Courtney: Mrs. Blane Seduced

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A few weekends after our little vacation to the North Georgia Mountains, Courtney and I were sitting the couch drinking a few beers and discussing just about everything. It was pretty late at night (or should I say very early in the morning) when we began once again talking about the birthday surprise she gave me. This time, however, our conversation wasn’t so much about the fantastic sex, but rather dove deeper into the actual situation.

“It’s really not that big a deal,” Courtney explained after taking a big swig of her beer. “Most girls I know have had a one-on-one with another girl. Those who haven’t, well, I guarantee have thought about it.”

I was a little surprised by this fact of hers. “Are you sure?”

“I’m willing to bet that most of the girls in this World have at least thought about it once in their life time. Those who haven’t are either nuns, too young, or would seriously consider the possibilities if the subject ever came up.

“In addition, “ she continued, “most women would agree that they, too, would rather see two women together than two guys together.”

I was dumbfounded…not to mention more than a little turned on. Like most red-blooded males, the thought of two women together is the ultimate fantasy. This would probably explain how Courtney knew I would be a willing participant in the hot tub party she had coordinated up at the cabin not too long ago.

* * * * * *

That Sunday afternoon found me and my neighbor downing ice-cold Miller Lites and spicy-hot chicken wings at a local sports bar. Dan Blane has been a great friend of mine for several years, and we enjoyed getting away from the stresses of life by visiting our local watering hole, shooting pool, watching sports and talking about chicks…what most guys do to relax.

Eventually I shared with him the interesting facts Courtney had shared with me. His eyes grew wide when I mentioned the part about most seriously considering the possibilities if the subject was ever discussed.

Dan’s wife, Dana, was about as straight-laced as they come. Brought up in a good home and taught the values of wholesome Southern ladies, she would shutter when she heard a cuss word, silently degrade women wearing revealing clothes, and frowned heavily upon anything even remotely violent…boxing and hockey would never be viewed on their television.

“Sorry Bill,” Dan jumped in, “but I am going to have to disagree with Courtney’s facts. You know my wife as well as anyone, and she would never even think about being with another woman. As much as it would turn me on to think it were possible, I would have to say it will never happen.”

* * * * * *

Over dinner that evening I told Courtney about Dan’s remarks.

“That doesn’t surprise me at all, “ she said. “Not every girl will just talk about it with their husband, or even confess to ‘improper’ thoughts.”

“C’mon Courtney, you know how Dana is – she’s more pure than the finest wine.”

“I’ll give you that. She does act and talk like a lady. But, she is a woman, she is human, and she has wants, needs, and fantasies like all the rest of us – they just may be a little better hidden or just a little deeper to reach.”

“The girl sticks her nose in the air towards women wearing low-cut sweaters or Daisy-Duke shorts, “ I rebutted.

“Trust me, Bill. I guarantee she has had at least once thought about being with another woman. In fact, I am so sure, I am willing to put a little wager on it.”

“And how do you plan on finding this information out, Miss Smarty-Pants?”

Courtney thought for a second then replied, “Simple – I’ll have her over for a little afternoon chat with coffee and snacks and I will force the truth out of her.”

“Oh, Courtney…I gotta see this for myself.”

“You can,” she replied, looking over my shoulder.

I turned away from the kitchen table and followed Courtney’s stare to the slatted, folding doors leading to the little room with the washer and dryer. I stood and walked towards the doors, pulled them open, climbed up on the dryer and shut the doors in front of me. Through the slats I could easily view the table where Courtney was seated with her infamous devilish grin. It was a little warm and cramped, but it would be worth it to witness the confession.

I pushed open the doors. “You’re on!”

Later that evening we worked out all the details. I checked my schedule to make sure I was off, and Courtney called Dana and invited her over for that Tuesday afternoon. I was extremely excited from the thought of listening in on two women as they chatted about their sex lives, and even more so at the thought of hearing a pure, sweet, innocent belle like Dana declare she had in fact had lurid thoughts of being with another woman.

* * * * * *

Tuesday finally came. I carefully draped towels across the washer and dryer to avoid any loud bumps, and threw on just a pair of shorts so I would be as cool as possible. Courtney laughed at my giddiness – I was jumping around and chattering avcılar escort like a little kid on Christmas Eve. When the doorbell rang, I took my place atop the dryer and closed the doors.

I was excited when I heard their muffles voices as they stood in the living room talking for a few minutes, but my heart began racing when they finally entered the kitchen. I peered from my perch through the slats as they sat down at the table.

Courtney, as always, looked ravishing. Dirty-blonde hair cascading onto her shoulders, a thin cotton light-purple blouse buttoned modestly to her neck, her young, firm, braless tits swaying gently beneath as she moved, the dark areas of her nipples faintly showing through when the light hit her chest just right, and a matching purple skirt that came to just above her knees – not too short as to offend Mrs. Dana “Purity” Blane.

Dana, as well, looked quite edible this afternoon. Long brown hair splashed over her shoulders and half-way down her back, a yellow cotton top trimmed in white accented her tan, and fit, quite surprisingly, snuggly against the curves of her breasts and waist, and a thin yellow and white sundress that hung just below her knees. Seated at the kitchen table together, they looked like an ad right out of the Spring catalog for women’s fashions.

After what seemed like an eternity of idle chit-chat, Courtney finally blurted out, “Have you ever been attracted to another woman?”

Dana appeared shocked by Courtney’s straight forward question. Her head cocked back and one eyebrow twitched as she stared back at Courtney without responding.

‘She’ll never confess to anything like this,’ I thought to myself.

Courtney must have sensed the sudden tension in the room. “Seriously, Dana, just between you and me, just between us two girls who have been good friends for the past few months now, have you ever been attracted to another woman?”

“No way!” Dana’s matter-of-fact response came as no surprise to me.

“Honestly,” Courtney continued, “you’ve never, not once, thought about what another woman’s lips would feel like? What it would be like to hold another woman? How another woman’s skin felt or what it would feel like to be touched by another woman?”

Dana didn’t respond…her stare now focused on her coffee…but you could tell her mind was elsewhere.

Courtney softly laid her hand on Dana’s forearm. “Have you ever wondered what it would be like to kiss another woman?”

I think I was more shocked than Dana now. I saw it in Courtney’s eyes – she was no longer just going for a verbal confession…she was going for physical proof.

Dana looked silently back at Courtney…my heart was racing, my forehead was sweating…and the two slowly leaned forward, paused for a split second, then continued until their lips met in a soft, sweet, gentle kiss.

Suddenly Dana broke the kiss and jumped from her chair, steadying herself against the table. “My God! What have I just done?” Her cry was a mix of horror and disbelief. “I can’t believe I just did that! Oh my god…oh my god…,” as she tried to catch her breath.

My eyes turned to Courtney, now leaning back in her seat. Her heavy breathing had her breasts rising and falling beneath her blouse…her excitement underscored by her erect nipples pressing through the sheer top. I knew she wouldn’t give up now.

“Listen, Dana, you didn’t do anything wrong – you simply responded to your desires.”

“But it just isn’t right,” Dana sobbed.

“Why not? Who says it’s not right?”

“It just isn’t.”

Courtney thought for a moment, planning her strategy. “Did it feel good?”

Dana didn’t respond, she just kept staring down at the floor.

Courtney repeated herself, but this time in a softer, more soothing voice. “Dana, did it feel good?”

A few moments of silence passed before a barely audible whisper slipped from Dana’s lips, “Yes.”

I almost fell off the dryer! The tides were churning…as was the piece of meat beneath my shorts.

“I knew it would,” Courtney said proudly.

Dana now looked back at Courtney, still almost whispering, “How did you know I’d like it?”

“I’ve seen you staring at me before. At parties, at the pool, when we run into each other outside or at the store.”

“I was probably just checking out what you were wearing,” Dana quickly replied, almost defensively.

“Were you? Or were you looking at more?”

Dana’s eyes again dropped to the floor. “It’s just not right.”

“Yes, Dana, it is right,” Courtney persisted. “I am extremely proud of my body, and your glances and stares are, to me, unspoken compliments. Your silent approval means more to me than some guy whistling at me.”

Dana still stared at the floor, but her defensive walls were crashing all around her.

Courtney continued, “Now that you know I’m OK with it, just tell me what you’ve been thinking.”

Dana’s face blushed a bright red, her fingers fiddled with the creases avrupa yakası escort in her dress, but she mustered the courage and softly mumbled, “I think you have a beautiful body, Courtney. Your boobs look so perfectly round…I guess…I mean…well, a couple times I wondered what they might look like without any clothes on.”

“Well thank you, Dana. I am flattered.”

My legs were cramping, my cock was sticking straight down one leg of my shorts, and I was sweating profusely…but there was no place I would rather be.

Courtney once again shocked me as I watched her unbutton her blouse about half way. Dana hadn’t noticed – she was still staring at her feet. “Dana, “ Courtney continued, “if you want to see them naked, do something about it.”

Dana giggled nervously. “No…no, I couldn’t. Besides, I wouldn’t know what to do.”

“There’s no script you’re supposed to follow – you just do what you feel like doing. I find you extremely attractive as well, Dana. That’s why I brought up this conversation. I know how you’ve been brought up…I know your beliefs…but I figured I had to do what I had to do. If you turned away and shunned me, well, my loss. But if you didn’t…if you don’t…then we both win.”

Dana was once again looking at Courtney, listening intently to every word. She stole glances at the slight opening now offered by Courtney’s blouse…the soft rise of her breasts…the inviting cleavage.

Several moments of silence passed…the two just staring at each other, reading each other’s eyes.

I held my breath…

Suddenly Dana moved towards Courtney, bending forward and taking Courtney’s face in her hands. One last deep stare, and their lips touched once again. This time, however, it wasn’t a soft sweet kiss. Their twisting heads and moving jaws let me know their tongues were dancing…tasting each other…exploring each other’s mouths. Dana’s hands slid from Courtney’s face, down along her neck, paused briefly, then continued downwards. She gently grasped the center hem of Courtney’s blouse and pulled it open, exposing Courtney’s beautiful breasts.

I sat crunched up in the laundry closet, peering keenly through the tiny slats, gently caressing the solid bulge in my shorts, and admiring the view of Courtney’s wonderful tits. After all these months with her, just seeing them in all their glory still drove me wild. So firm…so round…so smooth…capped with perfect, stiff nipples.

Dana pulled away from her kiss with Courtney…slowly this time…and dropped her eyes to Courtney’s chest. Her left hand, quivering slightly from shaken nerves, gradually reached towards one of the exposed globes…cupping it gently with a light squeeze.

A soft moan slipped from Courtney’s lips as she arched her back, pressing her breast against Dana’s palm.

Dana was completely engulfed in her new-found sensations…her finger tips exploring every curve, outlining Courtney’s aureole, brushing across the stiff nub.

“Kiss it,” Courtney offered, her voice cracking in anticipation.

Dana looked at Courtney, then back down at the breast she held in her hand…paused…then cautiously bent forward. Her soft red lips parted…her eyes closed…and she took the taut nub into her mouth.

Courtney squirmed in her seat, fingers grasping the edge of the table, and head thrown back. Her other hand rubbed up and down along Dana’s back, then cradled her head and pulled Dana’s face firmly against her chest.

Dana continued her assault on Courtney’s tit – squeezing the soft mound…tongue darting in and out, tracing circles around the tender aureole…her teeth gently tugging on the engorged nipple.

Courtney’s hand slid down Dana’s back once again, grasping the hem of the yellow top. She slowly pulled it up across Dana’s back until it bunched around her shoulders. Dana’s tanned skin, shiny from a hint of perspiration, seemed even darker against the clean, bright white of her bra. The cotton straps stretched across her sides and opened into large triangular pieces that cupped medium-sized breasts, swaying gently with her movements. Courtney’s hand traced across Dana’s back and down her side, reaching beneath and cupping one of the encased orbs.

Dana quickly straightened up – shocked from this initial touch – and stood with her back to Courtney. Her top remained all bunched up above her breasts, but her arms quickly crossed in front of them.

Sensing the sudden hesitation, Courtney quickly responded by standing up and walking around in front of Dana. “Do you really want to stop now?”

Dana’s head hung in self-shame. “No,” was her whispered response.

Courtney grabbed the bunched top and Dana’s arms instinctively raised, allowing her to pull it up and off. She then took the tiny front clasp of Dana’s bra and unhooked it, brushing the straps off Dana’s shoulders and letting the modest garment fall to the floor. Courtney’s hand’s reached up and cupped Dana’s breasts…gently lifting and pushing them together. Dana’s eyes closed bahçelievler escort and her head dropped back as a silent sigh escaped from her throat. She leaned back, resting her ass on the edge of the kitchen table. Her arms reached back for support as she offered her naked breasts to another woman for the first time. Courtney accepted the offer with a barrage of butterfly kisses across Dana’s mounds and gently pinching her nipples between her fingers and thumbs.

Another moan, this time louder, came from Dana as she experienced a woman’s mouth on her sensitive nipples.

Courtney allowed her hands to slide downwards until her fingers reached the waistband of Dana’s flimsy yellow sundress. She carefully began to slide it down over Dana’s hips, as if expecting Dana to resist at any second. But, instead, Dana lifted herself from the table to allow the dress to release across her bottom and down her thighs. Modest white panties were all that remained. She sat back on the very edge of the table…eyes still closed…head still back.

Courtney crouched between Dana’s slightly parted legs and tenderly brushed her nose upwards across the exposed crotch. Dana’s body quivered with excitement. Courtney began tracing her tongue up and down against the ever-growing wet spot between Dana’s thighs…a little more pressure near the top sending shock waves through Dana’s body.

Courtney knew Dana was hers. She slid Dana’s dress down and off, tossing it across the back of one of the chairs, then slipped her fingers into the waistband of Dana’s panties. Dana again lifted herself off the table allowing the final piece of clothing to be pried from her body…slowly down along her thighs…below her knees…and off.

I was mesmerized. Huddled in my little hide-away, drenched in sweat and softly stroking my cock through my shorts, I relished the sight before me. Dana’s body, usually hidden beneath flowing dresses and over-sized sweaters, was a remarkable sculptured form. Beautiful, soft breasts set proudly upon her chest…a mere hint of tan lines…large, light-pink aureoles…sweet little nipples, taught as can be…smooth curves for her waist…nice flat stomach…a neatly trimmed patch of dark curly hair perched atop the beginning swells of her pussy…a curvaceous, little ass…long, slender thighs…shapely calves…and dainty little feet.

I could tell Courtney was impressed as well. She brought her hand up between Dana’s thighs, cupping the moistened mound. I couldn’t see exactly what was going on down there, but Dana’s trembling body convinced me that Courtney’s fingers were working their magic on the tender folds.

Amidst the rattling coffee cups, the squeaking table, and Dana’s moans of pleasure, I managed to quietly undo my shorts and free my throbbing monster. I grasped it in my sweaty palm began giving it the full attention it so desperately needed.

As Dana began squirming her hips, devouring Courtney’s probing fingers with her swollen pussy lips, her balance on the edge of the table became clearly unsteady…occasionally slipping right off the end. Courtney ceased her assault and withdrew her fingers from Dana’s sopping hole. Dana opened her eyes and looked at Courtney in disbelief and disappointment, but Courtney soothed Dana’s worries as she lifted her honey-covered fingers to her own mouth and sucked the juices right off. “Mmmmmmm…so good.”

Dana was clearly shocked – eyes wide and mouth agape.

Courtney reached down and grabbed the hem of her own skirt, bunching it up around her waist. Her lavender panties had a prominent dark purple spot running down along the crotch. She bravely asked, “Care for a taste?”

My heart was racing…I stroked a little faster.

Dana just stood there for a few seconds…hesitant…pondering the situation and weighing her options. Courtney just stood fast…legs slightly parted…waiting. Finally, Dana reached out with one shaky hand. Her fingers cautiously slid down along Courtney’s stomach and disappeared beneath her panties, diving between the moistened folds I so often enjoy. Courtney’s knees began to shiver from the touch. Dana lubed a finger well then withdrew her hand from Courtney’s panties. She stared at her dripping finger, glistening from the sun light through the window, then took it in her mouth. Courtney squealed with delight.

“Yummmm, “ Dana whispered seductively. “Much better than cum.”

Again, I almost dropped from me perch. Never in a million years would I have ever thought I would hear the word ‘cum’ from the mouth of sweet Mrs. Blane.

Courtney, obviously aware of the new heights they had reached, scurried to the edge of the table and with one mighty swipe sent all that was set crashing to the kitchen floor. Coffee splashing…cups and plates shattering…various fruits bouncing and rolling. “Get on the table,” she ordered.

Dana’s hands covered her mouth as she laughed excitedly at the sudden commotion. She looked and Courtney, then obediently climbed on.

I had fully expected her to lie on her back, but instead she positioned herself on her knees and elbows – facing my direction with her ass hiked high in Courtney’s face. Courtney smiled ear to ear – her eyes twinkling with delight as she gazed at the forbidden treasure presented before her. She knew that my friend Dan had been the only other person to view Dana this way.

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