Corrupting Amber Ch. 06

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After Amber had left I began getting more serious about the progress of her corruption. I realized that I had to try to be more organized and come up with a plan to reach my goal of total ‘bad girl.’ I decided I would create an itinerary of sorts that would dictate a guideline for Amber to follow. I started simple, I would require her to smoke at least five cigarettes a day per week and have her double her intake every week until she reached a pack a day. After that she would be on her own but no less than a pack per day would be acceptable. Additionally, she would begin smoking Newport 100’s. Menthol cigarettes proven to be more addictive and have more tar and nicotine than any of the other brands.

Second would be alcohol consumption. It was important that she maintained a healthy intake of alcohol but at the same time did not let her school work and daily life fall apart. After all, I was hoping she’d become my wife and a deadbeat drop-out that I had to babysit did not appeal to me at all. I had settled on a minimum of two beers a night and getting drunk at least twice a week. This would make it easy for her to nurture her alcohol habit while maintaining throughout the week and also being a drunken whore on the weekends. These were the easy bits, though. Having recently introduced her to marijuana, I needed to continue to encourage her to get further into drug abuse.

This was going to prove to be somewhat difficult, however, as I was not exactly known as a party animal around school. In addition to that, I was worried that poking around too much would damage my reputation and perhaps get back to my parents somehow. I would have to figure out a way to consistently get my hands on weed for awhile, as I knew Amber was going to have to become a pot-head before getting into harder and more exotic stuff. I decided to call up an ex-friend of mine that I hadn’t spoken to much in the last few years. He began smoking a lot of weed and partying pretty hard and we didn’t really mesh as high school went on. He was surprised to hear from me but when I told him I wanted to buy weed from him on a regular basis and keep it quiet he was surprisingly accommodating. Perhaps it was because we had been friends or perhaps he was just happy to sell overpriced weed to his inexperienced peer.

There was one more problem, as I needed a better method for Amber to smoke pot on a regular basis. The cigarette joint thing was o.k. but she needed a piece of her own. My buddy was happy to help there as well as he offered an old pipe he no longer used. What I really wanted was a giant glass bong because of how sexy it was seeing all that thick smoke being inhaled into a girls lungs, but I would have to deal with something a bit more discreet for the time being. He made sure to let me know that he could get me ‘other stuff’ too, if and when I needed it. I logged that into my memory banks and agreed to the pricing terms. We would meet in the parking lot before school and exchange goods. This meant that I had secured a way to get Amber high regularly, which meant that I could dictate that she smoke a bowl per day as well.

So it was settled. I laid my head down on the pillow and could hardly wait to give Amber her instructions. The night proved to be long, and my restless mind and throbbing cock made the wait almost unbearable. Finally, the next day came and I couldn’t remember the last time I had been so excited for school. I absentmindedly moved through my morning routine and showed up in the parking lot a full half hour before first bell. Luckily it seemed my supplier was an early riser as well and waved me over to his ratty Toyota with a bemused grin on his face. We exchanged greetings awkwardly before he gave me a bag of weed and a small tie-dye pipe. I handed him two crumpled up twenties and we parted ways. I sat in my car staring at my treasure and imagined Amber’s gorgeous lips wrapped around the little glass pipe. I felt my pants starting to get tight when I was interrupted by a knock on my window. I looked up terrified and was relieved to see Amber’s loving smile looking back at me.

I reached over and unlocked the passenger side door and she climbed in looking somewhat flustered.

“Hey Babe, you o.k.? You look a bit disheveled,” I asked.

She didn’t even answer, she just dug furiously into her backpack and pulled out her pack of Marlboro Red 100’s.

“Wait, wait, wait sweetie. There’s been a change of plans. Don’t smoke those,” I pleaded as I reached across her and fumbled with my glove-box.

“Are you having second thoughts again?” She asked somewhat annoyed.

This time I didn’t answer and just pulled out taksim esc three packs of Newport 100’s and handed them to her. Her face lit up and she immediately snatched them and smiled. She put two packs in her backpack and placed the other one in her lap before giving me a tight hug and whispering in my ear.

“Thank God Matt, I was so worried that you didn’t want me to smoke. I must have a low tolerance to nicotine or something because I think I’m already addicted,” she breathed sexily into my ear.

“I’m very.. very happy to hear that baby,” I cooed.

She sat back up and looked curiously down at her box of Newport 100’s.

“So what’s so special about these babe? I thought the other ones were already pretty strong,” she mused.

“Oh… Well these are menthol so they’re minty. Also they are even stronger than the Reds and, in my humble opinion, the sexiest cigarettes a girl can smoke,” I responded.

“Ah… So these are the end-game eh? If I can smoke these I’ll have completed the tobacco portion of my transformation, is that right?” She toyed.

“That’s about right sweetie. I’ll bet you’re going to love them.”

She smiled and began tearing off the cellophane feverishly, obviously in need of a cigarette and excited to continue to fulfill my desires. She threw the plastic on the floor of my car and popped open the top to reveal twenty cork filtered full-length menthol cigarettes. She smiled again and held the open pack up to her nose and sniffed.

“Smell good?” I asked.

She nodded like a little princess and shook one out. It was early so her make-up was freshly applied and her bright pink glistening lips looked absolutely amazing with a cigarette between them. She flicked her yellow Bic and the flame erupted on the first try. She had obviously been smoking any chance she’d gotten as her motions had become much more natural. She leaned in to the flame and easily lit the Newport 100, puffing a few times and filling the car with strong smoke before pulling long and hard and removing the cigarette. She held the smoke in her mouth for a moment before opening it momentarily and snapping the smoke down her throat forcefully. I could hear a light moan as her chest expanded and her healthy, pink, 18 year-old lungs filled with smoke for the first time that day. Her eyes fluttered closed and she held the smoke inside for a good three seconds before opening them and exhaling a nice, even, thick stream of smoke in my direction.

“Wow.. That was amazingly sexy babe. You are getting good,” I breathed somewhat overwhelmed.

“I love these. I love the minty flavor and the way it feels in my throat. I think these are going to be my brand,” she responded self-satisfactorily.

I noted the mention of ‘her brand’ as being a good indicator of a life-long addiction forming and gave myself a mental high-five. I remembered the other things I had just bought and snapped back into reality.

“O.k. babe. You said you wanted to keep this thing going and I figured that if we’re going to do this we should do it right,” I informed.

I reached under my seat and retrieved my stash, handing them to Amber as she exhaled another thick plume of smoke from her perfectly painted full lips. She looked down at the large bag of weed and small multicolored pipe and smiled.

“So you liked seeing me stoned?” She played, knowing the answer.

“Well, you could say that,” I responded in kind.

“Hmm… My own pipe huh? You want me to be a pot-head or something?” She said with fake annoyance.

“For starters..,” I responded devilishly.

“O.k. then, so what’s the plan?” She asked seriously.

“Well, it’s a pretty comprehensive one, actually.” I replied as I pulled out a folded piece of paper from my pocket with her detailed instructions printed on it.

She laughed nervously and reached out to grab the paper with noticeably shaky hands. Before unfolding it she took a deep drag on her Newport, now half gone, and inhaled to her toes. After again filling my entire car with her exhale she unfolded it, somewhat calmed. She studied the page and I watched her big beautiful brown eyes dart from line to line as a bit of anxiety built inside me. She finished reading it and took another long drag and looked at me.

“This is going to be really fun,” she admitted, thick tendrils of smoke punctuating each syllable.

I sighed with relief and reached over and kissed her big soft lips, tasting the strong menthol cigarettes as I licked her dirty little tongue.

The rest of the day went by like a blur. I walked to my car after the last bell hardly remembering anything kağıthane esc after walking my tobacco reeking girlfriend to her first class that morning. I had to hope that I could catch my friends brother Trevor in a charitable mood as I needed him to buy me more alcohol. A lot more. I couldn’t pay him too much either because I was getting low on funds at this point. Luckily, it being the end of my final year of high school my parents were particularly giving. I arrived at my friends house and was relieved to see that my friend was not home but his brother was. I had known that my friend was most likely still doing after-school activities and his brother might not even be awake.

I had to knock for a good five minutes before an obviously half-awake Trevor opened the door.

“Will’s not home,” he explained immediately.

“I know, I was actually hoping you could uh.. help me again,” I responded feebly.

“You got money to pay me?” He blurted.

“Not much, but yea,” I replied.

“Alright, one sec,” he replied as he lumbered back to his room.

I waited at the door for a few minutes and he reappeared with some shoes and a baseball cap, apparently ready to go. We went down to the liquor store and I handed him a list. He surveyed the list a moment and looked up at me.

“Dude, where’s this party you’re having?” He said through a half-baked grin.

“Uh.. no party. Just want to stock up for a while,” I replied weakly.

“Alright bro, if you don’t want to tell me, you don’t want to tell me. It’s cool,” He quipped.

With that he took my wad of money and disappeared into the liquor store. He returned about five minutes later with two bags in one hand and a case of Bud Light in the other. I popped the trunk and he stowed the alcohol. We rode back in silence and I thanked him as he stepped out of the car in front of the house. He told me ‘anytime,’ and I drove directly to Amber’s house. We studied like two good little students until her parents went to bed at around ten, and I retrieved her stock. As I walked into her room with a 24 pack of Bud Light 16 ounce bottles she smiled at me and licked her lips, motioning toward her open closet. I set the case down in her closet and looked back at her triumphantly.

“So, two a day?” She asked.

“Yep. A minimum of two a day on days that you’re not trying to get drunk,” I responded clinically.

“Sweet. I’ll start now,” she said as she stood up and headed for the case.

“They’re the plastic bottles so the tops just twist off,” I informed.

“That’s my boyfriend, always thinking ahead,” she teased, tearing open the box and retrieving two bottles of beer.

She held them in her hands and walked over to her bedside table, opening the drawer and pulling out her pack of cigarettes.

“Babe.. Your parents might smell that you know,” I warned honestly.

“I know, that’s why I do this,” she informed before walking over to her door and securing a towel at the bottom to halt air flow.

Then she stood on her bed and shut her heating vent and beamed down at me, obviously proud of her deviant ways.

“You’re getting awfully good at this,” I noted excitedly.

“I told you, I have been smoking on my own babe,” she said matter-of-fact.

I smiled at her like a proud parent and felt my dick start to stir as she twisted open her first beer of the day. She wasted no time and tilted her head back taking a nice long five second chug before wiping her mouth with the back of her hand and grinning madly.

“I like this beer. Better than that Miller stuff you got me last time,” she mused, before tilting her head back again and chugging down past half way through the bottle.

After sufficiently satisfying her thirst she patted the bed and beckoned me to sit next to her as she reached over and shook out a fresh Newport. I walked over on shaky legs uncomfortably trying to ignore my throbbing erection. I sat down next to her as she lit her cigarette and inhaled deeply, gazing lovingly into my eyes. Just as she began to exhale she reached in and kissed me hard, letting her smoke bathe me. I continued kissing her deeply and enjoyed the mix of bitter beer and minty tobacco on her breath and tongue. She sat up a bit and while rubbing my cock through my pants chugged the rest of her beer. She kept eye contact on me the entire time while her throat worked hard to take swallow after swallow.

She dropped the empty bottle of Bud Light on the floor and took a huge five second drag on her Newport. Her eyes closed and she inhaled the giant ball of smoke deep into her healthy lungs. While staring at me çapa esc and letting two thick streams of smoke billow out of her cute little nostrils she grabbed the other beer from her bedside table.

“I want to smoke weed and drink beer while I ride your cock,” she said with smoke still faintly escaping her mouth and nose.

All I could muster was a nod and a feeble smile as I began taking off my clothes. I finished taking off my boxers and propped myself up against her headboard resting my head on a couple of pillows with rainbows and clouds on it. A very obtuse image as I watched my now fully nude girlfriend strutting over toward me with a weed pipe in one hand and an open bottle of beer in the other. I watched in trembling anticipation as Amber positioned her tight little cunt over my painfully hard prick. I looked up at her as she smiled down at me and sank my cock deep into her hairless pussy. A little moan escaped her mouth and her eyes fluttered while she smiled to herself.

I reached my hands out and placed them on either side of her petite little body, squeezing her hips gently and enjoying the feeling of her tight hole firmly gripping my dick.

“I watched a lot of YouTube to learn how to do this,” she explained while using the bottom of her lighter to pack the bowl.

I then watched as my brown eyed angel tilted the lighter and flicked it to life over the top of the bowl. She kept the flame going as she evenly dispersed the flame in a circular motion to light all the weed. Her thumb suddenly released as she began to suck on the pipe and pull the smoke into her lungs. She placed and released her thumb several times on the pipe switching from inhaling and filling the little pipe with smoke before finally taking it away from her face and holding the smoke in her lungs. Finally, after what seemed like ten seconds she forcefully exhaled a thick but well inhaled cloud of smoke just above my head. After taking a breath or two and getting her bearings she looked down at me beaming with pride.

“You’re a natural, babe,” I sighed.

She slowly started gyrating her hips and riding my dick and the sensation and sight of the experience had me worried that I wouldn’t last long. This was absolutely the hottest thing I had ever seen. Her rhythm slowed a tad and I looked up to see her lighting the bowl again, trying to concentrate in the cutest and sexiest way. She filled her lungs until she was arching her back to accommodate all the smoke and then brought the bottle of beer up to her mouth and began chugging furiously. Her pace quickened and she began bucking her hips while continuing to chug with still no sign of the smoke being held in her lungs. Finally as the beer was nearly gone smoke started streaming down her face from her nostrils, framing the bottle as she sucked the last few drops and tossed the bottle to the floor with the other.

She let out a loud sigh and expelled the last of the weed smoke from her lungs and put the pipe down on her bedside table. She leaned forward and stopped with her face so close that our noses were touching. I could smell the weed and beer and cigarettes on her breath and see her glassy bloodshot eyes looking into me and I grabbed her by the back of the head and kissed her hungrily. I switched from twirling my tongue around hers to sucking her tongue into my mouth and keeping it there, trying to clean the sin off of it. The taste of her corruption was undeniable and it caused my cock to surge noticeably while she began riding with a frantic pace. I felt my orgasm start to approach and grabbed her tight, tanned little ass cheeks hard.

“I’m going to cum baby,” I breathed into her ear.

“Fill me up like a whore,” she responded with a throaty growl.

The dirty nature in which she said that was all I could stand at this point and I squeezed her ass hard and pushed my cock as far into her womb as I possibly could. My body tensed and I began shooting the most powerful ejaculation of my life into the deepest regions of her tight cunt. She stopped riding and clamped her pussy down onto my shaft, milking every last drop from my surging phallus. She leaned down and again began kissing me, plunging her still sin stained tongue into my mouth and breathing her ‘bad’ breath directly into me. The powerful scents and flavors caused a few more post-ejaculation twitches before I resigned, spent completely and panting.

“I am so fucked up,” Amber said, stuttering and slurring uncontrollably.

She reached over to the table and extracted another Newport, lighting it and laying on my chest and exhaling lazily into her room. I looked down at my little Amber as she was taking another hungry drag off her cigarette, my cum oozing out of her pussy, and remembered Amber’s words earlier that day; “This is going to be really fun,” she had said.

Yes. It was going to be really, really fun indeed.

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