Cramp Pt. 02

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NOTE: Just a fantasy. Just for fun. Everyone is of age. Comments are encouraged. While this story stands alone, readers wishing to know the full story may want to read the first installment of “Cramp” before reading Part 2.


You awaken at your usual time and lay blinking while your mind organizes itself. Absentmindedly, you reach below your morning erection to scratch your balls. You’re initially puzzled at the sensation of oil coating the inside of your thighs and at that instant that the events of the previous evening come crashing into your consciousness.

You lay staring at the ceiling. Memories of his hands and fingers and the things he did to you cause your mind to roil in a flood of regret and guilt….And arousal. You wonder how it happened. You’re not gay. No man other than your doctor had touched the places he went last night and certainly not with the intent this man had.

You sit on the side of the bed with your head in your hands, noticing that your usually persistent morning erection had subsided and your penis now lays drooped over your testicles, as if reflecting the shame you feel. Your pubic hair and the hair the inside of your thighs are matted and oily. When you stand, you feel the slick evidence of last night’s activities between your buttocks.

You walk to the bathroom and as you sit on the commode, you see the pile of bath linens on the floor. Upon flushing, curiosity gets the better of you and you pick up one of the towels. It holds both the odor of his oil and in the middle is a crusty, dingy, musty-smelling spot…Semen….Your semen.

You stand holding the towel and remember how you fucked yourself on his finger in order to fuck his oil slickened hand with your penis…How he made you squirt precum by rolling his finger over your prostate….How you squealed in pleasure and excitement… And you realize your penis is erecting itself with those thoughts.

Shaking your head as if to clear it, you drop the towel only to notice a wash cloth on the edge of the vanity. You pick it up to put it with the towel and you see more crusty evidence of your orgasm along with a narrow brown stain along the middle of the cloth. Your blush with shame as you recall allowing him to clean your anus much like a parent cleaning a small child.

You turn on the shower, adjust the water temp, step in and begin to scrub yourself as if attempting to wash away what happened. You’re fine until your begin to wash your penis and testicles and that’s where your body (and mind) begin to betray you. The first stroke of your soapy hand causes the head of your penis to engorge and before you can clean your balls, it is standing fully erect.

Disgusted, you attempt to ignore it, and tentatively reach to wash your anus. You had expected to feel some discomfort while sitting on the toilet, but to your surprise, there was none. Now, as your wash, the puckered opening relaxes and your finger easily slips in to the first knuckle. You gasp, your penis throbs and your knees buckle at the pleasure of your self penetration.

Again, you shake your head in disgust and ignoring your burgeoning erection proceed to finish your shower. You dry off and walk nude back into the room, your penis standing rigid and bobbing as you walk.

You catch the side view of your reflection in the mirror and stop momentarily to stare at yourself…Your slender build, penis standing rigid, the roundness of your ass…Girls always said you have a “nice” ass and now you wonder if certain men (Or a certain man) might think the same. As you stare, you flex your buttocks and sphincter and feel a surge from your prostate to the head of your penis.

You watch in disbelief as a dollop of precum seeps out of your meatus and drools to the floor. Unable to resist, you encircle the shaft of your penis with your thumb and forefinger and slowly move up and down the shaft, just stretching the skin behind the head. You close your eyes and imagine him frigging your erection and telling you to bend forward.

Bending, you reach behind your back with your other hand and finger extended, stroke the dry pucker of your anus….The sensation is not even close to last night.

You look around the room and your gaze falls on the complementary bottles of shampoo and lotions provided by the hotel. Hurriedly, you twist the cap off the lotion and dump half the small bottle into one hand. Tossing the bottle aside, you lay down on the bed and spread the lotion over both palms.

You groan as you caress your penis with one greasy hand. You frig yourself slowly and feel your testicles tighten. Rolling onto your side your extend your other hand back and slowly spread lotion around and over your anus. The lotion stings back there but you ignore it and forcing yourself to take your hand off your penis, you slide your middle finger into your anus.

“Ah, god!” You work your finger it in as deep as you can reach.

“W-h-h-o-o-o!” You alternate thrusts with the finger and stroke your Casibom penis with your other hand. Yet, it’s not enough. You can’t reach to finger yourself as deeply as he did and you roll onto your back, sighing in frustration.

At that instant there’s a knock on the door of your room. Fearing that it might be the cleaning staff, you jump up, wrap a towel around your waist and walk toward the door.


“Hey…It’s me. Just checking to see if you are okay this morning. How’s that cramp?”

Heart pounding, you hesitate.

“You okay?”

“Y-yeah…I’m good.”

“You sure? You want me to take a look?”

“Ah, n-no. I d-don’t think so.”


You hear him move away from the door and you panic.



You open the door, step back. He’s dressed in jeans, a sports shirt and the same boat shoes he had on the previous night. Upon seeing you in the towel, he walks past you and into the room. Closing the door, you follow.

Your erection under the towel is obvious, but he seems to take little notice.

Nodding, he says, “So, let’s take a look.”

You remove the towel and your erection stands rigid.

“My leg’s okay but…”

“But, what?”

You drop your gaze to the floor, unable to form the words.

He steps forward, reaches with one finger and scoops a smear of lotion that had pooled at the root of your penis.

“What’s this?”

“Um, l-lotion.”


“Yeah, hand lotion…”

He raises one eyebrow as if to question…

Again, your gaze drops to the floor as if you are shamed by your admission.

“I was j-jacking off.”

“Ah, I see…”

He smears the lotion around the head of your penis, forms a tight circle with his thumb and forefinger and lightly frigs your erection until the lotion is absorbed. Your knees go weak at his touch and you gasp in pleasure.

“You enjoyed last night?”

You nod, still staring at the floor…Still unable to meet his gaze.

“Turn around.”

You comply.

His hands stroke your hips and your penis twitches at the sensation. Grasping your shoulder he pushes so that you bend forward and rest your hands on the desk.

You flinch as you feel his fingers spread your buttocks.

“More lotion?”

You can only nod in shame.

“Didn’t it sting in your ass?”

“Yeah,” you nod.

“Yeah, it does that. Especially this cheap motel stuff. I’ll clean it off for you.”

He walks into the bathroom, wets a wash cloth with warm water and steps back into the room.

“Spread your legs and squat a little…Show it…”

You know exactly what he wants…You spread your feet apart and dipping your back, squat slightly, cocking your hips and presenting your anus to him.

“Good boy,” he whispers and you groan as the warm cloth caresses your anus. For the second time in less than twelve hours, he’s cleaning you.

He tosses the cloth into the bathroom and using both hands, lightly massages your buttocks. He lightly grips each cheek as his thumbs spread you wide.

“Relax it…Show me the pink.”

“The p-pink?”

“Yeah, your hole is dark on the outside and pink inside…Flex your sphincter tight, hold it, then relax and show me the pink.”

You do as he says, as you relax your sphincter you feel you anus relax and open slightly.

“Good boy, Almost there” he whispers, “Do it again…”

Moaning in need, you flex, hold and release again and feel yourself open more.

“Ah, there it is,” he whispers.

“W-h-o-o-o-o!” You gasp as he uses two fingers to lightly massage around your opening.

“You really like this, don’t you?”


“I brought the oil with me. Do you want me to use it?”

Blushing crimson, you can only nod. Looking down between your legs, see precum drooling from your rigid penis.

“Okay, but I’m going to undress so I don’t get oil on my clothes. Is that okay?”

Your heart races,

“Um…I don’t know…I g-guess so.”

“Just stay as you are.”

You nod and continue to hold your position, hips cocked, anus and testicles open to his view. There is the familiar sound of a zipper and the rustling of clothing being removed.

“Turn around…”

You straighten, turn to face him. He’s nude. Staring at you. You attempt to hold his gaze but curiosity gets the best of you. Your eyes wander to his muscular shoulders and chest, down to his slender waist, and then further down to rest on his erection.

He’s larger than you but not by a lot…It stands rigid with a veiny stem capped by a larger, plum-shaped head. The head is so tight and full that it shines like a freshly peeled onion. His testicles are much larger than yours and his hairy sac hangs loosely, clearly showing their size and shape.

“Have you ever touched another man?”

“N-no,” you reply.

“Would you like to?”

“I d-don’t know…”

“You don’t know?”

“I Casibom Giriş just….”

“How ’bout if I guide you? Tell you what to do. Would that help?”

“I g-guess..”

“You guess?”

“Yes, I’d like for you to guide me.”

“Okay, kneel down right here. Get a pillow. It’ll make it easier on your knees.”

Your penis bobs as you step across the room and you feels more precum drool down your shaft as you kneel on the pillow. He steps forward. You look up at him. He nods as if encouraging you.

“Go ahead….Touch it…Feel it”

Hesitantly, you reach and stroke your palm on the underside. It’s warmer and softer and harder than you expect. Your fingers encircle the shaft and you gently frig him.

“Go ahead,” he whispers. “It won’t break.”

Sliding your hand up the rigid shaft, you scuff the crown of the head. He gasps at the sensation. The head is firm but spongy and you squeeze lightly. Another gasp from him.

“Ah! That’s it!” he grunts.

Emboldened, you lift your other hand to cup his testicles and are surprised at their weightiness. You lift them, roll them and then remembering how he handled yours, you lightly tug them down and are rewarded by his groan of pleasure as the skin on his penis is stretched tight.

Again focusing on his penis, you see a large drop of precum seeping from the slit. You look up. He stares into your eyes and nods again…

“Go ahead…Clean it off.”

“I d-don’t…”

“Yeah. Yeah you do. Clean it off before it drips….”

You lean forward, extend your tongue and guide the head of his penis to it. You lick under and around the head, deftly scooping the precum onto your tongue. It coats the surface of your tongue in a strange way and the taste is salty, but the sensations are not unpleasant. You hesitate.

“Go ahead,” he whispers. “Suck it.”

You close your lips around the head and slowly take him into your mouth.

“Ah, Jesus, that feels good!”

He stands still and lets you do the work. You draw him in deeper…Halfway down his shaft….Run your tongue under the frenulum and are rewarded by his grunt of pleasure and another squirt of precum. You swallow greedily.

Emboldened, you move forward, taking him in until his breath hisses as your lips lock around the base of his penis and his pubic hair brushes your nose.

“You’re just a natural cocksucker, aren’t you?”

You pause, holding him deep in your throat and stare into his eyes.

“Aren’t you?”

You nod as you lower your gaze and slide your lips back up his shaft. You want to continue, to see how it would be to have him finish in your mouth, but after a couple of minutes he stops you…

“Okay, I don’t want to cum yet, so let me work on you a bit.”

You reluctantly release his penis from your lips and blush at the drool running down your chin.

“Get on the bed.”

You start to lay down.

“No. On your knees…Lay across the bed, put your ankles right at the edge, then get up on your knees, spread and show it.”

“O-okay….Like this?” you question as you shuffle into position.

“Perfect!” he whispers as he cups your testicles.


You hear the snap of the cap on the bottle of oil and close your eyes in pleasure as his oily hands begin to explore your body.


He spreads the oil over your buttocks and you squeal as his fingers caress, then probe your anus. Soon he is in you to the knuckle stroking your prostate and the other hand is milking your erection. Suddenly, he releases your penis and his finger slides out of you.

“Uh-unh! Oh, no don’t…”

“Don’t what?”

“Take it out…P-please don’t take it out.!!!”

“So, put it back?”

“Yes!!! Please, yes!!!”

You hear another slurp of oil and then feel the pressure…

“So, if you like one finger, let’s see what you think about two…”

And before you can comprehend his meaning, you feel a sharp fullness as he slides both his first and middle finger into your greasy, grasping hole.

“W-h-h-h-h-h-a-a-a-a-a??? Oh, god. Oh, god. It f-feels so g-good!”

Finger fucking your stinging anus, he reaches around and frigs your penis.


You groan again as he releases your penis and pulls his fingers from your anus.

“Oh, p-please!”

“Please, what?”

“Please put them back!!!”

“You like being filled don’t you?”

“Yes!!! P-please….I n-need it!”

Again you hear the slurp of the oil squirting but there’s a pause. You wait and are puzzled to feel his hands gripping your hips and pulling you toward the edge of the bed so that your buttock are fully separated and your anus is exposed.


Then you feel it…The warm, oil-slickened tube of his erection slides between your buttocks and glosses over your anus as he slowly thrusts back and forth.

“W-wait! N-o-o!”

“Hush! Quite acting Casibom Güncel Giriş like a child….”

“B-but I d-don’t want…”

“I think you do….”

Continuing to slide his erection between your cheeks, he shifts his hips slightly and the head catches slightly on the opening of your anus, then slides over it.


“Felt good, didn’t it?”

“Y-yes, but….A-h-h-h-h-h!”

Another thrust at a slightly different angle causes the head to catch again. He holds it there, then lets it slip away. Another squirt of oil has your anus so slick that there’s almost no friction.

You feel him shift again, making his penis point at rather than slide past your winking hole. He takes one hand off your hip and grasping himself, presses it into your crack as it slides up. This time, the head catches, then partially penetrates your hole.

“A-h-h-h-h-h! W-wait!”

“Just relax and I’ll wait…”

“I d-don’t know if I can….”

He pauses, holding your hips so you can’t move…

“Flex….Like you did before….”


You flex your sphincter in an effort to expel his shaft but you can’t hold it. Just as you relax, he pushes again and this time the head pops past your sphincter.

“Oh, god! Oh, god!”

“I’m in you now. Just relax…”

“W-h-h-h-o-o-o-o!!! Oh god you’re stretching me!”

“Damn you’re tight!”

He pushes, then stops….

“Oh, oh, oh!”

Another push….

“Oh my god! Oh my god!”

“Like it?”

Oh, y-yes! Yes! But just go slow!”

A pull back, then a thrust in….Back again and in again.

“O-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-h-h-h-h-h!!! Y-yes!”

A few more strokes and he’s in to the root…You feel his pubic hair rasping against the tightly stretched ring of your anus. Reaching around your, he slides his hand over your drooling erection and you squeal in pleasure.

Shifting his weight again he begins to slowly thrust and withdraw. You whimper when you feel the head pull against the grasping ring of your anus, fearing he will take it out of you, then moan in gratitude as he pushes deep into you again and again.


“Oh shit!”


“I’m going to cum!!!”

“Oh, yes! Oh yes! Fuck me!”

He is thrusting into you maniacally, slamming into your upturned hips as you strain to take every centimeter of his penis into your hole. With one last thrust, he plunges deep into you and holds your hips tight against his groin. You feel his cock head swell and his hips twitch as he squirts his scum deep into your bowels.

“Okay, baby, here it is! E-r-r-r-r-h-h-h-h! Oh, shit!”

“Oh my god I can feel it! I can feel! Oh, y-e-e-e-s-s-s! Fill me up! Oh, god!”

“Yeah, take it! U-n-n-g-g-h-h! Ah! Ah! Ah!”

As his spasms subside, he leans forward over you, gasping in exertion, totally spent. His penis remains buried in your ass. Spooning against you, he rolls you onto the bed and reaches around to stroke your until now neglected penis.

You moan in pleasure as he, still inside you and still erect, slowly fucks you as he firmly milks your penis. Then you squeal like a little girl when your orgasm washes over you.

His erection slowly subsides, slithering out of your anus with a slurp. You fart a combination of oil and semen and it pools between your cheeks. Your anus feels stretched and open.

He gets off the bed,

“Mind if I use your shower?”

“No. Go ahead.”

He showers quickly and when he returns to the room, you’re still on the bed. He reaches down and touches your hip.

“You okay?”

“Yeah…Just thinking.”

“Don’t think too hard about it.”

“I just…”

“You just got fucked…It’s kind of a big deal to accept that you liked it, but in the end, it’s just sex.”

“But, I’m not…”


You nod.

“Maybe not, but you sure like a cock up your ass….And you suck cock like a whore.”

“Yeah…I guess I do, don’t I?”

“Yeah, you may not be gay, but you’re definitely a cum slut. Are you here for another night?”

“No, I’m supposed to check out in about a half an hour.”

“Oh, too bad.”


“Well, I have a friend coming in tonight. His cock is a lot bigger than mine. I think you’d really enjoy him.”

“Oh, I don’t think I could do that….”

“You don’t think you can stay or you don’t think you want to be fucked by a big cock?”

“Either…I need to get home.”

“Make an excuse…Like I said, my friend is big and he’ll make you like it…Even more than I did.”

You avoid his eyes.

“I can’t….”

“Okay…Can’t or won’t you’ll be missing something.”

He reaches down, fondles your now limp penis, then gives you a light slap on the ass.

“I enjoyed it…You’re a good fuck.”

You give a weak smile.

“Thanks, I guess…”

You get off the bed after he leaves. You’re still leaking. You start toward the shower, but the turn toward the phone on the bedside table. You dial and as you stand waiting, you absentmindedly flex you sphincter and feel his cum run down your legs.

“Front desk? Yes, I’d like to extend my stay one more night, please.”

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