College Guy’s Wishes for Genie Ch. 04

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Double Penetration

Dale shut the door behind him. He couldn’t understand how Steve would remember about the genie, he did wish for Steve’s memory to be cleared of the genie but apparently it didn’t work.

“W-what genie?” said Dale.

“You know what I’m talking about. I had the lamp that he came out of and now it’s gone. You must have it now.” said Steve

“Listen, you might think that its great that you can wish for anything that you want but it’s easy to get carried away and I can’t let it be used by everyone.”

“We can just share the genie and get what we both want…I know what you’ve been wishing for. I really don’t care but I want be able to wish for what I want too.”

Dale could tell that Steve wasn’t going to give up on the genie and the lamp. He thought about what went wrong with his wish that would should have cleared Steve’s memory and then thought of a different wish. Dale pulled the lamp out of his bag, rubbed it and out sprung the genie.

“I wish that any lasting wishes from Steve are undone, his memory of you be wiped out and that he can never see the lamp again.”

The genie snapped his fingers and returned into the lamp. Steve stared blankly at Dale for a few seconds before speaking.

“Hey, did you get much work done in the library?” said Steve.

Dale took a second to respond, looking at Steve trying to figure out if his wish was specific enough so that Steve had not knowledge of the genie.

“Yep, all finished.” said Dale. “I’m gonna call it a night.”

Dale and Steve went though their night time routine and went to bed. Dale thought to himself that it was too close of a call with Steve and that he had to be extra careful with where he hid the lamp. He decided that he must carry it with him at all times for now until he could think of a better hiding spot.

Feeling relieved Dale thought of his exciting day and wondered how he should use the genie tomorrow.

When Dale woke up, he saw that Steve was gone from the room to his morning class. Dale got up and headed to the showers. Even though it had been several weeks since he found the genie and made the modifications to his body, he still wasn’t quite used to his new physique. In the bathroom’s full length mirror, he admired his perfectly toned body, and especially his limp cock and balls. Both hung low and swayed side to side as he turned to see his perfectly sculpted ass; the sight alone stared to get him aroused. Remembering he was standing completely naked in the dorm bathroom, he headed into the shower stall and turned on the water. Dale’s arousal didn’t let up and he was now hard as a rock, with his cock upright and pointing straight at his face. He stepped into the shower under the hot water and started to wash off. He lathered up his chest, abs and legs and thoroughly worked on his cock and balls. He was enjoying the way his smooth egg-sized balls hung low and felt soft to the touch; he cupped them and rolled them around.

Dale bent down to pick up his shampoo and realized that with his new length, his cock was within reach of his own mouth. He couldn’t believe he hadn’t thought of it before and always wanted to try blowing himself. He sat down on the shower bench and spread his legs apart for clearance. Still not sure if he was flexible enough, he leaned forward towards his dick and was pleased when he was easily able to get tip of his cock and a few extra inches in his mouth. It was exhilarating; Dale was sucking his own cock and it was just as good as any of the other guys before. He bobbed up and down, taking in half of his length, smelling his own sweat and musk from his balls, making him harder. Within minutes, he could taste the salty precum starting to leak out. He kept going, able to feel his pulsing cock in his mouth and spiraling his tongue around the head. He was getting close to cumming and pulled his cock deeper into his mouth Sakarya Escort by pulling up on his legs. He started to shoot out cum and decided to keep his cock in his mouth, swallowing his entire load. This was an incredible feeling that he had never experienced before. Once he finished, he took his now limp cock out of his mouth, and leaned back to catch his breath. More flexibility was needed and he knew just how to get it.

Dale finished getting ready for the day and set out to the campus for his classes. Even though no wishes could be made during daylight, he was carrying around the lamp in his backpack for fear that he would have to go through the same thing again with Steve. At the end of his final class of the day, Dale was walking out of the room when heard a voice call his name. He turned around to see a guy from his class, Nick, that sat on the other side of the room. Dale didn’t know much about Nick other than he was part of a fraternity at the school and had some sort of high status in the group. He stood at nearly 6 ft tall and was skinny with average length black hair, not the most handsome guy that was on campus but he had attractive qualities. Plus, as Dale noticed before, he had an impressive bulge that had sparked Dale’s curiosity in the past. Nick didn’t say anything yet but Dale suspected that it had something to do with the project that they had been assigned during that class. It could be completed individually or in pairs and Dale was sure that Nick was going to ask to be his partner for the project; Nick didn’t seem dumb but was most certainly lazy when it came to assignments and was likely trying to work with someone who could do most of the work and do it well.

“Hey man, how’s it going?” Said Nick.

“It’s going alright. What do you think of the project?” asked Dale, hoping that Nick would cut to the chase.

“It seems like it might be a bunch of work for just one person, I was wondering if you’d want to pair up on it?”

Dale didn’t care that he would have to do most of the work, he could just wish for it to be done. But he thought this could be a way to scope out Nick and maybe have a little fun, possibly with the help of the genie.

“Yeah, that’s fine with me. When do you want to start working on it? I’d rather finish it sooner than later.” said Dale.

“What are you up to tomorrow after classes? We could probably get the first part done in an hour.” said Nick.

“Alright, that works for me.”

“Just head over to my dorm at 7”

“Cool, I’ll see you then.”

They both walked off. Dale was eager for tomorrow to come around and figured that he didn’t need to wait; it was dark outside and so he took out the lamp and rubbed it. Once the genie appeared, Dale made a wish:

“I wish it was 7 pm tomorrow”

The genie snapped his fingers and Dale watched in awe as the Moon moved quickly over the sky until it disappeared on the sun rose, rapidly traveled from one side of the sky to the other and then set. Dale looked at his watch and saw that it was exactly 7:00pm. He started to walk to Nick’s dorm.

Dale walked into the building, up the stars and then the hallway to the door leading to the suite of dorms where Nick’s room was. As Dale walked in, he immediately saw a guy walking towards the bathroom entrance, completely naked. Dale’s jaw dropped, the guy was jacked and bulged with muscle all over his body; this was the most incredible body he had ever seen in person. Dale stood still as the unknown person walked into the bathroom, not noticing that anyone was watching him. Dale wasn’t able to get a complete view, but from what he saw, the guy was lacking in the penile length department.

Dale came to his senses and found Nick’s room and knocked. Nick opened the door let Dale in and the two got to work on the project.

Only ten minutes went Adapazarı Escort by when someone knocked on Nick’s door. Nick got up and opened it and Dale saw that it was the (now dressed in a wife beater shirt and sweats) guy that he saw before.

“Hey Brett, what’s going on?” said Nick.

“Not much, what are you guys working on?” replied Brett

“Oh just a project for class. This is Dale, he’s working on the project with me.” said Nick.

“Hey man, good to meet you.” said Brett.

“Same” replied Dale.

Nick and Brett started to talk about the other guys in the building and something to do with vandalism in one of the other rooms. They stepped out into the hallway and Dale reached for his backpack, grabbed the lamp and rubbed it. This was the opportunity that Dale had hoped for and he wasn’t going to miss it. He wanted to do a threesome and decided that Nick and Brett would be the ones to do it with. The genie appeared and Dale made his wish:

“I wish to have a threesome with Nick and Brett.”

The genie snapped his fingers and returned to the lamp.

Dale sat and waited; he knew that when he wishes for other guys to fulfill his fantasies, they gradually get into it.

Nick and Brett continued their conversation when Dale hears Nick invite Brett into the room for a beer. Nick walks over to his minifridge and bends over to open it. Brett smirks and walks over to Nick and grabs his waist and laughs and dry humps Nick’s ass in a joking manner. Nick pulls away seeming irritated and stands up. He steps towards Brett and pauses. Both stare blankly at each other for a few seconds. Dale knows that his wish is now beginning to work.

Nick reaches out and starts to rub Brett’s muscled chest, grabbing and feeling his bulging pecs. The two lean forward and lock lips, engaging in passionate kissing while the two feel each up. Dale enjoys the view but starts to feel left out. As if sensing Dale’s thoughts, the two break their lip-lock and walk over to Dale. Nick crouches down between Dale’s legs and starts to fondle Dale’s crotch through his pants. Not wanting to wait, Dale takes off his shirt, unbuckles his belt and before he can do anything else, Nick takes over and unzips his pants and pulls them off of Dale. With a semi-erect cock pressing on his briefs, Nick reaches in and pulls out Dale’s growing cock and wraps his lips around it. Nick slowly takes in more of Dale’s cock until it is entirely in and sucks on it like a popsicle. Dale moans with pleasure and feels his cock growing to full length, all the while Nick keeps swallowing, eventually deep throating his entire dick.

Nick continues giving head to Dale when Dale notices that Brett is standing behind Nick, staring at his ass but not doing anything else. Forgetting that he wanted a threesome in the first place, Dale starts to give commands to the two.

“Brett, why don’t you rim Nick’s ass?” said Dale.

And with that, Nick stood up and started to undress. As Dale suspected, when Nick took off his shirt, he was skinny with subtle muscle tone but the real surprise came when Nick dropped his pants. From out of his boxers sprung a fully erect cock, standing at least 10 inches long with impressive girth and clean shaven balls the size of large eggs hanging what seemed to be half way to his knees. Nick kneeled back down in front of Dale and started licking Dale’s and gently taking them into his mouth. With Nick’s asshole exposed, Brett knelt down and started to eat out his ass, circling his tongue around and probing his hole.

Not wanting to blow his load too early, Dale stops Nick and calls Brett over. Dale was eager to see Brett’s package close up and see if it really was small. Dale took off Brett’s shirt and paused to take in his muscular beauty, he then moved down and slowly lowered Brett’s sweats. Once the sweats were Serdivan Escort off, Dale lowered down for a look and saw that Brett’s dick was uncut with a small patch of trimmed pubes and was not as big as his or Nick’s but did have a large set of balls. Brett was not hard yet but Dale had an idea which he wanted to try. He stood and felt up Brett’s muscular pecs. They where firm but soft and felt incredible to play with. Dale leaned forward and started to lick around Brett’s nipples, feeling them become stiff as he licked and sucked on them. Dale wanted to give attention to Brett’s cock and told Nick to continue sucking on Brett’s nipples.

Dale could see that Brett was starting to get hard and was going to help by sucking his cock when he became memorized by Brett’s growing cock. It was slowly getting bigger, and kept growing beyond the point Dale thought it would stop. The foreskin was being pulled back to reveal a swollen purple cock head while the whole cock kept rising and growing. Veins bulged from the sides and Dale stared in amazement as he watched Brett’s cock grow from what looked to be a small penis to a thick pipe of man-meat nearly 7 inches in length and fatter around than either Dale’s or Nick’s. Dale grabbed Brett’s throbbing cock and couldn’t get his entire hand around it but started to stroke it, feeling the pulsing as he did so.

Dale turned Brett around and grabbed ahold of his bubble ass and spreading it. Dale pressed his cock into Brett’s ass until he was all the way in. Slowly, Dale moved in and out of Brett’s ass and felt waves of pleasure as Brett was able to squeeze his ass around Dale’s cock. Dale sped up his pace, grabbing Brett’s waist for grip slapping his balls against Brett’s ass with each thrust. Dale felt Nick grab his waist and approach from behind. Dale knew that Nick was setting up to fuck him in the ass and he wanted him to. Stopping briefly while keeping his cock inside of Brett, Dale let Nick insert his long cock into his ass. Being more relaxed, it didn’t hurt to be fucked in the ass this time and felt intense pleasure as soon as Nick started. In perfect rhythm, Dale fucked Brett while Nick fucked Dale. This was an incredible feeling that Dale had never experienced before.

“I’m going to cum” said Nick.

Dale pulled out of Brett and gave full attention to Nick. Nick wrapped his arms around Dale’s chest and waist and held on tightly as his pounded Dale’s ass. Dale could feel the heat and sweat from the direct contact between them and with final deep thrust, Nick shot his entire load inside of Dale’s ass. Once Nick pulled out, he got down and licked his cum from Dale’s ass until it was perfectly clean.

Even more aroused, Dale went back over and inserted his cock back into Brett’s ass. Dale held Brett close and reached around and jerked Brett’s cock. They breathed heavily while fucking in the now hot and humid room, their bodies glistening with sweat. Feeling that he was getting close, Dale pulled out and had Brett suck his cock. Almost immediately, Dale shot load after load down Brett’s throat, swallowing all of it. It was the most intense orgasm Dale had ever experienced and wondered how he could possibly top it.

Dale didn’t want Brett to be left out and so he had him lay on his back while Dale started to lick the end of Brett’s thick veiny cock. Dale could barely get his mouth around the cock but was able to fit in most of it. Dale slurped and gagged on his cock and without warning Brett shot a stream of cum down Dale’s throat. Surprised, Dale pulled out Brett’s cock and stroked it as stream after stream of cum shot across Dale’s chest.

All three stood and Brett and Nick licked the cum off of Dale’s chest. Dale gave affectionately stroked their softening cocks while they licked.

Brett and Nick sat down, still naked and seemed to still be in a trance. Dale called upon his genie to clean everything up. With a snap, everything was cleaned up but Brett and Nick were still naked. Dale got dressed and made one last wish before headed back to his room for the night.

“I wish that after I leave, they snap out of the trance but have no memory of the threesome.”

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