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After two years of texting, many e-mails, photos exchanged, few one sided phone calls and minimal viewings of each other on video my heart must have been visibly pounding through my red blouse. The plane had just touched down at YYZ and I was about to be face to face with whom I called my lover. Making my way to the baggage pick up I decided to step into the ladies room. Complying with a request I recall being made a few times in our 2 years of communication, I slipped my panties off from beneath my fitted skirt, took a gentle whiff of them, then pushed them down into my handbag.

Walking into the baggage area I got a short glimpse of him and instantly felt the horny juice starting to pool in my pussy, praying my tight slit would not allow it to start to seep. My pussy became wetter and I felt my nipples getting excited against my lace as I got closer to my lover. Huge smiles, very few words spoken, our handshake was firm and friendly, we connected instantly. Making way through antep escort the crowded airport not within a few minutes I felt his broad chest pressing against me, pushing me against the wall next to us. Our lips met, tongues touched, startled at the feel of his hand moving up my inner thigh and fingers pushing into my slit. All within seconds I had coated him with my horny liquid.

We quickly start making our way through the crowd, my head down as slightly embarrassed to see if anyone just witnessed our lust. The moment I look over at my lover I see him smelling my scent on his fingers then sliding them in between his lips. Lips I have been lusting since the second I saw them years ago. His look, well it immediately hardened my clit. In an absolute euphoric daze walking so closely to so many people I remember the crazy awesome feeling of being pantiless with my slit now seeping from the insertion of my lovers fingers.

The elevator doors opened and we stepped in. As soon as the doors closed, I this time pressed myself up against him and felt both his hands slide up my loose blouse, cup my huge tits over my black lace and felt his finger tips find my already hard nipples. He pinches both at the same time and I swear if my legs were even the slightest further apart my horny liquid would of dripped on that elevator floor.

He opened the passenger door for me and as I was leaning in I felt his fingertip slowly caress my slit.The door closed. I quietly repeated holy fuck to myself as he was getting into the drivers side.

Our conversation was light. As he was pulling out of the parking stall I look over at him and without any hesitation I pulled up my skirt and start caressing my pussy. It was so hot and throbbing holy fuck I don’t remember the last time it was that wet. My gaze suddenly moved to his hand rubbing his own bulge. The vehicle parked so fast all I remember at that moment was his hands pushing my legs wide apart and his tongue fucking my cunt so smoothly, the feel of his upper lip on my clit flooded his mouth with all my wetness. It took but seconds to get his pants just past his thighs, my hand not leaving his cock, his erection growing in my palm. Wanting to wrap my lips around him so intensely but knowing that would come later I maneuverer my dripping cunt over him. I needed to feel every inch of him enter me. And I did, slowly. We did not fuck hard and we did not fuck long. I just looked him in eyes as I was touching his lips and begged him to make me cum. Slowly sliding myself up and down his shaft my orgasm built rapidly, watching his pulsing veins sliding in and out of me I took his hand and pushed his finger against my clit. That was it I arched back so quickly, hit my head on the windshield , screamed his name out so loud as I convulsed on his massive erection. I was numb for minutes and completely oblivious to the surroundings I didn’t notice the on lookers until my body went limp.

He is my lover, my crazy awesome and a few other names but for now I will call him Adam.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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