Come Together Ch. 01

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A/N — Hello readers! Here we have another offering which is meant to be all in good fun. There’ll be the usual romantic edge with various relationships taking place, but it was also a lot of fun thinking of how this will all work then trying to slowly put it together. However, this is very much a side project compared to other works I have on the go.

There are going to be all sorts of relationships going forward: father-daughter, mother-daughter, brother-sister, sister-sister, cousins, brother-in-law/sister-in-law, maybe even son-in-law/mother-in-law. The last two are what I’d consider ‘taboo’ as, to be honest, you really shouldn’t be fucking your MIL or SIL. Later chapters will cross over into proper ‘incest’ territory.

Like a previous story or two I’ve written, this will also deal with a marriage regarding infidelity. Most of my stories are generally full of good-natured and morally upstanding characters (even when considering the incest subject matter.) I’m hoping you’ll be understanding regarding at least one or two character motivations.

All my stories are written on Microsoft Word. Spelling is generally captured while writing, but grammar can sometimes be ropey. Been a long time since I sat in a classroom. I own all errors but never claimed to be perfect!

Anyway, feedback and comments appreciated as always.


The Present

There are moments in life that bring a family closer together. What was about to happen would, unusually, bring myself, my children and the family of my wife closer together. Plans had been put in motion, though I’ll admit, the wool had been pulled over my eyes for longer than I’d care to admit. I loved my wife. Notice the use of the past tense. Loved. I had loved her. Had been in love with her for nearly two decades. She hadn’t been my first love, but she was the one I’d married, wanting to spend my life with her. We’d raise a family, built a home together, live long into the future until we were old, grey and probably loopy.

It wasn’t going to be a reality. There had been too many lies.

After I’d got up for work, showered and dressed, I walked downstairs to find my four children already at the table, enjoying breakfast. “Morning, Daddy,” my eldest daughter greeted me. Charlotte, though I called her Lottie. She was seventeen years old, though only three months from eighteen. A real sweetheart, and that was what I called her most of the time. The greeting was echoed by my other three children. Nathan and Alyssa, fraternal twins at just turned sixteen, and then my little munchkin, Emily, at fourteen.

“Morning,” I said, smiling at them all.

They knew what was coming. They’d been aware of everything almost as long as I had. Charlotte had seen it happen, adding to other information I’d received. Helping Emily understand had been the most important thing. Nathan was already supporting his twin sister, a young man wise beyond his years. And I knew how much he adored her.

“Is it happening today, Daddy?” Charlotte asked.

“That’s what Caroline said. I guess we’ll find out in a few minutes.” I looked around the table. “Don’t say a word. Let her say what she wants. I’ll deal with it.”

“Are you sad, Daddy?” Emily asked softly.

“Not anymore. I did some checking last night. The large suitcase is missing so I assume it’s already packed. She will be going elsewhere from today.”

“Good,” Charlotte muttered.

I buttered some toast, poured myself some coffee, and spent the time asking the kids about their day and plans for the weekend. Whatever happened between their mother and me, I was hoping that it wouldn’t affect them too much, though I knew that wasn’t likely. Charlotte might have been the oldest, but wore her heart on her sleeve. Emily was daddy’s little girl and would be devastated to see me unhappy.

There was banging down the stairs and I knew that it was Christine bringing down the suitcase. Glancing towards the front door, I saw her leave it there, plus another large bag, approaching the table with her handbag. She kept her face blank as she stood nearby.

“Can we talk, Mark? In private?”


“We need to talk in private, Mark.”

I picked up a napkin, wiped my mouth and hands with it. I turned and glared at her. I noticed the step back. The hamster behind the wheel started to run as she perhaps realised I already knew. “Whatever you have to share, you can share in front of me and my children.”

My children. Not ours. Ever since Emily had gone to primary school, to call Christine an absent parent was being polite. I can’t even begin to count the number of events she’d missed over the years, and the kids had longed learned that she didn’t really seem to care. Daddy was there though. Daddy didn’t miss a damned thing if he could help it. To be honest, most of the time, I felt like a single parent. That feeling was about to become reality.

Holding up a finger in her direction, I took out my phone and dialled a number. “Hey, you can genç gaziantep escort come up now.” The doorbell rang a few seconds later. “That’s for you, Christine.”

I enjoyed the confusion on her face though she walked towards the front door. Watching her open it, the fact her sister stood in front of her would have added to the confusion.

“Christine Jenkins.”

“What the hell?” I heard the surprise in her tone, unable to stop the smile that formed. “Caroline?”

Caroline, Christine’s youngest sister, offered her a manila folder. “Christine Jenkins. You’ve been served.” Then a slap echoed in the silence. “You bitch! How could you do that to him? Over eight years!”

I glanced at my children. The four were ignoring what was going on, though I noticed the smirk on Charlotte’s face. Emily smiled at me. Nathan was clearly holding Alyssa’s hand. Standing up, I walked to stand a few metres behind Christine, who stood in stunned silence, ever more confusion on her face. “Lovely to see you, Caroline. Come on in. Is Jessica with you?”

“She’s coming up with Mum now.”

“Mum? Mum’s coming here?” I savoured the shock in her tone for a moment. Christine has no idea. Looked like I wasn’t the only one good at keeping the other in the dark.

“You won’t be calling her that for much longer, you whore,” Caroline spat, brushing past her sister. Standing before me, she smiled and leaned up to kiss my cheek. “How are you, handsome?”

“Much better now that you’re here, gorgeous.”

She stood next to me, taking her hand in mine, as Jessica appeared, holding the hand of their mother, Mary. Jessica, Christine’s younger sister, the middle of three daughters, looked ready to spit in her face. Mary just looked disappointed. “My ex-husband was a philandering piece of shit, and now my oldest has proven to be nothing but a whore. I thought I’d raised my children better. At least Caroline and Jessica haven’t proven to be such disappointments.” Mary kissed my cheek. “I’m so sorry, Mark. I really am,” she said softly.

Jessica hugged me too. “There’s breakfast on the table,” I said.

“I’ll cook up something much better than toast and coffee, if you have time,” Mary offered.

“I won’t say no to a little bacon and eggs, Mary. Think the kids might end up staying at home today.”

“I’ll help too, Mum,” Jessica said.

I heard excitement from the dining table as their grandmother appeared, and Jessica treated my kids like her own. Considering everything that had been going on, their grandmother would be a good distraction. “Give him your rings, Christine,” Caroline said, “And your house keys. Anything else you need to know is in there.”

Christine stared at me, her jaw dropped in surprise. “Think I didn’t know, Christine,” I added, “You were going to leave today. You were going to move in with your lover. His name is Craig. I know how old he is. I know where he lives. I know where he works. I know everything.”

Christine just stared at me for at least a minute before she whispered, “You know.”

Not a question. A statement I confirmed first with a single nod. “I know. As I just said, I know everything, Christine. Caroline has kept me up to date. You think she was going to tolerate a whore as a sister after what your father did to your family?”

“And if you don’t sign those papers, I’m going to take you for everything you have,” Caroline warned, feeling her hand grip me tighter, “Mark has…” When she choked back a sob, I wrapped an arm around her, kissing the top of her head. “I want those signed by the time you walk out of this house, Christine.”

“You’re his lawyer?”

“Of course I fucking am!” Caroline exclaimed, “Think I’d help you ruin his family? All the advice I gave, remember how I always clarified I was your sister, not your attorney? You were just too self-involved to see the path I was leading you down.”

Christine looked down at the folder than back at me and her sister, cuddled into me. “Hang on… You two… Are you two…”

“None of your damned business,” I growled, “How many men have you been fucking and fucked during our marriage?” I stepped forward. At six-two compared to her five-five, I towered over her. I’d always kept fit, and though I didn’t like the idea, I wanted to intimidate her. Months of anger and frustration were on the verge of bubbling over. “Sign the fucking papers and get the fuck out,” I said through gritted teeth.

“You can read the terms in the living room,” Caroline added, “Mark, go finish your breakfast and take care of your children.”

Leaning down, I kissed her softly on the lips. “Okay, gorgeous. You get your pretty little butt back there once she’s gone.”

“That’s if Jessica isn’t already on your lap. We might just have to fight over you later.”

“Perish the thought.” I chanced a glance at Christine, who remained stood like a statue. If she put two and two together, she’d figure out that Caroline and I were closer than gaziantep genç escort ever.

By the time I was sat down at the table, the shouting and screeching started. After a couple of minutes, Christine barely got a word out as Caroline told her everything we knew. After another couple of minutes, Christine went very quiet, glancing to see she was already reading the terms of the agreement. I’d been more generous than I needed to be but I just wanted it over. Within ten minutes, she signed the paperwork.

Walking towards the dining room, she placed her rings and keys on the table. “Can I get a hug from our children?” she asked.

Charlotte scoffed. “Just go, Mum. We want nothing to do with you.”

Nathan glared at his mother with undisguised disgust. Alyssa cried, the arm of her brother around her shoulders. Emily got up and moved to sit on my lap. She wasn’t upset, but could see I was rather pissed off. A hug from daddy’s little girl always made me feel better. “I think it’s best that, for the moment, you keep your distance,” Caroline suggested, “The children are old enough to decide whether they want to see you or not. That’s the only reason why you haven’t been served earlier. Emily is now fourteen and can decide where she wants to live.”

“I’m staying with daddy,” she whispered, hugging me tightly.

“I think you should just go, Christine, Isn’t that what you wanted to talk about earlier? Trouble is, you’re just not as clever as you think you are. And you should have known that, confessing that you were cheating on me to your sisters, was always going to blow up in your face.”

“Thrown away a good man, Christine,” Mary added, “And don’t think you’re welcome in my home anymore. The last thing I will tolerate in my life is a cheater. Your father was one. And now my daughter is. I don’t even know who you are anymore.”

“But what about him and Caroline?”

“She’s merely supported him through this difficult time. As has Jessica. As have I.”

That wasn’t quite true. Mary knew the truth but wasn’t about to go and tell her whore of a daughter that. Mary supported what Caroline and Jessica had done, knowing the anguish and hurt I’d been through once I’d learned the truth about our marriage and the wife I realised I didn’t know at all.

“I’m sure you have numerous questions, Christine,” I said, “But for now, I think it’s best you just leave.” Glancing at her, I felt the smirk form. “Bet you thought I was going to sit here all upset, perhaps even beg you to reconsider? Suggest counselling? Maybe even an open marriage? Bet you had it all imagined how this would go in that head of yours. You’re smart, I’ll give you that. Kept me in the dark for longer than I’d care to admit. But your sisters and mother proved they’re good people., Caroline especially. After her marriage fell apart, and then what happened with your father, how the hell did you think she’d just go along with it?”

“I’ve kept him up to date about everything, Christine,” Caroline said, now sitting next to Charlotte, “Everything. Every little sordid secret, it’s all been documented.”

I stood up and gestured. “Time to go, Christine. Go to work then go wherever the hell you want. I don’t care what you do.”

Rather meekly, she turned and walked back towards the front door. I think to her surprise, I picked up her suitcase and rolled it towards her car, putting it in the boot, as she threw her two bags onto the passenger seat. Before she got in herself, she turned towards me. “I am sorry, Mark.”

“No, you’re not. You were hoping to pull a fast one on me this morning. Now that the children can’t hear me, I can say what I really think. Fuck you, Christine. You’re nothing more than a two-bit fucking whore. Get the fuck out of my life. Get the fuck out of my children’s lives. And, rest assured, you will have little to do with the children going forward.” She met my eyes and would have seen the anger and hate I’d kept buried for far too long. Wisely, she slid behind the wheel of her car, shut the door and, within a minute, she was driving away for what I hoped was the last time.

I’d cried enough as it was once I’d learned the truth. All I felt was a sense of relief that it was nearly all over.


The Past

I was thirty-eight years old the day my wife, the mother of my children, drove away out of our lives. As I said, she wasn’t my first love nor was she my first lover. At high school, I’d played rugby league so I was already tall and broad, and had more than one girlfriend during those years. Not at the same time, but I was young, confident and, I’ll admit, a little arrogant. The good sort of arrogant that came with a dose of charm, but still… I could be a cocky bastard. By the time I graduated at eighteen, I’d already had the pleasure of female company, mostly in my bed, sometimes in their bed, generally trying to avoid the awkwardness of meeting parents leaving the room of a ‘conquest’.

Christine gaziantep genç escort bayan Walsh had been the friend of a girl I’d been attempting to pick up one night when I was nineteen. Her red hair and green eyes quickly drew my attention, and once a friend of mine tried picking up the same girl I’d been trying it on with earlier, mostly due to my encouragement, I turned my attention to Christine. She returned the interest ten-fold, and for the first time I could remember, I didn’t just think with my dick. I took her number and she agreed to meet me for coffee the next morning.

The first question the afternoon was about me attempting to pick her friend up. Not wanting to start off with a lie, I admitted I was until I saw her. She appreciated the honesty, confessing that she’d been watching me since we’d walked into the bar. I actually felt myself blush. When she took my hand in hers, I felt that spark so many talk about. So did she. She was a year younger than I was, two sisters, divorced parents, and was just a redheaded bombshell. Great tits and legs. Firm arse.

We eventually spent all day together, driving her home and kissing her on her doorstep. We agreed to meet again whenever possible. We made love within the week. She was at university, I was already working full-time as a mechanic. I loved anything mechanical, willing to take it apart and rebuilding it. Within a couple of years, we moved into our own little apartment.

At twenty, Christine fell pregnant. Guess we were both to blame. We both hated the feel of condoms so relied on her taking the morning pill. It must have not worked for whatever reason. There was never a chance of anything but going through with the pregnancy. Despite the surprise, we were excited to become parents.

Once Charlotte was born, we knew we needed to slowly upsize as we agreed to the fact we were going to want more children. My wife proved rather fertile as she was pregnant again very quickly. When we discovered she’d be having twins, the bank of Mum and Dad from both of sides helped us purchase a large house. It was going to be expensive, and things would be tough, but it would eventually be worth it. After she had Emily, Christine agreed to have her tubes tied. I did offer to get a vasectomy, but she joked I was so potent, it probably wouldn’t work.

Until Emily was five and at primary school, Christine was happy to remain at home, continuing to study while looking after the house as I put in long hours at work, though she was readying herself to head out into the workforce as soon as the house was empty for most of the day. I supported the decision, particularly as my wage barely covered everything. As soon as she got a job, life did become easier for us. We could afford better things around the house and take the kids away on holiday.

I thought life was great for us. She gave no indication she was unhappy by the time I hit thirty-five. Her career was going well. I was now a regional manager for the national chain of mechanic shops I worked for. Meant I spent more time in a suit and tie with clean hands, and more time away from home than I liked, but the salary was worth it.

I learned Christine was playing away when Caroline appeared on the doorstep one evening, six months before the morning everything changed for good. She was in tears, hugging me tightly as I asked what was wrong. “I need to drink, or I might throw up with what I have to tell you,” she said. Leading her towards one of the couches, I sat her down and got her a glass of water and a glass of wine. Taking a beer for myself, I placed them all on the coffee table and took her hand.

“Got me a little worried here, Carol. What’s wrong?”

Opening her handbag, she handed me a small pile of papers in a folder. “You’re not going to like this, Mark. I’m so sorry. But this is just a hint of what I’ve found for you. As soon as she told me what she was doing, I’ve gone and done a lot of digging. And slowly but surely, she’s told me everything and it matches everything I’ve learned.”

“What, Caroline? What am I missing here?”

“Mark, she’s been… She’s been cheating for years. From what I’ve learned, it was within a year of her returning to the workforce after Emily went to school.” I felt my hands start to shake. That meant up to eight years, at least. Had I been suspicious? Maybe once or twice, but I generally put those down to feelings of jealousy that I generally tried to avoid. A husband will usually trust his wife, but when another man comes sniffing around the woman you love and you’re committed to, it gets your back up. “Did you even have an inkling?”

“This look like the face of a man who knows what’s going on?” I retorted, unable to keep my tone even as I started to read what she’d printed out for me. Text messages. Text of voice conversations. And pictures. More than one man. “So it’s not the same affair partner?”

“My sister is a whore,” Caroline murmured, “I hired a private investigator to follow her once I confronted and she willingly told me the truth. She’s had a tail for a long time, Mark. I’m sorry for sitting on this but I needed to gather the evidence.” Placing the paperwork down, I sculled the bottle of beer, feeling the urge to throw it into the wall. Caroline could see my hand shaking, taking the bottle from me and cuddling into me. “I’m sorry,” she whispered.

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