Crazy Tall and Pigtails Ch. 05

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This is a fictional account with everyone over eighteen.


We didn’t talk much on the ride back home, but Anna did manage to get her hand back up my pant leg. She especially teased me when we had to stop for a light. We’d lean together and kiss as her fingers caressed the growing head of my cock. By the time we arrived home my cock was snaking down the right pant leg of my shorts. Anna had the head exposed and leaking pre-cum onto her hand.

Upon parking the car in my driveway, I watched as she raised her fingers to her mouth. Her tongue snaked out and licked the pre-cum wet fingers.

“Mmm, I need more of that,” she said giggling. “But later.”

I had nearly forgotten about how mad I was on the drive home. But watching Anna smile sweetly before opening the car door and flooding the insides with light, brought me back to reality. As she easily got out, I had to try to stuff myself back in my shorts before I could move. The car dome light added to my haste and slight embarrassment.

Anna didn’t wait for me, but bound right into the garage and upstairs. Trying to conceal my partial erection, I exited the car and followed. I was mad all over again. Just because Penny had some booze, Anna was going to allow her to interrupt our date. I was a little peeved climbing the steps in the garage. I could hear hellos that sounded like more than just Penny though.

Reaching the crest of the stairs, I saw Anna hugging another redheaded girl, taller than Penny, even taller than Anna, and very cute. Her freckles were more pronounced than Penny’s even in the dim light of the garage. As I approached, Penny looked at me with a big smile.

“Davey, say hi to my cousin, Monica. Monica, this is Davey from next door.”

“Hi,” I said reaching out to shake Monica’s hand.

“Hi, Davey. Penny’s told me so much about you,” Monica said with a sweet smile.

“Oh, really,” I replied looking quizzically at Penny.

“Here he is in the flesh,” Anna said taking my arm.

“Wow, he is a tall one, isn’t he,” Monica said, but with a more sinister smile this time.

“Yeah, he’s big alright,” Penny answered with a giggle.

I’d learned that Penny’s comments usually were sexual and got the reference quickly. Of course, she’d already sucked my dick so she knew all about me.

“What’s this drink?” Anna asked, pointing to the table.

“This,” Penny said, producing a bottle of Grey Goose vodka and real lemon juice from a paper bag on the counter. “We’re making like lemonades but stronger. Monica brought it.”

“We use ice and a little sugar if you like in the blender,” Monica added walking to the refrigerator to retrieve the ice and pointing to a blender I’d never seen in the garage before.

Ten minutes later we were all sitting around drinking pretty strong versions of lemonade. I took mine without sugar, but Anna added some to hers. Monica and Penny were just finishing their first drinks when we arrived and soon were on their second. As we drank, I learned more about Monica. Anna and she were already acquainted from several times before. Monica was the eldest daughter of Penny’s mother’s sister. The red hair and features were distinctive on that side of Penny’s family.

Monica lived about a half hour away and was visiting with her mother overnight. Apparently, the two dads had gone fishing and so the sisters planned time together. I’d seen Penny’s Mom once or twice while walking in the neighborhood. Penny was nearly a spitting image of her mother.

I stole glances at Monica as I could. My annoyance had left after just meeting her. She had something about her that drew you in. A mysterious quality I couldn’t quite explain. She was definitely cute. She was cuter even than Penny and her added height made her even more so to me. I guessed her to be close to five nine or ten and slender. Not an extremely curvy body like Anna’s but nicely proportioned all the same. She had an infectious smile too. It was disarming, yet, there was a mystery about her still.

As the drinks flowed, so did the conversation and I learn more about a few previous times the three girls had spent together. They teased me by not explaining all the details and hinting at past sexual adventures. I tried to discreetly get more of the details, but they saw through my obvious ploys and would just say things like, “If only you knew,” or, “We can’t kiss and tell.” The hinting though was enough to make me guess these three had some wild times.

When the booze was gone, Anna put the stereo on. Somehow they conned me into dancing with all three of them together. Before too long I was in the midst of a three-way bump and grind with me the center post. It had started somewhat innocently, with Anna being the first to rub against me. She was soon joined by Penny and Monica behind me and off to the side. Before long though, the musical chairs of gorgeous women had each of them taking turns grinding into my front. It was hard controlling poker oyna my thoughts and erection with Anna alone, but when Monica looked into my eyes sultrily as she rubbed against my crotch, my cock started pushing back even harder on these women. They knew what they were doing and giggled along as I became obviously aroused.

When it was Anna’s turn again in front of me, she looked up into my eyes as she swayed to the music. The booze was affecting us all and she smiled at me dreamily. She acted like she wanted to be kissed, so I did, and immediately felt her deft fingers at my belt. I hadn’t tried to move, but when I did I realized that Monica was holding my one hand and Penny the other on each side of me. They were rubbing my chest with their free hands. Soon they were opening buttons. I barely realized Anna had my shorts down until she tapped me to lift my leg.

The fronts of my boxers were like a sideways tent. I could feel my shirt being pulled off my shoulders and down my arms as Anna grinned up at me from her knees. Her fingers curved into the waistband of my boxers and then down. Monica and Penny rubbed my naked chest and nipples as they watched. Normally, I might have been a little embarrassed to be undressed in front of a relative stranger in Monica, but the booze and my arousal seemed to stem that.

“Show her, Annie,” Penny said.

“Mmm, I can’t wait,” Monica declared.

My boxers dropped below my cock and it sprang up as if on a spring. It bobbed for a few seconds before stopping poised at Anna. She chuckled and kissed the reddening head as Monica and Penny exclaimed.

“My god, you were right, Penny. That dick is huge.”

“Told you. It’s a monster cock,” Penny proclaimed.

“It is at that,” Monica said and to my astonishment she encircled it with her hand.

I’m not sure what I had expected when they started stripping me, but the cute

Monica holding my cock was somehow not what I thought would happen. I guess I thought Anna would stop them short of touching her boyfriend, but she seemed not the least bit concerned or apprehensive. In fact, her smile up at me was anything but concerned.

“Like it, baby. You like having three women looking at your big cock?”Anna asked.

“You know he does,” Penny answered for me, her hand hefting my balls now too.

Anna’s mouth enclosed around my cockhead as Monica began stroking my cock. Anna licked and sucked the head while the other two played with me. Any guy would have been in seventh heaven, but I was still in shock despite the growing need I felt. Anna’s eyes continued to smile up at me with my cock in her mouth.

What happen next shocked me even worse. Monica let go of my cock and pulled my face around to her side. Before I knew what to expect, she was kissing me passionately, and her tongue invading my mouth like a serpent. She was an excellent kisser and had a tongue-stud to boot. With Penny stroking my cock now and Anna sucking the head, I thought I might lose it soon.

Anna knew I’d cum twice already earlier, However, my arousal with three women had her playing it cool, not applying the level of pleasure she would if she were trying to get me off. Monica’s hand replaced Penny’s on my shaft even as we kissed. Penny went back to kneading my balls.

Breaking our kiss, Monica said, “Hey, let’s take him to the couch, girls.”

Anna stopped sucking me and Penny and Monica guided me over to the couch. The way they moved versus me suddenly had me wondering if they’d had as much to drink as me. Maybe they were hitting my drinks harder. I lost that thought as Monica and Penny helped ease me down on the couch.

“Let’s do a strip tease for him. All three at once,” Monica said.

Anna had joined them as they danced around to the music and seductively removed articles of clothing. I tried to give equal attention to all, especially Anna, as I feared she might be jealous, but my eyes never lingered far from Monica as she stripped. The looks she gave me with her tongue licking her lips, had pre-cum oozing from the end of my overly excited, twitching cock.

They hadn’t maintained or planned any exact procedure for removing their clothes, but somehow all ended up down to their bras and thongs at the same time. My eyes shot between them until I thought my eyeballs would roll out of my head. Anna’s figure was the most remarkable, of course, but Penny’s was an eyeful too, and Monica was just delicious to look at. Her height gave her endless, shapely legs, and her breasts looked similar in size to Penny’s, maybe smaller by a little. She had more freckles than Penny, but that only added to the mysteriousness and sexiness of her.

They danced to the music, moving before me like beautiful distractions. It was like trying to keep your eyes watching the ball in a shell game. My eyes tore between them drinking in each luscious ass, each curve of their breasts, and the view of their thong clad pussies. Monica had a belly ring and silver chain canlı poker oyna which was about two inches long and swayed with each move of her hips. They weren’t practiced strippers, but any man would have given his eyeteeth for the show.

Penny was the first to remove her bra and her cute pert tits jiggled seductively as she danced. Her pink nipples made my mouth water and my stiff cock pulse. A drop of pre-cum surged from the head and rolled down the side. Monica noticed and I caught her smile. She flicked her studded tongue at me as her bra joined Penny’s on the floor.

‘Fuck,’ my mind declared as I saw Monica’s exposed tits. They were exquisite. They were practically the same size as Penny’s, but the nipples were even softer pink and sort of blended into her luscious pale skin. The freckles on her upper chest cleared away on her milky smooth white breasts, making them stand out against the rest of her skin. My cock throbbed again. I was glad I’d already cum twice or I might have gotten off without anyone even touching me.

Anna was next, and not the least, but I’d seen her delicious tits several times already, and despite being the best by far in size and shape, they were older news compared to the other two. I smiled at Anna, but I think she might have noticed how quickly my gaze shifted back to Monica and Penny.

Their thongs followed fairly fast behind the bras. Maybe they were getting anxious to get to the next step like me. My cockhead glistened in the light from all the oozing pre-cum. As I glanced between their pussies, I savored the difference of each. Anna’s was my first, only recently discovered, and I remember thinking how gorgeous it was. Now, with three to pick from my eyes feasted on the two new ones the most. Penny had a landing strip like Anna on top, only it was red. Her skin was even creamier white than Anna’s and with only a few freckles about. I had to admit Penny had an awesome pussy, so pink and pouting.

Monica’s was next and wow. She was completely shaved and her very pink lips were outstanding. She looked like a little girl on bottom despite long legs that said otherwise. Her pussy had more freckles around it than Penny’s, but the outer labia completely concealed the treasures inside while Penny’s was more open. My eyes danced between the three, drinking in all the erotic scenes.

“I think he likes what he sees,” Monica commented, seeing another drop of pre-cum ooze from the twitching head of my cock.

“He’s never seen this much pussy in his life,” Penny suggested jokingly.

“Do you like the way Monica’s is completely shaved,” Anna asked with a serious tone.

“Yes,” I crocked, my voice lost in my throat.

“Ha…he can barely speak,” Penny mocked.

“Cute…let’s give him something more to think about,” Monica said. “Girls, let’s tease this big beautiful cock.”

Monica dropped to her knees on my left side, soon followed by Penny in the middle and Anna on the right. Monica smiled at me as she leaned over my thigh and licked my pre-cum coated cockhead. Penny pushed my legs apart more and nuzzled against my balls, while Anna just held the bottom of my shaft for Monica to lick. Anna smiled at me reassuringly, so I doubted she was bothered at all by the other girls touching me.

To say I’d ever thought of the possibility of every guy’s fantasy of three girls worshipping his cock at the same time, would be a lie; as I never even imagined before the last couple weeks that it was remotely possible for me. Now, as Monica sucked the head of my cock into her beautiful mouth, the thrill was beyond compare. Penny wet my balls with her eager tongue. Anna kept smiling at me as she slowly stroked my cock.

“David, are you happy now I convinced you to come back to the garage to see Penny and her surprise?”

I could only nod yes. Her smile increased at my obvious arousal at what all three women were doing to me. My balls were already taut against my shaft and I’m sure Monica tasted more pre-cum from my leaking cock. I could felt the stud on Monica’s tongue working against the underside of my cockhead.

“Oh, god,” I moaned.

“Hey, pass him around,” Penny protested to Monica.

Monica reluctantly released my cock from her hot wet mouth and passed it to Penny. Penny devoured me like a wanton vamp making me groan with the increased suction. Monica’s hand replaced Anna’s, feeding my cock to Penny, while Anna massaged my saliva slick balls.

“Oh, god,” I growled again, fighting to hold back my boiling sperm.

“Go easy, Penny,” Anna said. “Don’t get him off yet.”

“Cousin, you’re a good little cocksucker,” Monica told Penny jokingly.

“She sure is,” Anna agreed grinning.

“You’re one to talk,” Penny declared back off my cock to tell Anna.

“So I am,” Anna agreed taking the opportunity to move in on my cock.

Anna briefly just teased my cockhead in her mouth with her tongue, but then she took me deep. I wasn’t sure if she intended internet casino to prove Penny’s claim to her cocksucking skills, but didn’t care either as the feeling of my cock being swallowed was incredible. Anna’s throat muscles caressed and teased my cock deep in her throat.

“God, I can’t believe she can take all that,” Monica stated.

“Yeah, I wasn’t able to the first time I tried,” Penny agreed.

Anna stayed down on me as long as she could before backing off to the head once again to breath. My cock was throbbing and pulsing from the three pronged attack. Penny went back to sucking my balls, trying to get one after the other into her hot mouth. Monica stroked me while awaiting her next turn. Anna took me deep one more time before passing my cock to Monica.

They each took one more turn on me, but went easy as my orgasm hung just short of cumming. All three knew how to tease a cock, by multiple rests, which held back from bringing it off. A couple times Anna squeezed hard on the bottom of my cock when she thought I might be too close. I liked what Monica did with her tongue ring too.

I was surprised that Monica seemed to be controlling the action despite Anna being my girlfriend. Monica was a natural at taking a leading role. I wasn’t about to complain either as she rose up on the couch to swing over me. Those cute creamy white tits were inches now from my face. Her taller height meant I didn’t have to crane my neck down to suck her offered nipples.

“Mmm…he has a nice mouth,” Monica praised my effort on her tits.

“Wait till he eats your pussy and puts those amazingly long fingers inside you,” Anna proclaimed.

“Really,” Penny questioned. “I got to have him try that too.”

“Monica first,” Anna said, taking back command.

Monica moved to lie on the couch, taking those delicious tits from me. I didn’t complain, though, as the girls positioned me between Monica’s spread long legs. I now had a close up view at her pink shaved pussy. Unlike Anna, whose pussy was slightly darker on the outside labia and deep pink inside. Monica’s pussy was a soft light pink outside and in. Her outer lips were also smaller that Anna’s as I assessed the difference between only my second pussy and the first.

With Monica spread open on the couch, I could see she was already wet and ready. Any misgivings I might have had towards being pushed into sucking both Monica and Penny at the girl’s command, immediately disappear. Her pussy looked delicious. I could feel my mouth even watering as I got into position.

I started as I had several times before on Anna licking and kissing the outside of Monica’s snatch. A little teasing at first seemed to work well on Monica. The moans escaping her mouth, and the urging I was getting from her hands, told me she wanted more as I slowly worked my way into her pretty pussy. When I finally stopped kissing her and sucked on her outer labia, she groaned with delight.

“Oh, fuck…I think he’s going to make me cum soon,” Monica growled.

“Eat her good, babe,” Anna encouraged.

“God, he’s got a long tongue too,” Penny announced.

Penny was on the floor next to Monica, and to my amazement was playing with her cousin’s nipples so naturally I believed it wasn’t the first time. Anna knelt next to my side, watching, but her left hand caressed my hanging cock and balls wonderfully.

Realizing I might have two more pussies to eat after this delicious one, I increase my attack on scrumptious Monica. Her oozing juices tasted great as I wiggled my tongue as deep inside her as possible. Her hips began to buck under me and I used my one hand to press down on her flat abdomen to steady her.

“Oh, Davey, you do that so well,” Monica praised between clenched teeth.

“Get her off,” Penny exclaimed. “I can’t wait much longer.”

“Use your fingers on her,” Anna suggested as I felt something entirely new from her.

Anna had wet her finger and began to tease around my butt hole. I was shocked that she would do that, but the more she did the more it felt good. I followed her direction and moved up on Monica to expose her clit. I teased it with my tongue lightly as I wet my fingers in her constant flowing juice. Her clit was already engorged and begging for contact.

“Oh, fuck!” Monica howled, as my long forefinger easily slipped deep inside her.

“Ah…good,” she added, as my finger turned inside her to caress the top of her inner pussy.

I tried firmly to hold Monica still as my finger found its target inside her. I sucked on her clit lightly and worked my tongue as my finger began to rub the bumpy surface on the inner top of her pussy. The sensations from my finger on her g-spot drove her to buck even harder. I watched too as Penny pulled harder than I would have on Monica’s cute pink nipples. They were reddening and more engorged than earlier when I was sucking them.

I was increasing my pace with my finger inside Monica when I felt Anna pushing a wet digit into my anal ring. Her other hand was milking my cock like a cow. I realized we should have covered the couch again as Monica was leaking her juice onto the cushion.

“Oh, Davey…I’m going to cum. Make me cum,” Monica shouted.

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