Covidiots Pt. 07

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Covidiots part 7.1

Another Covid Confession


de Vere

This was supposed to be part 8.

I submitted this as Part 8, and the Literotica staff thinks I cannot count. Truth is, I skipped over the original Part 7. That segment is about my sister’s tits. You know by now how incredible her boobs are, and how much I love them. Because they really are amazing.

The thing is, I know you are almost as anxious for me to bust a nut inside my sister as I am. And while playing with her tits and spraying my DNA all over them is fun and all, I figured a story just about her boobs might leave you hanging. Besides, there have been some other developments. So I will post part 7 to tell you more about her boobies later. But this part is really hot—at least it was for me when it went down. And I will rename this one Part 7 so the editors will not reject it for mathematical errors again.

I will fill you in on Red’s tits later. Without further ado, on with our story…

The dog showed up sometime around the middle of June.

Until that moment, I had been self-isolating alone with my sister, Red. My sexy, MILFy redheaded sister. Red is in her early 50s, looks about 40, and still weighed almost the same as when she graduated from high school as a skinny teenager. Her skin might not be as tight as a woman 20 years younger than her, but most women in their thirties do not have anywhere near as sexy a body as Red has today.

Red is nature’s warning color.

So, this dog showed up.

It was one of those frankenmutts somewhere between adorable and hideous that women love, and one evening when Red and I were sitting on her porch sipping adult beverages after she finished working, this little dog trotted up the driveway and ran straight to her, its little furry tail wagging like crazy.

“Hey, little girl,” she said in that high-pitched voice people inexplicably use to converse with dogs. She bent down to pat its head, and the top of the little tank top my sister was wearing fell away giving her a great downshirt view, so I watched her boobs shaking as she vigorously rubbed and scratched the mutt. “Isn’t she adorable?”

“She really is,” I answered. The dog wasn’t too bad, either.

“She doesn’t have a tag,” Red said, squatting down to check her collar. Tail wagging, bent over like that let her boobies sway jauntily. Her little tank top hung loosely, giving me a great view. I was beginning to like that little dog already.

“What do you want to do with it?”

“I want to keep her!” She gave the pup a little hug, smashing her fuzzy head against one boob, and that made the dog’s tail wag faster and harder. Who can blame the little mutt?

Viewed from behind, I had news for her. “That’s not a her. He’s a him.”

Her skin turned red when she saw his big, dangly ballsack. “Where do you live, fella?”

Well, the dog was not forthcoming with that information, so she shared some of the leftover chicken dinner she made, and after that, he made himself at home. He was small enough to hold on her lap while we watched TV that night, and that little pup sure enjoyed the attention. Who wouldn’t enjoy laying in a sexy redhead’s lap, every once in a while having her hug you against her boobs and rub her nose on yours so those glorious red curls fell all around you?

To be honest, I enjoyed watching that little mutt’s head squashing her boobs, and he wanted to lick her face almost as much as I did. But she pulled away laughing, just out of reach of his long tongue. I’m pretty sure that dog was part dachshund, but the rest of its heritage is anybody’s guess.

Before we went to bed that night, I told her, “The dog’s not sleeping on the bed.”

“Why not?”

“It will confuse him. He’ll start thinking he’s your brother, or even just your husband, but we can’t have that. He must know his place.”

“Are you jealous of a dog?”

“I’m not jealous of the dog.” I was jealous as shit of that dog.

It’s not like this is going to turn into some weird bestiality shit. Red is nothing like that. Maybe if I had another sister, one totally different from my real one, that might have turned me on to think about, but not Red. Maybe a blonde sister. A blonde might rub peanut butter up in her cooter as a dog training technique. Red is the kind of mom guys probably look at in the store and follow down a few aisles thinking is hot, the kind who shows up at a church picnic and every drooling guy there realizes they never had a shot with. Truly pure and innocent looking, despite being so gorgeous. No one would ever guess she’d been married four times, let alone that she let her brother shoot a load in her mouth less than a month before.

Not that anyone has seen her in a store in months. In fact, other than neighbors standing at the foot of the driveway or her drooling co-workers on Zoom conferences staring at the bottom of her video feet to glimpse her pokies come into frame, no one but me has seen her since March. Only I have seen her in the shower.

Beside all that, I didn’t escort bayan want that mutt sharing our bed.

The dog slept on the bed.

Red acted like it was her child. Parents never mess around while their kid is lying in bed with them. She didn’t even want me cuddling with her too much. Instead, he curled up in front of her, right against her stomach and boobs and licked his balls. “Behave yourself, naughty boy!”

I think she was talking to the dog.

When she went to work in the morning in the bedroom she used as an office, I went to work, too. Luckily work kept her was busy that day. Luckily for me, she has a personal printer in the bedroom. After lunch, I told her I was going out, and she told me to be careful and stay away from people.

“Don’t worry, I’m just going for a walk.” Which, technically, was partially true.

At dinner, I proudly showed her my handiwork.

“I put these all over the neighborhood,” I said, handing her a flyer that read: LOST DOG! CALL 727-###-#### [you didn’t think I was going to give you her digits, did you???] The rest of the flyer was a giant, full-color photo of the mutt downloaded from my phone.

“You did not!”

“Red, he is someone’s pet. He’s housebroken, and he doesn’t have fleas. Some family is looking for him. Some kid is missing their pet.”

“What if his owner died?”

Well, that was possible. A couple of people on the next street died recently from Covid, so he might be an orphan. “In that case, nobody’s going to call, will they? But if a live person is looking for their lost mutt, now they can find him.”

Well, she did not like that. That fiery redhead temper exploded. I guess if you have been locked up in a house for 3 months with nothing to do but share handjobs with your brother, a new pet might break up the monogamy. I mean, monotony. Plenty of other ideas were rolling around in my head, of course, but I needed her to make the move. I decided a while back that the only way I was going to bang her is if she begged me for it. Otherwise, there was the risk she would wake up the next morning, freak out and hate me forever. If she seduced me, though, chances are she would have thought it through. In that case, she’d wake up the next morning and ask me to jump her bones again.

So, I let her sulk and give me the silent treatment and watched her press that lucky puppy’s face against her tits as she side-glanced me through angry, narrowed green eyes.

The family called right after dinner and showed up less than 10 minutes later. The mom introduced herself as Jasmine and was pretty hot, probably in her 30s, with a son and daughter about 10 and 7, who reminded me of Red and I when we were kids. I wonder if someday they will spend some time keeping each other company when they are our age? Red refused to even come to the door.

Jasmine told me the dog’s name is Dunkin, like a donut, and when I opened the door holding him in my arms, his little tail started wagging like mad. I handed him over, and when she took him in her arms, she came over and literally snatched him from me, smashing one boob against my arm in the process. I liked Jasmine right away.

Jasmine wore a bra, a pretty black one which I got a great look at when she bent down to play with the mutt on the living room floor with her kids. It was really a shame she wore lingerie, but it was my first glimpse of cleavage other than my sister’s in a couple of months, and well worth the effort of printing up and posting all those flyers. When they left with their dog, I told the boy to take care of his mom and kid sister because someday, when they were my age, he might be all they’ve got. Heh, heh, heh.

Red was crying when the family left. “The kids were so happy to see Dunkin,” I told her to cheer her up.

“I don’t want to hear about it.”

“Red, it was the right thing to do.”

“You should have discussed it with me.”

“What were you going to do, keep it? It belongs to those kids.”

“I loved that little dog.”

“So do those kids.” Red was really acting irrationally and strange. I know those moods, having seen them my whole life. I knew how to make her feel better. “We didn’t have a choice.” I put my arm around her, but she shrugged me off.

“Don’t touch me!” Arms crossed tightly across her, she refused to even look at me.

Oh, shit.

“Maybe you should sleep in the guest room tonight.”

Shit. “Okay. Well, I am sorry I upset you. It was the right thing to do. I think I will go take a shower. I didn’t get a chance to take one after walking around in the sun.” She didn’t answer, so I it the shower in the guest bathroom. I really hated that damn dog.

I was drying myself off when Red barged through the door, heading straight at me like a heat-seeking missile. I covered my junk with the towel. She shoved me against the wall. I don’t think I said anything; I know she didn’t. It all happened so fast. Those Heineken-bottle eyes glowed like they had a light inside them. One hand cleverly pulled the towel away altıparmak escort bayan and I expected her knee to fly up into my balls. I braced for impact.

Red dropped down to her knees and took my limp dick into her mouth. Just like that. It could not have been softer if I’d been watching the nightly news report about the latest Covid body count, but quickly rose to the occasion. My head spun with confusion and the heady sensation of her tongue and lips on me as blood rushed into that soft part of my body. As if I needed any additional encouragement, one hand reached back between my legs to gently massage my balls.

It took only seconds to come fully to life and fill her wet mouth. My knees shook. Her head moved back and forth. I looked down at her hair and it suddenly did not look real. Probably from lack of blood to my brain, but the thing I noticed was she hardly had any gray hair. Looking down at where it parted, the pink skin of her scalp, she had not been to a hairdresser in months yet not a speck of gray.

“Oh!” I moaned as she took me a little deeper inside her mouth. My fingers ran through her glorious orange locks, holding her head, moving with her rhythm. My hips began to involuntarily thrust toward her.

I can honestly say I never imagined fucking my sister’s face, even after that one wonderful blowjob she gave me a month before, but that is what I found myself doing. I held onto both sides of her head just behind her ears and thrust deeper into her. After a few of those, I rammed my cock too far back. It jabbed the back of her throat. She tilted her head back with my dick still in her mouth, looked up at my eyes with hers narrowed and scraped teeth down my entire length as a warning.

But, she didn’t stop.

Worried that my knees might give out, I leaned back against the wall and let her move, although my hips sometimes had a mind of their own and tried to fuck her mouth again. She moved slow, but took most of my full length every time she pushed her head forward. My hands barely reached her shoulders, but far enough to let me grab her shirt, which I tugged up until those spectacular breasts popped out. As much as I like looking at them, another sight distracted me. One of the most magnificent sights any man has ever seen.

Each time her head moved back and my rod emerged from the depths of her mouth, my sister’s luscious pink lips pulled out on the shaft. Those soft lips mesmerized me. Sometimes she took me all the way out and her tongue circled my throbbing head before plunging it back toward her throat. Then, the lips dragged behind again as I watched her head slowly move back and my rod emerged from the depths of her mouth.

How I lasted long as I did, I have no idea. That first time I lost my wad in less than two minutes. This time, I never wanted it to end. Sure, I wanted to come, but I also never wanted to stop feeling the marvelous sensation of the inside of Red’s mouth. If I had dropped dead of a heart attack right then, it would not have been too much of a disappointment, but I preferred to stay here while her gorgeous red head bobbed back and forth until I died of starvation.

That might make a cool story, and maybe someday I will write one about a guy who got head lasting for a month. But that is not what happened. I truly don’t know how long I lasted that time, only that it was much longer than the first time my sister sucked my cock. When that feeling started, I said the dumbest thing.

“I’m going to come in your mouth!”

It came out sounding more like a threat than I intended, but she looked up at me and one green eye winked at me. Green means go.

I thrust into her one last time, my hips slower this time, more tender. My DNA shot down her throat over and over again. It felt like it lasted a full minute, and the whole time I was fucking screaming! One hand caressed the back of her head, those red curls protruding from between my fingers the whole time, but I did not push. I let her do all the work. She kept sucking on me, and when the gusher finally ended, she slid those lips slowly back off me for the last time, lips clinging loosely to the shaft behind the whole way.

Then Red stood, still without saying a word. It was like one of those dream sequences in a movie when you wonder if this is a dream, or if the person turns out to be a serial killer or something. Almost an out-of-body experience. I pulled the shirt over her head, and those curls spilled out after being pulled up with the fabric. A little pearl drop sat on one corner of her lower lip. I kissed her.

I tasted myself on her tongue. One hand squeezed a tit while the other grabbed a handful of tail. I pressed her jeans against my still-hard cock. Red pulled away and stared into my eyes.

“Now you owe me.” The drop on her lip was gone.

Now, let me tell you, one thing I know is when a beautiful woman tells me I owe her, that is usually a debt worth paying. Although slightly worried she might ask me to paint her house or something, I nilüfer eskort figured she meant something more personally satisfying to her. Hell, that BJ was worth painting her entire house, inside and out. “Whatever you want.”

You know what she wanted.

Teasing me by backing a step away, then another, she still looked a little angry, but I was staring at her body, so that did not bother me. I followed slow as her until she backed against the counter and stopped. I stood right up against her, reached down and unbuttoned her pants. Fingers found the zipper, which I pulled down so slowly you could hear each set of bronze teeth let go. Those were her mom-jeans, because she was pissed at me when she put them on, so they only needed a little encouragement to fall down her legs. Because I was so close, we stared into each other’s eyes from maybe 4 inches away. Her breath was warm on my neck.

My fingers slipped inside her panties, which felt like granny panties, but I did not get a look. Thumbs hooked over elastic as my palms caressed her hips, then the top of her thighs, pulling the granny panties loose. They, too, fell.

Then I looked down. In the harsh light, her skin glowed like polished white jade. It made the untrimmed yet curiously sparse orange patch glow. At that time, I had only tasted her once, and I can honestly say the only thing I wanted in this whole, pandemic-corrupted world at that moment was to eat the hell out of the soft flesh right under her glowing thatch of hair.

On my knees before her, face so close it was hard to focus, her scent hit me. This must be what a brings a 10-point buck when a hunter cruelly sprays a clearing with Tinks

9 Doe-in-Rut Buck Lure. My hands started to spread her soft, pale thighs apart, but she made it easy. Her right leg lifted and she put the knee over my shoulder.

And I kissed her.

Red could not have been wetter if she was in the bathtub. My tongue went deep, then retreated along her until it came to her clitoris. Continuing past, I licked all the way to the bottom point of her pubes. Juices ran down to my chin even from that one lick.

Red grabbed a handful of hair and shoved my face between her legs. Damn, she tastes great! I responded by grabbing two handfuls of ass and licked her button so hard I literally don’t think it could be done firmer. She moaned with the most amazing, pure sound I have ever heard my sister make.

I would never have let her fall, but maybe her one standing leg grew weak as mine had when she used her mouth to pleasure me a couple of minutes before. She tugged my hair back, away from her body, then pulled her leg off my shoulder and stepped forward. It forced me to lean back, off-balance. She pushed me over, and I fell onto the floor on my back.

Red was on me in a spit second. I really don’t know how she moved that fast, but one knee was on each side of my head, her dripping snatch above my face. Seen from here, all the soft flesh between her legs looked red and swollen and the inside of one thigh glistened with her juice. I just had a second to view this mind-boggling sight before she squatted down, straddling my face.

I kissed her velvet peach. Licked it. Sucked on her clit like it was a tiny, smooth nipple.

I love kissing my sister. Her lips, her neck, her breast—particularly her breasts—her stomach, her thighs. I love kissing her back and her eyelids and her ears. But, that lovely, soft, juicy flesh between her legs, just below that light red carpet, that might be my favorite place to kiss her.

Now, I know in erotic stories, the guy is supposed to come last. Or maybe together. But that is not how it happened. Already she had sucked me dry. Now it was her turn.

The view up the length of her body was amazing. Her skin is so white it almost glows, covered with a constellation of freckles more numerous where the sun touches her body, but they are still there in the places which have never seen the light of day. A few around that eye-popping light red bush and on the bottom curve of her breasts. Her nipples stuck out like pink rock candy. Her hips took on a syncopated rhythm like some crazy jazz piece, thrusting forward twice, then back once, over and over. My tongue plunged deep inside her, then I sucked on her clitoris every bit as hard as she sucked on my knob a few minutes before.

Red hardly weighs anything, but she pressed down on my face hard, driving the back of my skull into the tile floor, but I didn’t care. She reached for the counter with both hands, bracing herself, and her tits looked magnificent when she did that. They quivered with every move, but they are still so timelessly firm they just stuck straight out with her arms outstretched bracing her like that. It was such an amazing sight I only reached up to take hold of one so I could watch that other one move. Liquid ran down my check to my ear. Actually pooled in there.

She started moaning and I gave her a tongue-lashing unlike any I ever gave a woman, because she deserved it. This time, her button felt larger than the first time, and maybe it was, because she was really enjoying this. Red, curly hairs rubbed forcefully against my nose and tickled the inside of my nostrils every once in a while. She milked it for all she could. I squeezed the inside of her thigh with the hand that was not milking her boob.

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