Complete Sheer Nylon Fun Ch. 02

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This story continues on from ‘Complete Sheer Nylon Fun’, in which a genie named Alena grants my deepest fetish by covering us both in silky sheer nylon stocking fabric from head to toe, for us to have an afternoon of slippery nylon fun.

As I left the fancy dress shop my hand was deep in my trouser pocket, grasped firmly around the jewel that Alena handed me, just before she returned to her lamp. I was going over her instructions in my mind. If I rubbed the blue side of the jewel three times, all my body hairs would disappear, apart from my eyelashes and my head hair. Then rubbing the blue side again three times would result in the sheer suit being knitted up over my body, following every contour until I was completely covered, like wearing a silky nylon bodystocking which fitted perfectly, not too loose and not too tight. When I was finished with the suit, rubbing the green side three times each would reverse the magic. The magic would also work if I was lucky enough to have a woman willing to join me in the nylon fun. Being single, there wasn’t much chance of that yet.

I’d lost count of the number of times I’d come that afternoon, each time being rejuvenated back to full desire by a magic drink Alena had given me. We’d used up her supply so that now I was making my way home in a deeply satisfied mood, but not ready for sex just yet. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how soon my desire would return. Despite this, I couldn’t wait to get home and try out the magic jewel again, just to feel the sheer nylon suit caressing my hairless skin.

All the way home, I’d been toying with the idea of keeping my clothes on while rubbing the jewel to see what it would feel like to have the sheer nylon knit itself over my body whilst I was still dressed.

I took out the jewel and sat on the sofa. I wasted no time and immediately rubbed the blue side of the jewel three times. This time, because I was expecting it, I was able to watch the hairs on my arms disappear instantaneously, accompanied by a tingling feeling all over which told me my whole body was now smooth. This time it felt different, though. Before I’d rubbed the jewel I’d felt as I normally do after a really good orgasm — not ready for another for a few hours yet. Now, after having rubbed the jewel, my sexual desire was suddenly as strong as it had been at any other time of the afternoon and I was already getting an erection!

I hurriedly rubbed the blue side of the jewel three times again to cover my body with the silky nylon suit and luxuriated in the soft caress of the fabric as it moved upwards from my feet, in between my clothes and my skin. It was a very pleasant sensation indeed.

I wanted to see what the outfit looked like in the mirror so I climbed up to my bedroom, the nylon moving delightfully over my skin, sliding back and forth underneath my clothes, which increased the sensation. I whipped my clothes off and stood in front of our full-length mirror. This was the first time I had seen myself in this outfit – Alena had not provided a mirror when she conjured up a more comfortable room than the stockroom of the fancy dress shop. It was a surprisingly erotic sight and I could feel myself getting more excited. Then I noticed something in the mirror, something on my bedside table that I’d left behind at the fancy dress shop. It was Alena’s lamp!

I picked up the lamp with trembling fingers and rubbed three times. In no time at all, the gorgeous Alena was standing before me, dressed in her usual harem costume.

“Alena,” I said, my eyes feasting on her, “how did you find me?”

“When you rubbed the jewel I gave you.”

“I certainly wasn’t expecting to see you again, it’s a lovely surprise.”

“Well,” she said, giving me an enchanting smile, “I had such an exciting time sharing your fetish, I changed my mind. Also, after you put me back in the lamp, I suddenly thought of some more things we could try with our nylon outfits. I’m sure you’ll love them.”

“I don’t know what to say except that you’re a wonderful lady!”

“Well I can see you’re ready. This is something I should have tried earlier.”

She clicked her fingers, but I didn’t notice anything happen.

Alena could see the puzzled look on my face. “Look at your bed,” she said.

When I looked, I was astonished; she had changed all my bed covering from cotton to silky smooth nylon. I ran my nylon-covered hand over the nylon surface of the duvet.

“Nice,” was all I could say.

“Try it out, then, while I’m getting ready,” said Alena from behind me.

I lay down on my front, slipping and sliding about, with the nylon layers swishing against each other. I turned over just in time to see Alena’s sheer covering reach her pussy. My cock twitched in appreciation as a sigh of delight passed her lips. Another twenty seconds and her silky bodysuit was complete. The sight of silky sheer nylon clinging perfectly to every contour of her body was beautiful beyond description.

“What do you think of the bed covering?” she said.

“It’s lovely!”

“OK, make illegal bahis some room.”

After Alena had swished around a little, she grabbed my head and gave me an unbelievable silky kiss, both our mouths and tongues being covered in sheer nylon the instant our lips met. Finally Alena pulled gently away. “Everything about being covered in sheer nylon is just so good,” she said. “I’m really glad I followed you here to try out some new ideas.”

“So am I!”

Alena clicked her fingers and a nylon stocking appeared in her hand. “Hold still,” she said as, holding the stocking between both hands, she gently placed it over my mouth and slid it back and forth a couple of times.

“How did that feel?” she asked.

“Sensational!” I said. “What are you planning to do?”

“You’ll have to wait and see, but I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Now lay still and relax.”

“Whatever you say,” I said, quivering with anticipation.

Alena clicked her fingers twice and I could feel another sheer nylon suit beginning to cover the first. I looked over at Alena and the same was happening to her. The second suits grew just as quickly as the first, but the sensation was deadened slightly because I’d already got one layer of nylon on. When my second suit was finished, the first thing I noticed was the heat being generated under two layers of nylon. Also, even though the nylon was very sheer, my vision was obscured a lot more.

“OK, here we go,” said Alena, as she clicked her fingers twice again.

I gasped out loud at the wonderful sensation that now suddenly enveloped my body. From what I could see, the second nylon layer was swishing over the first in a swirling action that created an exquisite cool, silky, sliding caress over every inch of my body. The feeling was so delightful and exciting that I could barely catch my breath. At the same time, it was clear from the sounds Alena was making, that she was enjoying herself just as much. I had no idea that there could be an experience like this. I began taking huge panting, moaning breaths as my body moved smoothly towards a climax. When it came I didn’t know which sensation to concentrate on as the second layer of nylon kept up its sliding motion whilst my cock pumped away. Goodness knows where the fluid was ending up.

As I pumped the last of my come, I could hear Alena whimpering and sighing in ecstasy as she built towards her orgasm. When she did, she let out a long, drawn-out cry of pleasure and her body shuddered visibly with each spasm. My outer suit had stopped moving once I’d come, but I could hear the familiar whispering of one layer of sheer nylon sliding over another that told me she was still coming. Soon it slowed down and stopped sliding completely.

“Oh, Peter, that was unbelievable!” Alena cried out. “Much better than I thought it would be. How about you?”

“It was the most exciting feeling I’ve ever had,” I answered. “Thank you so much.”

Alena giggled. “You’re covered in your come,” she said. “Let’s sort that out,” she added, clicking her fingers.

I was clean and dry again in an instant as my outer suit disappeared. Alena then disposed of her own second suit. She was still laughing and I was transfixed by the way the sheer nylon over her mouth was fluttering in and out.

“God, you’re gorgeous,” I sighed.

“Fancy a slippery cuddle?” she said, holding out her arms.

“Yes, please,” I answered, sliding over to her.

She placed her cheek next to mine and whispered in my ear, “How would you like to be able to do all the things with your nylon suit that we’ve done this afternoon?”

“I’d love to, but it would be on my own.”

“Well, it’s true I won’t be around to give you a silky handjob, but I’m sure you’ll find someone and then she can do everything for you that I’ve done.”


“Yes, everything, as long as she uses the jewel I’ve given you.”

“That would be marvellous, Alena, but what if she doesn’t share my fetish?”

“Don’t worry about that, just hand her the jewel, you’ll see. I’ll need to leave you a set of instructions for all the different magic it can do.”

The thought that I could have all this fun again whenever I liked was beginning to excite me. Alena noticed and laughed. I put my lips to hers and slid my tongue into her nylon-covered mouth. I couldn’t say how long we stayed like that sliding our silky tongues over each other’s and caressing each other with our slippery limbs, but when we finished the kiss, my cock was rock hard again.

“Don’t always need my magic drink, do you, Peter?”

“Not by the look of it.”

“Well, we can try my final idea now. You know when the suit is knitting itself up our bodies and it gets to here?” She put her hand down to her pussy and grinned.

“Yes, it feels really nice.”

“It certainly does. So I want to see what it feels like when it happens over and over again.”

“What, the whole suit?”

“No, just this bit,” she answered, touching my balls and running her finger all the way up my shaft.

“What illegal bahis siteleri a heavenly idea.”

“What are we waiting for then?” she said, clicking her fingers twice.

At once the sheer nylon disappeared from my cock and balls, but almost immediately it began to reappear slowly upwards. A couple of seconds later it reached the tip and then started to un-knit itself back down at the same speed. It was just like being given a slow, silky handjob.

Alena sucked in her breath and closed her eyes briefly.

“That’s delightful!” she sighed, as she clicked her fingers.

At once the movement of the nylon doubled in speed.

“Look into my eyes,” said Alena, moving her face close to mine so that our noses were almost touching. I was entranced and growing more excited as, every few seconds, she clicked her fingers to speed up the movement of the nylon until at last it was moving so fast and the feeling so sensational, I knew I’d be over the edge very soon.

“Touch my nipples Peter,” Alena sighed.

I cupped her silky breasts in my hands and moved my fingers slowly towards her nipples. Then I began fondling them in the way she’d shown me earlier.

“Oh Peter!” she gasped. “That’s delightful!”

“Oh, here I go!” she cried out a few seconds later, a huge smile on her face. Then she closed her eyes and arched her back as each spasm was accompanied by an ecstatic sigh. Finally, the last spasm washed over her and she relaxed in my arms.

She hadn’t forgotten me, however, as the nylon was still giving my cock and balls a silky treat.

“Your turn now,” she whispered as she planted her lips on mine and plunged her tongue into my mouth. At the same time her silky fingers found my nipples and started caressing.

That was all I needed and within seconds I was coming, but to my delight she kept fondling my nipples and kissing me until I’d ejaculated every last drop of come.

We lay, exhausted, in each others arms, deeply satisfied.

“That was like my pussy being caressed by a thousand tiny fingers,” said Alena.

“I agree and it was another fantastic idea of yours, Alena,” I replied.

“Thank you, Peter.”

After a while, Alena got up from the bed and clicked her fingers to clean me up. Then she clicked her fingers again and was dressed once more in her usual harem costume. “Time for you to put me back into the lamp, Peter,” she said, handing it to me.

“Do you have to go now? I’d love you to stay the night.”

“Oh Peter, I think you’re falling in love with me. Many men have.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that, is there?”

“No, of course not, but I’ve already broken the rules by visiting you twice.”

“Go on, just one night,” I pleaded.

“No, Peter,” she said firmly.

Then her expression softened. “Look,” she said, “I’ve really enjoyed sharing your lovely fetish with you, so I’ll give you one extra treat if you promise to stop pleading with me.”

“OK, Alena. I’m sorry.”

She leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips. “That’s OK,” she said.

“Now close your eyes and keep them closed,” she added. “That’s good. Now I know you’re going to enjoy this.”

And she clicked her fingers again. With that a most peculiar sensation spread throughout my entire body and I could feel it changing shape. At the same time my hair began growing rapidly until it rested softly on my shoulders. I had a good idea what she had done, but I didn’t dare open my eyes.

“This way,” said Alena, as she took my hand and turned me slightly so that I would be facing the mirror. I couldn’t help noticing the new and delightful sensation of bouncing and jiggling coming from my chest. I wanted to let her know that I’d guessed already, but I was sure she wanted to give me a clue in an exciting and novel way.

“Keep your arms by your side,” she said, as she cuddled me from behind and started to run her silky hands over my abdomen and up towards my chest. Then she reached the full, soft flesh now covering my chest and I gasped as her hands slowly caressed and gently massaged my new voluptuousness. The glorious sensation was much more than I had expected. I had read somewhere that for some women their breasts are a complete erogenous delight but even this knowledge didn’t prepare me for what happened next.

Her nylon-clad fingers finally reached my seemingly huge nipples and I nearly collapsed with ecstasy. An electric shock of pure joy went through my whole body as she took each nipple and gently rolled and squeezed them between her thumbs and forefingers.

“Oh, Alena,” I sighed. “Let me see.”

“Not yet,” she giggled. “What’s this down here,” she added, as her right hand rested on my new nylon-covered smooth labia. “What’s happened to that lovely stiff cock?” She placed her finger along the slit, caressing up and down and I was forced to bite my lip. “Is it inside here?” Her finger suddenly curled round and slid effortlessly over the sheer nylon, into my vagina, finding my clitoris almost immediately, where it canlı bahis siteleri rested teasingly only for a second or two before beginning an almost unbearably delightful steady stroking.

“Don’t stop, Alena,” I cried out. “Please don’t stop!”

“What did you promise, Peter?” Alena said, removing her finger.

“Sorry, I forgot.”

“There’s more pleasure for you once I’ve gone, but you’ve got to find out for yourself. You can open your eyes now so you can see your new body.”

I finally snapped my eyes open and was amazed at the sight that greeted me. Staring back was a beautiful female version of me. Well, not quite me, but someone who might be mistaken for a twin sister of mine. My hair was the same colour as mine, but a softer and glossier texture. Even behind the layer of sheer nylon I could see that my facial features were feminine and very attractive. Then lower down, apart from the most gorgeous pair of natural breasts I had seen in a long time, the rest of my body had a soft feminine shape and I had hips! I couldn’t believe it but I was being turned on by the sight of my new body.

“Like what you see?” said Alena.

“I’m beautiful,” I answered. “Sorry, what I meant to say was you’ve made me beautiful.”

“I’m glad you like the new you. Now it really is time for me to go.”

“Goodbye, Alena and thanks.”

“Goodbye, Peter.”

With that I rubbed the jewel on the lamp three times. First, Alena disappeared and then a few seconds later the lamp followed. Immediately in its place I was suddenly holding what looked like a fat CD case with ‘Magic jewel instructions’ written on the outside.

I opened the case and on one side sat the jewel Alena had given me, in a red plush lining, and on the other side a conventional audio CD. I put it on my bedside table, thinking I would listen to it all the way through a little later, but I never got the chance that evening.

It didn’t occur to me how I was going to change back into a man, but by the time I did think about it a short while later, I was powerless. I began to explore my new body for myself – I could think of nothing else. Eventually, my hands wandered up to my lovely perfect breasts. I gently gripped the hard nipples in the way Alena had done and even though I was still in a high state of arousal, I was unprepared for what happened next,

Immediately, my whole groin tingled for a few seconds and a wave of pleasure washed over my body like you get when you reach the plateau of sexual excitement and you know that nothing will stop you coming within a few seconds. And before I knew it, my vagina was contracting with spasm after wonderful spasm.

As the spasms subsided, I was thinking that it was quite an enjoyable orgasm, but like before my groin started tingling and half a minute later I was coming again, just as strongly as before, then again after another half-minute and so on continuously.

I was still standing in front of the mirror, but after several powerful orgasms my legs were beginning to shake and I lowered myself onto the edge of the nylon-covered bed just as another ripple of ecstasy swept over me. I didn’t know how long this unique and wonderful experience was going to continue, so I slid up the slippery bed so that I could rest comfortably against the headboard and enjoy the ride. I didn’t want it to stop because I really was enjoying every orgasm, but on the other hand I was trapped in this seemingly endless cycle of pleasure.

Fortunately each orgasm was as good as the last. In fact I started to notice that they were becoming more intense, so much so that I began to squirm with each spasm, my slippery nylon body swishing about on top of the slippery duvet. Eventually, after some length of time I began to feel really tired and my eyelids started to droop until finally I let them close.

I awoke with a start and the room was in darkness. I looked at the clock and it was 3.00 am. I switched the light on and then I remembered what had been happening. My falling asleep seemed to have put an end to my automatic super-orgasms and my body was back to it’s normal shape. I was going to miss my lovely sensitive breasts. I took the magic jewel from from its case and rubbed the green side three times to make my nylon suit disappear. To my relief it did and I slid under my duvet in a state of exhaustion. I didn’t wake up again until the next evening.

Over the next few days I began to notice that I’d completely lost interest in sex. I was pretty sure that I was paying the price for all those endless orgasms and that my libido would return to normal at some time. In the meantime, even putting the nylon suit on did nothing for me, my cock remaining annoyingly limp. I didn’t even listen to the CD Alena had given to me — I didn’t see any point.

It took about a month for my interest in sex to return and just as it did, I was lucky enough one Tuesday evening to meet a lovely girl called Linda. After a few weeks of dating she had agreed to stay the night at my house.

As we sat on the sofa, kissing and cuddling, I suggested we share each other’s sexual desires so that we could have more fun in the bedroom. Linda agreed to start. She told me she liked to have her nipples licked and fondled and that she quite liked to ride her lovers.

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