Corey and Noah Pt. 02 Ch. 02

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I could hear his breathing more than anything. It was a heavy pant, with a few grunts thrown in every couple of seconds. It had been going on for about ten minutes and I was guessing that the two of them must be really getting into it now. My cock was hard as a rock and my hand was gripped tightly around it, moving slowly up and down. I stopped for a moment, listening intently.

‘Oh fuck.’ He murmured.

My new roommate’s voice was deep and harsh. I could visualise him now. His short dark hair plastered across his strong face. His muscly body drenched with sweat as he ploughed the girl he had just picked up at a club. Within two weeks of me moving into the share house, Blake had fucked at least five chicks. All of them one-night-stands, all of them random girls he had only just met. I admired him really, but it wasn’t hard to see why girls were willing to following him home so readily.

‘Fuck yeah.’ Blake said with a poor attempt at whispering.

I continued my stroking, more vigorously then before. I could now distinguish clearly through the wall, the sound of Blake’s cock sliding in and out of the lucky chick’s pussy.

I imagined Blake saying my name; his cock sliding in and out of my arse.

“Fuck yeah Corey. You’re so fucking tight!”

In reality, Blake began to speed up. His bed was straining more and more and his breathing was becoming heavier. The girl was emitting soft moans, but not too loud. She was clearly trying to keep quiet. My stroking speed increased as well. My dick was tingling in a way that indicated that when I eventually blew my load, it would feel really good.

The headboard began hitting the wall in Blake’s room. I imaged that he was fucking her doggy style. His strong hands gripped tightly on her arse-cheeks. I closed my eyes tightly and allowed the sound of Blake’s panting to fill my ears. In that instant, I could see myself being fucked, on my knees by Blake. His large cock making its way in and out of me; me, helpless under his strong thrusts. I hoped Blake was going to finish soon because I was mere seconds away from cumming.

‘Oh fuck!’ Blake yelled out unexpectedly, moments later, ‘Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!’

Blake’s headboard had slammed against the wall. The girl he was fucking moaned loudly. I held back my own moan as the image of me and Blake disappeared suddenly and one of me being fucked by a familiar blonde haired guy took its place. Cum emitted from my cock in ropes, landing on my stomach, chest and chin. Panting heavily along with Blake, I rolled over, grabbed some tissues from my bedside and began wiping the cum off.

Jumping up, I swiftly threw some underwear and footy shorts on before ducking out of the bedroom and across the hall to the bathroom. Opening the door, I was met with the sight of my other roommate, Kane standing in the shower.

‘Shit, sorry mate.’ I said quickly, preparing to retreat back down the hall.

‘It’s all good Corey, I’m pretty much done man.’ Kane said, waving me in.

I entered the threshold again and closed the door behind me, taking note to lock it.

‘Sorry man, I just wanted to beat Blake to the shower.’ I said, walking towards the centre of the room.

Kane laughed mischievously as he cleaned under his arms. ‘How annoying is it ay? I haven’t had a good fuck in ages and here he is getting laid ten times a week.’

Kane shook his head, still laughing. Water spat out of his long, light brown hair. I watched a little nervously as Kane finished showering. His pointed face and slim figure was no doubt attractive. A larger than average cock further, hung between his legs atop a set of low-hanging balls. I had to resist the temptation to walk over there and grab hold of them. What was more was that the longer I stood there talking, the larger Kane’s dick became.

‘Here you are man.’ Kane finally said, his dick almost fully erect now.

Kane stepped out of the shower, leaving the water running for me, and grabbed his towel. He was bigger Sakarya Escort than both Noah and Reece. That was probably why he didn’t mind me staying and seeing him naked. If I had a penis like that, I’d probably show it off at every opportunity I got.

‘Thanks man.’ I said, before stripping my shorts and undies off.

Kane stole a couple of glances at my semi-hard member as he began drying off. My dick wasn’t small by any means, but I did feel a little pathetic standing next to Kane. I tried to act casual, standing naked next to this hot guy, but it was difficult. Even though I had just had a very satisfying orgasm, Kane was so enthralling that I reckoned I could go a second round there and then. But of course I didn’t. Kane left before too long, and let me finish showering in peace. After I felt clean enough, I pulled my footies back on and headed towards the lounge room. Kane had already parked himself on the lounge. He was flicking through a bunch of channels on the old television. As I sat down next to Kane, I heard movement from the hall indicating that Blake and his girl had moved into the bathroom.

‘Do you want to watch the footy?’ Kane asked, scratching his inner thigh unconsciously.

‘Sure, whatever you wanna watch.’ I said, trying not to glance at Kane too often.

He was only in a pair of grey y-front undies which could barely contain his huge cock. Indeed, his undies didn’t fit fully against his skin so I could see his slightly hairy balls from where I was sitting. His chest held a small collection of blonde hairs which were still damp from the shower. Kane switched to the footy and began talking about the season, and how shit he thought his team was going this year. We sat there for a while, talking about nothing in particular. Then he asked me something interesting.

‘Are you going to that party next Friday?’

‘What? Who’s having a party?’ I asked.

‘Some guy called Tom or something. He’s out on some farm somewhere. Could be pretty sweet ay.’ Kane said before adding, ‘We’ll have to wing-man each other bro. I wanna get laid so bad.’

‘Sure man.’ I said, chuckling a little.

The moment’s silence that followed made wonder if a certain person I wanted to see was going to be there or not. Surely he would be, he was so ‘cool’, he’d never miss anything like this.

‘Oh yeah, before I forget.’ Kane said, ‘Your mum was here yesterday while you were at work, she was looking for you.’

It felt as though a stone had fallen into my stomach, winding me. I sat motionless, my mouth slightly agape. Sweat began to protrude from my forehead as Kane kept talking obliviously.

‘My mother was here?’ I said rather slowly, wondering if there were simply some mistake.

‘Yeah man, she said she wanted to see you and I told her you were working. Is that cool?’ When I didn’t say anything, Kane said, ‘Are you okay man?

Before I could respond, there was a knock at the door. I jumped up abruptly.

‘That’s my friend man, I’ll see you later.’ I said, patting his naked thighs as I passed him in an absent minded manner.

‘See you mate.’ Kane said, looking a little concerned.

I quickly threw a shirt on and headed for the door. By the sounds of it when I passed the bathroom door, Blake and his girl had started things up again in the shower. I couldn’t stay and listen this time however, even if I wanted to. When I opened the door, Reece stood before me. His dark hair and striking pale blue eyes distracting me from his muscly physique.

‘Hey’ I said, instantly pulling Reece into a hug.

His strong arms wrapped around me in a far gentler manner than would be expected.

‘Hey, are you okay?’ Reece asked, reluctantly letting go of me as I pulled away.

I shrugged before saying, ‘Come on, I’ll show you this spot I was talking about.’


‘So how do you think your mum knows where you live?’ Reece asked, turning his head to face me.

‘I don’t Adapazarı Escort know. I haven’t spoken to them in ages.’ I said, not turning my eyes away from the night sky above.

Reece and I were laying on the cool sand of the small private beach I had shown Noah months ago. I hadn’t been to the spot in ages, primarily because I now worked and had less time to wander off into the night. As it was the weekend however, and Reece had asked to hang, I had suggested bringing him to my adolescent domain of solitude. I was staring up at the stars, trying to make out patterns between them whilst Reece examined my silhouette in the darkness.

‘Do you want to see her?’ Reece asked.

I thought for a moment before saying, ‘No, not really.’

‘But she’s your mum, surly-‘ Reece began.

‘Nope, I don’t care.’ I said, a little angrily.

There was a brief silence between us, interrupted by nothing except the small breeze which had persisted all week.

Reece waited a moment before saying in little more than a whisper, ‘What did they do to you?’

This hadn’t been the first time Reece had asked me this, so I wasn’t really surprised. I had stayed with Reece and his father for around a fortnight before I saved the money to move into the share house. Recces father knew some people who owned the homes so it wasn’t difficult to get a room. Even though I had been offered to stay with Reece, I didn’t want to burden another family, as I had Noahs before.

Every time Reece had asked me about my parents, I had failed to give him an answer. I’m not even sure why. It’s not as if I were embarrassed or afraid that Reece wouldn’t understand. I just felt a weight in the pit of my stomach every time the topic came up.

‘Reece-‘ I began before he cut me off.

‘Corey listen.’ Reece’s arm extended from the darkness and laid rest across my stomach. His right hand found mine. ‘You don’t have to tell me, I get that. I just think that, that if you go through your life without telling someone then they’ve won.’

Reece said all of this rather gently, and I felt an unexpected wave of admiration. As I grasped his cool, strong hands though, I wondered where his simple curiosity lay in all of this. Still, I knew that he wouldn’t be satisfied until he had some answers regarding my dad bashing me to a pulp that infamous day after footy two months ago. And at the end of the day, I trusted him perhaps more than anyone I knew at that point.

‘Okay.’ I said awkwardly, not really knowing where to begin, ‘I guess – the thing about my parents is – erm, they were never exactly all that nice. Well I mean, yeah they were when I was little. I remember my dad use to play soccer with me in the backyard and taught me how to skate. And my mum use to bake with me and teach me to read. Then um – then they kind of just didn’t anymore, when I was about ten.’

I was still staring up at the sky. Reece had moved a little closer to me. He was still gripping my hand reassuringly.

‘I don’t know what it was. I mean, my dad use to smack me when I was bad but when I grew up, it just started to happen like all the time and like, for no reason. I don’t know, they just started fighting all the time and drinking and stuff. I d-don’t know w-what changed, I d-don’t know w-what – what I di-did w-wrong-‘

I had to stop talking. From nowhere, my breaths were coming out in sobs and my eyes filled with tears. Reece moved all the way over and wrapped his arms around me. He pulled my head into his chest and rested his chin on me.

‘It’s okay Corey, we don’t have to talk about it.’ Reece said gently, ‘I’m so sorry.’

As Reece held my trembling body, I thought of the time a few months ago when Reece had lost control and broke down in my bedroom. With this, all thought of embarrassment left me and I simply lay, clutching Reece tightly. I felt him kiss the top of my head before rubbing his cheek against me.

After a few minutes, I composed myself and Serdivan Escort pulled away from Reece slightly, looking up at him in the darkness. He looked sadder then I had ever seen him, and gave me a weak smile which faltered swiftly.

‘It’s not your fault, don’t worry.’ I murmured, wiping my eyes on the sleeve of my jumper.

‘I do worry but. I’m always here for you.’ Reece said softly.

Our faces were closer together then they had ever been. I looked into his intense, eyes. The blue stared back at me. I always felt so captivated by Reece’s stare. I examined the rest of his handsome face. His nose was small in proportion to the rest of his face, but it didn’t take away from it at all. I always liked his dark hair, the fringe of which almost reached his eyes. Our lips were very close now. I could make out the stubble on his chin, although he was almost certainly freshly shaven. The last thing I notice was his musk; a smell made up primarily of his shampoo (which must have been a ‘man’s shampoo’ judging by the scent) and his sweet cologne.

Then our lips finally met and my mind was empty. All that existed was the smell of Reece and the feeling of his warm lips on mine. It wasn’t a short kiss, it lasted for at least a minute. Like all things Reece, it was gentle at first and became more intense. Before we broke apart, we were kissing so intently that I had ended up on top of him, rubbing myself against his shorts.

Then we stopped and I opened my eyes. Reece was looking at me again with those deep eyes.

We stared at each other for a few seconds before he said, ‘I love you Corey.’

It seemed to take ages to comprehend what he had said. When I finally did, I felt a crashing somewhere inside me and my body went rigid.

We were looking directly at each other so I had mere seconds to come up with a response. What could I say? Did I love him? No, I cared for Reece but I certainly didn’t love him yet.

The seconds dragged on. Reece was looking more and more embarrassed as I just lay there. I had to say something.

‘Reece, I-‘

‘No, it’s okay.’ Reece said, shaking his head, looking mortified, ‘I shouldn’t have – I’m sorry.’

Reece seemed to want to get up, so I got off of him and sat in the cool sand again. Reece sat up as well and looked out over the water, making every effort to avoid my eye contact.

‘I’m sorry Reece, I wish I could say it back. Maybe at some point in the future but not now.’ I said, slowly.

I felt terrible as I looked at Reece who continued to watch the water.

‘Is it Noah?’ he said unexpectedly.

This took me by complete surprise. I had never told anyone about Noah before, not even Reece.

‘Why would you say that?’ I asked.

‘Corey, I know you. I know you like Noah Bennet.’ Reece said simply, ‘Do you and him have a thing?’

I was still surprised that I was apparently unable to hide my feelings for Noah. Perhaps Reece had been watching me more closely then I realised.

I took a moment to consider how to respond before he said simply, ‘Yeah, that’s what I thought.’

Reece sounded as if he was trying to keep his voice casual, but he was beginning to fail.

‘No,’ I said strongly, ‘No it’s not him at all.’

‘Isn’t it?’ he said, looking at me for the first time.

My mouth hung open for a second, the response of “No” stuck in my throat. Then I realised that Reece was of course correct. I still wasn’t over Noah. Even though I hated him for what he did, I thought of him constantly. His name still made my heart skip a beat and I missed him more than anything in the world.

‘He’s an asshole Corey.’ Reece said, getting to his feet, ‘I just hope you know that I would never hurt you.’

I jumped up as Reece began to walk away, ‘Reece, don’t be so dramatic. I’m sorry okay, I can’t make myself have feelings for someone; otherwise it’d be you in an instant.’ I had reached Reece and grabbed his arm, ‘Please don’t walk away. I need you Reece, I haven’t got anyone else.’

Perhaps he heard the desperation in my voice or perhaps he felt as if I may change my mind.

Reece stared down at me for before saying, ‘I’m sorry Corey, I don’t want to lose you as friend.’

I smiled slightly, ‘Don’t worry, you won’t.’

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