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Some people seem to have such ‘normal’ lives, no big secrets, no dark desires. I often wish I were such a person.

I consider my ‘uniqueness’ to have started in grade school, but maybe it happened long before that. I’ll never know. Miss Collins was the kind of woman people talked about – an older single woman. A word often used was ‘spinster’. She was also missing a leg. I happened to have her as a teacher one year and found her to be unlike what people would say about her.

That was the last year she was at my school. I never forgot her.

Juliet works for the same company but in a different city and arrives to help review our project. I am stunned with her beauty as she walks into the meeting. I flash back to Miss Collins. Like her, Juliet is missing her left leg.

I make sure we walk out of the conference room together. She wears a proper business outfit, black knee length skirt with matching jacket, white blouse, and black shoe. Her pixie haircut frames her face perfectly. Her perfect lips are bare and ready for kissing.

She smiles at me showing her white teeth as her eyelids flutter over ice-blue eyes. She speaks softly to me as others hurry past. “Laurel, I thought your design was unique. I liked what I heard.”

“Thanks. I’ve only been here a year, but I think I add a lot to the project.”

She turns as if to walk in a different direction then pauses. Her face moves in my direction without turning her body. “Would you like to join me for lunch?”

“Sure. I’d love to … a lot.”

Now she turns the rest of her body and moves closer to me. Her hand casually holds my upper arm. “Fine, just the two of us?” I nod and smile. “Great,” she says then continues in the original direction.

I am a wreck for the next hour and unable to do much on my assignment. I flash back to Miss Collins and the few women I’ve happened to see like her, but never met. Most of the people I’ve dated have been women, though I have dated a few men. Strangely, neither gender excites me if they have both legs. I prefer evenings alone staring at pictures of amputees or writing fiction about such people.

A knock on the door followed by a voice causes me to come back to the moment with a sudden jolt.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you,” Juliet says as I turn my office chair.

“No, no, it’s okay. I was off in a daydream.” I laugh. “Ready?” As I grab my purse and walk towards the door, I let my eyes ravish her completely and hope she is doing the same to me.

The one block walk to the restaurant is mostly in silence. I try to watch her without staring. The hostess shows us to a booth by the window and Juliet places her crutches at the far end of the seat before sitting. I sit opposite her as the hostess puts opened menus in front of us.

“What a morning,” she says as she being scanning the menu. “I’m not big on business travel.”

“You seem to do well on crutches.”

“Thanks. It didn’t take long to adjust to doing things that way. I travel light, just a small bag I sling over a shoulder. I live alone, how about you?”

“Yeah, just haven’t found the right woman.” I decide it is a good idea to get that out in the open just in case she is gay.

“Same here.” She closes the menu then smiles at me. “I’m glad we could have lunch. I had good vibes from you this morning.”

“Hmmm. To be honest, after the meeting, you occupied all my thoughts.”

“Really?” She reaches out and places a hand over one of mine. “I’m going to be here for a few days. Maybe we will have a chance to get to know each other.”

She continues to hold my hand and stroke the fingers as we place our orders and watch the waitress walk away.

“You seem comfortable with me even though I am missing a leg. Most people aren’t.” She lets her eyes roam over my face.

“Maybe I should be coy about how I….”

“Laurel, I hope you won’t hide anything from me.”

“Most of my life….” I fall silent and sip my ice tea.

“Here, let me break the ice a little. I think I might know what you’re trying to say. I’ve always found amputees particularly interesting.” She smiles and holds my hand again.

“Oh-h.” I nod a few times. “Me-e too-o,” I drawl nervously. “I once had a teacher with one leg. Everyone said unpleasant things about her, but she was nice to me. I’ve kind of fallen into a … I don’t know how to explain it, but….”

“Listen. An attraction to people like me is okay. Most people aren’t and I’ve been waiting to find a woman that is.”

“Well then, it’s good to get that out of the way.” I laugh.

The waitress returns with our food and puts each plate gently in front of us. She asks if there is anything else then walks away.

Juliet holds a fork in one hand, my hand in the other, as she stares at me. “Laurel … I love that name … forgive me for skipping past all the usual talk one usually wades though getting to know someone. I had this feeling about you and I couldn’t contain my curiosity. I know there is a kind of risk when meeting aydın escort a co-worker.”

She lets go of my hand and cuts a piece of the sliced turkey then slowly chews the bite. I watch her lips move and wonder what they would be like to have between my thighs. I feel the wetness build and am happy I wore panties today. I cut into my hamburger patty, swab it though some ketchup, and then stuff it into my mouth. My tongue swishes over my lip in hopes of clearing a drip. I dab at the same spot with a napkin just in case I missed.

“Trying to not be a slob,” I mumble. She seems to understand and smiles. “About the co-worker concerns, don’t worry. In the meeting, I felt grateful that I didn’t just throw you on the floor and take you right there.” I snicker.

“Oh my, that would have been wickedly exciting. I’m not sure anyone else would have understood.”

“No, probably not. I ‘can’ behave myself in public.” I laugh.

“Do you get these urges around just any amputee?” She grins large enough to show most of every tooth.

“Only in my mind. I might make an exception for you.” I grin. “Hopefully we can have dinner tonight and continue this conversation.”

“I hope I can wait that long,” she muses, holding the glass of ice tea just in front of her luscious lips for a moment then gently sips. “I never expected to get so lucky.”

I thought my morning after the meeting was a waste of time, but the afternoon is even more so. I type the same thing often then for long periods, I find no words to type.

A gentle rap of knuckles draws me out of idle nothing. I look around and find Juliet in my door with a huge grin over her face.

“Are you allowed to leave a few minutes early?”

“For you, yes.” I giggle then grab my briefcase and purse.

“Where too?”

“There’s a pub that serves wickedly great burgers.”

“I hope good whiskey. I feel a need for a stiff drink.”

“A long afternoon of meetings can do that to a throat. Some whiskey sounds perfect to me as well. It’s not far past where we had lunch.”

“A bunch of us are going out for drinks,” Tom offers as he walks past.

“Nah,” she says. “I miss my pillow and it’s been a long day.”

“Well, maybe tomorrow,” he says. “How about you, Laurel?”

“Thanks, another time, Tom.” I glance at her and we smile knowing we have dodged that offer.

“After you,” she whispers.

On the sidewalk, I watch with growing interest as her foot passes between the crutch tips. I bump into a man with his head down not paying attention and he huffs before continuing on, still with his head down.

She glances at me. “Does this fascinate you?” She snickers. “I told you, I don’t mind you being interested.”

“Yeah, it does. You make it look so … ah, natural.”

“Well, for me, it is.”

“With one leg, you’re correct.” I smile then look ahead just in time to avoid another collision. “We’re here.” I grab the door and hold it open.

The interior is dark and rich. The after work crowd still yet to arrive, so we get our choice of tables and take one along the wall towards the back. She leans the crutches against the wall and pulls the seat underneath her. I sit along the side of the table to her left rather than opposite.

“God, this is exciting,” I say under my breath.

“I agree.” She takes my hand and holds it between both of her hand. “Hope you don’t mind, I’m a little touchy-feely.” She grins in my direction. I briefly feel her barefoot rub against my lower leg.

“Nope, not at all. Our second ‘date’.” I lean close and give her a soft kiss on the lips. I pull back slightly. “That was nice. I like to kiss.”

“Hmmm, a woman after my own heart.”

“What can I get you … other than some privacy.” The waitress giggles then smiles. “It’s okay. I just met a new gal and I know that feeling.”

“Two whiskeys and the dinner menu,” Juliet says. “What I want isn’t on the menu.” She snickers then rubs my hand again.

“Perhaps you will have desert later,” the waitress whispers before leaving.

“Count on it,” she whispers, still stroking my hand. “So, your teacher was missing a leg.”

“Miss Collins. I can see her as if I’m still in the front row of class. She always wore ankle length dresses. She was a very old fashion lady. There was always that single foot with a loafer and white sock just below the hem and well-worn wooden crutches under her arms. Sometimes she moved around on a single crutch with a book open in the hand on the other side.”

“Made quite an impression on you it seems.”

I nod and my attention lingers over her lips as they stop moving. “I love your lips,” I whisper.

The drinks and menus appear then the waitress leaves without comment.

I hold my drink up and she clicks the glasses together. “Cheers … here’s to a very long relationship,” she says then sips.

“Yes, and we haven’t even seen each other naked.” I laugh.

“Oh, I bet you are a knock out with nothing on.”

“Yeah, in aydınlıkevler escort the darkest of the night. Not at all like you.”

“I guess there’s only one way to settle this. Not here though.” She snickers. “Are you a neat freak or a slob?”

“Somewhere on the neat side of things. A mess won’t upset me though, as long as it doesn’t last for weeks.” I laugh.

“Me too, but it’s nice being in a hotel room and letting someone else clean up.”

We order burgers and fries and another drink then chat about little things, just getting to know each other.

“How long since your last girlfriend?” I ask.

“A year, maybe longer. No one since … you know.”

“Why? Geez, even if I weren’t attracted to amputees, I’d find you exciting. You’re beautiful and intelligent. What more would someone want?”

“I don’t know. I never expected it to be this way. All the stories on the Internet make it seem like you lose a leg and a line forms around the block.” She laughs. “I go into a lesbian bar and everyone just has a look like ‘poor woman’. I guess I’d almost given up.”

“Yeah, and then I pop into your life.” I grin. “Not like the ‘attraction’ is the ticket to life long happiness.” I take her hand for a moment and squeeze.

The hotel doorman holds the door open for us and tips his hat politely then offers a simple ‘hello’. I feel his eyes still on my hips as we pass the front desk and I wonder if he is looking at Juliet in the same way or at all. The elevator doors close and she presses twelve. My stomach drops as the elevator takes off and zooms us upwards. I look back and watch the large atrium lobby out the large glass wall behind us.

“I don’t like heights, can’t look out there,” she tells me.

I turn to look at her. “I’ll protect you.” I put my hand against her back and stand a little closer.

The door opens and I follow her to the right. Halfway down the long hallway, she slides the cardkey into the slot and the light blinks green as a loud clunk tells us it is unlocked.

The suite has two rooms, a sleeping area, and one for sitting with a couch, TV and a table with several chairs.

“Can I get you a drink?” she offers as she moves towards a small bar then pours a whiskey. “I don’t have to be there until nearly noon.” She chuckles. I agree to a drink and she pours a glass for me. “Here, welcome to my lair.” She bites her lower lip in a seductive manner as she hands me the glass.

“If I’m going to be captive, maybe I should slip into something more revealing.”

I sip the drink as I let my eyes fall into her gaze. She takes the glass and places it on the table then drags a fingertip over my blouse and across the curve of my cleavage. The crutches crash to the floor as her hand pulls against my back and her lips weld against mine. I accept her tongue as it dives deep without fear. Her hand quickly explores most of my body.

“Hmmm,” she mumbles into my mouth and urges me towards the bedroom with a tug of her hand.

The vacuum breaks as her lips rip away. “Uh-huh,” I groan and follow her long hops as I unbutton my blouse and remove my bra between quick steps. She flips the jacket then the blouse on a chair as she sits hard on the edge of the bed. The shoe falls with a nudge of the hand as the skirt slips past the foot.

“That’s much better,” she teases as he rips the white thong past the foot and tosses it on the pile of clothes.

I stare at the naked woman with one leg, the left thigh ending inches from the top. “God-d, you’re lovely-y.”

Her lips cover mine without comment and I find myself lowered to the bed so we are lying next to each other. I drag my hand along the small of her back and over a buttock then the stump. She moves it against my palm and I love the feel of the soft end molding itself to my grip.

Other than slurping of our tongues, it is quiet for a while as hands travel over places untouched by another human for too long and finding everything to our liking. I’m in no rush and I believe she isn’t either.

Eventually her lips leave a trail of moisture over each breast and across my stomach. I utter a soft moan as her lips approach my mound, bald from the laser hair removal a few years back. My knees rise and fall to the side as she pushes gently on my thighs and takes a pussy lip in her mouth. She nibbles lightly along the full length, just teasing the flesh swollen with excitement.

I tug on a breast, pulling the nipple to my mouth and licking it to a firmer state. Her finger explores then a mate joins the exploration. I wiggle my ass with joy and she laps my clit out in the open.

“Oh-h yeah-h,” I moan, louder than expected.

“Honey babe-e,” she coos as her tongue resumes the lapping. “I love the way you taste,” she mumbles into the folds of skin, her hands gripping my ass cheeks tightly as she moves me over her mouth.

My toes curl and grip the sheet tightly as I thrust my mound hard against her face. “Fuck-k,” I moan. My fingers ayrancı escort toy with her hair and guide her head here and there. “Finger my cunt-t some more.”

“Oh darling, I love naughty words.” She jabs three fingers deep and rubs them as her hand pumps quickly. Her mouth finds its way against my clit and rolls it between her lips. My lower body quakes with the pending climax.

“Coming-g, coming-g,” I quickly begin repeating as my toes feel like they will break off and my hips pound the sheet. She grips my ass tighter with the free hand and presses the side of her face against my thigh as the fingers of the other hand continues to pummel my opening.

“Fucking-g,” I drawl for a long moment then begin to relax as the climax wanes. “Good,” I finally say. She removes the fingers and pecks her lips the full length of my pussy, sucking the dripping nectar along the way. I stretch my legs towards the ceiling before letting them back to the bed, splayed to either side.

“Jesus Juliet, you’re good,” I offer as I switch position with her and move my face directly opposite her stump to give it the inspection I’ve been dreaming about all day, or possibly since first seeing Miss Collins. My hands encircle the stump and feel the soft mass move about. “This is wonderful,” I say between kisses along the faint scar. “You’re so lucky.” I continue my kisses and she gently moans while guiding the stump over my lips.

Her hand cups her bald mound and fingers part the opening. A fingertip finds the clit and toys for a while as I satisfy my curiosity about what a stump might look and feel like for real, not just in a picture. I kiss up the short piece of thigh enjoying the begging aroma filling my senses. “Hmmm, delicious,” I say after the first lap of my tongue over the wet pink skin being offered to me.

“Yeah-h, just-t for you-u,” she utters piecemeal in short gasps.

My fingers roam and probe as I kiss; soon they slop though the puddles that have been forming probably since dinner, searching for her g-spot. A place I love to have touched. Her lone foot rises and rests on my upper back; the stump reaches to the side as best it can. My hand cuddles the stump, fondling occasionally as I play inside her.

“Ah-h, ah-h,” she roars as I press and stroke. She rips at her breasts, rolling them over her chest like dough. Her lower body racks and jolts against my hand. “Ah-h,” she groans for moments as though the word is miles long. I keep her orgasm peaking with my fingers until she tugs at my wrist. “Enough,” she begs. “Wow! Glad you know where that is.”

She pulls at my arm until our mouths are trading each other’s flavors. I feel her stump massaging my mound and I let my hand caress her hip. We kiss in silence, just enjoying the touch of the other’s body.

I wake as she sits before looking for her crutches. “In the other room,” I whisper, and then get up to retrieve them.

“You’re handy to have around,” she teases as she shoves them under her arms.

I watch her hips sway with each step towards the bathroom, the stump just dangling beside the moving thigh. I follow and lean against the door jam as she settles on the toilet.

“Is there anything you do that isn’t erotic?” I ask then leave a big smile covering my face.

The stream stops splashing and she wipes. “No one ever asked that while I was pissing.” She snickers. “Wickedly pleasing.” She stands and with a single deft hop, she leans against me and lets her tongue wander deep in my mouth. “I might just keep you around, you know, to retrieve my crutches and watch me piss.”

“And here I thought my g-spot detector would make you want me.” I laugh and slap her ass playfully.

“Well, maybe you can test that theory. We have some time.”

My CD alarm softly clicks on and before the song begins, I search to find where I am. Alone in my own bed I realize, already missing the feel of her warm body next to mine. Soon the water pours over my head washing away her fragrance, leaving me lonely. I watch it all swirl though the drain for a while before turning the water off and stepping from the shower. The thick towel pats me dry and I wish we were taking turns doing that for each other.

I toss my dirty clothes in the hamper and search for something to wear to work and a change for my overnight bag just in case I spend the night again. I lean against the wall, still naked, and let my mind savor the way Juliet felt against me as we drifted off to sleep.

“Hey,” Tom says as he leans into my office. “We missed both of you last night.”

The way he says it almost makes it sound as if he knows we were together. It is strange since no one has ever made a big deal about me going after work for a drink.

“Yeah, another time.”

I turn my attention back to a report I’m reading but having trouble keeping my focus on it. At last, I scrawl my initials at the top under the other initials and shove it in the out box before starting on another report.

It feels like an eternity and I glance at my watch to see it is only ten-thirty. I continue working my way though the pile.

“Lunch?” Juliet whispers against my neck, a hand resting on my shoulder.

My head leans back against her face and rolls around a few times, savoring the feel of her closeness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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