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I quite enjoyed the new Carole during our trip to the Algarve. Since my retirement I have to admit I had rather neglected her in favour of my golf and golfing buddies and our sex life had rather dwindles away. The new slimmer toned Carole rekindled my interest and the much more aggressively sexually confident Carole nearly blew my mind. The thought of my previously quite conservative wife ‘putting out’ for not only one young guy but a couple of groups of them was a real turn on as was her decision to bring her big ripe ass ‘into play’.

We had some torrid sex sessions on the back of our adventures in the Algarve, our walking holiday and a few nights out in a strange part of town with her dressed to leave very little to the imagination. But gradually our sex drive started to diverge again with her having a taste of a lot of young cock wanting more and more cock and me getting quite exhausted by it and seeking refuge in the golf club.

Quite honestly I was quite relieved when I suspected and had it confirmed that she was having a fling with her personal trainer. It miffed me a bit that I had to hear it from her friend but thought it wasn’t too bad as he has to be discreet in his job if he is playing with the clients. I also knew that as he is a ladies man it would eventually run out of steam. In some ways it suited all round she was getting cock, and the thought of the muscle bound stud casino siteleri riding her was a bit of a turn on and so I too stepped up my riding of her to a couple of times per week and to my shame to ‘reclaim’ her after I knew she had been with him.

In fact I rather facilitated the affair in when she said she was ‘going out with the girls’ and might stay over with one or other I said I would have dinner at the club so she could get ready without having to sneak about. For about three or four weeks it worked all round and he was obviously working her hard as she often came home almost literally ‘shagged out’ and with bruises on her breasts and butt. And a few times she stayed out not one but two nights. Her tops got lower and lower cut and her skirts shorter and shorter and she was out at least three nights a week but she looked great, she was happy and we had good no pressure sex when she was at home.. It obviously suited both her and me. She was getting her sexual kicks and all the attention she needed and I was able to enjoy my golf.

However I thought she was just discreetly seeing Dave, her instructor, and it stunned me when a neighbour casually dropped into conversation that he didn’t know that Carole and I had developed an interest in soccer. When I asked why he said he had seen her dropped off a couple of times in a flash car by a well known soccer player and güvenilir casino his mates. I mumbled something about her doing some PR work for the club and he smiled and said ‘Oh that explains why she was wearing such a short skirt ‘. And he went on jokingly ‘ we thought she was having an affair and we would read about it in the Sunday papers — you know what these black footballers are like!’

That night I confronted her about it and she admitted that she had been having an affair with Dave for about five weeks and initially thought she had fallen for him. But early on he had taken her to a footballers’ party and she had met some of the guys and had seen them three or four times. When I asked ‘with Dave or without Dave’, it rather stunned me when she said ‘both’. I was stunned to hear that she was not only seeing Dave at the health club for training and sex but had also partied with a couple of the footballers and their mates a few times. When I asked where she mentioned three well known hotels. The first time it had happened Dave had taken her to a party and it had been quite wild and she ended the first night with the black footballer and his brother before spending the next day and night with them. ‘Bill’ the black footballer had later taken her to another party where she had ended up overnight with him and another team member and more recently she had partied with ‘Bill’ canlı casino , his brother and another friend. It must have been them that the neighbour had seen dropping her off.

The thought of my wife being taken by combinations of black and white guys was a real turn on — especially the thought of letting the black footballer bugger her – but my arousal was tempered by how indiscreet she had been around guys who were always in the press. After giving her a good shagging I made her promise that she would break off with Dave and stop playing away with the footballers. I have to say I watched the football on telly a bit more to see the guy who had been balling my wife.

She did promise but obviously retained the hunger for cock and instead of night time forays turned to daytime ones. Just over five weeks ago she was shopping in Edinbugh and let a young student pick her up in Starbucks in Princess Street. He was fucking her 4 or five times a week when I was golfing – initially at his flat but then when he moved into another house she had brought him home. I only realised about this when a neighbour told me it was nice to see an Aunt and her nephew so close and that my nephew was a lovely guy! This and the previous sightings started to circulate around the club and the neighbourhood and she was developing quite a reputation. We both found it embarrassing and were really concerned our kids would hear about it.

Once again we had a serious heart to heart and we also decided to see if we could get her a ‘fuck buddy’ to keep her occupied, and I might sometimes join her and him, but who lived far enough away from us to be discreet- we need volunteers!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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