Cousin Ruthie’s Visit

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My cousin Ruth has always been my favorite in the family. She is a few years younger than I am, but growing up we had the same weird tastes in music. We were the only ones in the family with tattoos and peircings. Eventually she married and moved out to the sticks to raise her kids in an old New England farmhouse.

When she called me on Saturday, we hadn’t spoken since my wedding last fall. I was happy to hear from her but disappointed to find out she would only be in town for the weekend. Saturdays are the busiest nights at the bar and when I make almost half my tips for the week.

I suggested she ask my wife Amy to go out. They had enjoyed each other’s company during holiday dinners and had seen a few concerts together. Amy is ten years younger than I am so Ruth is the only one in my family even close to her age. Amy was thrilled to take Ruth around town while I worked. She said they might stop by the bar at the end of the night.

It was a hot busy night so I almost didn’t notice them when they arrived. They made an odd görükle escort bayan looking pair. Ruth was wearing a short green summer dress that clung to her thin body. With her dark red hair pulled back, she hardly looked like the Goth hellion I used to hang out with. Amy was wearing a cut up punk tee shirt that showed off her tattooed chest and arms. Her thigh high fishnets stopped an inch or two below the hem of her plaid skirt.

The pair had obviously been drinking elsewhere because their boisterous laughter drowned out everybody else in the bar. The other bartenders and I kept slipping them free drinks when the owner wasn’t looking. Come closing time, I decided it would be best if Ruth stayed with us and picked up her car in the morning. We went across the street for some curry then took a cab back to the apartment.

I took a quick shower while Amy and Ruth ate their food. Amy suggested I make up the futon in our bedroom for Ruth, as it was the only room with air conditioning. I found sheets in the closet altıparmak eskort and got one of my tee shirts for Ruth to sleep in. Amy decided to help Ruth into the shower to maybe sober her up a bit. I got into bed and started reading.

I finished the chapter I was reading when I realized the shower was still running. I got up to check on them and was stunned to see my wife fingering my cousin’s shaved pussy! Amy bit down on Ruth’s pierced nipple as Ruth held on to the curtain bar with white knuckles. Ruth let out a long high squeak and collapsed into Amy’s arms. I quickly ran back to the bedroom before they saw me.

I had just thrown a blanket over my hard cock when they came into the room. Ruth laid down on the futon by the window and Amy turned off the lights and got into bed with me. She gave me a quick peck on the cheek, rolled over on her side, and went to sleep. Soon I heard steady breathing across the room and I knew Ruth was asleep too.

I still couldn’t believe it. Amy has nilüfer escort never been shy about her attraction to other women, but I never thought she would diddle my own cousin! All I could think about was the two of them, soaking wet, and kissing. My hand reached under the blanket and I started stroking myself. I knew I would never get to sleep unless I got off.

Amy stirred next to me and I pulled my hand away. She ducked her head under the covers and took my hard cock into her mouth. I let out an involuntary moan and nervously glanced toward the futon. Ruth hadn’t been awakened, luckily. I put a pillow over my head to muffle any further sounds.

My wife kept sucking me, licking underneath the glans while stroking up and down my shaft. She started jacking off my spit-lubed cock while she shifted and threw off the covers. Finally her lips returned to my cock and she started sucking wildly. In very short time, I screamed into the pillow as I pumped her mouth full of cum.

I took away the pillow and saw wife grinning at me. I looked down and saw Ruth licking my cock clean! She stuck out her cum-covered tongue and winked at me as she grabbed Amy’s hair to pull her in for a kiss. She dripped my cum into Amy’s open mouth and they both started giggling. As I drifted off to sleep, I wondered what the morning would bring.

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