Coming Home late

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So you come home late with a night with your friends.I told you to be home at 1:00 but you got home a 3:00 ! I could sleep worrying about you and If something happen to you! You wake in and Im on the couch and I scare you , when I ask where you have been! You say at a friends house watching TV. I tell you next time you better get home on time and that I will punish you tomorrow!

So first thing in the morning Your mom goes to town with her girl friends and are expected to be gone all day! I sneak in your room and Im naked and get in the covers with you ! I put my arms around you and hold you tight !I grab your tits in my hands and began to play with your nipples and your nipple stud ! twisting and pulling on it lightly and kneading your breast! Your moning lightly and moving your ass on my cock! You sleep naked just so if i come in ill get a glimps of you and you can tease me! My cock is hard from the moment your mom left . Because I was planing this all night!
I start to get precum in between your ass checks and Im rubbing my dick in your ass and its felling good ! I ease down your body and get to your pussy and began to play with your clit and Im rubbing it and sliding a finger in your wet pussy! You turn your head and we start to kiss! and while were kissing you reach around and grab my hard dick and start strocking it with your hand! I have a little finger mas sager izmit otele gelen escort on my finger , I turn it on and start to play with your clit and your going crazy with pleasure ! Now that your ass is all wet and slick!! I have in my other hand a butt plug and I slide it in your ass while im playing with your pussy and you scream in pleasure ! I have your cum all over my fingers! I whisper to you to stick my hard cock in your pussy! You slide it in slow and easy because of the butt plug and I began to fuck you slow and easy…………! Making long and hard strokes so when I go in deep you can feel it in your ass to and you are loving it ! Im bitting your lip and sucking on you lip stud! Your so hot and thinking about it I almost cum! I start to drive harder and harder! till you cum and your pussy is squeezing my cock ! Its like a sucking felling!! Im cuming deep in your pussy and your driving your pussy down on me and i explode and I moaning so load ! Your awesome and I love my babygirl!

I let you clean my dick off with you mouth and get you to deepthroat me at my full attention! Then i roll you over on your belly and make you get on your all 4s so i can see your ass! I start to play with the butt plug and I put the vibrator on it to tease your ass ! I start to pull it out slow and when I get to the point of where its almost out I let it go izmit anal yapan escort and it pops back in! You loving it and you no your daddy is teasing hisself and that hes fixing to fuck your ass hard!

I pull it out and i hear a whimper from you and as I get it out I slap you ass hard and you jump! My dick is so hard I want your ass! I get behind you and start to slide it in easy until I have It all the way in ! your back is high and your saying give it to me Daddy! Fuck My Ass Hard!Im driving in your ass so hard and slaping it with my hand saying next time get home when I say to get home ! Yessss Daddyyy Please give it to me more!! I stop and put you on the floor with your head and back on the floor and your feet in the air on the side of the bed!

I play with your pussy as im sanding over you and Im rubing the vibrator over your clit and then I stick my dick in your ass again ! Im fucking you hard and I have the head of the vibrator deep in your pussy and your rubing your clit !At that time we are so as 1! I pull the vibrator out of your pussy and I start to slide my fingers in your pussy ! Your loving it and putting acouple of your in there too! You can see everything im doing to you ! You want more ! I have 4 fingers in your pussy and it is stretched out and with my thumb im playing with your clit ! I pull my dick out of your ass sansürsüz escort bayan and spit in your ass and on your pussy then I ram my dick back in your pussy!

Now I have my hand in your pussy and Im fist fucking you and fucking you in the ass at the same time you cum all over my hand and Im driving it in you hard ! then I pull it out and shove it in your mouth so you can lick you pussy juice off my hand ! Im loving it so I pull out and blow cum all over you your tits and your face and ass and pussy we have it everywhere! I fall back on the bed Im wore out!

I pick you up and take you to the bathroom and put you in the shower and i climb in there with you and start to wash the cum off my babygirl ! I scrub you good and your washing me ! We are wet and soapy and we get turned on again so after we are clean you get on your knees and say I need to check and see if i cleaned you good Daddy! You suck my dick and deepthroat it deep licking my balls and gaging ! You feel so good deep in your throat You no just how Daddy likes it! We get out and I put you on the sink ! I lick your sweet pussy and tongueing your sore ass !You cant stand it and cum right away ! I pull you off the sink and shove my dick in you mouth and cum deep down your throat! You take every drop and are trying to get more!

We clean up and get dressed by this time It way after lunch and your mom should be home soon ! We fix something for lunch and are on the couch talking about how awesome it was! a
And what we want to do next time.Your mom walks in were laughing and joking with one another!

She ask I Got Own to you and I said yes I punished her good ! In fact its not over!!!!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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