Couples Camp Ch. 14

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Brad was woken up from his deep sleep by the daily announcement resonating off the walls of the dorm, and went about like the rest getting ready for his day. He was one of the first few to leave the dorm and head around the lake on the morning jog to the far side of the lake.

Brad’s level of energy had progressively increased every day as he got into better and better shape. The generous amount of exercise, coupled with the healthy diet he had been adhering to was really paying off. In fact that morning, to his surprise, he found himself first to arrive at the site of the regular morning class. Once they had gone through the normal routine of calisthenics and strength training they were released to run back to the resort ending class at the doc like normal.

“Morning, Ten.”

Brad knew that voice, it was unmistakably Brooke’s. He looked around to see where it was coming from when he noticed her standing on a pontoon boat that was already tied to the doc.

“Over here Ten.” She called out again, motioning for him to come to her.

“Good morning Ma’am.” Brad announced still catching his breath from the morning run.

“It’s good to see you baby, why don’t we get going?” Brooke cheerfully announced.

Brad climbed up onto the boat from the doc and Brooke greeted him with a kiss on the cheek.

“Hope you’re ready for a day on the lake, I even packed us a lunch.” Brooke said.

“Sounds like fun to me.” Brad happily responded, surprised by her preparations.

This was a single story version of the pontoon boat brad had co captained before. It didn’t have the slide and upper sun deck but it was certainly comfortable and luxurious just the same. There was a table flanked by two chairs near the rear of the boat, followed by the captain’s chair and controls in the middle and finally a large open area at the front of the boat with large reclining sofas for sunbathing.

Brad took to getting underway, untying from the dock and starting the engine getting prepared to set off on their adventure. It was lucky for him the layout and controls looked exactly like the pontoon boat Nick had taught him to pilot, so he was confident this smaller version would be no problem at all.

“Where would you like to go ma’am.” Brad called out behind him to Brooke as they slowly eased away from the doc.

“Why don’t we go to the same spot as last time?” Brooke suggested.

Brad gave her the thumbs up as he idled up the engine aiming for the cove on the far side of the lake. The trip across the lake took a good half hour as they worked their way steadily along the coast of the rocky shore, trying to stay out of the way of all the activity already underway for the day. Once Brad reached the cove and approximately the same place they had previously anchored he turned off the engine and slowly came to a stop.

“How’s this?” He asked.

“Looks perfect babe,” Brooke confirmed.

Brad was proud of himself as he lowered the anchor. He had no problems doing this on his own even though it was only his second time ever and his first time as actual captain.

“Come sit with me Ten.” Brooke called out, as she motioned to the empty seat on the other side of the small table.

Brooke and Brad sat there talking as the morning sun rose in the sky. They talked about some of the things they had been through since they arrived at the camp as well as how they felt about many of the things they had seen. Brooke confessed she was overcome with desire from the moment she climbed into the limo with Nick but also riddled with guilt for cheating on him. At the same time Brad admitted that he too was dealing with battling emotions. On the one hand the thought of her being with someone else made him jealous but admittedly seeing her arousal excited him as well. They agreed that this was a big part of what this camp was all about. Learning to explore what made them happy as well as what they found exciting, while learning not to ignore how it made them feel about one another. The struggle was the lesson as much as anything.

As they ate the lunch Brooke had packed them, they continued talking about what they wanted after the month was over and they were ready to leave. Brooke confessed she had been thinking a lot about that lately and wasn’t sure what she truly wanted to do. Prior to this experience she had figured they would one day get married, have kids, buy a house, all the regular things couples do. But now she wasn’t so sure. The excitement and attention she had been getting lately had her re thinking what she wanted out of life and what her life would look like moving forward.

Brad sat and listened to her as she described her reluctance to give up her new found sexual freedom and felt the fear of rejection begin to well up inside of him.

“Does this mean you don’t want me in your life anymore?” Brad chimed in as he felt a tear begin to form.

“Oh god no.” Brooke adamantly replied.

” Do you want to leave me?” she questioned.

“Never, I never want to leave you bahçelievler escort Brooke, uh ma’am.” Brad corrected himself.

“I’m glad to hear that, and thank you for following the rules too baby.” She said with a huge smile on her face.

The two finished up their lunch and conversation as the noon sun continued to warm.

“Why don’t we get some sun?” Brooke suggested, as she stood up removing her knit white cover up.

Brooke grabbed a duffle bag she had laying on the floor next to her and retrieved a towel and a bottle of suntan lotion shaking it as she walked to the front of the boat.

“Why don’t you rub this on me Ten.”

Something about the way Brooke kept calling Brad Ten made him feel subservient. It was almost like an owner calling their dog’s name. Something about it reinforced her position of control without demeaning him, and made him feel the desire to be compliant.

“Yes ma’am.” Brad responded following her to the front of the boat.

Brooke spread the towel out on the reclining sun chair and proceeded to untie her bikini top, pulling it from her breast and tossing it on the deck next to her. Brad was surprised but thrilled at the opportunity to see her exposed like this. There was something uniquely different in this situation with the two of them alone and out in the open. Something about it was more intimate than what he had experienced with her lately with either Nick or Logan always present.

Brooke continued to untie her bottoms as well allowing them to fall to the deck as well.

“Here baby can you rub this on me?” Brooke requested as she laid down pressing her breasts to the beach towel.

“Make sure to get every spot ok I don’t want to burn.” Brooke instructed her voice partially muffled due to her face down position.

Brad squeezed a line of lotion across Brooke’s shoulder blades and down her spine before setting the bottle down and using both hands to gently massage the lotion into her already soft skin. Brad made sure to work his way methodically from her shoulders and neck down her back making sure to thoroughly cover every inch of Brooke’s delicious skin. When he got to her lower back and her Private Property of tattoo he couldn’t help but flash back to the comment Logan had made the night before. The thought of her having his name added to her forever, was just too much to handle. Brad fought back the anger of that image in his head as he tried to concentrate on applying more lotion to Brooke.

“Ahh yes that feels good baby.” Brooke encouraged, as he got past her tattoo and began applying lotion to her ass cheeks.

Brad squirted a palm full of lotion into his hand and scooped some out with his other hand applying additional lotion as he went. Brad was making sure to work the lotion into Brooke’s skin making sure to do a good job, fearing if he didn’t she might burn.

“Why don’t you put some lotion on yourself too and lay down with me.” Brooke requested.

Brad took his shirt off and did his best to cover his body before laying down on the recliner next to Brooke. The two lay there quite for half an hour or more when Brooke turned over and asked Brad to re-apply lotion to her, this time on her front. Brad happily agreed to her request, and started with her beautiful firm breast. The simple act of working lotion into her every pour was something Brad was taking great delight in. As he worked his way south past her luscious belly and to her smooth mound he found himself once again distracted by the visions of her as she was the night before, pleasuring herself. It was impossible for Brad to run his hands over her delicate skin without getting aroused himself, and it was starting to distract him from his work.

“Oh that feels so good baby.” Brooke cooed.

Brad worked his way all the way down her slender legs to her gorgeous feet making sure to cover his precious Brooke with a protective coating.

“Thanks Ten.” Brooke said, indicating she had enough lotion.

Brad finished applying some lotion to his chest and the front of his legs and laid down exposing his front side to the warm rays. Brad and Brooke lay there soaking up the sun sharing their visions of the future as well as their feelings about the past. After another half hour of sun to the front side, the two got up and Brooke got her bikini back on.

“What do you say we start back and just take our time?” Brooke suggested.

“Ok sounds good.” Brad responded as he got himself together and ready to get underway.

Brad pulled the anchor and turned the key starting the engine.

“Why don’t you just go slow and follow the shoreline back we can hug the shade all the way in.” Brooke requested.

Brad pushed the throttle slightly forward and steered his way towards the tree line casting a shadow on the lake. Brooke took a seat next to Brad and the two continued their chat as they gradually worked their way back to the doc on the resort side of the lake. It was a nice quite relaxed time the bakırköy escort two shared. Brad really felt like they had re connected the last two days and today especially. Hearing Brooke say she didn’t want to leave him was music to his ears. The comfort it brought to him knowing she still had feelings for him was invaluable, and energized his desire to please her even more.

It was midafternoon and almost time for Brad’s second exercise class of the day, when they arrived back at the doc. Brad helped Brooke collect up her bag and the few things she had brought with her for their picnic lunch, helping her down off the boat and back onto the wooden planks of the doc.

“I will see you at dinner tonight ok Ten.” Brooke announced, as Brad was busy wrapping the rope to the doc cleat.

Brad looked up just in time to watch Brooke’s perfect ass sway left and right as she left him once again. The emotional battle raged on inside as he finished tying up the boat. He was hit again with a sense of loneliness. Brad wanted nothing more than to spend his time with her. Just the sound of her voice and her presence had a calming effect on him, but every time she left his side the feelings of loneliness once again washed over him like the tide on the beach.

“I’ll see you tonight ma’am.” Brad yelled back.

Brad finished with the boat and preceded to class, once again speeding through it like it was nothing. Each time he had class it was getting easier and easier, and he found himself finishing the last leg of the run once again in first place.

After class he went back to the dorm and took a shower, getting ready for the dinner service like always, and proceeding to the kitchen cantina with the rest of the servers.

He picked up the tray for table four like always and marched his way out to deliver the two drinks and appetizer already prepared.

“Whisky sir, and your wine ma’am.” Brad said setting the drinks down at the table.

It was Logan again dinning with Brooke, and it took everything he had to hide his dislike for Logan as he set his drink in front of him.

“Oh thank you Ten.” Brooke said as Brad set down the shrimp cocktail.

“My pleasure ma’am,” Brad responded as he looked over to see Logan giving him and evil grin.

Just the look on his face was enough to push Brad’s buttons. Logan had a way of making it clear he was competing for Brooke and had every intention of winning her. At first Brad thought it was just a competition between Nick and Logan, but Logan was making it clear, there was more afoot. Not only was Logan trying to win a place on Brooke’s lower back but he was trying to win a place in her life that had previously only been shared with Nick.

While Nick was firm and at times a little harsh he had a charm about him. The first few times they interacted, Nick made sure to put Brad in his place. But it was never rude, he just demanded respect. Logan on the other hand seemed to be more devious. He wasn’t being outwardly rude but he had a way of taunting Brad, of making sure Brad knew he was going to have his way. Something told Brad that Logan was getting off on the idea of making Brooke his, as opposed to Nick who wanted to win her over; Logan was going to be much more forceful about it. It was perhaps a subtle difference to Brooke, but quit blatant to Brad.

Brad was carefully balancing the dinner tray on his outstretched hand as he walked towards table four. He couldn’t help noticing Logan had moved his chair from across the table to sit next to Brooke and had his hand under the table presumably resting on her lap. As he approached the table Logan withdrew his hand from beneath the table bringing it up to his mouth and nose, taking in a deep breath. A devious grin enveloped his face as he extended his large middle finger, obviously coated with her nectar, holding it up to Brooke’s lips. Brooke’s response was to lean slightly forward taking his finger deep into her mouth, and drawing back savoring the slickened digit, and cleaning herself off of him in a single pass.

“Your dinner Sir,” Brad growled.

It was obvious Logan was putting on a show for Brad’s benefit. Taunting him with the depravity he could coax from Brooke even in public.

“Thanks Ten,” Logan snickered.

It was clear to Brad Logan wasn’t referring to the food.

“Ma’am your dinner,” Brad said as he placed Brooke’s plate gently in front of her.

“Anything else I can get for you?” Brad asked looking at Brooke, trying to ignore Logan’s existence.

But before Brooke could even answer Logan snapped.

“That’s all for now Ten.”

Brad waited patiently off in the corner as the couple ate their dinner waiting for the right time to bring them their dessert, but it wasn’t easy. The tension between him and Logan was thick and Logan seemed to be enjoying it as his hand disappeared from time to time only to come back up and repeated its earlier assault. Logan would casually look over where Brad balgat escort was standing, relishing the agony he was inflicting. Finally the two were done eating and their plates cleared so Brad got their desserts and delivered them.

“Here you are ma’am, Sir, your dessert.” Brad announced setting down the two small cups of raspberry mousse.

“Ten, after dinner meet us in the bar with your collar on.” Logan announced, as he maintained eye contact with Brooke.

Brad expected something from Brooke, but nothing. Not a thank you, not an acknowledgment that she too wanted him to come to the bar, nothing.

“Yes sir,” was all Brad responded not looking forward to having to spend more time around Logan.

Brad left the couple and returned to his place in the kitchen, eating his simple meal and placing his dirty dish in the bus bin. Once he finished Brad half-heartedly went back to the dorm to retrieve his collar. It was a mixed blessing. Brad knew that his collar meant he might have a chance to get close to Brooke in an intimate fashion but he knew he would still have to deal with Logan’s continued jabs. Brad put his collar on and set off back towards the bar wearing his leather restraint, passing some of the other servers heading to the dorm’s themselves.

“Have fun, see you there.” Nine cheerfully said as he passed Brad.

Brad turned to wave, acknowledging Nine’s revelation but he was speeding off towards the dorm too quickly to respond.

Brad pushed the door open and walked in, spotting Logan and Brooke sitting at a table sipping on a drink.

“Have a seat, Ten.” Logan announced, as Brad approached the table.

Brooke wasn’t even making eye contact with Brad she was focused on Logan and Logan alone.

“Just give us a minute, and then we’ll go.” Logan barked as Brad sat.

Brad wasn’t surprised at the rudeness Logan seemed to show him, but the comment caught him a little off guard. Where were they going? Brad’s imagination was off balance trying to anticipate what was in store for the night, as he sat there listening to Logan interrogate Brooke.

It did seem like an interrogation too. Logan was asking her increasingly personal questions and if she hesitated even slightly he would push her to answer quickly without taking time to think of an answer. Brooke seemed uncomfortable at first hesitating to answer but as time went on seemed to be willing to respond with more confidence and less trepidation. Perhaps it was because she didn’t have time to be embarrassed by the answer before the next question was upon her or perhaps it was liberating to share her feelings. It was almost as if each answer lifted a weight off her shoulders allowing her to answer the next question with fewer burdens.

Logan went from “What is your favorite sexual position?” to “Do you like how a large dick fills you up?” Brad was absorbing the whole thing, trying to understand how she felt about Logan and her sexual adventures at Pine Lake, he just sat there silent taking in every answer as she revealed her true feelings.

“If you had to pick just one cock tonight, mine or Ten’s who’s would you rather feel inside you?” Logan asked Brooke as he looked Brad straight in the eyes.

“Yours,” Brooke submissively whispered.

“Oh you can do much better than that kitten. Look your little Ten in the eyes and tell him what you want.” Logan commanded.

Brooke timidly raised her head and looked over at Ten’s widened eyes, locking gaze.

“I want Logan’s huge cock to fuck my pussy until he explodes his hot seed deep inside me. I want to feel every veined inch of him as he makes me his fuck toy.” Brooke said with a look of sorrow in her eyes.

She knew what she was saying was going to hurt Brad but felt helpless to conceal her desires from Logan, even if it did hurt Brad’s feelings.

“Much better kitten,” Logan complimented her, reaching to her face and pushing her hair aside with the back of his hand as his palm gently brushed her cheek.

“Now let’s go to that party.” He proclaimed as he pulled her in for a congratulatory kiss.

Brad thought at this point he would be able to push his feelings of hurt and jealously aside, after all he had witnessed Brooke with both Nick and Logan many times now, but this was on another level. Brooke had made her feelings clear this afternoon, she didn’t want to leave Brad, but she was powerless to resist Logan’s advances. She was a slave to her body’s desire for him and willing to do whatever he wanted to make sure she received his sexual attention. It hit Brad like a baseball bat of realization. It was obvious that however she felt about him, she would for every be a prisoner to the sexual desires now awoken in her.

Logan stood up and helped Brooke out of her chair as Brad tried to regain his composure and follow the two out the bar door. Logan placed his large imposing hand in the small of Brooke’s back and used it to steer her down the path and into the main courtyard as Brad followed closely behind. The short walk back to the circular quad felt like miles as Brad watched Logan take control of his beloved Brooke. Logan was winning. If he wanted his name permanently inked on Brooke’s back surely he would have it. If he wanted her to leave with him at this very moment, it would be impossible for Brooke to resist the desire to please him.

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