Couple’s Party

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I think we met at a party of some kind. Not the kind of party where everyone is yelling, and music is blaring, and you can barely hear anyone talk, even when they’re screaming at the top of their voice.

It was more of a dinner party, but everyone was mulling around, taking little titbits off of platters. It was his house, but it wasn’t his party.

They called it a “couple’s party”. Anyone was allowed to come, but they had to bring their other half. So I brought you.

When I spotted our “host”, I immediately cancelled all other plans or expectations for the party. By the end of the night, I was going to fuck him, whether you were at the party or not. I looked down at his shoes, and a smile crept onto my face. Twice the size of yours, at least.

And you know what they say…

He must’ve seen me eyeing his crotch, because he asked me if I wanted a tour. We both looked at you.

You looked back, eyes wide, and stuttered a pathetic excuse about why I should stick with you instead. But when I took a step toward him, you didn’t stop me. You just watched him put an arm around my waist and pull me against him.

And when he laughed at you, and called you what you are — Little beta cuck — you just turned red and tried to hide your erection. That made me laugh, too.

I stopped laughing when his hand grabbed my ass, and he led me away on the aforementioned “tour”.

He opened the first door in the hallway. I could still feel your eyes on the back of my head, watching his hands as they felt around the curves and crevices between my legs and my ass, but then we were in a dark closet, and he shut the door behind us.

His hands felt so much better than yours. They were warm and rough and fucking manly. They pulled on my clothes and my skin, wiping away any thoughts of you. I caught a split-second glimpse of shadows at the bottom of the door. Of course you would go stand outside. I know you like to listen in.

His hands pushed on my shoulders and I went down onto my knees, where his hard cock pressed against my cheek, Escort Bayan already leaking precum. I opened my mouth, as wide as I could, and he forced himself down my throat.

The saying is true, at least in his case. Big feet, and an even bigger cock. Thick and long and it gets fucking rock hard, like someone wrapped a steel rod in rubber. He holds the back of my head, jackhammering into my throat, and I just wish I had asked to touch my pussy before he started, because God, his cock is heaven.

I almost couldn’t handle his first orgasm. He buried my face down to the base of his cock, stuffing himself all the way down my throat. It was hard to think with the smell of him, but I could only wonder about what a waste it was that I didn’t get to taste his cum.

He pulled himself out of my throat and fucked my mouth until he got hard again, opening the door a crack so you could peek in and see the state of affairs.

You seemed surprised at how quickly he made me submit and let him throatfuck me.

It’s simple, honey. He’s a man.

He hooks his hands under my shoulders and drags me up from my knees, until my feet didn’t touch the floor anymore. I did as I was told and wraps my legs around his waist, and he lowered me onto his cock.

The force of my own weight sinks his dick nearly the entire 9 thick inches into my pussy, and he laughs about how tight I am, asking you if you even fuck me at all, and if you did, what did you fuck me with, a pencil?

You just stammer as he grabs my hips and bounces me on his dick. His fingers dig into my ass, and I moan and stumble over words, trying to beg him for more, harder, faster, please please please.

He looks right at you as he spreads my cheeks, telling you that you’re a lucky guy to have a girl like me around. A girl like me could do pretty much any guy she wanted with a body like mine.

I cling around his neck as he slides in and out of my pussy, jamming himself into my G-spot and making my legs spasm.

“You mind if I breed this bitch for you?”

You don’t say “No” right away, so he just laughs and interrupts, “Thanks, man.”

I moan. He’s going to breed me. Thank god. I can’t wait. I stare you in the face, but it doesn’t register that well. His dick is all that matters, not that face you’re making at me, trying to act like you aren’t enjoying this just as much as I am. Fucking slut.

He drops me onto his cock and it goes in deep. I feel him emptying a load into me, 9 inches deep, and can’t help but moan and tighten my grip on him.

He asks you if he should fuck my ass next. Once again, you make the mistake of not immediately and decisively saying “No.”

He pulls out of me and lowers my legs back onto the floor. In a few easy, excruciatingly attractive motions, he grabs my hand and my hip and forces me to turn around, planting my face against the wall and grabbing both of my wrists, holding them against my back at the top of my ass.

You don’t even move to stop him. You just stare, your tiny cock making a tent in your pants, as he lines himself up with my ass.

“Beg me to.”

I start to beg, but —

“Not you, bitch. Him.”

I can see the confusion on your face out of my periphery.

“W..What?” You ask.

“Beg me to fuck your girlfriend in the ass.”

I groan, pushing my ass back into his cock, but he forces me back up against the wall, and it’s all I have in me not to scream in frustration. I want him back inside me.

I threaten you. It’s all I can think of. If you don’t beg, if you don’t get down on your knees and plead, if you’re the reason I don’t get more of his dick, then I’m not going to let you cum for four weeks.

You bite your lip. Five! I yell at you.

You beg, and I grin, watching you get on your knees and plead for him to fuck me in the ass. Fuck me like you never could.

He slides right in, and my mind goes fuzzy. My eyes roll back and I can’t help but push back into his thrusts, receiving a sharp slap to the ass and getting shoved hard against the wall again.

And you just watch.

He fucks me hard, pulling out far and slamming back in without much thought. My ass must feel really good to his cock.

Feels like a virgin ass, he says. Shame on you. An ass like mine should be fucked to gaping. Don’t worry, he can remedy this.

I want to touch my clit, but his hand keeps my wrists against my back, so I have to go without. I beg to touch, beg and struggle, but he holds my wrists tighter and fucks me harder, fucking right into my G-spot and hitting it from the other side. I can hardly keep it together.

And, even still, you just stand on the other side of the closet door, watching him destroy my ass and claim every single one of my holes.

What a pathetic slut. I bet you won’t even confront me about this when we go home. You’ll just beg me to tell you how it felt.

It seems like forever passes before he slows down, pulling out and dragging me onto the floor. The door opens and I lay halfway out into the hallway. He grabs my ankle and yanks me back to where he stands, forcing my other leg down toward my chest.


He forces himself back into my ass. It feels deeper in this position. And apparently, I feel tighter, because he mentions that I feel like a virgin in my ass again. You insist I’m not, but he just laughs at you. You don’t count, you’re too small, he says.

I can’t really help but agree. He pounds into my ass, standing high above me and making me feel helpless. In this position, I can reach my clit.

I ask permission first, and he tells me I have it. It feels like relief when I’m finally allowed to touch it. He pushes two fingers into my pussy and even that feels bigger than you.

He buries himself all the way in, and I feel him empty yet another load of his cum into my ass, and I’m glad I’m in pile driver, so it can’t leak out. His fingers start stretching and fucking into me.

“Cum on my fingers,” he commands. I didn’t even think I was close, but the moment he says it, I cum, the strongest orgasm I’ve ever had.

He pulls out and drops me on the floor, zipping his cock back into his pants.

“Take care of her,” he tells you, walking away. “I have to entertain my guests.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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