Coming Home: Davis Brothers Ch. 01

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(This multi-chapter story is a sequel to “Big Ben”, but it can be read stand-alone.)


Benji Carter looked over at the clock for what must have been the tenth time this past hour. It was late Friday afternoon and his boyfriend Ben was due back any minute now and he was growing impatient. Benji wasn’t particularly crazy about Ben’s long hauls, but the pay differential made a big difference in his paycheck. Not that they were hurting for cash. After Benji’s promotion several months back, they were able to live just a little more comfortably. But to Benji, five days was a long time for Ben to be gone and on the road.

Benji went through a mental checklist of things that they needed to do this weekend: have hot sex, get more dog food for Toby, have sex, grocery shopping, more sex, lunch with Ben’s brother Brandon and visit their mom. Oh yeah, have some more hot sex. Smiling to himself, Benji reached between his legs and adjusted his dick, which was trying to poke a hole through his zipper, trying to get it into a more comfortable position.

“Miss me, baby?”

The deep, rumbling voice was instantly recognizable and sent a shudder down Benji’s spine. He looked up to see his man leaning against the door frame. Ben’s six-foot-six, 300-pound body took up nearly all of the space and Benji couldn’t help but admire what a manly stud his boyfriend was. Even with the dark t-shirt he wore, Benji could see the tell-tale dampness under the arms where the sleeves were stretched across his big biceps. The shirt was snug across his barrel chest and hard belly and dark auburn hair peeked out over the top of the collar. The worn blue jeans he wore were nice and snug in all the right places, and showed off an impressive bulge in the crotch. He wore a huge pair of cowboy boots, with one toe kicked up against the door. Some people might have called Ben ugly, but not Benji. To Benji, Ben was not only the epitome of a masculine sex god, but he was the kindest, most generous man he had ever met. The smoldering looks he sent Benji sent another ripple down his spine and Benji’s dick throbbed in his pants.

After parking and blocking his bobtail truck in the back lot, Ben Davis checked in with the warehouse manager before making his way to the front offices. He walked with a quick pace, acknowledging with a nod or perhaps a grunt, but not stopping to chat with any of his co-workers. He had someone he needed to see.

He turned the corner and walked towards the row of cubicles. The first corner cubicle used to be Benji’s before he was promoted. He couldn’t help but remember the time he used to spend in there, back before they were together. The younger man had such a sweet voice and was so damn cute, Ben could stand there for hours listening to him and watching him. Back then, he was scared to approach Benji, afraid of the shy little man’s rejection. But he defended him, with fists if necessary, against anyone who spoke bad about the boy behind his back. It was on one of those occasions that Benji first began to really notice Ben. Ben had had enough of Carl’s mouth after he started teasing the boy. He knocked the fucker right on his ass, right there in the breakroom. Ben would never forget the grateful smile that Benji gave him, so bashful and so sweet. After that, Ben would catch the nervous little guy smiling and looking at him. Ben worked up the nerve to finally ask him out and the rest is history.

Ben couldn’t help but smirk as he approached the cubicle, now occupied by former forklift operator turned dispatcher, Steve. He turned and walked past until he got to the last office on the right. The door was open, and the plaque on the door read “Benji Carter, Assistant Manager, Logistics”.

Ben leaned in the doorway and smiled at the sight. His boyfriend was sitting at his desk staring at his computer screen. Ben could see the swirling lights from the monitor reflected in Benji’s hazel eyes. Benji’s blond hair was styled neat and short, parted on the right side. His bangs swooped across his forehead, landing just above his thin brows.

Ben watched him rap his fingers nervously on the desktop while he worried his bottom lip with his teeth. Though he couldn’t see it, he knew that Benji’s foot was also tapping a quick rhythm on the floor. No doubt his baby was wound up, eagerly awaiting his return.

Ben’s cock started to harden in his jeans as he stared at that red lip trapped between his teeth. He knew damn well how good those lips felt against his. How good they felt around his cock…

After Ben spoke, Benji looked up and a grin quickly spread across his face. As Ben kicked the door shut with his foot, Benji jumped up from the desk and Ben swept up the little man in his arms and gave him a kiss. Slow and sexy, with lots of tongue. Benji whimpered against Ben’s insistent mouth and tongue, not caring one bit that they were at work, where anyone could walk in and see them.

At only five-feet-seven, Benji was nearly a foot shorter than Ben and was half his weight, but when they gaziantep escort came together like this, they fit perfectly as far as Ben was concerned. The only time they fit better was when Benji was on his back and Ben was on top of him, between his legs. If Ben had his way, they would be in that position as soon as possible.

“You almost done with work, baby?” Ben growled into Benji’s ear before nipping a trail down Benji’s neck with his teeth.

Benji looked up at the clock on the wall. 3:45. Fifteen minutes is close enough. “Yeah,” he replied between breaths. “I can be done.”

“Good. ‘Cause I got something I wanna show you.”

Benji closed his eyes and shuddered once more. When Ben’s voice got all deep and growly like that, it made him weak in the knees. He had a really good idea what Ben wanted to show him. In fact, he could feel it pressing into his stomach at this very moment.

Color rose up on Benji’s cheeks. He knew damn well that whatever his Ben asked him for, he would give. Willingly and eagerly.

Ben watched Benji shut down his computer. His cock throbbed in his jeans as he watched his little man bend over his desk and lock the drawers. As he openly drooled at the site of Benji’s tight, round ass cheeks, he pressed the heel of his hand against his straining erection. He had gone far too many days without sex with his baby. He was about to fix that.

In just a few short months, Benji had become his world. He couldn’t imagine life without the cute little man. Ben knew that Benji was special. Benji loved him unconditionally for all of his faults, even though he was gruff and rough and unpolished. Even though he talked with his mouth full. Even though he couldn’t eat a meal without getting food on his face or on his shirt. Even though he would get raging, fighting mad if anyone looked at Benji wrong. Even though he carried the possessive caveman thing too far sometimes. Even though he wasn’t the most good-looking guy in the world. But Benji made him feel like a god. One smile from Benji and Ben felt like the king of the fucking world.

Benji shut and locked his office door. Ben was standing behind him, so close that he could feel the warm heat of his body. The musky smell of Ben’s sweaty underarms hit Benji’s nose and Benji thought his legs might just crumble underneath him. Something about Ben’s smells made him so hot and needy. He held his messenger bag in front of his crotch, hoping that no one would see the evidence of his desire for his big Ben. He could already feel a wet spot forming straight through his khakis. It had been days since he and Ben had made love and he was so ready. Before he met Ben, Benji never thought of himself as a sexual creature, but when he was around Ben, it was like he always wanted. Always needed. All Ben had to do was look at Benji and he felt like he would go up in flames. And then there was his smell, and his touch… Benji bit his lip to hold back a moan that threatened to spill from his lips.

On the way out, Benji stopped by his dispatcher’s cubicles. Ben waited with hands shoved in his front pockets, hoping that his impatience wasn’t written all over his face, while Benji spoke to his team.

Steve was sitting on the edge of Mona’s desk, quietly discussing weekend plans. Mona was every bit a cougar and she landed an eager young puppy in Steve.

“Bye Mona. Bye Steve,” Benji said with a wave as he walked up. “Go home. Thanks for all your hard work this week. Have a good weekend.”

“You, too, sweetie. Have fun tonight you two!” The wink and sing-song quality of Mona’s voice let Benji know exactly how Mona thought they were planning on having fun.

Benji looked over at his shoulder at Ben and gave him an embarrassed smile. Ben chuckled and put his arm around Benji’s shoulder.

When they got to the nearly empty parking lot, Ben unclipped his key chain from his belt and unlocked his old pickup truck. He opened the passenger door for Benji, then walked around to the driver’s seat. Before slipping into the truck, he remembered to reach under and tug the lever to push the seat back. The last time Benji drove the truck, he had moved the seat up so damned close that Ben about killed himself when he tried to fit into the unexpectedly tight space.

Ben looked around the parking lot and seeing that it was nearly deserted, he slid out of the way of the steering wheel. He grabbed Benji by the back of the neck and pulled him close. He ravished his mouth with his tongue until he was about to pass out from lack of breath.

Ben decided he couldn’t wait the forty minute drive home and he knew that Benji wouldn’t say ‘no’. Benji never said ‘no’ and Ben loved that about him. Benji may be shy by nature, but he loved sex with Ben as much as Ben loved sex with Benji. Ben had turned Benji into a needy little slut, but he was Ben’s slut, and only Ben’s. Ben reached down and unbuckled his belt, and unzipped his jeans. His ten inches of uncut meat popped out and slapped against his belly with an audible smack.

Ben put his hand on the back of Benji’s neck. “I can’t fucking wait ’til we get home. I need you now. Suck me off, baby.”

Benji let out a whimper as he bent over into Ben’s lap. Benji gripped Ben’s girthy shaft and slid his hand up and down a few times, watching the thick foreskin slide back and forth across the deeply reddened head. He buried his nose in the overgrown bush of auburn curls at the base of Ben’s cock and inhaled deeply. He looked up at Ben and wiped his bottom lip with his fingers. “I’m drooling like a dog,” he said with a giggle. He felt Ben’s cock jerk at his words as the big man let out a groan and applied downward pressure on his neck.

“Suck it.”

Benji leaned in and swirled his tongue around, cleaning up the sticky and sweet fluid that was leaking out. The sweaty musky scent was strong between Ben’s legs and it made Benji’s eyes roll back in his head. Benji attacked Ben’s cock with his mouth, eagerly swallowing as much as he could.

He bobbed his head steadily up and down the hard shaft, sliding and twisting his hand in rhythm, fluttering his tongue around the shaft and swirling it around the head. Ben always told him that he gave the best head he ever had and Benji was going to live up to his reputation.

The wet heat of Benji’s sucking mouth was just too much for Ben. Five days was just too fucking long to go without one of Benji’s blowjobs. The only thing better would be that tight ass of his. Christ, he was going to fuck that hot little ass but good when he got home. Oh yeah, he was going to bareback that little hole, not stopping until he blasted his nut deep inside his boy. Just the thought was enough to trip Ben over the edge.

“Too good, baby,” Ben groaned. “I’m gonna fucking blow. Here it comes! Aw, fuck! Benji!”

Ben gripped the back of Benji’s head and bucked his hips up and shot hard into Benji’s greedy little mouth. Benji moaned wantonly as he pulled back. He increased the suction on the head and worked the shaft with his hand as he milked every single drop of jizz from Ben’s aching balls, not spilling a single precious drop.

While Ben recovered from his intense climax, Benji had once again buried his nose in Ben’s pubes. He inhaled deeply and let out a whimper.

Ben stroked his hand over Benji’s soft blond hair and then down his back. Benji’s back arched as Ben’s fingers came to the swell of Benji’s round ass. He slid his hand under the waistband of Benji’s pants and let his middle finger slide into the crack. Benji’s breathing hitched as Ben neared his target. Ben smiled. He could tell that Benji was so close. It wouldn’t take much to send the little man over the edge.

“You need to come now, baby?” Ben asked.

Benji sat up and nodded frantically. The look in his eyes was desperate and needy.

Ben’s over-sized fingers scrambled to undo his boy’s pants, while Benji grabbed onto Ben’s shirt with one hand and the door handle with the other. Ben grabbed the waistband of his boy’s briefs and tugged. Benji’s hard dick sprang up, slender in girth and average in length, deep red and swollen with need. As soon as Ben’s hand brushed against his dick, Benji’s body bucked and he cried out as warm spunk shot out all over. Ben quickly wrapped his fingers around the slender rod and stroked him through the rest of his orgasm.

Ben couldn’t help but chuckle. His baby had a hair-trigger when he got too excited. “I was gonna suck you, but you made a mess all over my truck.”

“Oh, god,” Benji moaned as he bucked his hips up one more time. His body finally started to relax and his fists unballed. “I… Uh…”

Ben laughed. “You are so god-damned cute.”

Benji’s mouth fell open and he looked at Ben helplessly, still unable to talk. “Uh…”

As Ben looked at Benji, his desire started to heat up. For a split second, he thought about taking Benji right here and now and fucking him through the bench seat. But his baby deserved better than that. Now that they had taken the edge off, he could wait until he got home. Once he got Benji into their bed, he would show his little man how much he was loved.

Ben leaned forward and gave Benji a soft kiss on the lips, then on the forehead. He reached behind the seat and grabbed a roll of paper towels. After they cleaned up as best as they could, Ben started the truck and they took off for their home in the ‘burbs.

“You’ll never guess who I saw yesterday,” Ben said with a smirk. He stared at the road ahead, his left hand on the steering wheel, his right toying with the hair at the nape of his boy’s neck.


“Joe Boothe.”

Benji gasped and looked at Ben in shock. “Mr. Boothe? What? Where?”

His eyes welled with tears and he started to panic and shake as he remembered how his old boss had forced himself on him in his office after work. He hadn’t thought about the bastard in a long time. The memory of being pinned face down on the desk nearly had him hyperventilating.

“Hey, hey,” Ben said soothingly. He grabbed Benji’s hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. “He’s never gonna hurt you again. Didn’t I promise you that? Didn’t I promise to keep you safe and take care of you?” Ben pulled Benji’s hand up to his mouth and gently kissed the knuckles.

“Yeah.” Benji took a couple of deep breaths and slowly relaxed. “Okay… So…?”

“He’s driving truck now. Saw him at the Distributed warehouse when I dropped off my load. He turned and ran the other way when he saw me.” Ben snickered. “Fucking pussy.”

Benji looked over at his man. Ben stared ahead at the road, but he had a smug little smile on his face. Benji would never forget what Ben had done for him. Ben beat the shit out of Boothe, making sure the foul man would never yell at him, and never touch him, ever again. It wasn’t long after that he suddenly left the company. Benji had asked about Boothe’s firing a couple of times and Ben always changed the subject.



“Did you have any thing to do with Mr. Boothe getting fired?”

“Well… let’s just say a little birdie dropped off an envelope in Ace’s mailbox with evidence that Boothe was fudging the sheets and figures, padding his quarterly bonus.”

“I knew it was you.”

“Wasn’t me. It was a little birdie.”

Ben’s grin widened. Benji reached over and grabbed his hand and held it the entire way home.


When the couple walked into the kitchen from the garage, their little dog lost his mind when he saw Ben. Toby yipped, then jumped up onto Ben, his front paws on his thighs while he hopped up and down on his hind legs.

“You miss daddy?” Ben asked as he rubbed and scratched under the miniature schnauzer’s white beard and then over the top of his floppy ears.

Toby yapped again and ran circles around Ben, so happy to see his daddy. Toby suddenly ran to the back door and slipped through the doggy door. While Ben peeked into the back yard to look after the dog, Benji filled up the doggy food and water bowls.

“Whew, I need a shower,” Ben said with a grimace as he got a whiff of his damp armpit. He pulled off his big cowboy boots and set them down by the back door.

Benji gave him a sly smile. “I’m a little sticky myself. Want some help?”

Ben crooked his finger and Benji eagerly followed him into their master bedroom.

As soon as Ben saw the bed, he growled. There was an indentation on top of the comforter that looked to be exactly the size of a certain Schnauzer. Benji knew better than to let Toby on their bed, but he also knew that Benji got lonely when Ben was on the road. He was usually better about not getting caught, though.

Benji swept past Ben and smoothed out the blankets and turned around to give Ben a sheepish grin. “I was so lonely without you,” he said. He smiled sadly at Ben and blinked his eyes.

“Don’t give me that pitiful puppy dog face,” Ben grumbled. He pulled off his t-shirt and turned and walked into their en-suite bath. If he stuck around, Benji’s puppy dog face would melt him into a puddle.

While Ben adjusted the shower knobs to get the temperature right, Benji came up behind him. He wrapped his arms around Ben and rested his head against the bigger man’s back.

“I missed you, Ben,” he whispered as he rubbed his hands over Ben’s hairy chest and stomach. “I’m so glad you’re home. I love you.”


Benji spotted Brandon right away and waved. Ben’s older brother looked up from his menu and smiled.

Benji was always excited about Sunday lunch with his boyfriend’s brother. They always had a good time eating and laughing. It was the perfect way to prepare for their weekly visit to their mother at the home, which was always hard on everybody.

Benji grinned back and waved happily at the big mountain of a man as he and Ben made their way to the table. Brandon stood as they reached the table. Benji looked up at him, amazed that he was even bigger than Ben. He was an inch taller and a few pounds heavier, but he carried the weight well for a man his size. And with the beard, it gave him a definite “bear” look.

“Hi, Brandon,” Benji said as Brandon grabbed him in a big bear hug. He squeezed him tight and lifted the little man’s feet off the ground. Brandon treated Benji like family, always joking and teasing, and Benji loved him as if he was his own brother and the feeling was mutual. “How’s it going, little bro?” he asked as he rubbed the top of his head.

“Good, big daddy,” he joked back.

Brandon laughed, then shook Ben’s hand and smacked him on the back. “Hey, brother.”

Benji sat down and picked up his menu. They all knew the menu by heart, but Benji still liked to browse. Ben didn’t need to look at the menu. He always got the same thing when they came here.

“How’s it going, Bran?” Ben asked.

“Good. No complaints here. Help yourself to the nachos,” Brandon said as he scooped up a cheesy chip from the plate in the middle of the table.

“Mmm,” Benji hummed as he picked up a chip, making sure to shake off the jalapeño slice on top. He’d leave those to Brandon and Ben since he didn’t care much for spicy food.

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