Couch Sex

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I had been so absorbed in my studying that I didn’t even hear the door open. I was curled up on the beige leather couch reading some research papers. Tomorrow was my last exam and then I would be free until September.

My knees were bent and I rested my sock clad feet against the edge of the couch. It was chilly in the apartment but it was home, our home. My pink shorts were snug and my black t-shirt hugged my curvy breasts.

I was humming a song as I read the same paragraph for the third time. My mind was filled with terminology and definitions – glaciers, runoffs, and hundred year floods. I would be the first to admit that Geography was not my first choice but considering he loved the subject, I was willing to take a few courses just to be closer to him.


She was sitting there so beautiful and stunning. Her black t-shirt made her raven coloured hair so much more dark and mysterious. I remember that on our first date she had talked about dying her hair blonde but I had told her she was beautiful the way she was. Clearly it was the right thing to say.

I knew she had one more exam and then we were free. Well not completely free as we’d both be working long hours to pay for the apartment and next year’s tuition. I closed the door quietly and then walked over.

“Hi sweetie,” I said quietly. I slid next to her and kissed her neck. She smelled of coconut and lime. That smell drove me insane. It reminded me of a tropical paradise. Although we had never gone away, I always imagined being on a white sandy beach with the wind gently blowing antep escort over our tanned bodies. Of course then my mind would wander to naughty things to do to my raven-haired lover.

Without saying a word I put her reading on the coffee table and turned her face. As we looked into each other’s eyes years of togetherness spoke volumes. She knew every single action I was about to do and she loved it.

Leaning over, my lips brushed her sensitive earlobe and I whispered, “Mandatory break time.”


His lips wrapped gently around my earlobe and my mind was wiped clean of everything I had just memorized. He had this effect on me and no matter what I tried to do I would never win. He knew exactly how to turn me on and all I could do was let him. I was powerless.

I stood in front of him and wiggled out of my shorts. I turned around and pushed my butt against his face as I slid my pink panties down my legs. As I stepped out of them I gasped. His tongue was tracing little hearts against my butt. His tongue slid lower then circled up against my pussy lips.

I could control myself as his tongue danced against my pussy but the moment he tugged gently on my clit ring I lost it completely.

“Fuck,” I hissed. I slid down and began grinding my round ass against his jeans. His hands yanked up my shirt and began kneading my breasts. What started as a slow romantic encounter had quickly turned into rough desperate fucking. We both needed something frantic.


“Fuck,” I hissed. She was rubbing her butt against my cock. I needed her off me so I could take off my jeans but she felt so damn good. She knew the exact pressure to make my cock harden and when I wore jeans she made the zipper graze my cock. If she pushed harder it would hurt but this was just a slow and agonizing wave of pleasure. I finally pulled her off and lifted my hips. Boxers and jeans were off. I wanted to go slow but the moment she gripped my cock I knew it was going to be fast.

Her fingers barely fit around my cock but she squeezed hard enough to make me gasp. I lay back on my side and pulled her close against me. As I reached down to stroke her pussy I knew she was aroused. My fingers glistened with her juices and I sucked my fingers into my mouth, tasting her.

Lifting her leg a bit, I slid inside her. She was burning hot, so wet and tight. I pushed in all the way and let her adjust. She wiggled and held her legs closed, making her tight hole feel even snugger.

I whispered against her ear as I gripped her butt. I spanked once and waited for a reaction.


I gasped as he thrusted into me. He began to bang me and all I could do was let him fuck me. It was hard. It was rough. When his hand spanked my right ass cheek I gasped. He did it again.

“Close,” I whimpered. Although my mind was racing with thoughts I could barely speak. My orgasm had been building up since the morning and I was on the brink. I knew the moment he heard me speak that word he could thrust harder and faster, gripping my ass.

He did not disappoint me. His thrusting sped up and soon I was gripping the cool leather as I came hard. I closed my eyes and felt wave of pleasure flood my body. My toes curled and my stomach muscles contracted. His cock was pushing against my cervix but it felt like it was pushing against my entire being. I knew most women rarely came just from fucking and every time I came this way I was amazed and in wonder. At this moment though I was only thinking of one thing. It was his turn.


The moment I heard her gasp that word I knew what to do. I gripped her shoulders and began to push into her. She came so quickly and I figured she hadn’t been satisfied enough since this morning. I was surprised considering I had almost missed my bus because she had wanted more. I could never say no to her. I kept going until I pulled out and came all over her pussy lips. My orgasm was quick. I wasn’t upset. She had no idea how good it felt when I was inside her and she came. Her pussy would vice itself against my sensitive tip and when I was younger that would set me off. Now that I was older I could control myself enough to pull out. Although she loved feeling my hot love juice inside her, she also enjoyed it other places.

I moaned as I watched my semen cover her smooth lips and her cute clit piercing. The first shot landed diagonally on her pussy lips whereas the next two shots filled her piercing.

She was breathing hard and I knew eventually I’d need to move. She wasn’t always in need of cuddling but the emotional stress of exam time made her needs more urgent. I kissed her neck softly. She needed to go back to studying and I needed to clean up and make some dinner. But for now we were fine with just lying there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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