Crab Island

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“Cara, honey?” said Jack Credy.

“Yes, Dad?”

“Remember the holiday surprise I mentioned? Well, it’s time I told you where we’re going. We have Crab Island Lodge – and Crab Island, of course – to ourselves for a week, from tomorrow.”

“Great!” Cara said, eyes shining.

“There’ll be me, your Mom, you and John, of course, but your aunt Jill and the twins are coming, too.”

“Double great! How many rooms?”

“Four; two doubles, two twins.” Her father grinned. “And no one else on the island. Once the boat leaves and we’re out of sight of anyone, you can take your clothes off and stay naked for the whole week if you want to.” Jack laughed. “I know what a sun-worshipper you are.” He laughed again. “Anyhow, I’m told it’s National Nude Day this week. The fourteenth.”

“Hey, great!” said Cara, grinning. She sobered and looked steadily at her father.”What about sex?”

Jack Credy flushed. “Everyone is over eighteen, or will be after John’s birthday tomorrow, so if there is any it’s by mutual consent.”

“Will you fuck me, Daddy?”

“Cara, honey, it’s wrong, but you know how much I’d like to, you minx.”

“‘Mutual consent’, you said. I vote ‘yes’. Your vote?”

“Yes, dammit. Whenever we can manage it.” Jack held up an admonitory finger. “But only if your Mom agrees.”

Cara grinned. “She does, I already asked her. She wants to fuck John for his birthday, she told me so.”

Jack snorted. God, the women in this family! It was clear where Cara got her libido.

“Did you ever fuck Aunt Jill, Daddy?”

Cara’s question took him by surprise and Jack frowned. “No, I never did. I think I wanted to, in fact I know I did, because your Aunt Jill was one tasty teenager.”

“She still is,” said Cara. “Tasty, I mean, not a teenager.”

“You know this for a fact, daughter of mine?”

Cara’s grin was pure mischief. “Not yet, Daddy.” She went out, the tick-tock of her firm ass in her tight shorts mesmerising to her father, pointed bra-less breasts jiggling lightly under her t-shirt.

Jack shook his head and went in search of his wife.

Molly Credy was busy in the kitchen, preparing food for the journey the following day. They knew that the lodge would be completely supplied with food and drink, so all they needed was fuel for the drive to the boat. Jack lifted the hair from Molly’s neck and kissed her nape.

“Mmm,” she murmured, “nice.”

Jack slipped his arms around her waist and Molly leaned back against him, twisting her head to kiss her husband’s jaw.



“Cara tells me you’re planning to bed our son for his birthday.”

“Yes. It’s okay, isn’t it? I know Cara has the hots for you, sweetheart, so I figured I’d give her free access while I find out what our son is like in bed.”

“No, I don’t mind.” Jack slid his hands up under his wife’s sweater and cupped her bra-clad breasts. He could feel the nipples responding instantly to his gentle caress. “I guess the chance to have Cara will be one I’d like. Very much, in fact. I hope she takes after you in bed.”

Molly chuckled. “I gave her a few pointers.”

“Did you now? Well, I can admit it freely, the two of you have got me all stirred up.”

Molly slid her hand behind her and grasped Jack’s prick lightly through his slacks. “Oh, yes! So we have.” She turned to face him, lacing her arms around his neck and kissing her husband’s nose. “Go upstairs; get undressed and wait for me. I’ll just put a cover over this food then we’ll have ourselves a nice slow fuck. How would you like that?”

“Woman, you know I love it when you say things like that. Don’t be long.”

“I won’t.”

In their bedroom Jack undressed quickly and lay on the bed. His prick was half-hard and he reached down and grasped it, stroking, pumping lightly until it was hard and ready. A few moments later Molly came into the room. She paused.

“Oh, my, Jack, but that does look good.”

“And so do you. Get naked, wife.”

Molly grinned, reaching for the hem of her sweater. It was just moments before she was naked and she knelt over her husband, bending quickly to take him into her generous mouth. Jack hissed his breath in as Molly let him feel her teeth when she let his hardness slip from her mouth.

“That should be wet enough,” she murmured as she shuffled forward on her knees, took him in a light grasp and guided him into her soaking slit as she lowered herself slowly onto him, wriggling lightly to seat him firmly within herself. “Ahh,” she murmured, “you feel fucking great, Jack.” She bent forward and gave him a light kiss. “But then, you always do.”

“Thank you, ma’am. I aim to please.”

“Well, you’re at least partly on target.”

“Only partly?”

“Jill ‘phoned yesterday, when you were at work.”

“And what did my dear sister have to say?”

“She was asking about the arrangements for the week.” Molly began to rise and fall on Jack’s prick, letting him come almost out of her warm and welcoming wetness before sliding down again görükle escort and filling herself.

“So, what did you tell her?” Jack was curious, because Molly didn’t usually bother him with anything so trivial. He knew there must be something else.

“Oh, just the general arrangements, which as you well know she already knew.”

“So why the call?”

“She sounded down, so I asked her. She pretended she didn’t want to say anything but I’ve known her too long and I got it out of her.”

“So what’s bugging little sister?”

“Sex. Or rather the absence of it, in Jill’s case. She says she hasn’t been laid since the divorce.”

Jack whistled. “That’s almost two years. A lifetime, for someone as horny as my sister.”

Molly chuckled, never ceasing her movement. “That’s more or less what Jill said, but it gets worse. Or better.”

“How so?”

“She came home early from work, heard a noise and went into Sarah’s bedroom – found her and Greg ‘fucking like rabbits’, to use Jill’s phrase.”


“Ah, indeed.”

“What did she do?”

Molly chuckled. “You know Jill. She went up like a balloon, then calmed down and they talked about it. Upshot is, Sarah and Greg were told to be careful that no-one except Jill could catch them, and Jill went to bed that night with a raging case of hormones and daughter-jealousy.” Stopping her movements, Molly cocked her head and looked at her husband.

“What?” Jack said. “I was just starting to feel really good, the way I always do when you’re on top.”


“What about Jill?”

“If you get the chance, fuck her.”

“Just like that?”

“I sowed the seed. I suggested that you might be willing to help her out. I think she likes the idea. She certainly didn’t say no.”

“Sarah, too?” asked Jack in a tone of mock resignation.

“Why not? If she wants it. Your daughter, your sister and your niece. A nice triple whammy to look forward to, eh?”

“And what are my son and my nephew going to be doing? John gets at least one crack at you, o sexy one, but what about Greg?”

“He can have me, too, if he wants.” Molly grinned. “It would be nice to take them both on at once.”

Jack laughed. “Okay. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to satisfy sexually the males in the party,” he intoned in his best ‘Mission Impossible’ voice.

Molly grinned. “Do my best.”

“Your best would probably kill the boys. Settle for ‘fantastic’.”

Molly began to move again. “All this talk of sex is making me feel even more horny, so let’s see if we can’t have ourselves a whammy of our own.”

Jack grinned. “Amen to that.”

A few minutes later Cara, listening through the partly opened door of her parents’ bedroom, her shorts and panties around her ankles, two fingers buried in her soaking pussy, the fingers of her other hand teasing her clitoris, heard her mother give the short, tight, quavering moans that she knew meant her mom was coming hard, followed very soon by the grunts of her father as he climaxed deep in Molly’s pussy. The sounds pushed Cara over the edge and she shuddered to her own climax in the hallway.

Breakfast next morning was the good-natured bedlam that the Credy household usually endured on a Saturday, made more so by the fact that it was John’s birthday. The usual small gifts were there, but John was unnaturally quiet when he’d unwrapped the box labelled ‘from Mom, Dad and Cara’ to reveal a Canon EOS digital SLR body.

“We thought you might like that,” Jack said. “It means you can use your existing lenses and now you have the choice of conventional or digital images.”

“I don’t know what to say,” John said. “Thank you all.”

“I’ll give you a bonus, little brother,” Cara said with a grin.


“When we get to the island, find a nice place and you can shoot me nude.”

“Deal?” John said, sticking out his hand.

“Deal,” Cara said, taking his hand and shaking it.

“Hey, good idea, Cara, honey. You can shoot me nude, too, if you’d like, son,” said Molly. “I’ll see if I can persuade your Aunt Jill and Sarah, too.”

“That would be fantastic,” John said, weakly.

“Sarah will, I’m pretty sure,” Cara said. “Come on, people, let’s get this lot cleared up and then we can go!”

Getting a family of four moving isn’t always a simple task, but everyone was eager for this particular holiday trip and they were soon on the road. Four hours driving got them to the port and their baggage on board the cruiser which would take them to the island. Jill and the twins were already on board when they arrived so as soon as everything was stowed they were off. It was a two-hour trip to the island, but the weather was calm, warm – hot, rather – and by six that evening they had had the layout and necessary controls explained and were left to their own devices.

“Okay, everyone, listen up,” Jack said. “Room allocations. Molly and I will take the first double. Jill, you take the other. Greg and John, take the nearest eskort bayan twin, you girls the other. Everyone okay with that?” Jack laughed. “I say ‘twin’ but I know how big those beds are!”

“It’ll do for starters, Dad,” Cara said with a meaningful glance at Sarah, for the two girls had had their heads together since they met up on the boat. Sarah giggled.

“Right, dump your gear and then come back down and we’ll get supper. The island is private, we’re the only ones here and I know the girls want to get all-over tans, so clothing is optional. Besides which, it’s National Nude Day this week. Any questions?”

“National Nude Day?” said Jill. “Whatever next?”

“What’s for supper?” John said.

Jill laughed. “Not quite the answer I expected.”

“Dump your gear and come and find out,” Molly said tartly to her son, picking up her own bag.

When the group reassembled some ten minutes later, Cara and Sarah were both totally nude, and blushing slightly from the attention of each other’s brother, Jack was wearing loose shorts, as was Molly, her breasts uncovered and the cause of furtive – and not so furtive – looks from the boys. Jill came down wearing shorts and a bikini top, but after sitting quietly for a while, reached behind and unhooked her bikini top, casting it aside, Greg and John taking quick appraising looks while trying not to stare. Greg and John wore shorts, but after a whispered conversation with the girls, took them off, each revealing a semi-erect prick and a flush which threatened to cover their whole bodies.

“How did you manage to get them naked?” Molly asked Cara.

“We told them ‘no sex unless you strip’,” Cara said, grinning at her mother.

“Ah. Sex. John’s mine first, sweetie.”

“I know, Mom, that’s okay, I can wait. Daddy had better watch out, though.”

“You’ll have to wait there, too, I’m afraid. Your Aunt Jill let me persuade her that it would be a good idea to fuck her brother and scratch the ‘no sex for two years’ itch she’s been pretending she didn’t have.”

Cara laughed and shrugged, a pretty pout on her face. “I guess Greg just got lucky. Me and Sarah.”

Molly laughed. “Lucky Greg, indeed. Don’t kill him, honey, we might need him later.”

Supper was an animated occasion as the seven of them sat down to a chicken salad, chosen because of its simplicity in preparation, accompanied by a jug of white-wine spritzers. Jack enjoyed having four pairs of female breasts on show for his admiration and found it hard to keep his eyes off his sister, for he hadn’t seen Jill’s breasts uncovered since she was a teenager. They didn’t seem to be any less attractive now, almost twenty-five years later. Her daughter, Sarah, was slightly better endowed than her mother and Jack pondered briefly on the possibility of getting both mother and daughter in bed with him at the same time. Perhaps…

John and Greg seemed equally fascinated by the display and Jack noticed that each of the boys seemed to be paying more attention to his mother than any of the other women. The fascination of forbidden fruit, Jack wondered. Probably. He laughed wryly to himself. He was spending more time looking at his sister, her daughter and his own daughter than his own wife. He caught Molly’s eye and she smiled, giving him a quick wink when no one was looking.

After supper was done and the dishes washed, they all moved into the lounge area of the lodge and collapsed into various chairs and couches. Molly signalled to Cara.

“Ask John to come here, will you, sweetie?”

John came over still laughing at a joke Greg had told. “Yeah, Mom, what is it?”

“John, honey, I have another birthday present for you.”

“Cool! What?”



“Me, honey. I want to take you to bed and let you try your best to get back where you came from.”


“I want to fuck you, baby. Or have you fuck me. Whichever.”

John stared at his mother. “You serious?”

Molly nodded. “Sure am, baby. A special present for the new man in this family. Anyway, you have a very useful looking prick there and I’d like to try it for size.” Molly reached out and gave John’s slowly-thickening prick an affectionate squeeze.

“Does Dad know?”

“He certainly does, honey. He’s going to see if he can help your Aunt Jill forget her divorce.”

John grinned. “If he fucks her the way he fucks you we’ll all know.”

“Been listening, have you?”

Her son flushed and made a rueful face. “Yeah, I guess so.”

“Come on, we’re using our room.” Molly reached out and took John’s hand and led him upstairs.

The only surprise in the group remaining was on Greg and Sarah’s faces. Cara stood and went over to them. “The only people who aren’t sorted out yet are us. Greg, do you want to fuck Sarah, do you want to fuck me, or do you want to fuck both of us?”

Sarah grinned as she watched the dawning realisation on her brother’s face. “Come on, Greg. Both is your easiest choice, ‘cos neither Cara nor me altıparmak escort was ready to go to bed alone tonight.” She reached out and took her brother’s right hand, Cara took his left and the three teenagers went off together, Greg’s prick rising as he moved.

Alone in the living-room, Jill looked at her brother, a flush on her face. She shook her head slightly. “I don’t know, Jack, I’m just not ready yet.”

“No sweat, sis.” Jack held out his hand. “Come on, let’s go for a walk.” Jill reached out, he took her hand and they went out onto the deck together. Jack paused, then unsnapped his shorts, slid them off and threw them onto a lounger. He grinned at Jill. “If you do say ‘yes’, I want to be ready, sis. I’ve wanted this for over twenty years.”

Jill stared at him, her gaze searching his face, flicking quickly down to his half-erect prick, a flush on her face, accentuated by the evening sunlight. “You have?” she whispered.

“Remember, when you were seventeen and I came into the bathroom when you were drying yourself?”

“Yes?” A whisper.

“I thought then you were the loveliest creature I’d ever seen. I’d still include you in my top four.”

Jill laughed, almost naturally. “And the other three?”

“You know who. Molly, Cara and Sarah, of course,” Jack grinned. “You could still pass for Sarah’s sister, you know.”

Jill snorted. “Pull the other one.” She gazed at him for a long moment, then reached to the waistband of her shorts, loosening the snap, lowering the zip, stepping clear as they fell. Her panties were a wisp of lace and she ripped them off, discarding the ruins. “Right here, Jack, now,” she whispered.

Jack reached out and Jill moved into his embrace, raising her face for his kiss, a ragged breath lifting her breasts. As their lips met she moaned deep in her throat and clutched at him, her lips moving urgently against his. The kiss was fierce, torrid, leaving them both gasping. Jack’s hands came up and cupped Jill’s breasts, his thumbs playing with her nipples, her hard nipples. She moaned into the kiss, her hands moving down, grasping him, fumbling the length of his erection.

“Now, Jack, now,” she moaned, “I have to have you.”

Jack bent and picked Jill up, moving to a foam mattress laid on the deck for sunbathing, lowering his sister gently to it. As she felt her weight taken Jill threw her legs apart and Jack knelt between them, his weight on one outstretched arm, his prick, his now super-hard prick, in his hand, angling it to Jill’s opening, feeling her wetness around the head, inviting, welcoming . . .

Jill groaned as she felt Jack enter her, raising her hips to meet him, her hands clawing at his back.

“Oh, Jesus, that feels good. That feels so fucking good. Fuck me, Jack, fuck me hard.”

Jack pushed forward, sinking himself into his sister’s streaming pussy, smelling her heat and arousal, feeling the sweat beginning to build between them. His rhythm was strong, his stroke long and Jill was soon panting, little yips uttering from between clenched teeth, each breath a gasp. Her hands were fluttering on Jack’s back and he could feel Jill tensing until suddenly she screamed in his ear, a wrenching orgasm rippling through her. Gradually the tumult eased as Jack kept up a slow stroke, feeling the pulsing clamps of Jill’s climax easing.

Jill reached up and kissed Jack lightly, still breathing heavily. “It wasn’t just you that wanted this, Jack, I wanted it too, ever since that same night when you caught me. I think it was the desire in your eyes. It really turned me on, and I’ve been kinda fighting it ever since.”

Jack grinned at his sister. “Worth the wait?”

“Fuck, yes!” She squeezed down on him. “Get riding again, Jack, I want to feel you come and then we’ve both laid the demon and scratched the itch.” Jill laughed softly. “Then we’ll go upstairs, get you good and hard and do it all over again, just for pure pleasure.”

* * * * *

In the bedroom, Molly led John over to the bed and pushed gently at him until he was sprawled on his back. His prick was stiff, erect and Molly reached out and squeezed it gently, then sat herself on the edge of the bed beside him. She smiled at her son.

“Are you okay with this, hon?”

John smiled, nodding. “Yeah, Mom, but I’m shaking just thinking about it.”

“Fear?” she asked anxiously.

John grinned. “Shit, no. Anticipation!”

“Are you still a virgin?” Molly asked in as neutral a tone she could manage. Please let him say ‘yes’.

John flushed. “Yes, Mom, I am.”

Molly smiled. “Not for long. How excited are you?”


“Thought so, whch means I have to get you off as quick as possible so that we can take our time. Lie back, baby, and let Mom play.”

Molly stood and shucked off her shorts, then bent over and before John realised what was happening his prick was halfway down his mom’s throat. Molly Credy was a consummate cocksucker and almost before he knew it John could feel the tingle deep inside him. The fact that on every down stroke his mother’s chin was touching his thigh as she crouched beside him didn’t hurt, nor the lazy circles that her tongue was playing on his erection. Soon, way too soon, John could feel his orgasm rising from deep inside.

“Mom! You’re going to make me come!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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