Confessions of a Gynecologist

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Many thanks to my editor, Thematterisclosed. Without him, this story would not be what it is.

I didn’t mean it to happen. I am a professional, I am a doctor, and I took the Hippocratic Oath. All my training was crystal clear on this matter and there was no gray area or wiggle room. Sexual relations with a patient are absolutely forbidden. Yet I violated that sacred commandment. There were a lot of factors, but the root of it all is I wanted to do it. Jenna seduced me, but I am responsible for my own actions.

It happened just like this; I’d been up half the night with a difficult delivery and was running on fumes. When Jenna Manero came in, I was happy she was my last patient for the day. I had been running behind all day, and had already sent the office staff home. Jenna was a new patient here and she only needed a simple breast exam and pap smear. As she came in, something about her made my antenna prick up; olive skinned, with glossy black hair and huge green eyes, she wore a wrap-around sundress in an attractive green pattern, which brought out the green of her eyes and complimented her skin nicely. Her remarkable beauty tugged me out of my haze of fatigue. She didn’t wear a bra under her dress, that was evident. For some reason I wondered if she had any panties on. As I said, I was tired. These thoughts sometimes sneak up on me when I’m tired.

Trying to put the thought of Jenna’s panties out of my mind, I introduced myself and looked over her medical history. She was an ordinary, healthy young lady of twenty-two.

“Ms. Manero, have you had a pelvic exam before?” I asked her politely.

She told me she had. I made a note and asked her a few more questions: did she have a pap smear done yearly? Yes. Did she do home breast exams? Yes. Did she have any problems or questions? She smiled and shook her head no. Good.

I indicated the paper gown and sheet. “Please undress and put on the gown so that it opens in the front and place the sheet over your lap.” I stepped out to give her the privacy to undress. I was going to see all of her that there was to see, but this ritual helped doctor and patient be detached. I was still wondering about her panties, though, another forbidden thought. Jenna’s beauty was inspiring a lot of those thoughts.

I re-entered to find Jenna reclining on the examination table, robed as instructed. I opened the front of her gown. “I’ll be doing a breast examination now, Ms. Manero, to check for any lumps or irregularities.” She had gorgeous breasts too, round and full with dark nipples and not a hint of sag. She must sun-bathe naked, I thought. She had no bikini lines. The image of her relaxing bursa yabancı escort in the nude popped into my head vividly.

Swiftly, I tried to employ my standard impersonal technique of quickly kneading each breast. It was difficult, especially when her nipples hardened under my touch. I pretended not to notice and was ready to move on with the rest of the exam when she hesitantly asked me, “Could you please tell me… I thought I felt something. Can you check again?”

Sometimes women were worried about their own ability to discern lumps, this was quite ordinary.

“Show me where the problem is,” I requested.

She pressed a spot just below her right nipple. I firmly palpated the spot indicated and found nothing.

“This feels normal. You’re fine.” I gave her a reassuring smile.

“Are you sure? I thought I felt something here.” She touched the bottom of her aereola now.

I palpated again, this time including the edge of her hard nipple. As I started to withdraw my hand, she said, “No, higher.” She guided my fingers onto the tip of her nipple. Then, to my great surprise, she guided my fingers back and forth so that I was fondling the whole nipple. Fondling, definitely not examining for lumps now.

“It’s ok, Ms. Manero,” I said, trying to recover myself, “Everything looks fine.” I closed her gown, shutting out the sight of her breasts. I proceeded to the abdominal examination, pressing down on her lower stomach to feel her internal organs. I tried to regain my composure but I noticed her stomach was flat and smooth to the touch. That was not helping me.

“If you could scoot down to the end here and place your feet in the stirrups,” I instructed her. This would be easier; she couldn’t guide my hands anywhere I didn’t want them to go. She would be at a disadvantage in fact, immobilized with her feet in the stirrups. I was thinking of her as an adversary by now, you see.

She got in position and I sat down on my examination stool, rolling myself up between her legs. I turned up the paper modesty sheet and adjusted the long-necked lamp so that it illuminated the area clearly. The area… her pussy. Her creamy thighs on each side, and right there, wide open and bare, her shaven pussy.

She was just as beautiful between her legs as anywhere else, but I fell back on procedure to detach myself. I began with a visual inspection of the exterior and tilted the lamp for a better view. I knew from experience that the warmth of the lamp could be arousing, but there was nothing for it, I had to be able to see. Her smooth, pale outer labia framed a dark pink, dripping wet pussy. I could smell bursa sınırsız escort my patient’s arousal as I drew closer.

“OK, everything looks good here. I am going to insert the speculum now,” I told in my best professional voice.

As I inserted it gently, Jenna moaned. I couldn’t believe this. This was unprecedented, but I continued with the examination.

The instrument slid in easily with no extra lubrication. I had done this hundreds of times, but never had I found it stimulating until now. The way it simply slipped in excited me me; it made me wonder what it would be like to to enter her pussy with my bare fingers. I cleared my throat and adjusted the speculum until her cervix was visible and gathered the necessary sample for the pap smear. Even Jenna could not make this exciting, but when I collapsed the speculum and withdrew it, she moaned again. I had begun to get wet between my own legs. Her moans did not help.

“Now I am going to inspect you from the inside,” I said.

I gritted my teeth to suppress my desire and inserted two gloved fingers. Jenna sighed voluptuously. Her pussy felt wonderful, slippery and hot. I used my two fingers to press up while a hand on her stomach pressed down, catching her organs in between. I honestly didn’t even notice if all was as it should be. All I could think of were Jenna’s vaginal walls as they tensed and relaxed around my fingers. She was still sighing… well, sort of panting now actually.

I debated with myself, my fingers inside her pussy. She wanted it so badly. Would it be wrong if it was consensual? The fact I even considered the idea showed how horny I had become. It must have been that and the fatigue that impaired my judgment and self-control. I withdrew my fingers and pulled off my gloves.

“Jenna, I am going to do an exterior examination,” I lied. I gently parted her lips and touched her slippery folds. I circled her clitoris carefully. Jenna stiffened and responded with a small cry of pleasure.

In my most professional voice I asked, “Have you ever had an orgasm?”

I had no idea how she might respond.

“No, doctor.”

“Well, Jenna, a young woman your age should have experienced one by now. I’ll perform a short procedure now, to observe your response to stimulation. This won’t be painful.”

I reinserted my two fingers, this time without gloves. My other hand resumed its teasing motions, touching all around her clitoris. Jenna was tossing her head and crying out.

“Good,” I encouraged her, “All is normal so far.”

God, I couldn’t help myself. I put my head between her legs and licked her outer lips as görükle escort my two hands kept working on her. My tongue replaced my fingers, circling her clit. With my other hand, I continued gliding my fingers in and out of her hot, tight pussy. She smelled delicious, musky, arousing. She tasted even better, her slick creamy juice hot and indescribable.

Jenna was straining against the stirrups, her young body tightened up around her pleasure. I pulled away to admire her beauty. The paper sheet had slid off and her gown was open. She was rubbing and pinching her nipples, head back. She whimpered “Don’t stop.” Her toes were curled under, she was close.

My fingers were wet and slick with her moisture. I gently placed the pad of my index finger on her anus. I softly probed it, not trying to enter her. With the fleshy part of my finger, I massaged her entrance. As I kept the circular movements going there, I reinserted two fingers from my other hand into her dripping, delicious pussy.

Her hips were thrusting, her body thrashing about. I opened and closed my own legs, wishing I had three hands, one to stimulate myself. I dove between her legs again, continuing my oral attentions. I did not tease now. I focused on her clit, licking it firmly from bottom to top, in a sweeping motion. I repeated this, listening to Jenna’s moans and cries. I sped up, and then started wiggling her clit back and forth with the tip of my tongue.

Her muscles were tightening around my fingers, she was so close. I plunged my fingers in and out energetically, making wet squishing sounds, moved my tongue even faster. Then her pussy clamped down on my fingers and she screamed out her pleasure. Her body convulsed in the stirrups, but I continued moving until she came to rest with a sigh.

I had never before witnessed a screaming orgasm. I removed my fingers from her and brought them to my mouth. Jenna panted, recovering. I retrieved the paper sheet, replaced it over her lap.

“Well, Jenna, your responses were excellent. I’m pleased to say everything is healthy. You may get dressed now.”

I exited the examination room. I was relieved I had let the office staff go home early. I had no witnesses to my crime. I gave Jenna a few minutes to dress, then opened the exam room door. She was sitting demurely on the edge of the exam table by the time I came in. I picked up her chart, circled the code for pap smear and breast exam.

“Bring this up to the reception window and I’ll get you checked out.” Just the normal doctor routine. She signed and stepped out through the front doors, just like that.

When she was gone, I raced to me office and rushed my fingers into my panties, found my clit and rubbed myself to orgasm quickly. What had I been thinking? Screwing her was forbidden and I wanted to do it again and again. After her departure I dreaded her return, but lusted for it too. My will was broken after tasting her once. What was I going to do?

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