Country , Western Love

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Country Lover

I glanced at the hastily written down directions on the seat beside me as I drove. “SWF to share up-market suburban home and expenses Call Alex 555-3649”

I had phoned as soon as I spotted the advert in our local newspaper. I was answered by an answering machine, a cultured female voice spoke clearly and deliberately, ” Hi this is Alex, if you are phoning about my advert in the Belmont Bugle, I have found someone, thank you very much for phoning, if the call is for me, personally, please leave a message after the beep. Bye”

I sighed and left a message anyway. ” Hi Alex, my name is Vicky I saw your advert in the “Bugle”, and know that I am too late, but if the person you have chosen doesn’t work out, or changes their mind, please give me a call, your advert sounds like just what I am looking for, I can be reached at 555-1011 “

I had broken off my engagement, when I discovered my fiancé in the missionary position with one of his co-workers. By the time he had gotten his penis out of the red headed woman’s vagina, beneath him I had thrown the half-karat diamond engagement ring across the width of the rather seedy motel room. His pleas to wait, he could explain fell on deaf ears.

It took about an hour to arrange for a removal company to collect and store the furniture I had bought when I had moved in to my ex-fiancé Dave’s apartment after the engagement. I packed my clothes, and left, I dropped off the front door key at the movers along with a list of my possessions I wanted stored and found temporary accommodation with a girlfriend.

My girlfriend, Carrie lived in a one-bedroom apartment. She and I had been co-workers and very close friends for over five years. We had double dated upon occasion, slept with the same man more than once and even enjoyed a brief but tempestuous sexual relationship, she had warned me about Dave, I had ignored her advice, and now I was sleeping on her couch, and sharing her rather cramped bathroom. I had contacted every real estate office and scanned every newspaper and supermarket advert board looking for an apartment, but my timing was wrong, being the middle of the month, there was nothing close enough or suitable, so in desperation I had answered the ad to share a home, only to discover that I was again too late.

The call came at about 6-p.m. Carrie and I were sprawled out on the sofa eating pizza and watching the news, Carrie handed me the phone. The person had changed her mind and since I sounded so desperate could I come over immediately for an interview.

I scratched out directions to the house, grabbed my keys and blew Carrie a kiss, as I swept out the door. There wasn’t much traffic and the drive over was quick. I had no difficulty finding the house. It was a large face brick home with wide windows and was set back from the road, the grass had recently been trimmed and the flowerbeds neat and freshly tended.

I knocked; a well-dressed woman immediately opened the door. She had long raven dark hair coiffed carelessly around her face, which highlighted the lightest blue eyes I’ve ever seen. She was dressed in designer sweats; the gray and pink clothing suited her. It accentuated her body without blatantly displaying that she had a great body and very large breasts, far larger than my 34D’s.She was freshly made up, the muted eye shadow making the most of her stunning eye colour, and the lip-gloss still moist and unmarred. I thought she was around thirty. She invited me in and I followed as she walked into the sitting room, her body moving with an indescribable sensuality and rhythm.

The house was decorated görükle escort bayan as tastefully as the owner. The furniture and fittings, while not new, were well cared for and neat. I sat on the sofa opposite Alex. She sat back in her chair, crossing her legs at her ankles. We discussed trivialities before she showed me over the house. The room she was offering was enormous with large windows and plenty of closet space, directly opposite the door was a bathroom with shower, which I would have to share with Alex’s 19-year-old daughter, Sarah, who was away in college. In addition, I would have the run of the home, garden and pool. She would need for help with meals and housekeeping. As for visitors as long as I was discreet around her daughter, everything was fine. The price she wanted was within my budget and my cheque for first and last was in her hand before she could change her mind.

I began moving my stuff over the following evening by the weekend everything was unpacked. Alex helped, she made sandwiches while I unpacked, later we sat and watched TV She was knowledgeable and intelligent. She had a way of putting people at ease; soon Alex and I were good friends.

I changed my cell number, and began to rebuild my life. Dave soon became a distant but unpleasant memory, thanks mainly to Alex’s nurturing, and support of my friends. I am not sure when, exactly, I began falling in love with Alex, all I knew is that I began to look forward to going home to her. I began to decline the occasional date or Carrie’s invitations to spend a night, and spent more time at home. I try hard not to look too long or get too close or touch; I have far too much respect for her.

Her daughter Sarah came home for the summer vacation like a hurricane, a whirlwind so much like her mom in looks its uncanny. It would be easy to mistake Sarah for Alex’s younger sibling, rather than her daughter. They have a very easy relationship and spend a lot of time, happy in each other’s company. I tried not to intrude and kept to myself, only to have Alex or Sarah pull me out of my room, making me join them, or flowing over into my room sprawling on my king sized bed, until I became part of their world. Sarah spent most of her vacation when not with us, either on the phone or dating some stud or other.

One Saturday Sarah invited me to join her and her mom at a Western bar just outside of town. I knew Alex liked Country music, and agreed to go along after a lot of persuasion, from Sarah.

I dressed conservatively, in jeans, wide leather belt with a silver buckle that cinched around my narrow waist and checked shirt that showed the swell of my 34D breasts well, I had recently bought new sharp-toed boots with stiletto heels, to complete my outfit.

Sarah had brushed her hair until it shone; she wore a straw hat with a leather band above the shiny dark hair. Her face was scrubbed and only had the lightest hint of coral lip-gloss. She was poured into skin tight blue denim jeans; way tighter than mine, her tartan plaid shirts top four buttons were opened showing her cleavage to the best advantage. A beautiful young woman out to have a good time with her mom and her mom’s housemate.

It was her mother, who took my breath away, Her long hair was brushed away from her forehead and held back with silver and tortoiseshell combs, it reached three quarters down her back, her make up was far from the usual muted and simple eye shadow and lip-gloss. She had used brownish blush on her cheeks, effectively elongating her face and displaying her really exquisite cheekbones, silver bursa otele gelen escort and blue eye liner to accentuate her eyes and drop dead red on her lips, her finger nails were coated with the identical hue nail varnish. She wore a tiny red tank top, which, when she walked made her lush breasts jiggle suggesting that she wore no bra. Around her trim waist was a snakeskin belt complete with an oval western buckle, which held up a Stuart tartan miniskirt. So short it hung at least a foot above her knees, Under the skirt was a pair of sheer red stockings; and through the sheer red of her stockings her legs were long and shapely muscled, her feet were thrust into a pair of snakeskin high-heeled western boots that matched her belt.

We climbed into Alex’s minivan, Sarah opting to sit in the back, so I sat up front with the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. The drive was filled with laughter and anticipation, Alex entranced me, and she wore a subtle almost familiar fragrance, which I found intoxicating. I drank in every movement she made.

The outside of the bar was well lit, the car park full, it took a while to find a parking spot, and even then, it was some distance from the entrance. We entered the bar, a cacophony accosted us from every angle, Country music and at least one hundred people speaking at once. We followed Alex, as she navigated her way through the crowd to a table she had spotted. The table was close to the band, which we could see easily, we sat. A horde of men pushed themselves off the bar towards our table, and stood in lines asking us to dance. Both Alex and I declined every offer. A handsome cowboy who led Sarah her to the dance floor after pulling her, to her feet, Alex shook her head at her beautiful daughter and shouted to a passing waitress who nodded and returned with two foaming glasses of beer. One beer became two, two became four as we sat watching the band and the dancers The music washed over us as other couples gyrated and moved to the strenuous strains of the music.

Alex reached across the table and took my hand, “Come”, she said, and led me to the dance floor.

She held my hand she began to move in time with the music, her sensual movements were in time with every chord she danced before me a picture of grace and sensuality. Her ample breasts moved beneath the red tank top, her nipples now blatantly visible, her eyes upon mine her lips smiling as she saw the direction of my eyes, she moved closer, our bodies pressed together as we moved in time with the music.

The song ended and I was led back to the table, Alex never once let go of my hand. When we sat, Alex lifted my hand to her lips and kissed the tips of my fingers. Electrical tingles shot up along my arm and directly to my heart. I sat breathless, as Alex moved her chair until we were alongside each other, she licked her lips almost lewdly, bent forward and kissed me open mouthed on the lips, her tongue slipped into my mouth and I tasted her for the first time, her arms drew me close our bodies melding close in the crowded noisy room, I was oblivious to everything but her, and the electrical tickle spreading through my belly, making my limbs feel like jelly.

She whispered into my ear, “Come baby its time to go.” I followed the glossy hair and red tank top meekly out of the bustling bar to her minivan, oblivious to anything but the warmth of her hand in mine. Once the van was out of the parking lot, she drove one handed, her right hand began to stroke the skin of my arm and circle my tingling breasts, my breath shortened as her fingers bursa escort bayan boldly undid the buttons of my blouse and then by snaking her hand around my back, she expertly unsnapped my bra. Instantly her hand slid over an erect nipple, she pinched the rubbery nubbin and tweaked the trapped nipple until it felt white-hot. Instinctively, I had leaned back in the seat, allowing her more access. I don’t remember much of the drive home, I can however recall with clarity every caress and kiss I was given during the ride.

Alex stopped touching me, as we reached the house. I slid out of the seat, holding my open shirt closed with one hand, as I quickly stepped from the driveway to the front door. Alex followed at a more leisurely pace locking the door behind us. She reached for me drawing me close as we stood in the living room; her hands on my shoulders pushed me to my knees. I knelt in front of her; her hands went from my shoulders to the front of her outrageously short skirt. As she lifted the rough plaid, I could see underneath the miniskirt she wore a set of red suspenders to keep the stockings up, her dark pubic hair was lush and long, moist lips peeped through, I could smell her, it was the same scent that I had found so intoxicating and enigmatic earlier,I discovered later she had used her own vaginal secreetions as a perfume, eagerly I bent forward, as she set her legs wider apart, my lips mashed against her vaginal lips, my tongue slid into the soft waiting folds as Alex tightened her grip behind my head drawing my face between her legs.

The tip of my nose touched a wet and needy clit, Alex drew in a long breath as I began to shake my head effectively grinding her clit with my nose, against her pelvis, my tongue began to lap the moisture that flowed from Alex’s pussy, almost imperceptibly, she began to rock, tiny tremors flexed in her thighs, from my position between her thighs, I heard her moan. Alex stiffen, as she came with shudders of delight, she stumbled away from, where I knelt between her legs. She steadied herself on my shoulders, and stepped back.

“Take your jeans off baby,” she said,

She stepped away as I struggled out of my tight jeans, and wet thong panties, I pulled both free, as Alex returned, she was cinching a red leather harness around her waist, attached to the harness was a huge red dildo, at least 10 inches in length with the correct anatomical curve and a huge head. Without thinking I spread myself for her, I was so hot and wet Alex had no problem sliding the red monster into my pussy. My pussy was deliciously stretched and pounded as Alex began to thrust deep into me, instinctively I arched as my pussy was filled, Alex thrust deep and hard, It felt so wonderful and right I anxiously clawed at Alex’s back as my orgasm began to pump my thighs in time with her thrusts, the electrical tickle between my thighs exploded into a roar as I arched my back and came in an earth shattering climax, I fell back as I came helpless as Alex fucked me with the strap on, I held on as another tremor began deep within my belly, I clung on as Alex shimmied the big red cock in me, I began to gush, my pussy throbbed with delight and I snaked my arms around Alex holding her close to me, forcing her to stop, the harnessed dildo speared deep inside me as we lay spent on the living room carpet.

We didn’t hear as the front door opened, but both Alex and I looked up as Sarah snapped on the light as she entered the living room. I lay impaled with her mother on top of me.

“Hi guys,” she said, stepping past us, “congrats mom, I thought you would never get into her cute little panties.”

I lay back so embarrassed I did not hear what she said until, she bent down kissing her mother’s cheek, then lower, she whispered to me. “Mom’s been so hot for you these last three months”, she whispered. “She stood, “I’m so happy for both of you, but next time try and keep it in your bedroom, love ya both, night-night.”

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