Crack of Dawn

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Lesbian Sex

Let me start by admitting I’m not your average red-blooded American male. I was intrigued by the idea of gay sex ever since I can remember and since early on in puberty have experimented with anal play. In addition to this I developed somewhat strange masturbatory practices. I love masturbating at the crack of dawn out in nature. I love just being naked and free in the cool air rolling around in the morning dew. My favorite spot was this field near a pond about a 25 minute walk from my house. It is basically a clearing in a heavily wooded area the woods are bordered by marshes making it all the more difficult to walk to. It takes some real hiking to get to and is very secluded.

At any rate this is where my story begins. I awoke from a very hot sexual dream about my football coach and myself having some very kinky sex. Needless to say I was quite aroused and having awakened at 4:30am decided that instead of returning to sleep I would travel to my quiet little spot and have a hot morning beat off session. I packed a dildo, some lube, and some porn mags in case my imagination failed me (which it rarely does). I stole a pair of my older sister’s thong panties to wear under my normal attire on the walk to kind of get myself worked up on the way.

After a half hour odyssey I reached my spot. I stripped down to the thong and settled into the patch of high grass I had chosen for this particular morning. I rolled around in my spot and got covered with the morning dew and actually it was wet enough for me to get a little muddy even. I loved that as it turned me on and I would Ankara escort have an excuse to skinny dip in the pond, which I usually skipped to avoid any further risk of getting caught. After about 5 minutes of just thrashing about enjoying nature I decided to get down to business.

I got down on my knees with my top half bent down to the ground. Reaching back I pulled apart my muddy ass cheeks, sliding the thong aside, and spread them wide imagining myself presenting my tight shaven asshole to my football coach. Grabbing the lube I poured it at the top of my ass crack and shivered with pleasure as it trickled down my crack to my puckered hole. Using two fingers I slowly and teasingly circled my asshole before finally slipping them in. Slowly and deeply I fingered my hole sliding in another finger.

About 5 minutes passed as I fingered myself into oblivion. Finally I removed my fingers and grabbed the dildo and started deep throating it meanwhile with my other hand I slid the bottle of lube into my anal opening and squeezed, not stopping until overflowing lube poured from beside the bottle. I imagined that that was what it felt like to have a man cum inside you. Liberally lubed I inserted the dildo fucking myself fast and furiously while I alternately tugged on my 5″ cock and squeezed my baby smooth balls. I moaned my imaginary lover’s name as I pounded my ass. Lost in ecstasy I had my eyes closed allowing him to approach unnoticed.

He was Ronny a neighbor of mine. Single and never married everyone assumed he was just an eccentric cranky old man. At about Ankara escort bayan 60 years old 5’10” and 275 pounds he was not the most attractive guy I’d seen. At any rate there I was a dildo shoved up my ass moaning my fantasy man’s name when I heard a branch snap. Startled out of my dreamy state I looked up to see Ronny in the nude videotaping my erotic escapades while stroking his 7″ rod.

Usually the sight of Ronny naked would have repulsed me but I was far too horny to care how he looked. “Keep going,” he urged. So I did. It felt so hot to be performing for this old decrepit man. Waddling up to my face and pointing his camera down at me he presented me with his cock to suck. Without a second of hesitation I opened wide to accept his dick in my mouth. He was hard as a rock, which surprised me given his age. After fucking my face roughly for a couple minutes he pulled away and lifted his cock telling me to lick and suck his balls. They were covered with gray hair and had a strong musky odor but nothing could have been sexier to me at that moment. As I pleasured his balls he occasionally stepped back and slapped my face with his prick and smeared precum all over it. I was moaning like crazy and couldn’t believe how slutty I was being and that it would all be captured on video.

He reached down and grabbed the lube then came right back to my face and poured the lube over his prick and in the process coating my face with it. He then told me to get on my back and spread my legs. When I got in position he brought the dildo dirty from my ass and mud, which in the Escort Ankara excitement of sucking cock I had totally forgotten about, and forced it in my mouth gagging me. Then leaving me sucking on the dildo he went over to his crumpled clothes and produced a knife. Upon returning he cut the thong away and pulled it out from beneath me saying he would be keeping them as a souvenir. Putting the knife and panties aside he returned and told me to pull my legs back up over my head which I did with some strain. He then positioned his cock at my tight anal entrance from a standing position adjusting my position to get the best camera angle possible.

Finally with the shot to his liking he slammed into me. I screamed in a mix of pain and excitement. His cock was splitting me in two but I was so hot. He pounded away for a short period of time before blowing his load in my ass. He then demanded that I finger my ass and eat his cum from my fingers as he taped. When I finished he had me clean his cock and beat me off until I came, which I also was forced to eat for the camera.

Our session effectively ended he explained he was up in the clearing to film a meteor shower and had finished filming and was preparing to leave when he saw me coming. He had crept up slowly after watching me undress and decided that this was an opportunity he could not pass up on account of me being only 18 years old and very hot. I in return thanked him for the best sexual experience of my life. In reply he said he was glad I liked it because he would be fucking me whenever he wanted and filming it to sell on-line unless I wanted the tape to arrive by mail at the elementary school my mom works at. With that he dressed and scooped up my clothes too and told me he would contact me soon and to enjoy walking home nude.

—To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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