Creating a slave, chapter 3

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Creating a Slave Chapter 3.

Kim woke up lying in her cell. She kept her eyes closed and thought about the actions earlier. She had no idea if it was yesterday or only a few hours ago. Judging by the pain left in her sore body, it was only a few hours. Her entire torso was on fire, the pain from the whip and other things was still wrecking her.

she finally opened her eyes and took in her cell, nothing seemed to have changed from the last time. `you are finally awake?’, Kim shot up and looked where the voice came from. There in the far corner of the cell sat a beautiful girl, long locks of burnt blond hair, a bit younger than her, dressed in nothing but hookers clothes and looking intently at her. “who are you?”. ‘I no longer have no name’ she replied, ‘I have no more need for one, I am the property of my master, just as you are’. ‘If it comforts you, you may think up a name’.

Kim was shocked by this answer, this beautiful girl, so young, had completely surrendered to this monster that had captured not only her it seemed. “What do you mean, no name. everybody has a name, don’t you remember how your mother called you?” ‘mother? I have no more memories than with my master.’ Kim was even more scared, this girl didn’t even remember her own mother. “Why are you here?” ‘To make sure you were alright, the master doesn’t want you to be hurt this soon’ the girl replied. ‘Are you in pain of some sort’ the girl continued. “Those whiplashes still hurt like a bitch, but further I am physically okay I think” Kim answered. ‘Physically, but not mentally?’ the girl questioned. “no, why would anyone do this, you don’t abduct people and make them your slaves. But never mind, the police will come here and arrest him.” ‘I hate to tell you this, but you aren’t even in the united states anymore. Not in Mexico or Canada either. The American police cant rescue you here.’

The world for Kim collapsed. It seemed like an eternity before she moved, and then she moved to cover her face because she was bawling her eyes out. Her one hope, the police, was just removed from her. “then what about the military? Or the CIA or….” ‘They will not come.’ “I need to think this over” Kim said to the girl. ‘There is nothing to think on, you are property not a human being. I was instructed by master to make sure you were unhurt. This seems to be the case so I will leave now.’
The slave girl walked through the door and left Kim alone in her cell.

Kim was crying hysterically and slowly taking in her situation. She was abducted by a unknown man, not in the USA anymore, not even in North America. She was in an unknown complex, with guards and at least one more slave. The man seemed to want her as a sex slave, or just using it to break her. But the worst part was that she didn’t know why her? Why for gods sake her? She never hurt the man, she never even met him. The more she thought, the more angry she got, the more violent her fantasy’s became.

The slave darıca escort girl exited the cell and saw her master standing next to the door. She quickly got on her spread knees and put her hands behind her head. Her master didn’t say anything to her, just grabbed a hold of her hair and dragged her towards a room. She was cooperating as much as she could, but the master was angry for some reason. “Go get my cattle prod” he shouted at her. She quickly obeyed. The cattle prod was a unique design, in stead of two metal pins at the end it had a bulb like end. The slave girl immediately knew what was going to happen. She didn’t like this punishment, but she was property and could not think for herself. The normal version of this punishment was just putting the end to her skin, witch would hurt like a bitch but that’s it. The more severe version was the insertion of the end in her cunt. That wouldn’t hurt like a bitch, but like 10 bitches.

“Bend forward and hold your ankles”. John positioned the cattle prod in front of her worthless cunt. At the last moment he changed his mind, he took away the device and spit on it. He then rammed it without any mercy in the slave’s asshole. He turned on the electricity and drank in the glorious screams. “Do you know why I’m punishing you?” John asked the twitching slave. ‘No master, I do not.’

“What were your orders with the new property?” ‘To be kind to her, check if she was hurt anywhere and …. Oh. master, please punish this fleshbag anyway you want. It has not done its duty.’ “You were not to take away her hope of escape. But no trouble, now I have an excellent idea to break her down even further.” John began to laugh while he pulled out several knives, needles and whips. “I’m going to show dear Kim why she shouldn’t disobey me”.

Kim was abruptly torn from her happy vicious fantasy’s by the arrival of a guard. A bag was placed over her head and she was lead back to the torture room she guessed. When they entered the room she was shoved roughly on a huge triangular piece of wood, the top angle was covered in stainless steel. Her feet were tied to the ground and her hands behind her back. She couldn’t move an inch, not that she wanted, that would hurt very much. He then gagged her mouth with duct tape.

‘Welcome back dear new toy, I brought you now because of an unfortunate incident involving you. You see, this meat behind me told you that you had no hope of escape. That was my job, I had planned this whole thing and that stupid cow behind me ruins, a small, but nevertheless a part of your torture. This meat disobeyed my direct command. It will be punished, and because I am never without a backup, you get to watch. This is what you get for disobedience.’

Kim looked in horror at the slave girl. She was blindfolded, standing naked upright with her hands chained to the ceiling and a spreader bar around her ankles. Kim didn’t need to see the girls izmit otele gelen escort eyes to know she was terrified. John got behind the slave and without any warning plunged a needle through her left nipple. Not in the way a piercing would go, but straight in her chest. Without waiting for a scream or a beg for mercy he did the same thing with the right nipple. The screams were deafening. There were no words in them, just primal screams. ‘I coated the needles with a little bit of salt before plunging them in, if you wondered.’ He then pulled out the needles and got a ball of yarn and a stitching needle. ‘what do you think is going to happen now, new toy?’ Kim gave no answer, still in shock over the ruthless attitude of John. ‘speak up or it is going to happen to you!’ “you are going to stitch her nipples together?” ‘hahaha, no way worse than that, that’s childsplay. I’m going to stitch her pussy and normal lips together. Starting with her normal ones.

The girl, Kim couldn´t believe it, got even more frightened. But she knew better than to speak back to her owner, he would be even more creative. “You see, dear new toy, I train my toys to obey me, but never take away the fear of me. I like it more that way, you get even better en more satisfying screams. John took hold of the girls hair and yanked it backwards, the needle dangerously close to her lips. He pushed the needle slowly through her bottom lip and back through the upper lip. After that he repeated it until her mouth was completely sown together. Blood was trickling down over her chin and into her neck. Tears rolled out the poor girls eyes, John licked them up with great satisfaction.

“Now, time to start down there, don’t you think, new toy?” Kim was crying too by now, the girl may have taken away her entire hope of rescue, but she didn’t deserve this. “Crying already now, it has only just begun. Don’t look away, this is the fun part. But you know what people say, safety first.” He then put a small spreader bar in between the inner thighs of the slave. “Now my hands won’t get clamped” he laughed. The stitching lasted about two minutes in real life, but to Kim and especially the slave girl it lasted an eternity. “That is what I call a pretty sight” John called. There was not much blood, just a few tiny drops, but it was enough to show Kim just how painful it had been.

John walked around the slave again and got two pieces of rope from a table. He proceeded to tie the girls ankles to the floor. After that he unchained her arms. “Bend forward and spread your ass” John commanded. He then walked over behind Kim and got a bullwhip. “Time for some target practice” he whispered in Kim’s ear. Kim didn’t know whether the slave girl knew what to expect but when the first strike landed directly on the girls asshole she let out an unprecedented howl. The stitching on her mouth began to bleed a little harder, a clear sign the yarn izmit merkez escort was cutting further into her flesh. “Right on the money the first time, I should go to Vegas with that luck. Only fourteen to go, of course if they miss they don’t count.” John said. John needed 22 strikes to complete his own challenge. Blood now flowed freely over the girls face, mixing with her tears and going into her hair and to the ground.

Not really wanting to damage his property further John decided to remove the stitching. But in stead of cutting through all the yarn he just loosened one end of it and pulled it all the way through, letting the yarn cut even further in her flesh. The second the last yarn came out of her mouth John rammed an O-gag in the girls mouth. He took out his cock and started to pound the girls throat. He occasionally rammed it all the way in and kept it there till the girl turned blue. He would give her a second to catch her breath before doing it again. Finally he couldn’t hold his orgasm anymore and shot it over the girls lips. The girl began screaming yet again, Kim didn’t really understand at once, she never blew a guy till he came, just to get him hard. “a guy’s cum is quite salty” John explained at seeing her confused face.

John thought the girl was punished enough now, all the anger he had was gone and Kim seemed to understand not to disobey him. She was not broken, not by a long shot however, he still had so much fun to plan with is new toy. He called the guard back into the room and had Kim removed from the wooden device she was on. Then John got a great idea, the stitching was still in the girls cunt. He told the guard to wait with bringing Kim back to her cell and quickly pulled out the yarn from the slaves cunt. John walked out of the room and returned with a strap-on, he attached it to Kim and moved her behind the still tied up slave, cunt bleeding fresh drops of blood on the floor. “Fuck this girl till you absolutely can’t move anymore” John commanded Kim. Kim was looking like deer in a headlight until she remembered that she could be next with the torture. Extremely disgusted with herself and feeling very, very guilty to the slave she moved directly behind the girl. John put the tip of the dildo against the girls cunt and Kim slammed it home. A strange pain filled moan came out of the slaves mouth. John also heard the slight pleasure in the moan and told Kim to stop. When she pulled out he realigned the rubber cock with the slaves still raw asshole. Kim hesitated now, clearly even more disgusted with the idea of fucking another girls asshole than the previous. She shouldn’t have waited, John had already swung his whip. Landing on Kim’s right butt cheek she instinctively jumped forward, pushing the cock in the slave’s ass. The girl let out a pain filled whimper, witch seemed to please John. “Now move those hips” John commanded. Kim obeyed and for the first time in her life she fucked a girl. Kim moved for all she was worth and could keep slamming the girl for about seven minutes.

“That is enough” John said. Kim immediately pulled out and collapsed exhausted on the floor. Not two seconds later the slave joined her laying on the floor. Put both back in the same cell John said to the guard.

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