Corporate Rivals Ch. 03

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The Reckoning

The new year has begun. Thoman’s position at the top of the heap has been cast in stone. My conquering of Morgan has given me 7 months of Ansaldi revenue. I will now begin the process of methodically and completely routing Simi Corp. They have other business lines and they can keep them. But they will be forced out of the one in which I compete with them.

On the second Wednesday of the new year, I got a call from Jim. I was surprised. He said he was back in town and had been asked to apply for the Simi Sales Head position that had been vacated by Morgan. I was further surprised to know that Simi had not replaced Morgan yet.

At any rate, Jim and I agreed to see each other that Friday. I would cook dinner and we could catch up. I got a stirring in my crotch thinking about this sexy boy. He had been the source of more than one of my jacking sessions over the months. I wondered if he looked the same as he did last year.

He arrived at my place a bit early. I took that as a welcome sign of eagerness.

He looked just as good as the day I had last seen him. His smile had me at first sight and the rest of him reminded me of my fantasies about him over the last few months. This time he was certainly casual with great looking jeans, a nicely detailed black button down and black Adidas trainers.

I cooked up a light but quite excellent meal (please pardon my boast) and we lingered over it and a couple of very good bottles from my cellar followed by some choice whiskeys. I told him in sharp detail about my bout with Morgan. He had many questions and I answered them thoroughly.

I was feeling good. I think he was too. Then, the conversation turned and we got down to it. He wanted a rematch. He wanted it right then. While I was actually hoping for and expecting that, what he did next caught me off-guard.

He said he wanted to propose A Deal.

I was aghast.

He actually wanted to attach stakes to our pending match!? Did not the last Deal he tried with me end up with him losing his client, his job and then skipping town for more than half a year? Why do some people just not learn? Nevertheless, the thought of being entwined with him again got the best of me.

There was a catch with this deal unlike the last one, however. The catch was that I had to agree to taking the Deal even before he proposed it.

The tables had turned…Was I as cocky as I was about winning the way I was the first time? He was testing me now. Even though he knew I had bested both him and Morgan, he was testing me. What was this about? Had he been “practicing”? I needed to know.

So, I said “Bring it.”

The Deal: If he won, I would have to meet with Gregorio Simi, the owner and CEO of Simi Corp to interview for the Head of Sales position vacated by Morgan. That is all. It would be an interview over dinner at the best restaurant in the City. That was Jim’s entire proposal. Since I knew I would never go to work for the new Biggest Loser in our market, I relaxed and concentrated on how I would spend the rest of the evening with Jim. I did ask why, if he himself was interviewing for the same job, he would want me to interview as well? Surely, he knew that I would get the job over him…I saw then his jaw tighten as he grit Ankara bayan escort his teeth. Too much, Tim, too much! I needed to be careful to not be a real dick here. So, I stepped back a bit and said “Unless, of course, he is looking for someone as talented as me but young enough to do this for the next ten years without flagging.” He smiled and I felt better immediately. It did occur to me that I was surprised to care so much about not offending Jim…I would need to analyze that a bit more later…

I felt as though my whole body was vibrating in anticipation of our rematch. I would dominate him, but this time I would draw it out and make him beg for it.

“Oh and one more thing. The loser has to tell the winner that he submits.” He smiled that devastating smile as he said it. So, there it was. The boy was playing me. He had learned by asking questions about my battle with Morgan. He really thought he would win. What did he have up his sleeve? Of course, I agreed. My record, after all, was perfect.

We proceeded to the yoga mats at which point he said “I will undress you and I plan to enjoy it. I will take my time. I hope you will do the same.” With that, he lifted my polo shirt over my head and while my arms were still caught in the shirt over my head, he put his arms around me as if to bearhug me. My eyes were covered by my shirt still and he leaned in and said into my ear “I could take advantage and squeeze you right now, but I won’t…At least not yet.” He then completed pulling my shirt up and over my head freeing my arms. I believe my knees were shaking.

Then he bent down on one knee. Looking down, I could see the top of his head and one leg extended behind him capped with one of his Adidas trainers with the hint of a no-show black ankle sock and his pale ankle. I wanted so badly to be inside that trainer right then…

Breaking my concentration, he untied both of my very comfortable black Nike trainers and began to slip the right one off of my foot. Setting the trainer aside, he then took my foot and placed it on his bent knee and slipped my black no-show off of it. He then carressed my foot, bent down to brush it with his lips and muttered “Nice feet…Well-groomed and clean.” I managed a nervous “Thank you.” He then repeated the same with the other foot.

Once done unshodding me, he stood up and grabbed the button on my khakis, watching my face intently as he unbuttoned it and slid a hand down my pants between the zipper and my boxer briefs. I shuddered. He ventured, “This big boy got the best of me last time as I recall. This time, I will be sure to grind him into a soft, limp and compliant companion for my cock.” At this point, I was going to blow my load fully clothed. I began to doubt that my plan to dominate him thoroughly would work out the way I had expected. I needed to get him out of my head. Quickly.

He dropped my khakhis and I stepped out of them. He then pulled me into him as he grabbed my ass roughly and rubbed his hard still jeans-clad crotch on mine. “Would it be more humiliating if I took you right here, standing and still clothed? Or will you feel more beaten if I am looking down on you from above with my cock astride yours? Hmmm…” The wicked smile again. I was mesmerized.

Jim stepped back, leaving Escort bayan Ankara my black boxer briefs on me and said “It’s getting hot in here. Can you help me out of these clothes, Tim?”

I practically ripped the buttons off his shirt. I lightly bit his left shoulder as I took it off of him. I was hoping to elicit a lustful gasp. I settled for a sexy chuckle.

My hands shaking in anticipation, I bent down on one knee the same way he had. I looked up to see his face telling me that he knew he was in control. I grabbed his left trainer and just let my hand feel the warmth of the foot inside it. My only thought at that point was ‘If I bend my body to kiss this beautiful foot right now, does that imply he has gained superiority over me?’ I mentally shook myself right then. ‘What’s going on? Regain control, Tim.’ I proceeded.

Once I had untied the trainer, he lifted his foot so I could slip it off. I inhaled deeply the unmistakable, slightly buttery aroma of a man’s sweaty foot. It was perfect and what the smell of a hot stud’s foot should be. I could not resist lifting his moist, socked foot to my face and reveling in it. He moaned slightly at this and I was gratified. I could not resist quickly stripping him of his sock so that I could kiss those beautiful toes while feeling his perfect arch, all the while filling my lungs with his scent.

I copied my procedure with his other foot. By the time I stood up to face him again, I was a bit dizzy with lust. He put his hands on my shoulder blades and again drew me into him. This time, he took care to alternate his shoulders moving back and forth while rubbing his lightly hairy pecs on my smooth ones. Wow. “I worry about leaving scratches all over you when I grind my pecs into yours. Is my chest hair rough on you?” he asked, huskily. “Umm…No…Not at all” I breathed into his neck.

He shifted his hands to the front of my shoulders and extended his arms. He then looked down between us to indicate that he was still wearing his jeans. I complied and reached inside the waist to find the button. Doing so, I opened it and slid his jeans down his legs as I bent down.

The bikini briefs he wore were aqua blue with white side stripes. They were so skimpy that his erect cock, which was pressed up against him and pointing to the right along his right hip, looked rather larger than I remembered it. I could clearly see a wet spot where the the head of his cock would be. I was glad that I was having that effect on him.

We mutually pulled each other in and began grinding gently while kissing deeply. The feeling of his body against mine, his cock grinding on mine, his tongue in my mouth, the smell of his cologne and the slight waft of the aroma from his gorgeous feet was nirvana for me. I was slipping into a reverie that I knew was dangerous for me. As I was sliding down the rabbit hole, he began peeling the last of our clothing off. Both cocks sprung out of their respective containers and slapped together as our briefs hit the floor. We both gasped and stepped back. It was time for engagement, but I was still clouded and, clearly, moving a bit slowly.

He, however, managed to move with lightning speed and executed a terrific leg drop which brought me down without further ado. I was dumbfounded Bayan escort Ankara and totally unprepared to defend myself. He rolled into the leg drop rather expertly, grabbed my other leg and seemed about to Boston Crab me but simply brought my legs together and used them to roll me over. Then, my nightmare began.

All at once, my ribs were between his thighs and he began to squeeze. “Go ahead and feel those thighs, Tim. See how I’ve locked my ankles just so? There is no escape, but I think you know that already.”

I moved my hands over his sharply cut, lightly furred quads and watched his calves stretch each time he constricted his legs. I felt pleasure and pain at the same time. He eased me over until my shoulders were on the mats and then he began stroking my cock slowly. I could see his cock leaking pre-cum. He was getting off on this. “You see, Tim, because you are physically larger than me in about every respect, I feel the need to dominate you. I have planned this moment for so long that it was not possible for you to have upset my plan. I told you once that I had an interest in you, but you pushed me away. You played games with me. So, I am here to take you by force. I want you to feel me overpower you and for you to understand that you have had it coming for a long time. I want you to know that you are being owned by a smaller, younger stud. You are not the master of this universe.”

With that, he squeezed for an extended period of time, making sure I could feel my ribs being crushed while stroking me faster. I was lost and my face must have showed it. A slow, sadistic smile played over his face. “Now, it is time for me to take what is mine, Tim. Time for you to surrender. Time for Tim to give in completely to Jim.”

He released me and slithered on top of me. I was immobile, dazed. He effortlessly put me into his familiar grapevine. He then oh so slowly and tantalizingly began his grind, pelvis coming down on me with astonishing power. I could not do anything about my size advantage this time. I was completely overcome and my cock began twitching within moments. A moan escaped my lips and he covered my mouth with his. He breathed into my mouth as if to mark me.

I sensed one of his arms extend and reach for something. Even had I realized that he was going for the kill, I could not have stopped him. Though he knew he had me, he added “insurance” by introducing my very own Kryptonite into the mix.

Sensations exploded in my head and my cock as he brought one of his socks up to my nose and dropped it there. He then took both of my hands in his and brought my arms straight out to my sides while bringing his face down onto mine which ensured the sock would stay where he wanted it.

With every breath I took, I could only inhale the scent of his hot feet. At the same time, every move I made was met by the thrusting of his cock and the flexing of his pecs against mine. It was over in less than 2 minutes.

I couldn’t stop it. I was long past wanting to stop it. I exploded with a rush and grunted through gritted teeth what was in my mind and heart, “I submit, Jim. I…I…surrender.” As soon as I had I uttered the last syllable proclaiming my defeat, he shot his load as well. As before, he was silent and staring into my eyes while his body spasmed.

Though we had both shot copiously, we were still hard. He pulled the sock off my nose and kissed me slowly and passionately. He then smiled down at me, rolled off of me and pulled my head onto his chest. We fell asleep right there.

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