Cops and Rubbers Ch. 01

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Brenda looked herself over in the mirror. She bought a new, lacy blouse that was very sheer. Below that she had a black skirt. It wasn’t a miniskirt but it ended well above her knee revealing her muscular legs. She considered wearing lingerie tonight but decided to save that for a later rendezvous. She got her makeup just right and added just the right amount of perfume. Mike had mentioned that he liked this scent.

She looked beyond the clothes to her body. She’d been doing aerobics for years now and it showed. She was pleased with her body. She considered implants but decided that her 34Cs were good enough. She knew her best asset was her ass. With all the exercise, it had developed into something that gets noticed by men everywhere. She was popular at the gym.

The doorbell rang. Brenda knew who it was and went to answer the door. When she opened it she saw the man she had been dating for the past month or so. He stood there and looked at her without a smile.

“Hello”, she purred. As he walked past her he said something about not opening the door until after she checked the peephole.

“You never knew who was on the other side of the door,” he muttered.

She giggled and said, “I knew it was you – my favorite police officer.” and walked over to wrap her arms around him.

Mike was six feet four and 280 pounds – and all muscle. They had been dating each other exclusively but neither one knew it yet. She had thoroughly enjoyed the few times they had had sex. Her five-nine athletic frame could handle his aggressive thrusting. So far, they’d only had vanilla, missionary sex. Tonight she wanted to change that.

He reciprocated and hugged her as well, not enthusiastically at first but she seemed to help him relax. He needed to relax. Mike had just gotten off shift and had driven to her apartment directly from work. He was still in uniform.

That day had been one of the worst he’d had since joining the force over eleven years ago. He came from a murder scene that was one for the record books. Today he saw things that no man should ever have to see. He welcomed the distraction that his new girlfriend (or whatever she was) had to offer. Of course, he would make no mention of what he had endured.

When Brenda asked, “How was your day?”

He grunted, “Uh. The usual.”

“Well, if you had a bad day I’d like to help it improve.” she whispered in his ear.

As she pulled back she was holding his handcuffs to her mouth and wearing a naughty look on her face. He smiled without enthusiasm.

“Awe, come on,” she pleaded, “What’s the point of dating a police officer if you can’t have some fun with his handcuffs.”

Being a cop, this was about the tenth woman he dated who wanted to be handcuffed and fucked. He didn’t much get anything out of it but if that’s what the lady wants, that’s what ‘the lady’ gets. Mike knew the routine. They want it rough but not too rough. Well that only went so far for him. Tonight he wanted to have some fun too. It was going to start the way she wanted it but end the way HE wanted it.

She led him to the bedroom and the erotic scenario began.

“Oh! Officer,” she parodied. “I’ve been a bad, bad girrrllll.”

He wrapped his 11-inch long hands around her breasts gently squeezing. She rubbed up against his crotch hoping to elicit a greater response. He gently kissed the back of her neck. She enjoyed it but wanted something firmer.

She continued, “I’ve just been sooo baaad.”

Quickly, in a flash, he tore her new, expensive blouse open. She gasped, startled at the torn garment. His hands were now cupping her breasts and squeezing her nipples through her lacy bra. She suddenly felt like she was on the cover of a cheap women’s novel where the damsel is ravaged by a corrupt cop.

Once the shock wore off she continued grinding on him enjoying the change in his action. He pulled her shirt down which caused her arms to move toward her back. With one hand, he grabbed one of her thin, dainty wrists and reached behind her to grab the other. Now with both her hands being held by one of his, he ripped the lacy bra up exposing her soft tits. More surprised gasps from her. Her nipples were rock-hard.

He took his time massaging each breast, squeezing the nipples. With his front hand, the hand feeling her breasts, he pulled her back hard against him and reached around with the other. Although he released her arms, she still had them pinned behind her from the force of his antep escort strong body.

Now this was more like it!

They stood there with Mike massaging her breasts and kissing the back of her neck. She wanted to reach behind his head and pull him down to kiss her but her hands were still pinned behind her and he was in charge. He slid his right hand down to her waist and unzipped her skirt. Once undone, it slid easily to the ground revealing black thigh-high stockings with purple lacy elastic that showed off her firm, muscular thighs. Earlier that evening she decided against panties – “What’s the point?!” Except the stockings and stiletto FMPs, she was naked.

He continued sliding his hand down between her legs and began massaging her clit. Although he was aggressively pressing her against him, he was very gentle with his caresses. Not fooled by the porn movies he’d seen through the years, he knew that she didn’t want him to be too rough with her soft pussy. He continued – feeling her dampness turn into a flood. He massaged her lips and she responded lightly. Then Mike worked his way up to her clit and began caressing that up and down. Now she made it clear she REALLY liked that and he continued. She groaned and grinded as much as his firm clamp permitted.

Then he did what he’d done hundreds of times with perps he’d arrested. He grabbed both of her hands and squeezed a tendon in her hand to the bone below. He knew just how to do it causing instantaneous, tremendous pain that subsided the moment he released the pressure.

“MIKE! WAIT! OWWW!” she cried out overwhelmed with sudden pain.

She was unable to think of anything else and before she realized it, he had her handcuffed face-down to the head of her bed. The sharp pain of his grip was replaced by the cold, cutting of the cuffs on her wrists. She could not see it but was aware of the sound of a police belt being loosened. She heard it drop to the floor and then she heard the sound of his pants coming undone. The evening is shaping up nicely.

She laid there and waited. She heard a tearing sound and some snapping. He was getting ready for her. She had seen his condom brand before. She surreptitiously looked so she could have some available at her place when he came over. He needed the extra large.

“No kidding.” she thought, “Even this might be a little snug on him.”

Now she felt him approach her from behind. He rubbed his dick on her aching clit smoothing her lubricating juice all over the head of his thick cock. More gasps and moans from her. Nothing but steely silence from him.

The situation was getting desperate. She was glad they’d moved beyond missionary but now she needed his giant dick inside her, not rubbing the outside. Hell, if she wanted that she’d get her vibrator!

“Ugghh. do it.” she quietly moaned.

She’d been very lady-like up to now even when they were having sex. She’d never cursed when he was around. Her horniness was growing so great that she felt a need to be more directive and in a louder voice said, “God! Just. Do it.”

Still no response. He continued to rub. Now with the cuffs cutting into her thin hands she reached up and grabbed the bed gripping it tightly. One last desperate time she demanded, “Oh God! FUCK ME! FUCK ME GODDAMNIT!”

Although they’d done it a few times, she still wasn’t used to his girth. The excitement of all this made him that much harder (and that much thicker) than usual. He obeyed the demand but not immediately. Mike grudgingly slid his oak tree into her waiting slit. This was probably for the best because she could barely stand the pain and let out a loud, long grunt that morphed into an ‘OHHHH GODDDD!’ He pushed until he could go no farther and waited.

She needed that time to adjust. Every part of her body tingled like she was being electrocuted. He placed both hands on her ass and slowly massaged the base of her back. While holding still, he massaged farther and farther up her back until his hands reached her shoulders. It’s at that point that he began to massage her neck and slowly began to slide in and out of the inferno between her legs. Mike started to rock back and forth slowly at first.

The out stoke got longer. The in stroke went deeper. The stokes got faster and faster. The heavy thrusting hurt but she loved how it hurt. She was well past the point of an orgasm but tried to hold off. That’s when the waves started. Like a building tide they came crashing over her. She was aware of someone screaming but couldn’t determine who it was. Then she realized – it was her! She screamed bloody murder as his dick slammed into her. It’s a good thing her apartment was an end unit.

When the orgasm subsided he slowed his thrusting until he stopped. They stayed there for a moment while he allowed her to catch her breath. Then she became aware of something. She felt something on her ass. Mike had been using the pad of his thumb on her ass and massaging it in a slow, circular motion. She’d never had a man do that to her before and vaguely realized that it felt good. She lowered her head, her arms having a hard time supporting her body.

Suddenly she felt Mike’s hand grab her hair and pull her head back sharply. He leaned forward and was on all fours on top of her. He bit the nape of her neck and with one hand began aggressively squeezing her swollen nipples. She gasped again.

“How does it feel to submit to me?” he grunted. “Do you like it?”

Her face was buried in the pillow but he could here her moaning, “Yes. Yes! I love it when you fuck me like this.”

When she said this she could feel his dick getting swollen again. No longer did she notice her sore wrists, all she could think about was the dick in her sensitive pussy.

“I’m glad you like it when I control you. Now I’m gonna pull out my big dick and I’m gonna fuck you in the ass.” She felt another burst of lubricant on her ass and she felt it run down her leg.

She’d tried anal once before with a boyfriend – several boyfriends ago. She’d heard her girlfriends talking about how much they’d enjoyed it and always wondered. When Gary suggested it, she reluctantly agreed and used the advice her girlfriends had given her.

To get her in the mood, he went down on her. He licked for a while, something he’d never really done before. She was starting to see the benefits to anal. After he’d licked her to an orgasm, he rolled her over and applied the lube she had in her beside drawer.

As it turned out, the reason why he spent so much time down below the equator was because he was trying to get up the nerve to stick his dick in her ass. He climbed up and nervously rubbed his cock on her rosebud desperately hoping to get a full erection. He continued hopelessly with her staring at her headboard wondering what was taking so long (and thinking about what she was going to have for lunch tomorrow.)

Finally the moment came. He was able to get his mediocre penis just hard enough to get it partially inside her. She waited. He frantically tried to start pumping but it was no use. His pathetic dick fell out and he jumped up mumbling something about how it ‘skeeved’ him. He went into the bathroom and took a shower.

It didn’t take long. The whole relationship started to fold. He’d never been very good in bed. He wasn’t much to look at (“Are breasts on a man sexy?… not so much”) and she’d quickly reach her limit playing video games at his filthy apartment.

One night when he decided to play video games instead of fuck her brains out, she got on his computer to check her e-mail. The computer woke up from its screensaver and on the screen was a porn website that he’d been looking at before she arrived. It wasn’t that it was a porn site that bothered her, it’s that it was a GAY porn website that bothered her.

She got up, gathered her things and walked toward the door. He only half realized the commotion that was going on behind him and did a double-take when he briefly looked around and saw what was on the screen. He jumped to his feet to try to stop her and explain but it was too late. She was half way out the door – never to return.

She learned two things from the experience: A lovable loser is probably just a loser. And, for however brief a moment it was, anal was more than slightly pleasurable. She LIKED it. Several other men came into and left her life and none of them mentioned anal. She didn’t bring it up either. It was good but she didn’t feel an need to try again.

And now here she was lying face-down tied to the bed with a man whose dick was as long as her forearm, as big around as her fist. He was rock-hard and telling her that he was going to slide this monstrosity into her virgin ass. She grew slightly concerned.

Clearly he wasn’t going to suffer from the same malady as the last guy who attempted this. Mike was hard and seemingly getting harder. Like her first time, he rubbed the entrance to her ass with the head of his dick. He massaged and waited to see if she would object. All he heard was moaning. He continued to slide his cock around. Soon he could feel her start to relax. Not hearing objections and feeling her tight ass loosen he considered it permission to come aboard.

With one arm supporting his weight and the other hand guiding his dick, he used the weight of his body to do the work. It took a few moments but then, success. Brenda felt a strong pressure on her tight ass hole. She’d never experienced anything like this before and she forced herself to relax. Just when she thought she could no longer remain silent, she felt her ass begin to open.

“Agghhhhggghghhg!” she yelled.

And just as suddenly the difficult part was over. Mike smoothly slid his cock all the way into Brenda’s tight ass. He held still.

Mike laid there for a while waiting to see what Brenda’s reaction would be. His pelvis was firmly pressing against her ass cheeks.

“How does that feel, baby?” he whispered.

She paused for a moment. “Oh my god! It’s INCREDIBLE.” she wailed into the pillow, her hands tightly gripping the bed.

He waited some more. He could feel his dick throbbing deep inside her unbelievably tight, soft ass. God, it felt good.

He asked, “Can you feel it? Can you feel it throbbing inside you?”

All he heard was moaning. By now she was heading out to sea where the waves crash. He began to slide his cock out then ease it back in. As Mike did this he reached below her waist and felt her clit. He was amazed at how large it was. It was incredibly swollen. He gently massaged this gigantic button and she responded with moaning. He continued going slightly faster. More moaning. In no time Mike, himself, was heading to the point of no return. His thrusts became harder, deeper and faster. He’d lost track of the woman under him and then he lost control.

Brenda’s entire body was alive. She’d never felt anything like this and without any work on her part the orgasm started to hit again. Wave after wave came crashing down on her. She was in her own world. Mike could feel something deep in his balls. It’s the feeling all men want to feel over and over. The moment that feeling goes away, we can think of nothing else until we get to that moment again. He’d not had sex in a week (the last time they were together). He hadn’t even whacked off since then so he had a load unlike any load he’d ever had before.

He wrapped his hands around Brenda’s shoulders and pulled her toward him while his weight was thrusting his swollen dick inside her. He thrust uncontrollably and then bucked. His face contorted from the overwhelming sensation. His dick as even deeper than it was before.

Suddenly she heard a grunting from him she’d never heard before and then she felt a gush deep inside her tingling ass. Her gasps matched his grunts in volume and duration. It seemed to last for an hour with hot cum being pumped into her.

Mike collapsed on Brenda. They both lay in a puddle of sweat. Finally he regained consciousness and lifted his body off hers. She felt his dick was only half as hard as it was minutes ago. It slid out of her without difficulty. He went over, retrieved the handcuff key and released Brenda. She rolled over rubbing her sore wrists. Her arms were asleep. Her pussy was very satisfied and now her ass had a feeling that she knew she’d enjoy again.

Mike helped her up. She walked with a slight stammer. He steadied Brenda holding her by her hips and they both walked into the shower. In the hot shower she cleaned herself and her boyfriend. They stayed in there for some time, enjoying long kisses.

They returned to bed and continued kissing. He enjoyed her soft tongue and warm lips. It didn’t take long for Mike to get another erection. He was on top of her – missionary. After feeling his cock sliding over her clit for several minutes, she was ready.

He pulled her head back to kiss her neck.

She whispered, “Fuck me again.” He complied.

Brenda had her arms around his neck and her legs up and wrapped around his ass. He didn’t have as much but he still had plenty of cum in him. He pumped hard and they came together. Soon he rolled off and the fell to sleep spooning.

The next morning he patted her ass and said, “So what did you think of last night?”

“That was my first anal.” She sort of lied. “I’m a little sore but quite satisfied. I’m looking forward to trying that again. I hope that’s not the last time we use your cuffs either!”

He laughed. “Yeah, we’ll do that again.” – Definitely.

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