot. She played softball in college, and was still somewhat fit. Pam, realizing this called “Truce, I think that we are even”. There was no reply. Pam crept to the corner of the vehicle and peered around it. There was no sign of the enemy.

All of a sudden she heard some rustling from behind and before she could turn, her face was being thoroughly washed with snow. She was stunned. She made a few muffled yells but then it was over. Sandy announced “Now we have a truce, and we are even”. Pam was furious. Snow glopped down on the front her dress, causing wet dark spots and in between the sweater and the dress, it was cold. She had a wet ass. She had cold hands. She now had a frozen face and her make-up was now smeared everywhere. Her eyes resembled a raccoon with dark runny circles of mascara rolling down her cheeks. She turned to face the attacker and was greeted with uproarious laughter, even more aggravating than the first time. Sandy was laughing so hard she was bent over at the waist. “Dammit, I am not going to take this!” she thought. Pam was thinking revenge. Sandy didn’t expect the older woman to fight back, and considered the affair even.

Being a bigger woman, Pam lowered her shoulder and charged Sandy just as she was straightening up. WHOMP into her midsection, Pam reached around Sandy’s back and lifted her about six inches and threw her down onto the road. As the gravel road was melting, and as luck would have it, Sandy landed shoulder first squarely in a muddy, slush filled, pothole about two feet round and four inches deep, with quite a splash. Pam was surprised by what happened, she just wanted to shut her up, and get her a little snowy. Sandy, more reacting than thinking was already rolling out of the pothole and getting up. As she turned Pam saw that the damage was probably fatal to the white sweater with large brown spots appearing and the remainder not muddied was turning the white almost transparent. Her hair was a hideous mess of dripping muddy water, on to her large breasts, the hair spray wasn’t holding it and half her hair was flattened. Sandy looked hideous and quite mad. Pam just backed away and tried to call out an apology, a truce and regrets over her action.

It fell on deaf ears. Sandy was now reacting like her life depended upon wiping Pam out. Once standing, Sandy dusted off her shoulder and shook her hair out and then charged Pam. Now Sandy charged and lowered her shoulder and drove into the older, heavier woman. She kept her legs moving and drove her into the snow bank at the side of the road, where Pam’s legs collapsed causing both women to fly over the top of it. Sandy landed on top of Pam on the backside of the bank and continued to slide over Pam’s face and ended up on all fours about two feet beyond her head. Pam was lying on her backside stunned. Sandy quickly stood up turned and glared at her co-worker saying “So now what’s so funny? You just ruined my new sweater that I just got for Christmas. You wrecked my hair! I am going to wreck your clothes” With that she reached down and grabbed Pam’s blonde hair with both of her hands and yanked her head and rolled her over as she was trying to get up, she ended up on all fours when Sandy let go of the hair. Pam was shrieking in pain and grabbed her aching head. Sandy then grabbed the bottom of Pam’s coat and pulled it up over her head, tying up her arms and cutting off her line of sight, by accident the dress followed to the belt which was just above the waist. This caused Pam to slide down face first in the snow, flailing away, trying to get her coat off which was also caught up in her dress.

With the decided advantage to Sandy, she slid around to the back of Pam. Sandy reached out and grabbed some more snow with her right hand, and with her left pulled Pam’s panty hose waistband and packed the snow into her ass. She let go of the hose with a snap and was pleased with the result. A large bulge of melting snow was in the crack of her ass and melting with fury. She stood back to enjoy the moment. Pam, yelped and rolled over on her back. She was still trying to untangle her arms and free herself from the coat and at the same time canlı poker oyna used her legs to lift her icy sodden ass from the snow, by pushing her ass up with her legs. She was in a very vulnerable position. Legs planted on the ground pushing up her ass, which was able to get only about two inches off the ground, and her shoulders carrying the weight of her body as she tried to shed the now heavier and wet coat.

Sandy figured one more and she would be out. With that she reached out and grabbed the front of the exposed panty hose and pulled, moving them to mid thigh and causing Pam’s legs to give out, her ass landing now bare on the snow. Pam was now screeching in discomfort. Sandy then knelt down between Pam’s restricted kicking legs and gave her a pussy wash with snow much the same way she did her face. Pam was glad that she didn’t trim it much, and none was getting into the crevice, but this was bad enough. Sandy was laughing and stopped her devious action. Pam was very desperate. She was still not quite freed from her coat so with all of her might she pulled her legs back as far as they would go and kicked forward as hard as she could with both legs to kick Sandy’s body away from her. Once again she was lucky.

Both soles of her boots caught Sandy as she was reaching lower for more snow to continue this humiliating act. Pam’s feet hit her square in the face, driving her off Pam and totally stunning her in the process. Pam not realizing what exactly happened, scrambled madly, rolling to her left, onto her knees and finally getting her coat off. By now most of her dress was darkened with various levels of wetness. Pam then stood up and turned to see where the enemy was. Sandy was now lying on her back, clutching her face and moaning. Pam, reached down to pull up her panty hose. Good God that was cold! There was snow everywhere down there. She couldn’t shed them because she had boots on. She quickly reached into the crotch and started ripping it out and cleaning some of the now ice crystals from her hairy patch. This provided some relief. “To hell with this, I have to get her first.” Pam thought and decided that she could contend with the cold, wet snow, but no more humiliation. She haphazardly pulled them up so she could move and counter-attack.

As she reached her fallen foe, Pam decided to give her a little of her own medicine. She reached under Sandy’s short skirt that had slipped up to her hips and grabbed the waist of her panty hose and pulled them down to her feet, and folded them over her boots, effectively rendering her legs inoperative. She then took her belt off and looped it around the boots. She then grabbed the end of the belt pulled Sandy’s legs causing her ass to be dragged through the snow. This caused Sandy’s short skirt to ride up even further to above her waist and expose her bare ass and pussy to some snow plowing. Pam was surprised to see that Sandy was completely shaved down there. Not even one ass hair to protect the sensitive skin. “This is Great! What a bonus, that will tame this bitch” thought Pam. After dragging her about 20 feet Pam was getting winded because the entire time Sandy was trying to buck with her legs, but not having success because they were bonded by the belt and the panty hose.

Pam dropped Sandy’s legs to catch her breath. Sandy was now clutching at her ass and pussy. Pam noticed the large red boot marks on Sandy’s face, which now matched the shade of red appearing on Sandy’s ass and pussy. Still being in a fit of rage, and feeling a great amount of discomfort in her own privates from abuse at Sandy’s hands, Pam circled around to Sandy’s head and reached over and got two handfuls of muddy, icy slop from the road and threw it on Sandy’s hair. Pam massaged it into her hair. Sandy quickly moved her hands to clear off the goop. Pam then reached over to the bottom of the now sopping wet almost transparent sweater and pulled it up, much in the same way Sandy had done to her with her coat. She pulled it over her face and head but not completely off. This had the effect tying up her arms, and blocking her vision. Sandy now was immobile at her feet and hands.

Pam then went back to her feet and pulled her by the legs to the street and rolled her over, face down into the muddy mess of the street. Pam really needed to catch her breath, but she needed to end this match because she was quite wet, cold and tired. Sandy decided to pull the rest of the sweater over her head and was freeing up her arms, but since she was face down and unable to use her legs Sandy was tiring and frustrated. Both women were wheezing, coughing and swearing at each other. For almost one minute there were no other acts of aggression while they were trying to recover.

Pam realizing that her enemy was recovering, crawled over and grabbed the back of Sandy’s now exposed bra and tried to unclip the four clasps that were holding the ample tits. Sandy reacted by bucking and rolling over. Pam then pulled the front of the internet casino bra, trying to pull it off. But since it was a nursing bra the front covers for each breast were only pulled off, the remaining sturdy structure did not fail. Pam again reached down and tried to pull the remaining support, when Sandy managed to kick her with both bound feet in the stomach. Pam promptly landed on her ass and clutched her stomach area. Sandy seeing this reached down to her feet and loosened the belt untangled the pantyhose and sprang up for an attack. She was quite a site.

Almost nude from the waist up, her large 40D breasts exposed and swaying in the ripped bra. Her dark brown, erect milk giving nipples with areolas the size of headlights, jutting out, small tattered plaid skirt hanging askew from her hips and once white panty hose being pulled up as she charged. Pam was too spent to react properly. She saw her coming and only had time to raise her arms in self-defense. She kicked her in the stomach again causing Pam to roll over on to her side, into a pothole of muddy slush, clutching her mid section. Sandy then grabbed the back of Pam’s dress and pulled. The sodden fabric now black with moisture, gave way. Sandy grabbed again and again until the entire back of the dress was ripped open. Pam was now trying to crawl away while Sandy was ripping her dress and kept falling on her front side in the street. Sandy needed to catch her breath now. Pam shakily stood up and wriggled out of the now useless dress easily.

Pam turned to look at Sandy. Pam still had on her black sweater, bra underneath but little else except for her boots and what was left on her legs of the panty hose. Sandy had her boots, soaked skirt and muddy panty hose left, and partial bra, that was it. Both women’s skin were various shades from pink to bright red from the snow exposure. There were also deposits of mud, slush and globs of snow glistening on each body. Both faces were streaked with spoiled make up and mud. Sandy’s hair was matted and dripping while Pam’s blonde tresses were now dark brown with mud. They began to circle each other calling out fucks, cunts, whores, and bitches, at each other. Occasionally, each reached down and grabbed some muddy snow and flung it at the other. This lasted for over a minute. They were catching their breath, looking for an opportunity to attack and finish this scene. Surely they posed quite a site, and were unaware of actually where they were, in public. However, being so far out in the country, they had no audience.

As if a gun sounded they both charged each other. Sandy quickly grabbing the only thing left to grab on Pam, her sweater, and Pam grabbing the waist of Sandy’s skirt. Sandy quickly got the upper hand, pulling the sweater over Pam’s head and spinning her around and over the snow bank. Pam let go of the skirt, while it was ripping, quickly freed herself from the sweater, not wanting to be immobilized like before. She had no problem doing so. Pam was learning to fight, fast. This left Sandy’s skirt stretched and sagging to her knees, so she stopped and pulled it completely down and off. Sandy jumped over the bank and onto Pam’s back and reached around the front and pulled the bra up, exposing the two jelly like 38D tits. Unlike Sandy’s nipples, Pam’s were small, bright pink but very erect from the cold ordeal. Again Pam not wanting to leave anything to grab, ducked, throwing Sandy off her back and quickly pulled the rest of the bra off herself, throwing it aside.

There was absolutely no need for modesty anymore and both women realized that their clothing was just giving an advantage to the aggressor. Both women were now on their knees facing each other, breathing heavily. They both squared up and lunged for each other and locked arms, grasped around each other. Their bare tits were now crushing against each other. As they grunted and pulled, they were quickly tiring. Pam was grabbing the back of Sandy’s bra and yanking but not having any success. Pam had no clothing left to grab so Sandy just tried a bear hug. It looked like they were glued to each other. Finally Pam leaned down and started to bite Sandy’s shoulder, then sandy shifted her grip and grabbed the back of Pam’s hair in order to get her mouth away from her shoulder. Finally Sandy yelled “That’s it, I give, my tits are going to explode. Let go. You won”. Pam couldn’t believe what she was hearing. This was her first and only fight that she ever had, and she was winning it over a younger foe. She wanted this to end also. As soon as Sandy let go, Pam followed. They both fell to all fours coughing and wheezing.

Sandy muttered “I need to milk my breasts soon. I usually do it at lunch. God they hurt, and shit they are cold.” Both women then exchanged short conciliatory phrases. Neither could figure out how this escalated. They were both naked, cold, sore, tired. Pam shakily stood up and surveyed the area. There were clothes strewn about in an area about 50 feet long and 20 feet wide. The vehicle was still running in the driveway with both front doors open. Both women were naked except for shredded pantyhose and winter boots and in Sandy’s case a partial bra, but her tits were totally exposed.

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