Company Business Ch. 01

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Twenty-six year old Tess Henson looked at her cell phone. I was five minutes to twelve. She placed the phone into a desk drawer and stood, sliding her chair back. She went to a closet and opened the door to face a full length mirror. The image looking back at her was nothing short of amazing. Five-ten, one hundred and twenty pounds of luscious. In her tweed slacks and jacket, her slender athletic body was still very apparent. Straight blond hair reached down to her waist. Her face was lawless with bright green eyes and minimal and un-needed makeup.

She smoothed the front of her slacks, adjusted her white silk blouse and closed the door. She smiled and left her office. Her personal secretary was at her desk and smiled to Tess as she approached. “Your meeting with the finance director is at noon, Ms. Henson.

Tess just nodded. “Please hold my calls until I return, Leann.” Tess went to the elevator. As she entered, she looked back at Leann who had looked away and went back to her work. Tess pressed the button for the twenty-second floor. Her office was on the twentieth, she had come a long way in her five years at I.H.H. Account Management Corporation.

When the elevator door opened to the top floor, Tess stepped out to be greeted by Ellen Taylor, The finance director’s personal assistant. She smiled as she greeted Tess. “Ira is ready for you meeting, please go in.” The assistant went to the director’s office door and opened it. She stood aside as Tess went in and she closed the door behind her.

The man setting at his desk was about fifty. He had the smooth, well-tanned face of a wealthy active executive. He set there watching the woman as she walked across the thick pile carpet to a spot in front of his desk. She slowly slipped her jacket from her shoulders and draped it over the back of a chair. She looked at him, smiling, quiet, confidant. He set quietly with his elbows on the arms of the chair, his hands together, fingers touching fingers, watching.

Tess’s fingers began the slow unbuttoning of her blouse, one button and then another, from top to navel. When they were all undone, she eased the silk fabric from the waist band of her slacks. With a roll of her shoulders, the blouse slid down over her back. She placed it on top of her jacket. She waited, standing in her tweed fitted pants and a lacy white bra. Her fingers found the front clasp by feel, her eyes still on Ira. She slipped it free and added it to the growing pile of clothes. After her belt was removed, she lowered the zipper at the side of her slacks, slipped the top button and slid her fingers inside the pants, working them over her slender hips. With a hand on the chair back, she lifted one leg and then the other, stepping free of the slacks, setting them aside.

She was in thigh high nylons and white lace panties. Her fingers traced across her chest, down her well defined ribs, over her abdomen. First a single finger slipped into the top of her panties, she ran it from tummy to her rear and back, only to slip in a second finger and repeat herself. Next, she used both hands, fingers running each way from mound to ass and back, so slowly, so inviting. Each time, she was easing those panties lower until they were finally over her tight little rear. She straightened and the panties floated down those long legs to the floor.

Ira eased his chair back farther. Some sort of silent signal. Tess moved slowly, gracefully around the desk until she could lean down and kiss Ira, soft, gentle. Lovingly. And then, almost business like, Ira stood. Loosened his belt then unzipped his trousers. When his boxers were down to his knees, he began stroking an already growing manhood. Tess turned, pressed the front of her thighs against the desk and lay forward. It was the perfect height. With her chest now flat on the deck top, she moved her feet apart, rose up on her toes, arching her back. She presented herself to Ira Herbert Henson, her father.

There were no words spoken. No hint of regret, no sign of abuse, no sense of perversion. There was lust, there was satisfaction, and there was certainly climax. Ira’s cock was nearly eight inches. It had a thick wide purple head, deeply veined. At his age, whether he used chemical assistance or not, no one knew but his stamina was unmatched. Twenty minutes on, Tess was leaking a combination of her own sex and her father’s cum onto the floor. It was trailing down the inside of her legs.

But Ira continued to fuck her. His cock still rigid and sinking deep into her pussy on every stroke. It was then that her third orgasm rose from somewhere deep inside her and Ira sensed it coming before she did. He rammed deep, grasping her by her waist, holding her as she writhed on his cock, worked her ass up and down onto him. She came as Ira emptied himself into her womb for a second time.

Ira didn’t pause, didn’t caress, didn’t cuddle. Finished, he pulled himself free antep escort of Tess and went to wash himself in the adjoining bathroom. When he returned, Tess was buttoning her slacks. Her bra and blouse were back in place. When she had pulled her jacket on and stepped into her heels, she once again looked to Ira.

“Some executives of Stenson and Grover will be in town on Friday. It’s an important account for us.” He looked at Tess.

“You want me to schedule some girls or would you prefer I handle it myself?” She smiled at her father.

He smiled back. “They are not that important.” He offered.

Tess grinned at the very rare compliment from her father. And the fact that he did not deem a business associate worthy of using his daughter for financial gain said a lot. “Three should do.” He decided. Then he added. “But plan on being there.”

“Is it just for Friday night or shall I have the girls pack a case?” Tess asked.

“The girls, yes, just the evening. The men have an early Saturday flight.” He stated. “You could plan to stay the weekend, if you would like. Perhaps we could get in some golf.”

Tess knew her father too well. The offer was not a request. “I’ll see you there.” She said almost in a whisper.

It was now four thirty. She had returned to her office and showered and changed. She was now wearing a yellow string top satin tee without a bra, as her smallish breasts didn’t demand one and a pair of dark green satin shorts with yellow sandals.

She was at her desk when her phone rang, the inter-office line indicating it was her father. “Yes?” She said.

“I was just wondering.” Ira offered, “When I was by you place last week.” He said.

“I remember.” Tess replied. Her father had dropped by unannounced, something he never did. Tess happened to be out by her pool and her father used his own key to enter. When he walked out to the back deck, Tess was setting on a recliner in the shade of a large umbrella. On her lap was a beautiful young girl. Tess was wearing a bikini but the girl’s two piece was scattered on the concrete, Tess was kissing the girl’s neck as the young beauty giggled. Well, Ira just turned and departed without a word but Tess had gotten a glimpse of him as he left. They had discussed it at length later over the phone as Tess was settled in a tub of bubbles and Ira was stroking himself at his home office desk.

“I was wondering.” Ira said. “I never had a chance to be properly introduced to your new friend.” Tess could hear the laughter in his voice. “Perhaps you could invite her along this week end?”

“What a lovely offer.” Tess said. “And as much as you and I might enjoy the company of a perfect little eighteen year old girl, I’m afraid this little one only has eyes for those of the female persuasion.”

“A pity.” Ira said.

“Not necessarily.” Tess responded.

After her father’s call, she removed a small book from a locked desk drawer and opened it. She had developed a nice list of all of the girls and women in the company who could be called upon for special services required to advance the interests of the company. She now had a list of twenty three girls that were available for various activities. Some, a few, refused to provide more than an arm to escort to dinner and a dance partner. Some were open to sex with men, some only wanted to be with women, to accommodate the few women executives the firm dealt with and some were willing to be with either or with both.

Tess dialed a number. “Tracy? This is Tess Henson. I’m hoping you might be available to help entertain some out of town business associates on Friday?” Tess waited. Then she added. “Yes, same as last time. A thousand for the evening.” The girl on the other end was talking again. “I’m so glad.” Tess said. “I will have a car pick you up at eight.”

Tess smiled. She dialed a second number. “Anna. Tess Henson.” She listened. “Well actually, that’s why I’m calling. Seems we have some gentlemen in town this Friday who do not wish to spend the evening all alone.” Tess listened once more. “That’s great.” Tess relied. “And I’m guessing your husband still doesn’t know?” Tess waited. “No problem, the Starbucks on forty first and Douglas. Eight o’clock, see you Friday.”

Tess stopped mid dial and looked at her watch. She hung up and left her office. She took the elevator down to the twelfth floor and exited into a swarm of flittering personnel and a maze of desks and cubicles. She followed the hall back to the end of the room where a glass framed office looked out over the beehive of industry. Looking in, Tess saw Miriam Davis, the floor supervisor. She stuck her head into the doorway just as Miriam looked up and smiled.

The grin on Tess’s face told Miriam all she needed. ‘So who you stealing away early this evening?” Miriam asked.

“Sara.” Tess said.

“Lucky girl.” Miriam said.

“Maybe.” Tess replied.

Tess turned away as Miriam nodded and she went down the aisle to the fourth cubicle on the right. A blonde haired girl was at her computer busy entering data and flipping pages and swopping files. “You look awfully busy.” Tess whispered.

The girl jerked at the unexpected sound and twirled around to see Tess. This brought a smile to her face. “Yea.” she agreed. “Pretty busy.”

“Well, as one of the owners of this company, I hereby declare the rest of the day a holiday.” Tess said.

“Really?” The girl said.

Tess moved closer so she could run her fingers over the girl’s cheek. She whispered. “Come home with me.” She said. The young girl just nodded. “And,” She added. “If you’re really good, I have a surprise for you.”

The girl gathered her belongings and followed Tess to the elevator. When the door closed, Tess punched a preset number on her phone.

“Hey.” The girl suddenly exclaimed.

Tess put a finger to Sara’s lips and kissed her cheek. She whispered. “Hold that thought.” Then she spike into the phone. “Teddy? Please bring my car around.” She disconnected and looked at Sara. The girl was nineteen and just out of high school. She was the daughter of one of the mid-level supervisors who had all but begged for Tess to give her a job.

Sara was a petite girl with a pure natural beauty. Her short curly hair framed her angelic face. She was wearing a light green summer dress, short, sleeveless one hemmed about six inches above her knees. She wore white sandals.

Tess looked at her. “Well what?”

Sara had to think a bit what had been on her mind. “Oh yea.” She said. “So when have I not been good?”

Just then the elevator stopped and Tess said. “Hold that thought.”

“But?” Sara muttered.

Out in front of the office building, Tess stood beside Sara. She let her fingers run along Sara’s arm until they found her fingers and she gripped the girl’s hand. She leaned down and put her lips to her ear. “You are always very, very good.” She squeezed the girl’s fingers.

Tess did not release her as her BMW Z4 Roadster rolled out of the underground garage with the top down and came to a stop at the curb in front of the two. The driver door opened and a short girl in a dark green uniform including a ball cap, hopped out and ran to the passenger door. She opened it and held it until Sara was settled. She closed the door and ran to the driver side and opened that door just as Tess held out a twenty dollar bill.

“Thank you, Ms. Henson.”

“You’re welcome Teddy.” Tess smiled at the girl who she knew would give anything to be the one sliding into the passenger seat this afternoon. She put the car into gear and punched the accelerator. Wheels spun and people looked as the two flew down eighth Avenue toward Tess’s house a good twenty minute ride away.

Sara loved riding with Tess in her convertible. Tess always drove fast and took risks and made Sara’s hair blow in the breeze. She subconsciously took hold of the hem of her dress and let it flutter. It settled well up in her lap exposing most of her youthful thighs. Her legs were apart and she was laying back with her head turned toward Tess, smiling.

Tess watched the girl totally oblivious to her surroundings. “This is a low riding convertible.” She said.

“I know.” Sara giggled.

“So. You want all the guys to see those pretty little legs exposed like that?” Tess asked.

“I don’t care what the boys do or see.” She said.

“No? What about the girls?” Tess added.

Sara grinned. “They can look. If they want to.”

Tess reached over and ran her fingers along the inside of Sara’s left leg. A horn blared and the car swerved. “You’re going to get us in an accident.” Sara grinned. She scooted over in her seat and draped her left leg over the console. Her dress was now up around her waist. “Wouldn’t want that.” She giggled, her eyes always on Tess.

“Yea, this is going to help.” Tess said but her fingers roamed up between the now accessible legs to brush against her cotton clad pussy. The fabric was already wet.

When the car pulled into Tess’s drive and rolled to a stop at the garage, they waited as the garage door rose and Tess could pull inside. Once in the house, Tess turned to Sara and pushed her against the kitchen wall. She lifted her chin and placed her lips onto the girl’s mouth. She was cool and moist and so fucking desirable. Tess could spend hours kissing this girl and had on numerous occasions. She kissed down her neck and pulled the strap of her dress off of her shoulder. Tess kissed over her collarbone and down her chest, tugging the dress aside as her mouth explored the girl.

“Oh.” Sara muttered. Tess pulled back and smiled at her.

“I think maybe you’re having too much fun.” Tess whispered and let her lips brush over Sara’s. Sara tried to press her mouth to Tess’s, she pushed her tongue out searching for Tess’s. Tess pulled back again.

“Please.” Sara whispered.

“Please what?” Tess teased.

“I want.” Sara mumbled. “I want to be.” Tess quieted her when she once again found her waiting mouth. She licked the girl’s lips, and then she lowered her mouth and licked her neck, sucked at it. And just like before, she pulled back.

“Aw, fuck.” Sara groaned. “Don’t do.” Tess pressed a finger to Sara’s lips.

“Go into the den.” She instructed.

“But. Tess.” Sara protested.

Tess kissed her. “And get undressed.” Sara was panting but she nodded. “I will be along.” Tess said.

Tess watched the girl go towards the den. Her dress off of her shoulders and one sandal still there on the kitchen floor. Tess got a bottle of white wine from the chiller, opened it and picked up three glasses. She headed toward the den and the waiting young Sara.

When she entered the room, Sara was standing nude with her bra and panties in her hand. Tess set the glasses and bottle the coffee table and said. “Pour us a drink.” She took the bottom of her tee and slowly pulled it over her head. She kicked off her sandals and unbuttoned her shorts. As she tugged the zipper down, Sara stopped pouring to watch Tess. “Pour.” Tess instructed.

Sara said. “Three?”

“You never know. She took her phone from her pocket. Standing there in just her shorts and they, unzipped and open, showing the top of her bikini panties, dialed a number.

“Come over.” Was all she said and switched off the phone. She worked her shorts over her hips and dropped them on the floor, stepping out of them. Tess went to the couch and set down at the end. She drew one foot up and then her other, placing them on the cushion between she and Sara. Knees pulled up, she looked at the girl. “Come here.” Sara turned toward Tess and got up on her knees leaning forward. Tess put her hand behind Sara’s neck and pulled her close.

“Now where were we?” She whispered. When their lips touched, it was like velvet. Tess kissed her softly and gently letting the moment last, letting the girl know she was special. She ran her tongue over Sara’s mouth, sucked on her chin and her cheeks and back to her mouth. “Take them off.”

Sara knew exactly what Tess wanted and she slipped her fingers into the top of Tess’s panties and pulled them, Tess lifting her ass, the panties yielding and sliding up her legs and down, off of her feet.

Tess lay her head back onto a small pillow, Sara lowered herself to Tess as Tess’s hands found her head, guiding her mouth to her sex. Tess was getting into that familiar rhythm Sara always had when she ate her. Her tongue was aggressive, licking her length and stabbing into her vagina. Her fingers spreading her labia, her mouth surrounding and sucking at her pussy.

The faint sound of a key opening a lock caused Sara to pull away and lift her head, looking at Tess. Tess smiled at her and placed the fingers of her right hand on Sara’s forehead and eased her back to her waiting pussy. When the door opened, Sara was not distracted. She continued to lick Tess.

“Come in.” Tess said. There in the doorway was the most amazing sight one could behold. A girl, eighteen. Short and very thin. A complexion like baby powder and her eyes were a pale blue. Her hair was cut very short and so blonde as to be considered white. Her features were very petite. She stood in a string tee ragged bottomed at her naval and short cutoff jeans. Her name was Kate and she lived next door to Tess. Her parents were both bankers and seldom had time for the girl. She was left at home to fend for herself, even though it was an enormous house with maids and a cook and two chauffeurs,

Tess ran her fingers through Sara’s hair and lifted her ass as Sara was just then plunging her tongue deep inside her. “This is Sara.”

Kate just stood, watching.

Tess closed her eyes and began working her ass onto Sara’s mouth. She was really getting aroused from the deep penetration of the girl’s tongue. “You are so good baby.” Tess whispered. “Make me cum and I’m going to give this little beauty here to you.” She could feel Sara increase her lapping. She was attacking her pussy now. “Oh, yes. You are my little cunt licker aren’t you.” Tess drew her knees up and pushed them wide apart. She gripped the girl’s hair and pulled her into her sex. Her ass was humping rapidly. “Yes. Oh yes baby.” She mumbled. “Eat me. So good. Ugh, ugh, ugh yes.” Her climax gushed forth. Her climax flushed Sara’s mouth with her fluids. Her ass rolled in circles. One foot was draped over the sofa back and she was using it for leverage. Her other foot found the floor as her ass was now hovering completely off of the cushions.

“Fuck me.” She moaned. “Oh sweetie, you are more amazing every time I have you.” Tess finally settled down and grew still. Her ass still made small involuntary lifts but she was done. She was still holding the girl hostage with her grip on her hair and showed no sign of releasing her. Sara just lay there, her tongue making slow easy laps along the length of Tess’s sex, collecting the juices that were still seeping from her.

Finally. “Let me up baby.” Tess said and patted her on top of her head. Sara slowly set up on her knees and saw Kate for the first time. She just looked at the girl and finally to Tess. She had this broad smile.

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