Confession Ch. 08

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


They say life is routine and I quickly fell into a new routine of getting everybody off to work and school and as soon as it was safe I was naked. I became more daring too, pushing myself to venture further and further out of my comfort zone. What started out as flashing the delivery guy turned into hanging out the washing naked and even weeding the back garden naked. There were a couple of times when I thought maybe the neighbor had spotted me but she never said anything and she didn’t act any differently when we caught up out in the street. Not at first anyway.

Then one day I was doing some gardening in the front yard, clothed unfortunately, and she came out to get her mail. She saw me down on my hands and knees and smiled as she waved hello. I sat back on my haunches and smiled up at her. I knew her name was Cathy and that she had lived there for nearly a year now but I had never really gotten to know her. She seemed shy and kept to herself a lot and I’m not really one to try and be overly friendly with the neighbors. Today though I felt a little ashamed of myself for that as she genuinely looked lonely. I decided to change that.

I slowly stood up, feeling my knees creak from spending too much time on them and walked over to the fence where Cathy was standing.

“Hi Cathy. How’s things?”

She seemed taken aback that I would try and talk to her and that just made me feel worse that I hadn’t made much of an effort before.

“Oh. Um I’m alright. Sick of doing housework and poker oyna decided to come out and check the mail. I can see why you’re outside today, it’s beautiful out here.”

“Yeah I couldn’t resist getting some sun today and I don’t often get out the front here. It sure needed weeding.”

I looked at the pile of weeds that I had already pulled out and decided that even though it was still nice out I was done for the day.

“Yeah I’ve never really been one for gardening so I was secretly glad when we moved here that it was all lawn. Barry talked about putting in a garden but I think he changed his mind when I told him he would be the one looking after it.”

I laughed at her complete lack of enthusiasm for gardening and it made me wonder why I had made such an effort to make a garden myself. It’s not like I had needed something to fill my time. She looked at me for a moment as though she was weighing up what she wanted to say next and I had a suspicion as to where the conversation was going to go.

“I saw you out in the garden the other day. I should have said hello then too but I didn’t want you to think I was being a sticky beak over your back fence.”

I was surprised at the tingle of excitement I suddenly felt knowing that she had seen me naked outside. I mean flashing the delivery driver had definitely been a thrill but knowing that Cathy had been watching me naked in the back garden really got me tingling. I didn’t want to appear embarrassed or upset at all though.

“Oh right. Well the weather has been perfect for it. Feel free to say hello whenever canlı poker oyna you see me though.”

Cathy began blushing a lot and fidgeting and I had a moment where I thought maybe I had made things uncomfortable for her. I decided that the best approach was to be direct. I couldn’t exactly deny it after all.

“Listen Cathy, I hope I didn’t upset you or make things weird for you at all, me being naked out there.”

Cathy looked a bit surprised as though she really hadn’t expected me to say anything or perhaps that I would brush it off.

“God no! No not at all. I mean I was surprised but no I’m not upset at all.”

“Oh that’s great. I guess I just didn’t think about it.”

“Please don’t change for me. I mean I actually admire you for having the confidence to do that. Don’t you worry that some of the other neighbors might see though?”

I couldn’t help but smile at Cathy. She had just said exactly what I needed to hear.

“At first I did but the whole point actually is to boost my self confidence and well to be honest I actually really enjoy it.”

“Being naked outside or the that perhaps people can see you?”

“Well both I guess. I love the feeling of the breeze and the sun kissing my skin and well to be honest it is a bit exciting thinking that someone might be watching.”

“Oh. I hope you don’t think I was standing around deliberately watching you.”

Cathy clearly didn’t want to be seen as a voyeur but her blush suggested that maybe that was exactly what she had been doing. It made me smile and gave me a little tingle in my internet casino pussy thinking about it. I went along with her pretense though as I didn’t want to embarrass her completely.

“Of course not Cathy. Not that it would bother me at all.”

Cathy was looking around nervously as though someone might be listening in to the conversation. I decided to take pity on her. I looked around again at the piles of weeds and decided that Jerome could pick them up when he got home. I really needed a cup of coffee.

“I’ve had enough of gardening for today. I’m going to go get a coffee, how about you come and join me?”

Cathy hesitated for a moment then smiled a big smile.

“Sure, that would be great, thank you.”

Over coffee I found myself opening up to her more about my naked adventures around the house and about my photography. I must have been starved for someone to talk to about it because Geoff showed little to no interest in what I was doing most of the time and I certainly didn’t want to tell him about the nudity, not that I was ashamed of it, I just didn’t want to share that with him.

Obviously I didn’t tell her about Ben. She seemed genuinely interested in the photography side of things though so I started up the computer and began showing her some of my photos. She seemed genuinely impressed with them and she didn’t balk at all when I showed her some of the slightly risque shots. She did however lament at not having the confidence to do something like that. I told her that if she was willing I would be delighted to take her photo.

She was reluctant and suddenly decided that she needed to get home but I could see that I had set the wheels turning and I thought that with a bit more confidence building and friendship I may just have my first model as well as a friend.

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