College Trip

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“Hey Sam, are you coming with us?” A girl decked out in a bright pink snow suit shouted across the wooden cabin. They had rented the cabin for the group of college students and the three bedroom, two bath vacation home barely fit the 10 boys and girls. Most of the students had decided to go out to dinner after the long day of playing in the snow.

“Nah, I want to take a hot shower and nurse those bruises from falling down so much.” Sam replied. Sam was a girl standing around 5′ 2″; she had her curly brown hair stuffed into a tight bun and wore loose fitting snow gear.

“Sam…” Her pink friend sounded like she was scolding, “Everyone is going out. You are supposed to be socializing.”

“Chrissy, I think I socialized enough for the year.” Sam smiled back, her best friend of 5 years was always trying to find her a boyfriend. Plus, the boys who came on the trip were not her types. Most were sporty types who snowboarded whenever they got the chance. The one guy who she thought she would like barely could stand talking to her.

“Dan said he was going to come…” Chrissy tried one more time, lowering her voice. “Maybe you could sit next to him, he is single–” Before Chrissy finished her crazy idea, the minivan they all drove in beeped loudly. One of the more obnoxious boys shouted from the rolled down window, “Last call, ladies!”

Sam waved Chrissy off. Chrissy gave her best smile at Sam and bounced away. Once the cabin’s door closed, Sam felt the tension in her body relax. She wasn’t in the mood for any more socialization. She wanted a hot bath and was going straight to bed in her sleeping bag by the fireplace.

She went straight for the master bedroom’s bathroom once she collected her goods; candles, bubble bath, and a bottle of wine. She didn’t bother bringing a glass, she was ready to down her troubles in the tub. Once the bath filled and the bubbles were getting ready to overflow, she plopped herself into the tub, a substantial amount of water splashed out on to the bathroom floor. A sigh of content left her as she snuggled into the warm waters. She reached out for her bottle of Merlot and took a hearty swig.

She lost herself to thoughts about alternative ways to heat water when she heard the bathroom door open. She was more than halfway through her bottle, which kept her calm as she saw Alexander enter the bathroom. He was topless, and working on removing his boxers. He didn’t even notice her in the tub. His eyes were set on the shower in the opposite corner. Sam rolled her eyes at her close friend, only second to Chrissy because they hadn’t know each other as long.

The last of his clothing pooled at his feet, and Sam found her reactions greatly slowed by her drink. His cock, flaccid, was at least 5 inches long. She gulped and her mind changed from thermodynamics to wondering if he got larger once he was aroused. Which, admittedly, could be a little bit of the same topic.

His body stiffened. She assumed he heard her as she was not discreet. He turned his head finally in her direction and turned a deep shade of pink. He grabbed her towel that she placed near the tub and used it to cover himself.

“Hello.” Sam smiled, completely comfortable in the protection of her bubbles. She enjoyed the view from the quiet guy. He was quieter than she was, and she felt false confidence bubble up in her chest upon his shyness. Her wine was helping as well.

He was frozen in place, like a deer caught in headlights. He turned to escape out the bathroom but slipped on the water Sam had spilled over from her bath. He knocked his head hard on the tile. Sam jumped up, too quickly from her bath, she was concerned for her friend but found she was not balanced enough for her rescue mission.

Her blood rushed, she slipped and fell forward. Her hands braced her fall as she spilled onto the cold tile floor of the grand bathroom. She burst out laughing, forgetting she was bare with what little suds clinged to her pale body. Her ass was high in the air as she stilled herself with her knees and hands flat on the ground.

“Are you okay!?” Alexander asked, recovering from his Eskort Kız own fall. He then noticed the brunette’s curls sprawled against her smooth back. Her hair curled around her like a dark curtain, he followed her curls to her round ass, which was wiggling in the air from her laughter.

Sam got her giggles under control and stood up. Her breasts were a bit more than a handful, her stomach was flat and her hips were wide. Her private was clean shaved, recently from her bath. “I’m fine, sorry I scared you.” She smiled, embarrassment from her fall completely forgotten with the warmth of the alcohol in her.

Alexander’s eyes ate Sam’s body up. He had been trying to bring up the courage to talk to his longtime friend on this snow trip about feelings he had started to have for her, but he was lost for words. Also, it didn’t help he knew Chrissy was in the process of setting Sam up with one of the other guys. This time was no exception. He just stood and stared, not knowing what to do or say.

Sam took the first move after she noticed her towel forming a tent at Alexander’s lower region. She reached her hand out towards the shocked male. “Hey Alex, mind giving me my towel back? It’s kind of cold in here.”

His mind did not register his actions as he gave back the pale green towel to the woman before him. He uncovered his own privates and he was startled out of his stupor as he heard Sam gasp.

She grabbed the towel, not believing the sight before her. “I never knew you were so large!”

Alexander’s cock was pulsing with hot blood and it had grown to be 8 inches long and the width was close to one and a half inches. He wanted to be snarky back and tell her she couldn’t have known how large he was because she always viewed him as a friend. Instead he just stared at her breasts, enjoying how her nipples grew hard from the cool air. They were light pinkish brown, her areolas a darker brown.

The wine gave her the push she needed to say something she never would dream of, “Never thought about me naked before either?” She asked, drying her hair with the soft towel. Her breasts jiggling from the action.

His blush deepened to a red, he had thought of his friend naked more times than he cared to admit. His throat felt dry, words were not going to come from him. Sam took a step towards him, and he took a step back. His eyes glanced away from Sam’s gorgeous figure and noticed the mostly empty bottle of wine. He licked his lips, trying to wet his mouth so he could speak.

Sam had backed him up to the door of the bathroom, a mischievous smile on her lips. “Come on Alex, everyone’s left for dinner… we have some time before they get back.” His licking of lips seemed like an invitation to Sam and she reached up to run her hand along his jawline.

“Not this way, Sam.” He said hoarsely. His will power to stop what was occurring fading the moment he spoke. His words were heard by Sam, she stopped short of kissing Alexander. He could smell her wine laced breath and the lavender from her bubbles.

“I’m not drunk.” She said, almost insulted by Alexander’s rejection. She had saw his eyes leave her to see her bottle she was enjoying, before she saw something better to enjoy. “Go ahead, test me… I just am attracted to you… maybe the wine helped let down my hair.” She ran her hand down his broad chest, she paused to run her hands through his chest hair, enjoying his brown curls on his pale chest.

His body shuddered at the warm contact. He couldn’t fight back with words, they all got caught in his throat. Instead he grabbed Sam’s shoulders and gently pushed her away. His action bought him enough time to escape the bathroom. He never looked back during his escape.

Sam didn’t follow, her feelings muddled with rejection. She got dressed and cleaned up the bathroom.

Alexander sprinted to the far side of the cabin, which took no more than a few seconds. He was still naked, and the regret settled in his mind. His wildest fantasies never had Sam be so forward with him, he didn’t know what to do, but his cock demanded he do something about it. He went to the closest room and locked the door behind him to give him some privacy.

Samantha finished getting dressed and went to find Alex to apologize. Her alcohol riddled mind was clearer, and she felt wrong. She found the locked bedroom and knocked. She didn’t get a reply but knew that he was there, she heard shuffling.

“Hey… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make things so awkward.”

She heard a moan on the other side and more vigorous shuffling. She paused, putting her ear to the door to listen.

The door abruptly opened, Alexander was still undressed and his male member harder than before. “I really like you Sam.”

It was Sam’s turn to be lost for words. Alexander hugged her tightly, she felt his massive hardon through her pajamas. “Like is not the right word,” he continued, “I love you Sam. I don’t want you to regret this.”

It was too late for her to reply as he smashed his lips into Sam’s. His lips were rough, chapped from the cold and cracked. Sam’s lips were soft, and tasted of peppermint toothpaste. He deepened the kiss and pushed his tongue between her lips. She tasted of wine in her mouth. He enjoyed the red wine’s flavors.

Sam pushed him into the room and closed the door behind her. She smiled, “I can’t regret this.” She locked the door and Alexander led her to the bed. He slowly undressed the woman, getting distracted by her full lips. Her eyes were bright and filled with excitement. She patiently waited for his to finish undressing her before hugging him tightly to her body. The cabin’s room began to feel warm as they rubbed against one another.

Alexander had a gentle touch. His large hands massaged Sam’s breasts, and his musings was rewarded with hard nipples. He lowered his head to bite each one. Sam moaned, “Harder…”

Her voice was begging him, and he could not refuse her. His teeth pinched Sam’s sensitive nipples and she yelped. He could not help but smirk at the temptress, “You said harder.”

Her eyes danced and the want grew. He pushed her down to sit on the bed, as his mind pictured one of his many fantasies of Sam sucking his large penis. Sam’s eyes could only look at Alexander’s cock, it seemed much larger now than it had in the bathroom. She passed it off as an optical illusion now that it was just an inch in front of her face. She looked up at Alexander and licked her lips.

“I needed to shower, but you interrupted me. I think you owe it to me to finish the job.” He told Sam, a confident voice ringing in the room knowing that feelings more than lust were involved.

Sam smiled, it was just a pure smile of happiness and then she opened her mouth to lick the thick purple head. It smelled musky, and had a salty taste. It was not bad, but not good either. She sucked his head for a while, getting used to his girth.

Alexander was holding back himself from shoving his cock into her mouth. He felt like he was being teased while Sam explored his length. She was licking down his shaft, her warm tongue sent shivers down his spine. One of her hands held his prick and the other gripped his thigh. His hands fisted into her dark curls. She looked up with doe like eyes, wondering if she could even suck half his cock.

“I don’t think it’s going to fit.”

“You’re not trying.” His voice was rough from holding his carnal feelings back. “Here…” He grabbed her head and shoved a few inches into her warm cavern. He wanted to push more, but waited. Sam got over her surprised and began to moved her head back and forth sucking his first few inches. She got braver after a minute and began to push his penis down her throat. She gagged once and paused. Her confidence rose and she got a good six to seven inches into her mouth and throat. She was disappointed in herself as she took in the most she could of his length and saw there was still more inches. She wasn’t even close to his base.

“You’re good at sucking cock. I never would have imagined. How did you get so good?”

His question was rhetorical, Sam knew that Alexander knew she was a virgin and had barely gotten past second base with any of her previous boyfriends. Chrissy had a great habit of reminding her that whenever they were out boy hunting.

Alexander let a small moan out and it made Sam wet. She was excited that she had caused him such pleasure.

“Lay down.” Alexander ordered, pulled her hair back to stop her from sucking more of his prick.

Sam did as she was ordered and scooted on the bed backwards to give room for Alexander. She reached out to hold him close, but his head dodged down to her lower regions. He pushed her legs apart and he licked the outside of her vagina. He pushed his tongue into her folds and licked her erect clit. Her entire body shook with pleasure. Her nerve endings tingled in a way she had never known. Her body wanted to jump away from his licking and at the same time wanted him to be rougher. He kept licking her bundle of nerves and she started to feel a wave of pleasure. She had felt an orgasm before from masturbating, but this was so much more. It was amplified by the fact she had no control over the speed of Alexander’s tongue.

She moaned and felt her insides clamp down in a contraction of bliss.

Alexander stopped his musing and looked up at Sam’s face. He had spit and girl juices dripping from his face and a smile of raw confidence. “Did I make you cum?”

“Yes, now please, let me have that gigantic cock!” Sam complained as her clitoris orgasm made her hungry for more pleasure.

Alexander didn’t pause a moment after Sam’s demand. He took his cock in his hands and rested it at Sam’s opening. He pushed the head in an inch and enjoyed watching Sam’s body squirm. Her back arched up towards him and he leaned down to suck her right nipple.

“Ah!” She muffled a startled scream. “More… please.”

He fondled her left breast with his hand as his other hand braced himself above Sam. He continued to nibble on her tit and enjoyed feeling her push her body into his. He wanted nothing more to jam into her tight cunt, but he was close already.

Sam lifted her ass into the air, hoping to push more of Alexander’s cock into her and she was rewarded for her efforts. The few extra inches spread her insides in an painful, yet enjoyable manner.

Alexander pulled himself out all the way and then shoved more of his cock into Sam. She screamed in pleasure and he lost himself. In four more thrusts he felt his orgasm and pulled out. White thick cum shot out onto Sam’s clean pale chest. He felt amazing, but he saw Sam’s eyes still filled with lust. He had not satisfied her.

“Sorry!” He apologized and he began losing the confidence he had just moments ago.

“No,” she breathed heavily, “that was amazing.”

Alexander looked at Sam. She was covered in ropes of his sticky cum. Her chest moved up and down with excited breaths and the light caught the wetness and glistened. He felt embarrassment wash over him. He hadn’t satisfied her. Sam still had the lust filled eyes, a hunger yet to be satiated.

He wanted to please her. His hands moved without thought to her wet lips. Sam bucked her hips when his long fingers brushed against her vagina. He watched her face and saw she was hoping for more. He inserted two fingers with ease after having stretched her open with his massive cock.

He saw a gentle smile spread across her as she moved her hips against his still stationary fingers. Her mouth opened as she prepared to tell him to do something more than just explore her pussy.

He wanted to kiss her more than anything. He began to push in and out her entrance. Lifting upwards, Alex crawled up on the bed and got closer to Sam. She moaned at his ministrations and in that moment, he captured her mouth with his.

He kept pumping his fingers and used his one free hand to pinch at her cute nipples.

Sam felt a heat washing over her. It wasn’t the wine, she was certain that had been sweated out with their exercise.

The tension was great and she wiggled against Alex’s hold on her. She felt tight and then sudden release. She slumped to the bed, all of her muscles releasing their strain. The satisfaction was amazing. Alex had broken the kiss, allowing her to breathe. A confident smile was back on his face. “Better?”

“Much.” Sam’s voice was barely above a whisper.

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