Covid Couplings

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Covid Couplings

By the time of the third lockdown, most of society had almost had enough. My boyfriend and I certainly had and the tension was starting to percolate through every aspect of life. It was the recognition of this stress and the need for any form of release that had us booking an Air B&B. It was only an hour away from home but the key point was that it was anywhere other than home and the all too familiar walls that we had been staring at for far too many hours on end.

The accommodations certainly lived up to the reviews. There were five individual units in a converted apartment building. The added bonus was a small outdoor hottub. It was probably the smallest tub I had ever seen and certainly no replacement for a sandy beach in the Caribbean but given the current state of the pandemic recovery efforts, it was a pretty good substitute. And based on the empty parking lot it appeared as though Landon and I would have the place to ourselves.

We started the night with a wonderful meal on the back deck of a Mexican restaurant. The food was fantastic and though there was a spring chill in the air the patio heaters made it very comfortable. We laughed and blew off steam and managed to drown too many margaritas to count.

We were both flying high and the topic of sex had come up repeatedly over dinner. As we changed into our bathing suits I was tempted to throw Landon on the bed and swallow his cock but I knew that if I did, there was no way we would leave the room before morning. Besides, the hottub was sure to be a great treat to end the night and waiting would only serve to heighten our desires even more. So with the most critical decision of when to fuck having been agreed to, we grabbed a bucket of beer and ice and made our way to the back deck.

The backyard was like an escape to the wilderness. Although our building was located on a main street the rear yard was a good 300 feet from the roadway and completely surrounded by tall cedars and decorative bushes. There was a wonderful rock garden with a water feature that mimicked sounds of a babbling brook. If not for the occasional noise of a passing car, one could imagine themselves deep in the Muskokas.

The hottub temperature was perfect against the coolness of a spring night. We would soak and relax for fifteen minutes or so and then sit in the open to cool off before jumping back in again. We were on our third round of soak and cool when Landon began to get frisky. As we were making out and beginning to explore each other’s bodies I felt my bikini bottoms being pulled down my legs. I didn’t give any resistance to his move but I wasn’t entirely impressed when he stood and threw my bottoms halfway across the yard where they now dangled from a branch about eight feet off the ground.

“Hey fucker, what if someone comes and I’m stuck here in the tub half naked and probably couldn’t reach my bikini even if I were brave enough to run over to get them!”

“Don’t worry about it Marie. The place is all ours and if need be, we just sneak you up to the room and come back in the morning with a stepladder to rescue your bottoms.”

The makeout session continued and I’d all but stopped caring about my bottoms when an unexpected voice startled us both.

“Hi, I’m Brent. Mind if I join you?”

And before either of us could think of anything to say, our new friend had climbed into the hottub which in truth, was barely large enough for two grown adults. Brent seemed completely undeterred by the small space and quickly made himself comfortable with his bottle of wine.

My heart raced at the arrival of our unexpected guest. Though the water was bubbling and the lighting very dark, the fact still remained that ankara evi olan escortlar I was now seated in a hottub with my boyfriend on one side of me and a complete stranger on the other. More to the point, I was completely naked save and except two small triangles of material which did little to cover my breasts and nothing to conceal my hard and aching nipples.

Despite the unexpected interruption we quickly began to enjoy Brent’s company. We exchanged backgrounds and soon were laughing and telling stories like three old friends. I remained conscious of my vulnerable state but grew more comfortable as the drinks continued to flow. I realized that my biggest problem would come when I needed to get up for a cool off but I continued knocking back the beer and decided I would deal with that issue only when I absolutely had to.

At one point Landon got up to get more ice and when he returned, I found myself sitting opposite of both men. From this vantage point I began to survey my hottub companions more closely. The men were of similar size and build. Very strong shoulders and upper bodies which was about as much as I could make out in the water. Our new friend was about our age and sported the ‘California surfer’ look with wavy blonde hair and quite well-tanned even for this time of year. We had earlier learned that his job took him travelling all over Canada and the US which meant that he was able to find some beach and sun time while the rest of us were stuck trying to escape the dreariness of winter.

Landon was in the middle of telling a humorous story that I had heard many times before but always enjoyed listening to his special way of captivating a new audience. It was that moment when I first felt a foot begin to rub and move up between my lower legs. I looked to Landon but his expression gave nothing away. My head snapped over to look at Brent but he seemed lost in Landon’s tale.

My mind raced with confusing and conflicting thoughts. What the fuck was Landon thinking? Was he trying to push my comfort zone and see if I would react? Even worse, what if it was Brent!? And, what would Landon knew if he discovered Brent’s bold advance? Complicating matters was a full night of drinks and a sexual tension that had almost reached its peak when Brent first arrived.

As the conversation continued the mystery foot had now risen above my knee and was moving inward. In a sober moment I would have clamped my legs together and brushed the foot away. But at that moment I was feeling neither sober nor modest and I allowed my knees to fall apart. I kept glancing at both men as the discussion continued but neither gave a clue as to their behavior or their intentions.

When that foot first made contact with my bare pussy I actually choked on my drink. Landon asked if I was okay and finally gave me a knowing smile that I was pretty sure, confirmed that it was his foot that was now nestled between my thighs and wiggling against my exposed sex. The conversation continued on as though nothing at all was happening beneath the surface of the water. Feeling slightly relaxed at having determined the source of my pleasure I simply resigned myself to let it happen and see how far Landon would try to go without letting on to our new friend what we were up to.

To say that our sexual relationship was healthy, would be an understatement. Landon was the first partner I had been with that seemed completely honest about his history and his desires. This openness had encouraged my own sharing and together we had discussed our fantasies and desires. We had spoken of some of the things we both wanted to explore but thus far, fantasy ideas had been left as just that. But this was a new experience ankara olgun escortlar that moved past the security of our private discussions.

The ball of Landon’s foot continued to press against my labia and clit. I found my hips beginning to flex and push back against the wonderful pressure. When his big toe pushed between my needy lips I almost screamed out loud. Fortunately, Landon had to get up for a pee before my defenses and common sense had been almost totally defeated. It was a moment to catch my breath and consider whether this part of our daring adventure had come to an end.

When Landon returned it was Brent’s got out to get another bottle of wine. I was relieved that Landon had managed to retrieve my bikini bottoms which meant I could finally get out of the water for a cool down. The two of us sat side by side on the edge of the tub holding hands and a few quick kisses before Brent returned.

“I hope you realize just how horny you have gotten me! I’m having a great night but we need to go back to the room soon or I’m going to throw you down and fuck you right here!”

“I know that I wouldn’t say no and I’m pretty sure our new friend might like to watch that sexy body of yours fucking!”

Brent’s return interrupted whatever my next snarky reply was about to be. He was well into the second bottle and all of us were having a fantastic time. As our bodies cooled and it was time to dip back in, I was somewhat surprised when each of the boys took a seat on either side of me instead of sitting opposite one another as we had been. I felt male thighs bumping against my own on felt relieved that at least I was now wearing my bottoms.

That sense of relief disappeared when I felt Landon’s hand move up my thigh. No hesitation this time and as his hand pressed found its way to my pussy and began pulling aside the material of my swimsuit, my legs were forced apart and my right knee pressed hard against Brent’s. It was all happening so fast and to be honest, I didn’t really see it coming. Not more than two minutes after our legs met I felt Brent’s hand on my thigh. He must have interpreted this move as my interest in some more personal contact. I turned to look at Landon and was considering what to say or do when his hand went around my neck and pulled me in for a tight kiss.

It was one of those now or never moments. I had ideas about what I was doing or maybe about to let happen but the multitude of sensations clouded the issue severely. As I willing gave myself to my boyfriend and began to kiss back with equal passion, I felt Brent’s hand moving upward. If Landon had been oblivious to our friend taking liberties with me, it was all about to become crystal clear and I wasn’t sure how he was going to react. As opposed to making one decision or the other I chose to make none at all and see how it played out.

I felt Brent’s hand bump up against Landon’s and there was a momentary pause as both men gained full realization of what the other was doing — to me. Brent moved to focus his attention on my breasts and suddenly I felt the strap of my bikini top falling away. The moment Landon saw this he didn’t hesitate to reach under the water and remove my bottoms. At this point, I had abandoned any sense of resistance. They say that men are often think with the little head and I obviously don’t have one of those but clearly it was my body making any and all decisions in this moment.

Modesty did not in any way factor into what was developing. As if on cue, the two men stood and the tub and dropped their shorts revealing two equally rigid erections. Landon sat back down and immediately maneuvered me onto his lap and my head fell back against his shoulders. I next ankara sarışın escortlar felt Brent lifting me by the knees so that my entire body was floating on the surface of the water. As Landon massaged my breasts and nibbled on my neck and ears Brent parted my thighs and began to finger and lick my cunt. It was like something out of a porno and certainly unlike any experience I had ever had before but in that moment it felt absolutely perfect. This went on for what seemed like forever and collectively we eventually agreed that this party ought to finish up back in our room.

Without speaking about what we were doing, we collected our drinks and hurriedly made our way inside. No sooner had the door closed behind us and Landon had me on the bed. He and Brent took up positions on either side and I was once again treated like the object of every man’s desire. Any time I had thought of a threesome in the past — in the abstract, I had envisioned it as two men having their way with me. And although that notion had always managed to make me cum it was always accompanied with a lingering negative of feeling as though I was being used. But in the moment and feeling all of the wonderful sensations from head to toe, it wasn’t anything like that at all. I felt pampered, not used. I felt as though these two men were on a mission to make my body feel more incredible than any experience I had ever had or imagined.

Landon turned end for end and rolled me on top so that we could give each other some oral delights. My lips found the head of his cock at the same time I felt his tongue swipe between the lips of my cunt. I twirled my tongue and went down deep before bobbing up for air. Landon’s tongue flicked and pushed against my clit and for a moment I had almost forgot that Brent was even in the room.

I didn’t feel Brent get up off the bed. I didn’t notice as he got back on the bed. But I sure as fuck new it when his tongue flicked against the sensitive skin of my asshole. For the very first time in my life I was being sexually pleasured by two men at once and the experience was unlike anything I had ever imagined. The pleasure was so intense that I could barely focus on sucking Landon’s cock.

As Brent rose up and positioned himself behind me I knew what was coming even before I felt the head of his cock pressed against my pussy. As he pushed just the head in to size up the fit I felt Landon’s head pull back from my clit. Fuck that! He got this whole thing rolling and having had a taste of pleasure from two lovers, I wasn’t about to let him back away now. As I took his cock deep into my mouth my hips pressed down against his mouth leaving no uncertainty that I wanted and needed him to continue licking my clit.

As any woman knows, there is a distinct difference in pleasure between fucking and oral sex. Equally good for different reasons but distinctly different. Having now experienced both sensations simultaneously, I can report that it is a sexual pleasure that every woman needs to have. With every thrust, Brent drove my mouth down onto Landon’s cock while Brent’s cock banged up against my cervix. Landon continued to lick like a man possessed and it wasn’t long before my entire body shuddered with a series of orgasmic tremors that was unlike anything I had ever experienced.
The minute that Brent had sprayed his seed inside me and my own body had an opportunity to recover I swung my body around and straddled Landon’s cock. If I was going to be a part of this situation I had decided that I was going to go all in. Brent stepped up to have me play with his receding cock and balls while I pounded my hips onto Landon’s groin. With all of the mental and physical stimulation there was no way Landon was going to last as long as usual. In less than ten minutes I sensed his impending orgasm and moments later I was filled for the second time.

The rest of the weekend saw more of our fantasies explored and fulfilled. Perhaps that is best saved for another story.

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