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Sheila sat on the couch tapping lightly on the keys of her laptop. This was her preferred way of working: early evening hours in the living room, the computer placed delicately across her thighs.

She wore a black tank top stretched over her perky tits without a bra, and a pair of skinny jeans. Her thick wavy hair was piled up out of her way on top of her head. The light from the computer screen reflected and refracted in the lenses of her glasses.

Eventually I gathered up the guts to bother her. When I walked into the room, she closed the laptop and took off her glasses.

“Hey Jim, what’s up?” she said as I sat on the chair opposite her. I’d been staying at her house for about a week. A friend of a friend introduced us and the sublet was working out pretty well. I’d hardly seen her very much.

“Nothing really,” I said. “What are you working on?”

“I’m writing a serial for a website,” she answered, pulling the loose band from her hair, letting it fall over her shoulders.

“What’s the genre?” I asked.

“It’s erotic crime fiction,” she said. “The main character is this woman who has the power to temporarily paralyze people with her sex appeal.”

“Most attractive women can do that,” I said, looking her over.

“Yeah, most attractive women can do it for a few seconds maybe, but then you want more than just a look.”

“What about women?”

“It works on women too.”

“What about gay guys?”

“It works on everyone because she is just that sexy.”

“Is she like a crime fighter, then? How does she use this power?”

“Actually, she’s evil,” Sheila said with a grin. “How she uses her powers depends on who she is using them against. Her breasts are these perfect, gravity-defying, hypnotic forms that make a lot people just freeze up when she takes them out. Sometimes that’s enough, but her real power comes from the scent of her pussy juice. Once a person smells it, it paralyzes him or her. Also, she is a squirter, so if in the rare possibility that she comes across someone who can handle her scent, usually if her juices get on him or her, they will be paralyzed.”

“That’s quite a girl,” I said. “How does she have sex with people?”

“It’s very difficult.”

“No kidding. But this power is not really about sex appeal, if it works on everyone regardless of whether they find her appealing, you know, because of orientation…”

“No no no,” Sheila corrected. “It works on everyone because she is so universally appealing that sexual orientation is irrelevant.”

“I see. But if her power comes from the wetness of her cunt, then she would have to be turned on to utilize it, right?”

“Yeah, but she’s always turned on. The power she has over other people turns her on. Being naked in public turns her on. Being who she is, while tragic, also turns her on.”

“So, what does she do?”

“Robs banks. Whatever she wants. She is unstoppable.”

“And she goes around naked all the time?”

“No, she wears an outfit. A tight leather coat that goes half-way down her thigh,” Sheila drew a line with her finger on her own thigh, “And boots that go up to about two inches below that. That the only exposed skin she shows, other than her face and her cleavage. When she takes off her coat, which reveals her powerful body, you see that her gloves go up to the elbow.”

“If she doesn’t wear underwear, then she must be spilling this toxic cream out of her pussy all the time,” I said.

“I thought about that,” Sheila countered. “But since it is just fiction, she has the control to keep her juice in its place until she needs it…”

“I’d like to meet this girl,” I said.

“I don’t think you could handle it.”

“No, probably not, but I meant I’d like to read some of these stories.”

“Oh, right. Well, I’ll read you one right now if you want, but will you do me a favor? You can go to the site and read the rest when you want, but I’d like to do some research…”

“Okay, what do you want me to do?”

She chewed on her bottom lip, hesitant to answer. Then she finally came out with it. “Well, what I’d really like you to do is take your pants off so I can see when your dick gets hard. I mean at what point in the story…”

Not that I’m small, but I was wearing baggy jeans and even if the light was not low, it probably would not have been so easy to monitor the moment my cock got hard. Certainly not as easy as if I was in boxers, or nothing at all.

“I’d be happy to do that,” I said. “But there’s a problem. I mean, you want to see when your story turns me on, but I think you’re sexy, so if I take off my pants I’ll probably just get turned on by taking off my clothes near you.”

“Hmm. Well, if we fooled around, then you’d probably be able to relax around me, but then it wouldn’t be a controlled experiment anymore. When’s the last time you had sex?”

“Last week.”


“Last night.”

“Okay,” Sheila said, antep escort thinking it over. “Well, what if I take my pants off too? Then we hang around a while in our underwear until your dick realizes that he’s not going to see any action, will that work?”

“I doubt it. If I’m working though, that would be better. Different part of the brain.”

“Working, you mean drawing something?” she asked.


“So, while I’m reading the story, you have to be drawing something so that you’re not thinking about me?”

“Yes. And I’d also like you to take your pants off, if that offer is still on the table.”

“Fair enough.

She stood up and unbuttoned her jeans. I took the cue and did the same thing, careful not to look at her, as I usually find a woman taking her pants off more enticing that just a woman sitting her in underwear. I kicked my jeans off and scampered out of the room, still not to looking at her. “Be right back,” I called out as I gathered my sketchpad and pencils.

When I came back, her jeans were in the pile on the floor next to the couch. The laptop was on the coffee table in front of her dangling foot, her fine legs crossed at the knee.

“Ready?” she said.

“Yes,” I said, choosing a pencil. I had decided to draw her foot in the light from the monitor, but she uncrossed her legs, put her feet on the floor, and leaned forward so she could read off the computer screen.

I started to draw her face, but looking up at her as she read, I noticed her nipples were hard now, which started to work on my cock. “This is probably not going to work,” I said. “Just let me read the story and I’ll tell you when I get aroused by it. Right now, it’s all you.”

“Thanks, but that’s not as much fun,” Sheila said.

“Well, then let me draw you after. That will be more fun, trust me,” I said.

“Okay, but read it out loud,” she said. Then she got up and scampered out of the room. She came back a moment later with a few sheets of paper. “Here’s a printout. You soft again?”

“Mostly,” I said, trying not to look at her.

She sat back down on the couch and I leaned back in the chair, focusing on the words.

As I read her story aloud, I could feel Sheila watching me intently, no doubt watching my crotch with a certain amount of fascination that it had not received since I was a teenager with an inexperienced teenage girlfriend. The novelty was interesting, but I tried not to think too much about her watching my cock, as it would definitely lead to me thinking about making it hard, which would make it hard, which would fuck up her experiment. I’m just too honest for that.

Her story was written pretty well and unfolded basically as I imagined it would. Since this was not the first episode, there was no explanation of Lucia — as she was called — and her abilities. It was an episode that took place in a jewel store and began just as she walked into the place.

Lucia was trying on diamond-studded necklaces. She’d chosen several that she liked, flirting with the staff as she allowed them to place the merchandise around her neck. I would say I was at around 25% arousal, mostly from sitting without pants in the same room with a foxy writer girl, but partly from the story.

Ultimately, Lucia is expected to pay for her selections, but instead she says, “Is it getting hot in here? I’m so warm,” and she puts her hand right over her crotch. Then she begins unbuttoning her coat. The two sales associates watch her in amazement as she removes the coat and places it on the glass display case. Lucia stands back and her tits seem to hover hypnotically.

One of the clerks says, “Young woman, you… are… very… beautiful, but this… is not appropriate.”

As she runs a gloved hand over her pussy lips, Lucia lets out a long moan, “Ooohhhh,” and looks the man in the eyes. He stands still, his eyes watching as the juice slowly covers her cunt, glistening off her pussy lips and running down her legs. She turns around and tells the security guard to please lock the door.

The manager, a mature woman, comes charging out of the back and demands to know what’s going on. She stops in her tracks when she sees Lucia, but only momentarily before she advances on her once again.

As I read over these lines, my penis slowly lifted inside my shorts. Sheila did not say anything, so I continued reading. Lucia ran a finger over her wet sex, then placed the finger onto the manager’s bottom lip. Sheila stopped me there as I read the description of Lucia’s dripping pussy and her fingers collecting the juice to put in the manager’s mouth. “You’re completely hard now, right?” she said. I finished the paragraph. It paralyzes her. Lucia then instructs the younger man to lay his manager down on the floor, to undress her, and to give her a sixty-nine.

“Yes,” I said. “I’m fully hard now, as you can probably see. Thank you.”

I dropped the pages on the coffee table.

“I thought that was you while you were reading about her tits, but I have to say I’m nicely surprised that you had some more to go. What would you say it was?”

“Well, Sheila, I guess it was your description of her dripping cunt and the way she uses it to control other people,” I said, leaning forward to allow my erection to lay against my leg.

“Yeah, I thought so,” Sheila said. “Okay, now what do I do?”

I picked up my pad and pencils again. “Hmm. Stand over here, right in front of me, all right?”

“Sure,” she said, getting up and moving to stand where I indicated.

“Let’s see, can you stand still for like ten minutes?”

She nodded.

“Okay,” I continued. “Turn around and face the other way. Lose the tank top and dig your thumbs into your panties, pull them half-way down your ass.”

I focused on the sketchpad and started making broad strokes. I didn’t expect her to do all or any of that, but I thought if I sounded professional and instructed her with authority, then she just might.

I noticed her thinking it over as I concentrated on the pad just as I noticed her considering my erection as I read the story earlier. She may have been trying to make eye contact with me, but I was not going to give it to her. I did not want her to make a skeptical face that would reveal any insecurity from me.

After a couple of seconds, she apparently decided I was serious, and grabbed the bottom of her shirt. She started to pull it up, but I did not give her any attention. Then she turned around and pulled it of the rest of the way off and tossed it on the floor. She tucked her thumbs into her panties and pushed them down a little, but I still gave her no indication that I was even aware of what she was doing.

“Like this?” she finally asked.

I looked up. “Yeah, that’s good. Turn your body a little to the left, good. Stay like that.”

I sketched quickly, taking in the sight of her body. She was very sexy and I felt some pre-cum oozing out of my penis. My cock was throbbing by now, and I rubbed it with the base of my left hand as I drew with my right hand, wondering if Sheila would notice.

The look of concentration on my face must have convinced her that I was serious, because she stopped looking at my face and allowed her eyes to dart around the room. I was happy for that because I didn’t want her to notice the wet spot where my shorts covered tip of my dick.

“Okay, I’m done,” I announced, and Sheila turned around to face me almost in unison with the pad as I turned it around to face her.

She looked it over, standing nearly naked in front of me. People are so curious about how an artist views them that when they get the chance to see a representation of themselves, they often forget the present circumstances. I love that.

As Sheila studied the image, she did not even seem to notice or care that her panties were still pushed down. I could clearly see she was totally shaved and I could make out the shape of her hood and the top of her glistening lips disappearing beneath her panties.

“That’s not what I expected,” she said. “You know, based on your other sketches.”

“Well, it’s dark in here,” I said.

“Not too dark to hide that,” she said, pointing at my erection and the wet spot on my shorts.

“It’s from more you than your story,” I said.

Suddenly she became aware of her own undress. She grabbed onto her panties, then though better of it and left them there.

“Uh, yeah,” she said.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her.

“Oh, well, there’s no sense pulling these back up, they’ll just get wet,” she said, smiling sheepishly.

“I thought so,” I said, reaching forward and sliding them lower down her thighs. “Just take them off.”

Just before her panties hit her knees they just dropped straight down to the floor. Bringing my hand back up to her sex I felt the smooth, wet gloss with my fingers.

Sheila smiled. I put my wet finger in my mouth and tasted her juice. “Not paralyzed,” I said.

“Good,” she said. “Now your turn.” She knelt in front of me and pulled my boxers off. My cock bounced back up after the waistband slid over it. “Oh,” Sheila said, now face-to-face with the hard-on. “That’s possibly the most beautiful penis I’ve ever seen, seriously.”

She leaned forward, hesitated for a moment, then put her lips over the head. I felt her tongue slide down the underside and lick back up to the hole. Her teeth closed down, but not enough to bite, then she unleashed a load of saliva off her tongue and over my dick. She closed her lips tighter while taking more of the length in her mouth and then she whirled her tongue over the top, getting the whole thing slick.

Shelia stood back up, then reached her hand down and held the base of my dick lightly in her fingers. She brought her right knee down against my hip, then balancing with her other hand on my shoulder, brought her other knee up and pushed it against my other hip. She lowered her thighs on top of my thighs, guiding my cock to her opening.

I felt her pussy swell as her lips parted over my penis. It was deliciously wet. As she slowly dropped down I felt her tightness lightly receding and constricting until I was completely inside her. I started to push up into her, but she put her hands on my hips and pushed back. She slid herself up and down a few times. Her cunt was so wet and tight, and she moved so slowly. I put my hands on her tits and pinched her pointed nipples between my thumbs and the bottom of my index fingers.

She stopped moving up and down and I felt her pussy contracting around my cock. She was excellent.

Then she slipped herself back up and off me. My cock bobbed as her pussy released it. It ached. She knelt down in front of me again and slowly licked her juice off my cock in long strokes from the base to the tip. Each time she got to the tip, she puckered her lips and suckled around the hole.

I wanted to grab the back of her neck and force all seven inches down her throat, but I was enjoying her technique too much. She licked the length of my shaft again, but this time when she reached the tip, she took the head into her mouth and enveloped the rest of my cock deep into her mouth. The back of her tongue quivered and I knew I’d lose it in her mouth if I let her continue.

But I needed to feel that pussy around my dick again. I reached down and put my hands beneath her armpits and lifted her up as I stood up. I kept pushing her up until she got the idea and stepped on the chair behind me. She pulled my shirt off and the next thing I saw was her cunt in my face. I licked it up from her ass to her clit, pushing as deep as I could between her lips as they passed. After a few strokes, though, I ducked between her legs and stood up on the chair behind her.

There was not much room on the chair and as I entered her from behind, we felt the chair rock precariously back. She turned back and looked me in the eyes, shaking her head.

I withdrew my cock from her glorious cunt, cupped her tits from behind and used them to turn her, rotating around until she was facing forward on the chair with me behind her. Then I slowly and carefully bent my legs to sit back in the chair. She took the cue and did the same thing, sitting on top of me, sure to guide my dick back between her legs and into her pussy.

Now, both seated in the chair and facing the same direction, Sheila bounced up and down quickly, her beautiful ass pouncing repeatedly on my lap.

I grabbed her hips and slowed her bouncing because it was going to make me come too quickly and I really wanted to enjoy her wondrous pussy as much as I could. She spread her legs apart and bent her head forward and I could not believe how far down she was going to go. I moved forward on the chair to keep my dick inside her and she continued moving forward until her head was on the floor.

I felt her cunt constricting again, but then she tucked her knees under her body and by now I was hovering over her in an improvised frog-like position. She withdrew and my aching cock slipped out of her and bobbed back up, covered slick and slimy.

She rolled over onto her back, then extended her legs up toward me on either side and looked me in the eyes. “Pull me back up to you,” she said, hooking her ankles around my back. I reached down and grabbed her hips and pulled them up toward me, her weight now on the back of her neck as my cock once again met her throbbing pussy lips.

Now balanced on her head and neck, Sheila started rubbing her clit with her fingers. I held her hips so tightly that I could not get a strong plunging stroke because I was afraid that I’d drop her.

It didn’t matter because a few moments later, she started shaking and moaning, her whole body convulsing in orgasm. I held her even tighter onto me as she shook and her pussy went wild, squeezing my dick and juicing around it. As her body began to relax, I kicked the chair back behind me away and stepped back, slipped my cock out of her and let her lay flat on her back.

My dick was covered in her sopping wet juice. I stroked it and could not believe how well it was lubricated. Hers was the wettest and tightest cunt I’d ever experienced.

I got down again and pushed her legs wide apart, then inserted my cock once more. Now with all her weight on the ground I was able to pump into her with more power as I thrust deeply. I couldn’t hold it any longer and shot the first load into her cunt on the backstroke, then pulled out and sprayed the rest on her stomach before collapsing next to her.

Sheila climbed up over me, kneeling with her dripping pussy above my face as she licked up her juices from my dick once again. I was exhausted, but found the strength to split her lips with my hand and inserted two fingers deep inside while tickling her clit with the other hand. She came again, shaking and convulsing while she continued licking my softening cock, then collapsed onto me, inverted, with her magnificent cunt next to my face.

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