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He got the call when he was on the freeway coming home from work. Instantly he winced, worried that she was calling to change plans, only to realize it was exactly that.

“Honey,” he answered, doing his best to hide his disappointment. Instantly she was apologetic.

“I’m soooo sorry, honey. I had the worst day at work. We had to lay off two people and you know who that job got pushed to. You know how much that stinks, laying off people who have really been working hard all so the higher ups can get a better country club membership?

“It’s ok, I know there are days like those. I’m kinda tired too,” he lied.

She was a good woman and he was lucky to have her. In addition to being a great wife, amazing lover and a better companion than he ever could have dreamed, she was a driven worker. Six months to the day she began work at Feldman & Feldman Financial, she was promoted to the post of Regional Senior VP, a spot most people spent lifetimes envying. Despite the time and energy she ceded to her job, their relationship prospered. They shared duties around the house and he learned to enjoy cooking for her now and then. Many evenings she would come home from a twelve hour day at the office to find him asleep in the bedroom, the house thoroughly cleaned and her dinner waiting for her in the oven.

Today she was home earlier and he saw her lying on her back, still dressed professionally in her business attire, on the bed. Her hands were clasped over her stomach and her eyes were closed. Trevor knew she was awake by the steady breathing of her chest. She was practicing the meditation exercises she learned.

When he entered she didn’t move, only acknowledged his presence with a slight smile and a “Hi, honey.” He returned the greeting and she added, “Sorry about tonight.”

“Oh, that’s all right, I’m perfectly capable of making dinner myself.”

“I’ll have some of yours when you do,” she half joked.

Instead of leaving he sat behind her to prop her shoulders on his knees. She acquiesced and spread her arms, allowing him to rub her shoulders. Eventually her suit jacket came off and he unbuttoned half her blouse. The sight of her large breasts pressed beneath her bra excited him and he knew she felt him erect beneath her. He made to take off her shirt but she stopped and made him rise.

Her eyes opened lazily and she directed, “Take off all your clothes.” Never seeing this side of his wife before, he did as commanded. Though she had seen him naked hundreds küçükçekmece escort of times he felt nervous, as if he were on display. When he relieved himself of his underwear she saw his erection. His cock hung thickly between his strong thighs, a subtle smile appearing on her face.

She divested herself of her skirt, spread her legs and had him kneel at the foot of the bed between them. Their love life was fulfilling and he enjoyed pleasing his wife but tonight something felt different. Her lower body undulated and he quickly recognized the familiar scent of his wife’s ardor. It was one he’d grown to love, one that never failed to excite him.

Like a puppet on a string, he tore at the pantyhose that covered her, exposing the smooth flesh underneath. A warm sigh showed her approval. She wore the light blue cotton panties he’d gotten her as a gag gift years ago. She was used to wearing much sexier underclothes, making the panties in front of him look so virginal.

Slowly he placed two firm, closed mouth kisses in the center of the material, hearing a murmur of impatience after each. She was fully reclined, her eyes closed, brow slightly furrowed, caught up in the complete relaxation she was feeling.

Not wanting to wait a moment longer, he pulled at the cotton, tearing the fabric with a visceral rrrrip! In that one moment her body froze and he felt her sex beneath him. Its warmth emanated against him like hot vapor.

He boldly kissed her, his mouth stretching to her hole to her clit. Heavy breaths from his nostrils alerted her tiny nub.

“Oh God….Yes….Finally….,” she moaned lewdly.

This was unlike his normally reticent wife. Though no stranger to enjoying herself sexually, he had never seen her so open about it.

“God…,” she moaned. “I needed this all day…couldn’t get it off my mind.” She reached beneath her to stroke his hair. She was damp before he even touched her and he wondered how long she had been this way. It wasn’t out of the ordinary for her to masturbate at work, she even called to tell him about it sometimes, but for her to go without when she was this needy was unusual.

He’d been in this position many times and knew her pussy better than she did herself. She enjoyed long, slow strokes that caressed her labia and she preferred when he made good use of his lips. Her clit was usually very sensitive so he learned to take his time with it. Rather than rush to it and küçükyalı escort throw off her orgasm, he teased. It was the center of her pleasure and he learned to appreciate it as a man should. He’d seen how intense her orgasms could be when it was approached the right way.

She seemed to be enjoying it more as her pussy pressed against his face and rotated against him. Her juices were smeared across his face and her hand on the back of his head kept him in place against her. This was a side he’d never seen and it excited him. His prick erected and pressed against the bedsheets.

“That’s it,” she babbled to herself. “Just don’t move honey…your tongue..oh yes…like that.”

He worked to keep up with her, his mouth moving quickly over her sex to match her movements. Soon she was covered in her juices and began blatantly masturbating right in front of him.

“Hold on honey,” he warned. “Don’t rush it, it will happen…”

She paid him no mind, only pressed her pussy harder against his mouth, cutting off his air. Her head rolled back and her back arched. He felt her legs wrap around his neck, using his shoulder for balance as she lifted off the mattress. What had happened to work to make her act like this?

Though she kept herself well shaved, she preferred to keep a small patch of fur above her clit. He’d always enjoyed the soft feel of her hair beside her smoothly shaven skin. When he pressed his mouth to her it reminded him of how close he was. The fragrant hairs tickling his nose aroused him and made him realize how close he was to his woman.

His lips and mouth were covered with her juices and now, hovering just before her orgasm broke, she flowed freely. It was thick and sweet and flowed slowly down his throat. He swallowed eagerly, savoring the warm taste.

With her hand on the back of his head, she brusquely rubbed herself over his face.

“There, there…that’s it…,” she said and let loose with a deep, guttural moan. Her juices flooded from her sex, drenching him. He reveled in the feel of his woman, her come dripping down his face. She bucked and cried and slowly her orgasm receded, eased with soft kisses and gentle licks along her labia, against her pussyhole and on the damp mound above her clit.

“Thank you…thank you,” she panted heavily, catching her breath.

He moved to lay behind her, his pants discarded and cock stiff. As he rolled to his side it pressed against her and maltepe escort sought out her warmth. Warm cuntjuice dripped onto his ripe cockhead and he heard only a gasp. “Honey,” she begged. “Just a second…please…let me catch my breath.”

Undeterred, he mounted her. For a moment she struggled then gave in when the heated length of his member pierced her opening and she let out a brusque moan.

He looked down at her, face ruddy with exertion, bangs held to her face by a thin coating of sweat and drove deeper. Her hands reached to him but he grabbed her wrists and held them taut above her head, causing her breasts to swell.

“Don’t move,” he warned. “I want you and I will have you.” Her only answer was a warm breath he recognized as one of anticipation.

Her pussy was wetter than he was used to and his cock slid in and out of her with no resistance. It held him tight and he felt the head swell almost painfully as he enjoyed her sex. Juices collected on his balls, dripping down his thighs and between his legs. A wet slapping sound filled the room with each drive into her.

“Greedy little slut, wanting nothing more than a mouth on your pussy getting you off.” He scolded and she nodded happily. “Your pussy is mine, here for my pleasure. You will make me come because that’s what you’re here for.” He reached down, grasping her chin between his thumb and forefinger, forcing her to answer him. Her eyes were wild, untamed. She looked close to the breaking point.

“Yes…oh god, yes. Please Trevor, fuck me. Use me. Make yourself come.”

The words pushed him beyond his control and he felt his seed well up within him, forcing him to the edge. That she was broken and begging appealed to him on the most primitive, animal level and he took her violently, his cock slamming against her exhausted cunt.

His balls were sore with urgency and he filled her insides with precome, readying for his eruption. One final stroke out of her body pushed him and she watched as his cock, positioned between her parted thighs, launched a thick stream of pearly ejaculate. It shot above her before landing to coat her breast, chin, lips and cheeks. The sound of his groan made her very warm. It was the sound of unbelievable relief, a deep groan that spoke of how badly he needed this release.

It was longer than he was used to, his orgasm churning out two, three, four more loads that pushed out of his body, each accompanied with a gasp that affected her deeply. Despite his rough words, she never felt so close to him. This man that had serviced her so selflessly then took her greedily, had opened her. Tears began to collect as the final twinges of her body passed. She closed her eyes, weeping softly and, with her legs spread and cunt worn, she slipped into a sleep that warmed her heart. Never had she felt more at peace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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