Comfort , Care Ch. 05

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Chapter 5: Darlene Begins to Explore

Darlene slowly stretched her entire body, head to toes, like a well satisfied cat as she began to awaken. She knew it was still night outside but she had slept well. No, she thought, she had slept quite exquisitely. She did not wake once, she felt absolutely wondrous if that were a real word. She was still trying to believe that she really had laid there on that soft pad in the shower room, her feet up were in the air and her ass sticking out in the open, and then literally tried to jam her fingers into the most private part of her little body right in front of her uncle. While he watched!!! But lordy, it felt s-o-o-o-o-o-o-o great when she was doing it for her own self!!! He had gotten her started by putting her finger in her shaved pus….

Quickly, Darlene put her small fingers down between her legs under the sheet and very slowly felt right at the very top of where she thought her pubic hair should start. Nope- – she was NOT dreaming, her entire pubic mound was totally and completely bald. Not one stray hair or stubble any place. She carefully slid her finger into the top end of her slit and immediately came in contact with the hood hiding her clit. Oops, don’t want to go there just yet, she thought, I’ll never get out of this bed if I start doing that now.

Darlene adored what she felt and found as she felt her way about her body. She had never thought about ever shaving anything but her legs, and then only on occasion when she needed. Her hair did not seem to grow that fast, anyway. Her vaginal lips — hmmmm …. No, her Pussy, she liked that … no, kitty is what Sharon, her friend, had called hers one day. She liked that because touching her own self, even the little bit she was doing now – had her purring. Yep-kitty it would be. The sheer smoothness of her crotch area was simple amazement. She did not actually remember NOT ever having pubic hair, but she was sure she wasn’t born with a full head of hair down there.

That though made Darlene giggle to herself; what a fit that could have caused in the family!!! Her grandfather would have probably blasted her as a devil-cursed furry demon. If he only knew what the past week had revealed to her, what she had found out about her own person; He would shit bricks, mused Darlene; she bet that would hurt!! She was trying to picture his skinny image grunting and groaning over trying to pass a hard turd like that!! The vision had her laughing again. Gaud- she felt superb, her body felt like it was sparkling, and it was all because her uncle had let her be her own self without any judgments or narrow minded attitudes. If this is what the afterglow felt like that she had secretly read about once, then bring more of this “glow” on because it felt so great.

Darlene more or less found herself toying with her right nipple as she was thinking through the most recent events. She never knew exactly when she was brought to this house, but she was pretty sure her school for this session was toast. A man she barely knew anything about had taken her in – without hesitation or reservation for his health or his property -and had been caring for her like a wet nurse and a personal guardian. No, he was more than those things but exactly what he was for her was eluding her.

As she thought this piece through, she was palming her right nipple with her right hand, lightly sliding it back and forth until the nipple was getting hard under her palm. The light friction she was creating by sliding her hand from the bottom swell of her breast to the top curve was soothing, and beginning to excite her at the same time. Closing her eyes, she was trying to picture what her kitty pussy looked like with no hair and the wetness she was starting to feel. The thought of a peach popped in to her mind – now she knew why she had heard of a female vagina referred to as a peach in one of Sharon’s books she had sneaked a view at once.

Darlene took her left hand, ever so slowly touching across her Gaziantep Saatlik Escort stomach to her belly button, she felt across her lower abdomen. No hair. She slid her hands from hip point to hip point – no hair. Finally, she reached the top of her slit again but this time, she very, very slowly pushed her lips apart with one finger just enough to have the tip of her finger wedged in between the out point curve of her pussy lips. She let her finger sit there while she took a breath – she realized she had been breathing in a shallow, controlled manner; she had held her breath as she touched her own private self. Just her finger sitting there between the pouting points of her vaginal lips was totally unthinkable just six weeks before. She moved the finger ever so slowly, realizing that this was the first time, since she got caught trying to use a bathroom mirror to look at her “privates” when she was only five, that she was touching her own private self – for her self. The feeling was beyond any words she knew; just touching her self so sexually was without vocabulary for her.

Darlene felt a sliver of a shiver go zipping through her spine and right into her mind as she pulled her fingers over some of the tiny ridges and lips curls of her pussy lips. It felt like, she had no words for how private and how personal that simple motion felt. Using just the pads of her fingers, she continued to slide her fingers up and down the very outer edge of her hairless sex lips until she had reached the bottom near her butt hole. That was truly forbidden ground to her mind; no one would ever want to stick anything in the place where she took a dump from. Almost as fast as that thought crossed her mind, she remembered her uncle teasing her rectum while he was massaging her. She thought she recalled that he did stick his finger inside her read end when she was getting off under his touches. That changed her thinking somewhat. Why …. why would he want to do that since her “a-hole” to use an old kid’s term, was such a nasty place. That’s something she put on her mental “ask him “list. To herself she giggled, that list is so long now he will just say no to that many questions!!

Darlene kept sliding the pads of her left hand fingers back and forth, slowly and softly; in circles, just grazing the outer lips edges of her pussy. She already recognized that anything more and she would be trying to finger her private self again because that felt so good – to go in, our, and come in and back out again and again. Making herself more and more wet as she did, feeling that building to that feeling of needing to rub herself, no that small object down there between her pussy lips that was begging for attention. Nope, Darlene knew she had to keep her fingers out of that place right now or she’d never get out of bed for who knows how long. She agreed with her own self assessment – she absolutely loved touching herself and pleasing herself.

The self-exploration kept on for a while, her pussy lips were unbelievably smooth and soft. Darlene loved the tingling sensations that barely rubbing her nipples gave her. They stood up like small, hard berries and she could sense every small crinkle in the lightly pinkish areas surrounding them. She felt goose bumps come and go across her breasts and shoulders as she teased herself and found the things that pleased her body and teased her mind. Again and again, she kept touching all the edges to her pussy and crotch area, it felt so smooth, so silky, and so warm to the touch. She felt herself becoming wetter; once or twice she had placed her finger between the pouted lips to pull some of that slickness out and rub it on the outer lip areas near her pubic dome.

Her clit was almost beginning to slide out from under its protective hood and Darlene felt that in-out, in-out just under the ridge of skin motion, almost like a soft, click-like feeling. She raised her head for the first time and looked down her torso. Yes, no imagination – there was no hair any place below her stomach and she could just see the little dome at the near top of her slit where the head of her clit was trying to push out and slide into the open. Darlene just smiled and gracefully slid her finger up and down the edges of her pussy lips.

She realized when she had propped herself up, and then raised her head up to look down her body, she had sucked her stomach in and down. That caused her hips and butt raise upward as if she had pushed them upward. That flexing motion made her entire pussy stick up higher and her clit to almost pop out from under its protective sheath. Darlene quickly figured out that by doing that hip flexing routine up and slightly then rolling side to side with her hip muscles, she could make her clit almost pop out and back in. She was getting friction on her clit; the more friction she would create, and the larger / more sensitive it was becoming. The more she moved, the more of it was poking out, and the wetter she got.

Darlene loved this! She wasn’t even touching herself but the sheer thought of getting a “cheap touch” on her hypersensitive clit was making it swell more on its own!! She braced her self up again and looked down at her crotch; she could just see the top of her clit cover hood sticking out from the top of her slit, and it looked almost a warm red. The brace upward and flexing her body while she was watching her pussy caused the muscles at the top of her groin to tighten up. That alone was enough to make if feel like her clit was “popping” out from under the protective cover. And that made Darlene feel that shiver slide right through her center again, and again.

When the first of several “mini-orgasms” began to build, Darlene felt it start to thrill her heart so she sped up the flexing motion she was using to rub her clit back and forth. That caused her to suddenly cross her legs and squeeze hard enough to make the folds of her pussy lips quickly close on to her engorged clit, slightly pinching it and sending another quick wonder love shot blistering through her system. One good motion fed another -she squeezed herself so quickly that she had bridged her ass up off the sheets. Those made her clit stick out even farther and get that loving skin pinch again and again one more time.

As Darlene began to return to this emotional plane of sheer pleasure lust, she realized that she was now soaking wet down between her pussy lips. Her entire body had reacted to the “happiness slide” as she thought of it. She also felt a swollen sensation between her legs, looking down at her crotch she could see her clit was now sticking out form under the hood, near the top of her slit, and it looked like a small thumb. Lordly, it was a lot bigger than she ever remembered it being in her short life. And was it ever sensitive!!!! Every small motion was amplified 100 times by the swelling and the enhanced sensitivity was nothing short of exquisite to her mind.

Carefully, since she already knew how much she loved playing with her own self; Darlene slid her middle finger down to where her pussy slit began, and then very slowly touched near the top edge of the base of her clit where she could feel the hood had been stretched back. Just that small touch was sheer heat lightning to her psyche – she felt body heat, she felt the super slickness of her own fluids, and even more – the sexual pleasure of touching herself. She just could not stop touching herself around her clit because that small, light touch was heaven to her uneducated mind. Once more, she slid her finger very carefully across the upper curve of her fiery-hot clit and got the jolt into her soul that felt so sublime, yet so powerful in the same motion.

As Darlene was exploring herself with one hand the other had not been lax with her breasts. She quickly learned she liked tweaking her nipples a little bit, and she liked feeling the entire mound of each of her smallish breasts on her narrow chest. It felt less intense than playing with her pussy, as she smiled to herself, yes, she was now officially playing with her self, but the feeling was fulfilling in its own way. She had tweaked one nipple a little too hard once so she let it recover while she played with the other one slowly and sensuously. Taking a finger nail and lightly scratching back and forth on the nipple peak was a tease. Almost as much a tease as taking the nipple between her two fingers and carefully pulling and turning on the nipple itself. The one time she had twisted her right nipple too hard had been a surge to her stomach and her spirit – it felt suddenly good and damn, it hurt all at the same time. Darlene decided in a split second that she was not into pain; at the most she liked the quiet, slow tease she was learning to enjoy for her own self.

Darlene switched hands somewhere in the middle of some wonderful motion and she had gotten some of her pussy fluids on her left nipple. That opened her eyes to something pleasing. It made her nipple slick and all the more fun to tease with the palm sliding efforts. If it were possible, her nipples felt even more sensitive, harder, and more responsive to the touch. Darlene chalked that up to the mini-orgasms she had pleasured herself into having. Reaching down, she purposefully wetted two fingers by putting them between her pussy lips – careful to avoid her clit – and rubbing the slick fluid on her nipples and breasts. The feeling was like a body lotion – smooth, silky, and it covered a lot of territory with just a little of the fluid.

Little, crap, thought Darlene, I feel like I peed my panties there’s so much down between my legs. I’m soaked she thought, and at the same time she remembered how wet she had been after her uncle has finished shaving her pubic mound and her kitty bald. Recalling how gentle his touch had been while shaving her, Darlene felt her self blush all thinking about him actually touching, holding, and feeling all of her sexual body parts. This was different than wiping her ass when he would clean her up. He had HELD her pussy lips, her vaginal open parts with his fingers while he shaved her clean.

“And I’m laying here being the well dressed, model picture-perfect princess”, Darlene mused to herself, “staying perfectly still and not touching anything”. Like hell, she thought almost instantly. That was 3 life times ago. I was lied to, I was deceived, and I was mentally abused by the lack of knowledge about my own self. Darlene felt she was getting mad and that, right now, was a waste of time. It was better to lie there in a wonderful comfy bed, in the home of her uncle who obviously could give a crap less about that problem, and find out about her own body in her own ways and her own hands. And fingers, she silently smiled to herself – I cannot forget how great well-placed fingers could make me feel, thought Darlene; mine or someone else’s.

That observation brought Darlene full circle back to her thoughts about the bath and the shower room. It still amazed her that she had quietly lain there and watched, felt, and enjoyed being bathed – and shaved- by her uncle. Was this sinful?? I’m over 18 Darlene thought, but that’s all I know for sure. She had concentrated on looking at his penis and his ball sack, watching his penis bob and swing back and forth like a snake taunting a soon to be victim. She liked the attention that she did know. Having his fingers hold and move her pussy lips all around almost made the yearning for that touch cause Darlene to reach down and rub her clit but she made herself not do that. Not yet, anyway.

The realization of where she saw that warm pinkish color that she had seen her clit and pussy lips become dawned on Darlene. Her uncle’s penis!! When it began to swell and hang out farther from his body, it had turned a warm, pinkish color on the head and the long part. Damn, I hate not knowing the names of parts though Darlene. We will have a “this is this-this is that “session real soon; I want to know how big it does get for him. Darlene slid back into a warm dozing sleep, thinking that he never did answer her questions about his erections…

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