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Big Dicks

I am director of sales for a hotel. Most times I am tucked away in my office while my sales team handles the booking of the banquet rooms and group blocks. Both sales agents were busy when a potential customer came in to the lobby asking for information.

The front desk clerk buzzed back to my office and asked me if I was free to come out and give some assistance with booking a banquet room. I was pleasantly surprised when I came out to the lobby.

There he was around 6’2″, dark hair and a neatly trimmed goatee. A neatly pressed button up and snug fitting jeans. Shaking his hand I introduced myself and showed him down the hall towards our banquet rooms.

Stepping into our larger room with the small dance floor, I began to ask my basic sales questions. “What type of even was he having?” “A birthday party.”

“How many guests would be attending?” “Possibly 100 people.”

“Would there be music and or food?” “Yes, both food and a DJ.”

“We could provide both tables and chairs, setting up the room to your specifications.” He said, “I won’t need 100 chairs. Maybe just 50 scattered through out the room and some high rise tables if possible and also two larger tables for the food and gifts.”

After walking around the room I told him “This room should be the perfect size for your event.” His eyes locked onto mine. He just stood there quietly. I responded with a shy smile as I nervously straightened my skirt.

He smiled then walked toward the door. “Could I get back with you on the dates and other specifics?” “Ofcourse,” then I asked “Would you like a quote on the price of the room?”

He smiled and said “No, money is no object. I am VERY pleased with what I have seen so far”, emphasizing the word very.

I nervously cleared my throat as I opened the door. “If you will please follow me back to my office I will get you one of my business cards.” He quickly replied, “Gladly.”

He stopped in my office door way. As I leaned down to get one of my cards I heard him clear antep escort his throat. I smiled as I momentarily held my pose. I turned around to a very sexy smile. I was speechless. I have been in this business for a good while now. No one has ever had this effect on me. After taking my card from me he shook my hand again. Slowly releasing my hand he said “I look forward to seeing you again.”

As he turned to walk away I remembered he never gave me his name. So to his back I loudly asked “Could please get your name sir?” He looked back over his shoulder with a grin, “Connor.”

I practically fell into my chair after he left. I took a deep breath and shook my head as if to clear the cobwebs. Connor had set my body on fire with just his eyes. How would I survive another meeting?

A week later Conner calls to set up a meeting to finalize things. He also mentioned his was interested in blocking off a group of rooms for guests who want to stay over night at our hotel. On the day of our meeting I left word for the front desk clerk to just show him to my office when he arrived.

The date he wanted for the party was open. So we completed the contract for the banquet room and he paid the deposit. We agreed that the balance for the room rental would be paid in full by the night of the party.

It was when we were diagramming out how to set up the tables and chairs that I got my surprise. He asked for two corners of the room to be left open. I agreed that we would set things up to his specifics. He said that they would set up a spanking bench in one and a Saint Andrews Cross. I stopped writing and looked up at him like a deer in the headlights. He just gave me that sexy smile. He assured that all of his guests will be legal consenting adults. I tried to breathe slowly and continue my paperwork.

Breaking the silence he asked, “Could look at your guest rooms now?” I nervously started stacking my papers as I stuttered, “Yes, ofcourse.” I quickly grabbed my keys and walked toward my door. Connor just laughed.

Stopping by the front desk I asked for an available room to see. I asked her not to rent the room until we come back from viewing it.

Unlocking the door I walked in first. I stood quietly while he looked over the room. He sat on the bed rubbing his hand over the area beside him. “This is a nice soft bed.” He was staring at me.

I coughed a little and turned toward the tv. I was hoping maybe to take his attention off the bed by talking about the features of our tv. “We have expanded cable with 3 movie channels on a 32″ HD tv.”

He was still staring so I walked over to the bathroom. “In here there is an over sized shower and tub with Jacuzzi jets.”

As I turned to walk out of the bathroom Conner quickly appeared behind me. He asked, “Could you repeat that please?” I turned to go back over the features and he gently pushed me face first toward the counter.

“These counters seemed to be just the right height.” Connor said. I met his eyes in the mirror. He moved my hair to one side exposing my neck. Quietly I added, “The mirror gives a great view as well.”

In between the kisses he was putting down the side of my neck he gave a growl. I began to unbutton my blouse as he slid his hands under my skirt pushing it up around my waist. I instinctively began to rub my ass against him. His hand went into the side of my panties quickly, dipping one finger then two between my pussy lips. I started to moan. I was so close. I felt a sharp nibble on my neck as he removed his fingers. “Not yet” he commanded as he removed his hand from my panties.

We both were watching in the mirror as he took off my blouse and bra. He began to twist on my hard nipples, palming my tits as he squeezed them together. He turned me around and sat me on the counter. He began to suck my tits pulling on my hard nipples with his teeth. I began to play with my tits, squeezing them as I offered them up to him. This time Connor moaned. “Play with you pussy while I unzipped my pants. I need to see if you are wet enough for a good fucking.”

Pulling my panties to the side I slowly began to finger myself. He stood back watching me as he stroked his thick cock. Hoping to drive him as wild as he has me I began to suck on my wet fingers, tasting myself. He gave a big growl as he pulled me off the counter and pulled of my panties.

“Let me see that sweet ass” as he bent me over the counter.

He commanded, “Spread those cheeks.”

I watched in the mirror him pulling a square foil package from his pocket.

I started to stand back up “No, not my ass.”

“No sweetie, I want your pussy today. That tight ass will be mine the next time. “

He slid into me with one slow push. His thick hard cock stretched me, filling me up. With a fist full of my hair he had me look into the mirror. “Tell me what you want,” he demanded.

I could hardly speak. He pulled out of me a little then putting his hands on my shoulders he pulled me down onto him. He stopped balls deep inside me.

“I won’t move until you tell me.” Then he pushed forward adding pressure to my g spot.

“Oh please Connor Fuck me. Fuck me now”, I begged. Sliding his hands down my arms he pulled them behind me. Pulling me back to him he began to fuck me harder and faster with each stroke. Quickly he drove me over the edge, shortly after I felt him give his final push as he orgasmed.

Quickly we both cleaned up. Quietly, I was thinking about his statement about the next time.

Just before we left the room he pushed me against the door. He kissed me passionately. “Yes, I meant what I said about the next time.” I just smiled!

Back in the lobby he extended his hand for a handshake. He smiled. “Thank you for all your help. I look forward to seeing you again.”

I felt like I was walking on a cloud back to my office. After sitting down and catching my breath I called up to the front desk. I had he put that room on the housekeeping list for cleaning tomorrow. Not once have I ever shown a guest room and had such an experience. There is just something about Connor. I cannot wait to see him again!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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