Cucked in Paradise

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Big Tits

Fuck, fuck, fuck, shit! I tell myself as I run along the track that leads to my campement. I had to get there fast before my boss gets here. My phone got a notification. “Hey bud! I’ll be there in five minutes!” Fuck! I hurried up and finally got to our campement.

-24 hours earlier-

“So we really have a whole week by ourselves here?” Asked my wife, Emily.

“Yeah! A whole week in this paradise!”

We were staying at a Bora Bora resort. My boss told me to go there as a “relaxation retreat”, free of work and everything. He told me not to bring my wife too and to respect what he asked otherwise he’ll fire me for not doing what he said. And I know he wasn’t joking. But I couldn’t bring myself to leave my beautiful wife behind, it would be like a second honeymoon for us! My boss wouldn’t know a thing! I watched her from behind as we walked to our cabin elevated on the water. God she was sexy! At 27, she had long blonde hair, skinny but fit, curvy and an amazing ass, round and firm. She modeled in the past and every guy I know were drooling on her, but I was the one who won!

We settled down in our cabin and looked around a bit. There was two other cabins on our track. One was free, no one was there yet. We thought the other one was too but as we turned around we saw the owner running up to us, apparently finishing a nice jogging inside. When he got close I felt a light punch of jealousy in my gut. He was very tall, tanned and black hair starting to get grey a bit. That guy was hella ripped, with a big slightly hairy chest. He looked so different of me, average build, average height, average looks. People often wondered how I married a girl as stunning as Emily. My personality made it all, I knew I was funny and charming, that was my strength. Yeah, I thought to myself, that guy is probably a half-wit and a dick. I felt myself getting confident again. I put an arm around my wife as he shook our hands.

“Hey there! I’m Grant! Nice to meet you!”

He was 46, on vacation, worked as a CEO of a big company in Toronto, Canada., but originally from Greece. We made small talk and separated, my wife wanting to look around.

“Ugh! Can you believe that guy! He’s already annoying me! He looks like a dick!” I said.

“John, can you please be nice? He was very sweet! And very polite that is.”

I rolled my eyes, my wife annoyed by my reaction to our neighbor. We changed into our swimming suits and left to have a look around.

The beaches were amazing, the view wonderful. Emily was so happy and it has been a long time since we both had an enjoyable day like this together. We went to have dinner in town and were getting back to our cabin, when we saw Grant sitting alone at a fireplace. My wife saw him.

“Honey, let’s go keep him company! He’s alone! It would be nice to make a friend here!”

“Let’s just leave alone like this. Maybe he wants to be alone?”

“Really? You’re going to make a scene? It’s only our neighbor for a week, I want us to be nice to him!”

I accepted and went to meet him. He was very happy talking to us. I didn’t talk much but my wife and him seemed to really bond with each other, both telling stories from work or talking about something I didn’t care about. I was just not feeling this guy. I ended up falling asleep, letting them chat about some nonsense.

I woke up the next morning in my bed, sunlight slipping through the windows, my wife looking at me very angrily from the end of the bed, already in her bikini.

“Hello beautiful, you look stunning today.” I said.

“Oh, do not sweet talk me! I’m very angry at you, you know! I asked you to do one thing : to be nice to Grant, and next thing I know you’re sleeping next to us, not even caring about saying a word! I was so embarrassed, you don’t know how much!” she yelled at me.

“Alright, fine. I’m sorry! I’ll be nicer in the future.

I looked at her, truly sorry. Then it hit me.

“Hey! How did I get in bed?” I asked, puzzled.

“Grant carried you all the way here. It was very sweet of him to help me, seeing how much you were disrespectful last night.” she said as she put on her sandals.

“Where are you going?”

She answered that she needed to blow off the steam a little so she was going for a swim. I let her go, knowing how stubborn she gets when angry. I left after her, going for a stroll around the shore.

I was watching the ocean when my cellphone made a “ding!”, indicating I had a new text.

“Hey John! Surprise! I’m in the Caribbean too! I’ll be over in twenty minutes! It’s only us boys for a week!”

I was mortified. Rick, my boss was here, in the Caribbean! I brought my wife when he specifically told me not to or I’ll get fired. I started to run to my wife, not even knowing what to do next. I couldn’t afford ist esc to lose my job.

I finally got to our cabin. My wife was standing there, drying herself from her dip in the sea as I started to shove her stuff in her bags in a hurry.

“John! What are you doing!?”

“My boss will be here in a second, if he sees you and knows you’re my wife, he’ll fire me in a second.”

“Wait, what!? And you didn’t think of telling me BEFORE the trip!?”

“Im so sorry, Emily! I thought he wouldn’t come! We need to find you somewhere to stay and a cover, now!” I said in panic.

It was when I zipped her bag containing her stuff that I got the idea. I hated it, but I didn’t have a choice. I grabbed my wife by the hand and made her follow me to our neighbor’s, Grant. I knocked and he opened, shirtless and wet, apparently back from a swim too.

“Hey! What’s going on?” He said while leaning in the doorway.

“I need your help! Like right now!”

“Sure! How can I help?”

“Can you let Emily stay here and pretend to be her boyfriend or whatever? It’s very important!” I asked.

“John, what?” Asked me my wife, shocked and not knowing what to say.

“Uuuuhhh… I mean, sure. No worries. She can stay here if she wants. I’ll go put your stuff in the bedroom.” He said, leaving my extremely angry wife and I.

“Listen, Im so sorry, I had no idea my boss was going to come!” I tried to say.

Emily looked at me dead in the eyes, furious. She then turned around and disappeared in the cabin, leaving me outside by the door. I knew she wasn’t going to calm down easily.

Two minutes later my boss arrived.

“John! Hey! How has the relaxation been! I’m very happy you listened to me and didn’t bring any distractions! I absolutely hate being disobeyed.”

He caught up with me as we made small talk. Turns out he actually had the third cabin on our track next to mine and Grant’s. Awesome, really.

“Hey, have you met the neighbors?”

I tried to answer smoothly.

“Oh yeah, they’re very nice. How about we go to the beach, huh? It’s so sunny!” I said, trying to change subjects.

“Come on, man! We need to say hello!”

I agreed, unwillingly, not really wanting to go there. He knocked and Emily came at the door, looking absolutely amazing in a small flowy pink dress, her bikini underneath.

“Hello there! I believe you are our neighbors! Is that right?” She said in a playful voice, really putting up an act.

My boss was staring at this eye candy Emily just dropped.

“Hi miss! Are you here alone? You look amazing”

Right as my wife was opening her mouth, we heard the deep voice of Grant.

“Babe, where are…hey, I didn’t know we have visitors! Hello gentlemen!” He said as he hugged my wife from behind, planting a kiss on her cheek.

Rick was obviously disappointed seeing she had a “boyfriend”. I glanced at her hand, she had taken off her wedding ring. They talked as I stayed silent, observing the “couple”, Grant was way too happy to be in the role of the boyfriend to my taste.

We left them and went to the beach, my boss spending all his time with me. We saw Emily a couple of times with Grant, swimming together, walking on the beach… My wife looked happier than ever. I started to think that my idea was a really bad one in the end, my jealousy burning.

We went to dinner, my boss and I, and as we were getting back to our cabins. we saw my wife and Grant, snuggling next to a campfire. Rick dragged me there to keep them company. They were very much like a couple, I had to admit. Grant and her kept cuddling and giving each other kisses on the cheek, forehead, arm… At least they weren’t kissing on the mouth! After half an hour of chatting, my wife finally stood up.

“I’m sorry, I’m exhausted. I’m heading to bed.” she excused herself.

“I’ll join you in a minute, babe.” Grant said, turning her to face him.

She bent down and kissed him, straight on the lips, in a very loving kiss.

I stood up quickly.

“You know what! I’m exhausted too! I’ll accompany you!”

I said goodnight to Grant and Rick as they shared some more stories of their lives. Grant winked at me as we left. Ugh! I hate that guy!

I ran after my wife and as soon as we were out of my boss’s hearing, we started whispering violently.

“What the fuck was that? Make out with Grant! What were you thinking?” I said.

“Well, Im just being myself with my boyfriend! After all, it is my boyfriend and you’re not my husband! So let me live! You’re the one that got us in all of this in the first place!” She answered.

I could tell she was still furious with me. We got to our cabin and she got in hers, not even saying goodnight to me. Really? the cold shoulder? I got to bed right away, angry fatih esc at her too.

I was asleep when I heard laughter from the next cabin. I got out of bed and put on some shorts and headed out, knowing it came from Emily and Grant’s cabin. I finally got to a window, where I could watch what was going on inside without being noticed. My wife was on Grant’s lap, her long legs wrapped around his waist. They were in the middle of some really heavy make-out session. They were all over each other. Grant started kissing Emily on the neck going all the way down to her chest, before untying her bikini. He started lapping her breasts, biting gently her nipples, suckling on them. My wife giggled and moaned softly letting him take control. I wanted to do something but I was frozen in place, I couldn’t move a muscle. She raised her arms and got his shirt off.

Damn! That guy was so ripped! And he was older than me! I was jealous. From the window, I saw my wife caress his hairy beefed chest, a thing I’ve never had, being unable to grow chest hair. Emily’s hands were all over him, massaging every muscle, she was clearly enjoying it. They made out again, then he flipped her over the bed, putting her on her back to spread her legs. He started to kiss the inside of her thighs, then kiss her pussy through the fabric of her bikini bottoms. I saw her starting to moan as he untied her bottoms to finally put his lips on her pussy. I could see how wet she was from the window, her juices glistening in the light. Grant starting licking her, playing with her clit, her pussylips. I could tell she loved what he was doing by her already loud moaning. I watched them for at least half an hour doing this, his face in her pussy, her hands stroking his hair, moaning. He suddenly got up, unbuckling his shorts.

“I need to fuck you so bad, baby. I can’t wait anymore!” Grant said.

He pulled down his underwear and shorts in a swift motion, only to reveal the biggest, fattest cock I’ve ever seen in my life. It must have been 10 inches long and thicker than my wrist. I saw Emily’s face contract with different emotions: fascination, admiration, fear. Lust. She looked up to him.

“I need that big dick in me!” she moaned before kissing him passionately.

Grant broke their kiss, smirking. He spat in his hand, lubing his dick before putting the tip at the entrance of my wife’s pussy. He slowly pushed and I watched Emily’s face change. Her mouth slowly opened into a large “O”, like she was screaming but no sound came out of her mouth. Grant continued burying his thick dick in her until he was balls deep in her.

“You’re ok baby?” He asked my wife.

“Yeah…I love your cock…” she said panting.

They started kissing again passionately, like they couldn’t get enough of each other. Grant started thrusting his cock inside of her, slowly picking up pace. He finally started pounding her, pulling out the entirety of his cock except the tip, then slammed it all back in. My wife was moaning and screaming as her legs were shaking, Grant grunting on top of her. She clenched her nails in his back, almost making him bleed. She started to cum like I’ve never seen before. Her whole body was shaking like she had just got struck with lighting, she let out irregular screams of pleasures as the man on top of her continued drilling her pussy, sharing his time between kissing her deeply or sucking and teasing her tits.

He pulled her back up and stood up, keeping her in his arms as she had her legs wrapped around his waist. They started making out again while Emily rubbed his muscular shoulders. Grant took her beautiful ass in his hands, kneading it like dough before giving it a few light spanks. Emily gasped and laughed before getting back to kiss him. Grant started to move her ass on his big cock, pumping it in her pussy. My wife started moaning again, smiling, before moaning loudly her pleasure as Grant grunted before making out with him. Emily had continuous orgasm on his cock, she kept screaming and squealing. He kept fucking her like that, standing up, her sexy body in his strong arms, for awhile. He was very impressive as he had a much higher level of stamina than mine… my own dick was tenting in my shorts as I watched them, full of jealousy but also very turned on.

He finally let Emily down, putting her on all fours on the bed, before bending down and giving her pussy a few licks and slapped her ass a few times. Emily giggled then moaned as she felt his cock push against the entrance of her pussy again. Grant started pounding her pussy, playing with his speed, sometimes going very fast and hard, sometimes slow and deep. She was loving it. The sight of them fucking was so erotic. Grant started grunting louder, his speed augmenting.

“I’m getting close, babe. I’m going to bust that ataköy esc load in your tight pussy. You want that?”

“Oh my god! Yes! I want your cum, baby!” My wife screamed as another orgasm ravaged her body.

Grant finally stopped pounding her as he gave a final thrust in her, burying himself deep in her, unloading his seed. He grunted loudly, cumming in her, as Emily moaned. When he finally finished, he rolled over and snuggled with her, making out, their sweaty bodies holding each other tight. I could see his white thick cum leaking out of my wife’s pussy, he must have cum buckets in her.

I went back to bed, red with jealousy and very angry but couldn’t help to be turned on too. That older guy just walked in our lives and swooped my girl off of her feet. I mean…I guess it was a little my fault too…

I fell asleep only to wake up again later to sounds of sex from their cabin. I didn’t go at the window again to watch but stayed in bed, listening to their muffled screams, moans and grunts. They went at it all night long, barely giving me any sleep. I passed out late in the night.

“John, dude wake up! You lazy guy!”

I woke up to Rick, shaking me to wake me up. He wanted to go have breakfast with me, then spend the day with me. Nice, no really, that’s awesome…

We were just getting back from the restaurant and heading to the beach before Rick yanked me down behind a bush, making me a silence sign. He then pointed me something…which turned out to be my wife and Grant near the water, Emily on her knees blowing him.

“Man, do you see that bomb? That guy is a lucky bastard to smash a hottie like that! And that dick! He really won the genetic lottery!” Rick murmured to me.

“Yeah…you’re right…” I said trying to act like him, like it wasn’t my wife sucking some huge cock.

We watched them from our hiding place as my wife bobbed her head on his dick, trying to take as much as she could down her throat but failing. We could hear her choking and gagging on the huge dick. Grant’s hand on the back of her head, helping her to take his cock in her throat smirking.

“That’s good baby, suck that big dick…” we heard him say.

We stayed hidden behind our bush for a good 20 minutes before Grant pulled his cock out of Emily’s mouth, grabbed her head and jerked off fast, stroking his big cock forcefully. He groaned loudly, like an animal rutting and big spurts of cum shot from his huge cock, which Emily was trying to catch, swallowing every bit of cum. He came buckets once again, even after a full night of fucking. They cleaned up and kissed passionately the leave.

“Damn! That’s some happy couple, right?” Rick laughed.

“Ye-yeah…” I said, with the urge of throwing up.

The day went by stuck with my boss playing cards and doing «boy’s time» together. The images of Emily and Grant were burnt in my mind, knowing damn well they must have been somewhere having sex.

That night, at dinner, Rick invited Emily and Grant to eat with us, all of us sitting at the same table. Emily was wearing a red dress, hugging her curves and showing her cleavage, her long golden hair down on her shoulders, making her the center of the attention for every men in the room. She looked like a goddess. Grant was wearing black pants, showing off a huge bulge and catching the eye of a lot of women, his white shirt stretched over his muscles, the top buttons undone and showing off his chest hair, clearly embracing his Mediterranean side. They made small talk with Rick as I stayed silent, although, most of the time, they were kissing and fondling each other, making me burn with humiliation and jealousy. Right after eating, Grant took Emily’s hand, leading her to the dance floor. He winked at me on his way, a smirk on his face. I watched them sensually dancing salsa, grinding on each other in a very sexual manner. I got hard watching them and as the song ended and they kissed passionately, I came in my pants.

The night came and Rick and I went to sleep, but just a few minutes later, the noises of sex started again. I got up and watched again through the window, Grant and Emily going at it, but something had changed in their sex. It wasn’t pure lust, they weren’t just fucking. They were making love.

Grant was on top of my wife, her legs wrapped around his waist, her arms holding him tightly as he thrusted his huge cock deep in her, slowly yet passionately. They were kissing lovingly, as if they were a real couple. I came in my shorts once again, just from watching them, my limp small cock dribbling drops of cum. I watched them make love passionately until both of them came, but wasted no time on doing it again. I went to bed, their moans and lovemaking sounds in my ears. I awoke five other times to their lovemaking that night.

Six months later…

Emily left me for Grant right after our trip and got married. They live together in Vancouver and apparently have a wonderful life together. Plus, she just got pregnant with his son.

Me…I jerk off a lot.

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