Coming Home to Visit Pt. 02

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A story about a mom and her adult son, learning more about each other. It is not necessary to read part one, though it is recommended. Please note: the larger portion of this story is written with the narrative telling the story to You, the son.

This story begins with Mom needing to confront her son after their time together in the bathroom.


As soon as she was left alone, her mind was reeling. A hundred thoughts. Some bad, some worse. Would he tell his step father? What about the neighbors?! His friends! Would they tell others? Her job! She was a respected associate at her company. This could change everything.

She washed her sons cum from her breasts, face, and hair. The whole time she washed, she was so turned on by what had taken place, her hand had drifted back to her aching pussy. Her husband had never felt that good in her mouth. Her son though… he had such a perfect, delicious cock. She wanted to suck it again! Better than she had before.

She moans out, the water sloshing as she trembles in her bath. Her body tensing as her orgasm rips over her. Panting and squealing, the waves of pleasure engulf her body and slowly die away.


After drying off, she threw on a bathrobe and tied the sash loosely. Quickly toweling off her hair, she blew out and candles and went downstairs to meet her son. The front door shut as she reached the bottom step into the kitchen.

“That was your husband, Mom. He said he was going to go get some time at the office. How long as he been cheating on you, Mom?”

“Wha.. what do you mean? He’s not..”

“Are you really going to lie to me?” He interrupted.

“He takes care of me.”

Just then, he stood and walked over to his beautiful mom. Running one hand down her smooth face, he leaned in and kissed her, taking her bottom lip between his teeth as his free hand pulled her close.

Her body was relaxed against him as he teased her lips with his tongue. Before she knew what was happening, he had her pinned to the counter and his mouth was on her neck.

“I can take care of you in ways he never could. I can please you and make you happier than ever before.”

She walked away without a word. She knew the answer she was supposed to give. But she wanted something more.


That night you lay on the soft mattress in the spare room, sleeping comfortably. You were having such a wonderful dream. You felt caress and light touches over your hands and wrists. Then over your feet and ankles. But the dream felt different somehow. Like you were drifting from sleep to wakefulness and not much was changing.

You knew those hands, so soft.. warm. It wasn’t a dream at all. Mom was in your room.. her body is crawling up your legs, but.. you cant move.

“Mom, what are you…”

“Shh, baby, Mommy’s right here.”

Your body tensed but from confusion, but you felt so relaxed as her hands worked up your hips.

“Mom, I’m … “

Just then, her warm perfect mouth engulfed your cock. There were no words for that feeling, as her lips wrapped tightly around your hardening thickness. Her lips felt more… practiced this time. Moving rhythmically and with a purpose. Her tongue danced over your cock, teasing you down the length of your pulsing vein as she bobbed her head up and down.

You lose your words as your eyes lock on your beautiful mom, her cheeks hallowing when she sucks hard on each up stroke.

“Fuck… ” Your voice sounds choked as you try to remember what you were saying. The pleasure begins to build up in your heavy balls with each caress of her seductive tongue.

Just when you feel you might be too close to the edge to stop casino oyna yourself from cumming down her throat… she moves away. Suddenly standing on the side of the bed. Her hands are resting her her soft, wide hips, as if she has caught you with your cock in your hand, like those times so long ago.


Thinking back to when you had all that free time when you took a year off before college. She must have caught you at least once a week! She would get your laundry and see you laying there. It always shocked her.. she would stand there and stare.. not knowing what to do.

After the first few times, you found yourself jerking off with doors cracked open.. or in places she might see you. Like the time she saw you in the laundry room after the dryer had just buzzed. You stood there stroking your cock, hard, facing away from the door enough for her to think you didn’t see her there. Except you saw her reflection in the window; you will never forget seeing her hands massage her breasts that day.

Those days had turned you on so much that you began using her panties. You started with clean ones because you feared she would notice dirty ones missing. Then you got sneaky. Stealing her dirty panties when she was at work.

Except that night when you took them while she was passed out drunk from a night at the bar. You had to get her when she called, slurring her words. She was dressed so slutty that night. Her black heels must have been for fashion, because no one wears 6 inch heels for comfort. They matched her red and black dress that almost covered her ass. She had on those soft fabric thigh high stockings, the washable kind.

Your cock was still hard after cumming four times. You pulled her panties right off of her that night. You remember, don’t you?

You told her you would help her change. You pulled that little dress up to her waist while she lay on her stomach, sideways on the bed. You must have held your breath the entire time, hoping not to wake her as you hooked your fingers in the thin, red, silky material and pulled them off. She even moaned and lifted her hips for you. After you untangled them from her heels, you stuffed them in your pocket. After a moment, you went to taking off her shoes and dress. A little surprised to find no bra holding her heavy, succulent breasts.

You knew you could take full advantage of her like this and she wouldn’t even know, but you would rather have her awake, willing. She was so beautiful, she deserved to be ravished and enjoying it. So you grabbed the first clean shirt in the laundry basket, your t shirt, and put it on her smooth, sexy body, turning her, you were careful not to touch her breasts though you knew you wanted to.

You stared for a long while, watching her breathe. Her breasts rising and falling, nipples hard from the stimulation of pulling her dress off. You watched, fascinated as her nipples returned to the smooth more flushed softness of her breast, You smiled as you pulled the shirt down over her and tucked her into bed.

You don’t know why you did it, but you tied her hair back the way she always does at night, before kissing her cheek and going to your room.

You couldn’t get to your room fast enough, her panties practically burned a hole in your pocket. It wasn’t until you looked at them, did you notice how damp, almost wet the soft red panties were. You pressed them to your face before wrapping them around your impressively hard cock.


And here you are, laying in the room that used to be yours. Tied down and your mom is standing beside you… staring again.

Your heart is racing and she won’t even speak to you. You find yourself asking her for an explanation, as if you don’t canlı casino know what is going on.

“Mom.. What are you doing?” You pull at the restraints on your wrists, knowing you should be worried but only seem to become more turned on.

“Do you remember when I used to spank you? I would run the belt over your bottom before I made it hurt. To get you used to it.”

It isn’t until this moment that you notice the belt of yours that she holds in her right hand. Her left hand reaches out caress your cheek, admiring the handsome face of her son. Her fingers trace your jawline and work do your chest, smiling as she slides her fingers through the bit of hair on her way down.

Your cock twitches as she reaches your stomach.

“You’re such a big boy now, aren’t you?” She asks as she looks down at your thick, rigid cock.

While you are focused on her touches so close to what you need…*SNAP* you feel the biting burn of the belt as the leather smacks hard against the outside of your right thigh.

She smiles at your pained reaction mixed with the straining twitch of your cock as you thrust your hips upward in response.

Her soft hand gently touches the forming welt, soothing the stinging pain.

“Now, now, calm yourself. I prefer when you use words with me. You know that. Let’s get some things out of the way, shall we?”

She smiles and sits on the side of the bed, looking at your bound, naked body.

“I should have punished you all those years ago… stealing my panties. You got selfish.. never taking the clean ones.. you would take my used, wet panties. You would keep them for days.”

Her hand runs down your stomach to your aching cock.. teasing around it but never touching it. You groan in frustration as she licks her lips . Standing, she walks around to the foot of the bed. With each step, SNAP. SNAP. SNAP. SNAP! The very tip of the belt biting over the soft flesh of your hips and thighs. First, the outside of your thighs… then the softer.. more tender inner thigh. Allowing the leather to graze awfully close to your tightening balls.

Setting the belt down, she steps onto the mattress, holding the tall posters for balance. For the first time since waking, you take in her astonishing, sexy as hell appearance. Her dark hair was pinned up with loose curls hanging around her face and down her shoulders. Her brown eyes looking into your dirty, raunchy mind. She wore a purple laced front hook bra, half undone, clearly teasing you. As your eyes trail down her voluptuous figure, you note the matching purple lace thong and garter belt sitting on her wide hips. You connect the pieces, like a puzzle. Seeing the garter belt holding up the purple lace trim of her sexy black thigh high nylons. The whole ensemble is completed with the black tall heels… those heels. The ones you never forgot.

There she is, standing over you. Her gorgeous creamy legs covered in nylon.. you want to run your hands over it… feel the smooth stockings. So close to your legs. Couldn’t you almost just rub her leg with your foot? Almost.

Carefully placing a foot on either side of your hips, holding to the straps hanging from the ceiling, that you are noticing for the first time, just now.

She lowers herself over you, her gorgeous ass mere inches from sitting on your stiff and ready cock. Holding to the straps, her arms raised over her head, her perfect heavy breasts push at the confines of her bra. An aching groan of desire slips from your throat as she watches you.

Moving to her knees, her hands release the straps as the silky nylons caress your hips and thighs. She takes a deep breath and moans sensuously on an exhale.

“There, now that’s better. Don’t kaçak casino you seem happy with you mommy here. It’s been so long since I’ve held you close to me.”

She settles her round bottom on your lap.. your cock sandwiched between her damp, lace panties and your stomach. She wiggles her body to get more comfortable, pressing your cock firmly to her slit.

Clearly enjoying your torture, she slides her sexy pussy forward and backward several times, by rocking her hips.

You squeeze yours eyes shut and open.. wondering how much of this is all a dream. A sexy, wet dream. Your cock is straining.. everything feels so good, it’s almost painful. The thoughts in your head. All the fantasies you had for years. What you would give to run your hands over her full waist.. her breasts. Those nipples you saw one time so very long ago.

She’s moaning now. Those pink lips are parting and letting out the most delicious sound. You struggle with the leather cuffs around your wrists. Trying desperately to be freed. She rocks her hips faster now. Her hands moving to your chest, nails starting to dig in.

Moving faster… harder… she grinds her aching clit against you, getting the most pleasure she can while keeping her sexy panties in place. Your groans come longer.. needier. Until you beg.

“Please… mom.. fuck! I can’t fucking take it! I need to fuck you. Please!”

She looks up, pulled from her trance.. her need to cum. Her eyes light up and she smiles. Reaching to her hips, she pulls at the strings tying her thong to her body. Releasing them, she slips the thong off. The lace caressing your cock as she does. Pulling it on one side, now holding the thin, wet fabric in one hand, she smiles as your cock sinks between her silky, wet pussy lips.

You’re not sure how much more of this you can take.. your cock is rubbing against her bare, wet clit. So wet.. so fucking hot. She groans as she leans forward and extends her hand.. her panties to your face.

“Open your mouth for mommy. Such a good boy.. just like that. Now taste mommy’s juicy cunt.”

She moans her words to you as her fingers stuff the wet panties in your mouth, the damp center fabric pressing on your tongue. The tangy, sexy aroma of her excitement fills your nose with each breath in. Your cock spasms against her slit in response.

“You like mommy’s cunt, don’t you? Suck it. Suck my cunt juices off my panties. You made a mess of them so many times.. you can clean a pair.”

Her bare cunt.. smooth.. shaved.. sliding over your cock.. teasing you now. Her wetness is slick on her thighs.. and yours as she groans in need and pleasure. You watch her, your mom. Her hands now squeezing her breasts as she throws her head back. Her grinding is harder now, more intense. The wetness from her gushing cunt is coating your cock and dripping down your thighs as she begins to pant and groan. Those moans, so fucking slutty. Your cock is straining to be inside her wet, cunt.

But she continues to grind and rub her clit over your aching cock. She whimpers as her eyes squeeze shut.

“Yes, baby. Make mommy cum, make mommy cum!! Fuck! Yes!!”

Crying out, she feels her cunt spasm as the wave or orgasmic pleasure rolls through her body and causes her to buck her hips over your now, leaking cock, which is covered in her cunt juices.

Her panting slows and moans die down as she looks at you. Leaning forward, her confined breasts almost in your face, she releases the leather cuffs around your wrists and climbs off the bed. Walking around to the foot, she releases the cuffs binding your ankles and smiles over at you.

“My boy has become such a good toy. I’m going to bed now. Don’t wake me.”

You watch her leave. Her round bare ass wiggling as she leaves through the doorway.

You’re stunned. Only then realizing your cock is cold, wet, and sticky from your mom’s cum.. and you still have her panties in your mouth.

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