Cowboy Matt and Mary-Lou Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Inspired by Matthew McConaughey in “Magic Mike”.

Continued from Cowboy Matt and Mary-Lou Ch. 01…

Hobbling on her cane with one hand, and using the mop as another cane with the other, Mary-Lou disobeyed Earl’s orders and made her way backstage. She couldn’t believe how sleazy backstage was: the muscular studs in leather or uniforms, the slutty female strippers in cum-fuck-me boots and leather bikinis, beer and alcohol everywhere, deafening club music pounding, and couples fucking like rabbits.

Mary-Lou looked totally out of place: in the midst of all this leather and sex and club music stood old, fat, balding Mary-Lou in her teddy bear sweatshirt, sweatpants, white sneakers, cane, and mop and bucket. Yet she was so turned on by what she saw, and also so jealous of everyone and their over-sexed lifestyles, the kind of life she always wanted yet could never have.

She also became jealous that her soon-to-be husband Matt was hanging out here and enjoying himself. She became even angrier when she spotted Matt in the sexy crowd.

Matt was drinking a can of beer with one hand, and holding his black leather cowboy hat with the other. His dark bonus veren siteler blond hair was slicked back with gel and sweat. He was still in his shiny black leather chaps covered in his cum, his slick black cowboy boots, black leather vest, and black leather collar and armbands. And he was completely hard again! Mary-Lou couldn’t believe it! At first she thought it was another muscular arm, until she realized he was holding his beer and cowboy hat and that it was his superman cock. He was chatting and laughing with a group of other strippers: two muscular studs, both in kinky cowboy uniforms, and a few slutty, big-titted, very sexy female strippers.

The stripper with the biggest, most perfect tits suddenly kneeled down, took Matt’s supersized cock in her hands, and began sucking and jerking it very slowly, so he wouldn’t be too distracted from his beer. He put his black leather cowboy hat back on so he could use that hand to grab onto the slut’s long dark hair and guide her head as she sucked him. He continued chatting as he guided her head and at times smiled down at the slut worshipping his cock. Mary-Lou was enraged! Matt was her’s! She knew Matt bedava bahis wanted to be with her and only her; he proposed to her on stage, they were soul mates! When they married, he’d come home to her every day and night, make love to her, and never leave her side.

When Matt looked up from the hot slut sucking him, he immediately locked eyes with Mary-Lou. He gave her his charming southern smile again and tipped his black leather cowboy hat with his beer can acknowledging her. Mary-Lou’s heart and pussy melted; she smiled her awkward, weird almost-toothless smile, her big glasses magnifying her frog-like face, clutching onto her cane with one hand and mop with the other as her knees wobbled. Matt laughed, not a mean laugh, but a kind laugh.

Matt picked up the sexy, big-titted stripper off her knees so she could wrap her thigh-high boots around his waist. He then lowered her wet pussy onto his massive steel-hard cock. He turned his muscular body so that he faced Mary-Lou as he fucked the slut right in front of her. He planted his slick black cowboy boots on the floor for a solid stance, got a good grip on the stripper, and stared and smiled directly deneme bonus at Mary-Lou as the stripper rode him hard.

Mary-Lou couldn’t help herself: she was so turned on watching Matt fuck the stripper in all his leather cowboy glory right in front of her. She leaned on her cane as she rubbed the mop against her crotch, pretending it was Matt making love to her. Her wet pussy began to cream, staining her sweatpants. Matt laughed again – not a cruel laugh, but an amused laugh – as he fucked the stripper and at the same time watched Mary-Lou rub the mop against her pussy.

The faster he pounded the stripper, the faster Mary-Lou rubbed the mop; the stripper was moaning in extreme ecstasy as Matt’s supersized cock rammed in and out of her creaming pussy, Mary-Lou was also moaning as she gazed deeply into Matt’s eyes and rubbed herself harder with the mop.

Matt loved this fuck. The stripper’s body was perfect, her leather boots and bikini top felt great rubbing against his leather gear, and her cunt was so wet. He also loved flirting with this fat, old, bald woman in the teddy bear sweater. He found her amusing. Staring intently at Mary-Lou, he licked his lips and moaned in his deep southern drawl: “I’m cummin’ ma’am, I’m cummin’ now for you”. Mary-Lou knew it! She knew he belonged to her! Matt came deep inside the big-titted stripper as he watched Mary-Lou; Mary-Lou’s pussy exploded. All three were moaning like dogs in heat.

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