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Kerry was 33 and I was 36 when we met. Even at 33, she was one of the hottest women of any age I’d ever seen. I had been in a few relationships, one quite serious but was now one of my few friends not married. I am slim, probably what you’d call athletic but not muscly, 5ft9”. Quite good looking with a cock just under 7” long.

Kerry was gorgeous. 5ft 5”, Blonde, petite, C cup tits and an ass to die for. She was every guys dirty fantasy and she had attracted older ‘bad’ boys as soon as she’d started puberty. She was a party girl and she loved to fuck. Unfortunately this had led to an early pregnancy and the birth of her daughter Jennifer who was 15 when I met Kerry. Jennifer was the spitting image of her mother, simply stunning. She differed from her mother in attitude though, she was studious, quiet and respectful.

To this day I still don’t know how I managed to pull her but we ended up but we ended up going out. I made her laugh and treated her like a princess and we fell in love. Kerry had grown up a bit and needed a stable, fun relationship and I could provide that. We were married after a whirlwind 6 month romance and we bought a house for the 3 of us.

The sex with Kerry was incredible, there wasn’t much she wouldn’t try when we had the house to ourselves. She loved to experiment and wanted it all the time. I guess you could say she was dirty and slutty but I loved it. We watched porn together and she’d copy what we saw on the screen. We bought sex toys and took pics and video of us fucking or just Kerry playing with her toys. We enjoyed dirty talk, outdoor sex and clothing too. Kerry loved lingerie too and often wore stockings and suspenders which I found incredibly sexy. I gradually came to realise she would have no problem having sex with another woman or multiple persons. One day, early on in our relationship, Kerry turned at my door wearing a long trench coat. When I opened the door she opened the coat. She wasn’t wearing anything except heels, white stockings and suspenders and a white corset. I dragged her inside and fucked her hard. That’s the kind of girl Kerry was.

One day, as I we lay in 69 position, her lips wrapped around my cock as I fucked her with a dildo and licked her pussy I said,

“I bet you wish this was a real cock fucking you as you suck my dick don’t you?”

I looked at her. She pulled her mouth off my cock and stared at me with lust filled eyes.

“Yesssssss” she hissed, sucking me harder, her eyes never leaving mine.

I was instantly, massively turned on.

“Who’s cock would you like it to be?”

“Spencer’s” she said, without pausing to think.

My best friend was Spencer, he had a big fat 8” cock and was seeing a girl called Mandy who Kerry was friends with. It turned me on enormously to think of her being fucked by Spencer.

“You want to feel Spencer’s big fat dick in your cunt?”

“Ohhh God yessssss” Kerry groaned, her face flushing.

“Fucking you” I continued, fucking her pussy faster with the dildo.

“Yesss, fuuuuuuck” Kerry groaned.

“You want him to fuck you as you suck my dick baby?”


“Imagine this is his cock, fucking you, stretching your pussy” I said, fucking her in long deep strokes before going hard fast again. I saw her body go rigid and she threw her head back.


Kerry came hard on the dildo and then we fucked , both of us thinking about Kerry being fucked by someone else .

After that we rarely fucked without including a threesome in our sex talk. Not always Spencer. Sometimes other people we knew, sometimes a fictional guy, always well hung, sometimes black. Sometimes a girl was mentioned, still fucking Kerry, not me. It turned us both on immeasurably. I was just starting to consider approaching Spencer about it when he moved overseas and so, probably fortunately, that was that.

Kerry was always in control in our relationship and that was definitely the case in the bedroom. Kerry knew I’d do anything to fuck her and she began to enjoy teasing me. She would make me so hard, which wasn’t difficult and then, just as the tip of my 7” cock would slide between her pussy lips, she’d wriggle away and laugh as I groaned and tried to pull her onto me before she’d eventually let me inside her to fuck her hard and fast. Kerry was an expert at keeping me on the edge, long before we had even heard of edging. If she sensed I wax going to cum too soon she would just stop. If I was already inside her, she wriggle away or force me out of her. Kerry bought handcuffs. She then dressed up really sexy and stripped me naked. She put me in a chair and sank between my legs, giving me one her expert sloppy blowjobs until I was ready to blow. She then handcuffed my hands behind my back and climbed onto the bed. She reached into the bedside drawer and pulled out her sex toys.

“You wanna fuck my pussy baby?” she purred as she opened her legs and rubbed the tip of a 7” dildo against her slit.

“Yessssssssss ” I hissed.

“Mnmmmmm, I’m so wet” she continued. “Watch me”

My cock throbbed, as I watched Kerry fuck herself for me, her eyes locked on mine, loving how she could make me so horny and hard.

“Come and lick me, make me cum” she eventually moaned at me.

I was extremely good with my tongue and fingers, I could ALWAYS make Kerry cum with my tongue. I moved between her legs and flicked my tongue against her clit before dipping g my tongue deep inside her pussy and wriggling. With only my tongue it took about ten minutes until she finally came, flooding my mouth with her sweet teenage nectar as she moaned like a whore.

“Thank you baby” Kerry sighed, rising to her knees.

I looked at her expectantly and could see the sadistic look in her eye. She pushed me onto my back which was a little painful with my hands cuffed. She stroked my rock hard cock and then straddled me. In one quick motion she sank all the way down making me gasp and moan in surprise and lust, my cock suddenly engulfed in warm wet pussy. Then, giggling, Kerry sprang off and my cock twitched back and forth in the air as I groaned in frustration.

“That’s enough for now, maybe you can fuck me later” Kerry laughed.

This was the start. Kerry seemed to love teasing me more than she loved fucking me. So long as she got to cum she was happy and I could see the pleasure she derived from denying me. Of course, keeping me constantly worked up made me like a horny dog and she enjoyed the constant attention of me trying to get in her panties. I couldn’t deny the fact that I loved it too and that denial became my biggest turn on.

On our wedding night I fucked Kerry for the first time in a few weeks and it was the most beautiful sex of my life. As we lay in each others arms I couldn’t wait for the next few days of our honeymoon in Portugal.

“That was amazing baby” Kerry whispered. “Did you have fun?”

“Oh my God yes. That was the best ever, I love you so much”

“I love you too, I’m glad you had fun because you’re not fucking me again until we’re home from Portugal”

I looked at her to see if she was serious. She giggled at me sadistically. I could see she meant it.

“It’ll be so much fun to see you out of your mind”

I groaned but my cock twitched and throbbed at the thought of it. Once she knew I wasn’t protesting, Kerry reached into her bag by the bed.

“I got you a wedding gift” she said, handing me small box tied with a ribbon.

“Baby, I didn’t get you anything” I said.

“Shhhhhh, it’s only something small, it’s for both of us really”

I opened the box and looked at the contents. I must have looked puzzled as I stared at the pink, two part object comprising of a plastic ring and a plastic tube. There was also a small padlock with keys inside the box.

“Its a chastity cage” Kerry said taking it from me. “I’m going to lock up your cock so you cant get hard. I think we’ll love it.”

“Now hang on babe” I began

“Trust me, if you don’t like it we’ll take it off and throw it away, I promise.”


Kerry took the ring and put my flaccid penis through it, she then pulled one of my testicles through, the other ball proved quite difficult and a little painful but by pulling the scrotum through first, we managed to push the other testicle through. Kerry pulled everything through and then, after spitting on my dick for lubrication , she pushed the plastic sheath over my hardening cock, pushing hard against my stiffening appendage and just managed to connect the ring and the sheath and fastened them with the padlock. Kerry grinned at me triumphantly and waggled the keys at me.

My dick pushed at the plastic prison it found itself in which felt good and made it push harder. So began a wonderful viscous cycle. It wasn’t in any way painful.

“How does it feel baby?”

“It feels quite nice actually”

Kerry beamed and so it was I was cuckolded on my wedding night.

Chapter 2

Our honeymoon was fantastic, Kerry had bought all new sexy lingerie and tiny swim suits and she teased me mercilessly all week. Kerry made me apply her sun cream by the pool and made sure I applied plenty to her ass which only had the string of her thong to cover it. She spread her legs and my fingers brushed her cunt making her gasp quietly. My dick throbbed in its cage and it was a good job it was caged or my hardon would be obvious to all.

Kerry flirted with men all week, telling me it was only fun and nothing would change how much she loved me. I was a bit embarrassed sometimes as a bar tender would look at me with pity as my wife flashed him thigh and tit and giggled at his bad jokes, ignoring me. I found myself really turned on though, I’d get drunk and start wishing she would bring the guy back to our hotel room and fuck him. I loved how my locked up dick felt, squirting precum into my pants. On our last night, the same thing happened, Kerry flirted outrageously.

In the lift on the way back to our room we kissed passionately, my hands were all over her, I pulled up her dress frantically and pushed my hands into her knickers. I could feel they were wet.

“You wanted me to fuck that bartender didn’t you?” Kerry hissed.

“Yessss” I groaned.

It didn’t happen, but now Kerry knew I was willing to let her fuck someone else, things changed. Kerry’s teasing took a new turn. When she made me watch her play with herself she made me admit I wanted to watch her with another man. I was no longer participating in a threesome. Now I was a voyeur.

I was unlocked and told to sit in the corner as Kerry lay back with her toy.

“You want this dildo to be another mans big hard cock don’t you baby?” She purred as she slid her 8” white rubber cock inside her juicy hole.

I nodded, mouth slack and eyes wide open.

“You want to watch another man fuck me don’t you baby” Kerry continued, the dildo moving in and out of her.

I could only grunt in reply.

“Tell me” Kerry commanded

“I want to watch you fucked by another man” I whispered.

“Good boy” Kerry giggled.

My cock throbbed, I’m sure it was harder than it had ever been. I shifted in my chair. Kerry slid the dildo out of her pussy and placed it on the bedside table, I could see it glisten, I wanted to lick it clean. Kerry rose from the bed and strode to me. Standing next to me she grabbed my cock and jerked it slowly making me groan.

“Oh my goodness” Kerry laughed “You’re so hard baby. The thought of another mans big fat juicy dick fucking me in front of you really turns you on doesn’t it?

“Yessssssss “ I groaned.

Kerry slid to her knees leant in, her mouth so close to my throbbing cock I could feel her breath on it.

She stared into my eyes as she licked her lips slowly and seductively and then opened her mouth and closed it around the tip of my dick. I moaned loudly and tried to thrust and force myself into her mouth. Kerry laughed sadistically and pulled away and this time my groan was one of frustration. Kerry lay back on the bed and spread her legs.

“Come and lick my cunt you fucking pervert, make me cum”

I dived between her legs and licked her hard and fast, my tongue flicking her clit, she was so wet already and it didn’t take long until she gripped my head and moaned loudly, flooding my mouth with her sweet nectar. I lifted my head, licking my lips.

“Since you’ve been such a good boy, you may fuck me tonight.”

I pounced, throwing her onto the bed. Kerry squealed and tried to crawl away but I climbed onto her, trapping her beneath me. Kerry struggled beneath me but it was half hearted and I knew she wanted me to fuck her. Her legs spread as my cock bumped against her thighs and ass, trying to find its mark. Finally it slid between her pussy lips and I thrust forwards hard, filling her. Her warm wet cunt felt so good.

“Oh my God. You’re so hard” Kerry exclaimed.

I pulled back and thrust forwards hard. Kerry gripped the bed clothes as I pounded her, my thighs slapping her ass cheeks until I came, filling her in spasms as I collapsed onto her, kissing her neck.

“Oh my God, you were like an animal” Kerry said as we cuddled afterwards, cum leaking from her pussy. “Now how are we going to make this happen?”

Chapter 3

When we got home, we settled into married life, Kerry as flirty newlywed and me as locked cuckold.

Kerry unlocked me every day for cleaning and edging. She just loved how I begged her to let me cum and she made me promise her all sorts of things in my sex crazed state. One day she got me good. After edging me for the best part of thirty minutes as she sat on my face, I was ready to explode. She moved off me, my face covered in glistening cum, still gripping my swollen cock.

“You wanna cum?” she whispered. Pulling down hard on my dick.

“Yes, yes, yes, pleeeeeeease baby” I begged.

“You can cum straight after another man fucks me”

“Ohhhhhh baby” I groaned.


I thrust into her hand, trying desperately to get off

“AGREED?” she repeated, keeping a firm grip on me.

“Yes, yes ok, ok.”

“Good boy” she laughed, releasing my dick.

It was several minutes until Kerry was able to lock me back up. We locked eyes as she did.

“You are a wonderful man and husband” she said and kissed me with so much love my heart felt like it would burst.

I was really scared at how quickly things were moving. Kerry continually reassured me of her love for me and that she still found me attractive but she enjoyed these games so much. It really turned her on. I couldn’t deny that it really turned me on too. I was permanently horny, so much so that I found it difficult to concentrate on anything. I was totally attentive to Kerry, doing whatever she wanted.

Nothing happened for a couple of weeks, I was kept locked unless I was cleaning the cage or being edged. Kerry continued to get off via my tongue or her toys or a combination of both. She kept teasing me about being fucked by another guy but when I begged to know when she just laughed at me. Then, about 2 weeks after our agreement, she announced that she would be going out with her friends on Friday night. They would be going out for dinner then to a club. Kerry had five close friends, all of which were bridesmaids at our wedding. Four were married and one, Emily, was now single after a divorce in the last year. They were very good looking girls, Emily, who was half Asian had big DD natural boobs which I’d always admired. Kerry knew I had the hots for her and used to tease me about it.

“Maybe you could get to cum this weekend” Kerry said to me after she put the phone down to her friend and my dick instantly throbbed.

“You think?” I replied.

We had agreed that I was to be present if we were going to do this so I had no idea how this would work.

“Do you want to?” she asked, knowing what it meant if I answered yes.

She came to me and rubbed my crotch, breathing against my neck.

“Do you want to watch me get fucked by another man” she breathed into my ear.

“Yes” I croaked

“Are you sure?”


Jennifer walked into the kitchen.

“Oops, sorry” she giggled when she saw the position of her moms hand.

“Ahem” I said pulling away from Kerry and blushing.

“I’m going out with girls on Friday Jen, maybe you and James could do something together?”

“Ummm yes” I said, “do you fancy going to see a movie Jen?”


Friday came and I was so excited. Kerry had promised that she would flirt with any suitable men but go no further. She hoped to get a phone number or an arrangement for Saturday night when I could be present. She also agreed to send pics and keep bursa escort me updated as the evening progressed.

Jen and I were going to have dinner out and then see a movie. Kerry came downstairs as Jen and I were about to leave.

“Wow Mom, you look great”

Kerry did look great. She wore knee length white strappy heels and a red tight fitting mini dress that hugged her contours and showed lots of thigh and back. Her blonde hair was curled and hung over her shoulders and hair makeup was on point with red lipstick and red finger and toe nails.

I whistled.

“Thank you guys” she beamed.

She came over and kissed us both goodbye and Jen and I left.

I looked at Jen as she chattered away while I drove. We had a great relationship and I was so glad. She was really stunning too. She wore gym leggings, white sneakers and a white woollen sweater. She wore round glasses which she pushed up her little nose as she talked. They didn’t detract from her looks at all and actually made her even sexier. I couldn’t believe, at 16 that she didn’t have a queue of guys wanting to date her. Apparently she had have a boyfriend that I didn’t know about and Kerry told me she wasn’t as good a girl as I thought she was. I decided to quiz her a little.

“So did you cancel a date to come out with me tonight Jen?”

“Ha-ha, no.”

“No one you’re interested in at the moment?”

“ No, the boys at school are so immature. I really cant be bothered with them.”

“I understand” I laughed “we are real dumb asses at that age.”

We had dinner and I found Jen great company. This was the first time we had been out alone like this and It was nice. I was used to guys staring at her and her mom when we were out. It made me very proud. Tonight was no exception. As we left the restaurant I found my eyes being drawn to her ass, wiggling in her leggings, a tiny thong visible through the skin tight material. I had to tear my eyes away. Jen took my hand and held it as we walked to the cinema. I was sure it was innocent but when its not your daughter it makes you a little uncomfortable. I got a text from Kerry with picture attached. It was of the girls in the restaurant, all looking very happy and gorgeous. Several bottles of wine were on the table.

“Looks like your mom is going to have fun” I said, passing the phone to Jen.

“Oh yes, I think they’ll be drunk” Jen remarked. “Who knows what they’ll get up to”.

Jen chose the movie, it was a scary thriller and she cuddled into me and put my arm around her. Now I was really confused and my dick twitched and throbbed in its cage. I struggled to concentrate on the movie, Jen felt and smelt so amazing. I felt my phone buzzing a couple of times as I received notifications but I chose to ignore them for now. I was frozen to my chair. Things got worse when Jen grazed my thigh with her fingers and then left her hand there. I was sure she was deliberately trying to seduce me now. It took all of my willpower not to start to caress her. I wanted to fuck her so bad. Each time a scary bit happened in the movie, Jen would snuggle in to me more and her hand slid higher and more inside my thigh. I was seriously concerned she might grab my caged dick.

Eventually the movie ended and the lights came up and Jen moved, much to my relief. She grabbed my hand as we filed out of the theatre though.

“That was good, did you enjoy it James?”

“Yes sweetie, it was good. Quite scary in places wasn’t it?”

“Ooh yes” Jen snuggled into me again as we walked.

Fucking hell, I was scared to go home. I’m not sure I could hold out if she carried on like this.


We looked around, it was Jasmine, one of Jens best friends.

“Hi Jaz” Jen said and I’m sure I could hear a little disappointment in her voice.

Jaz bounded up “Hi Mr Anderson!”

“Hi Jasmine”

The girls started chatting quietly but I gathered that Katie’s parents were out of town and her boyfriend and his friends were round there. I didn’t let on that I knew. Truthfully, unwanted to be the ‘cool’dad.

“Is it ok if I go to Katie’s with Jaz please?” Jen asked.

She was 16 years old, what was I going to say? Plus, it would get me out of a very tricky situation.

“Of course sweetie, do you need a lift?”

“Ooh, yes please my Anderson” Jaz immediately replied

The girls climbed into the back and every time I glanced in the rear view mirror, Jen would be looking at me, smiling. Now I know when someone is giving me a look and there was no doubt that Jen was. At first I quickly looked away but as we nearer Katie’s I held her gaze and my dick pushed hard against its cage.

We pulled up outside Katie’s and the girls got out. We agreed that Jen would be brought home by someone who had not been drinking and with a final sultry look over her shoulder at me, Jen was gone.

“What the fuck?” I said out loud, still confused by what had just taken place.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and opened the messages Kerry had sent me. They were all picture messages. The first was another at the restaurant, the girls were all drunk and looked rowdy. The next was at the club, they’d got a booth in what appeared to be a roped off area, I guess the beautiful sexy girls had blagged their way into the VIP area. Champagne bottles were on the table. The last message contained a video, it was of the girls on the dancefloor, all dancing like crazy. It looked like they were having a great time.

I drove home and fixed myself a drink. If I wasn’t locked I’d be jerking odd right now. Jesus, I hadn’t cum in weeks and with Jen coming on to me, my God.

I was about to go to bed when my phone beeped. It was Jen. Could she stay over at Katie’s? I couldn’t think straight and agreed without thinking. I couldn’t deal with Jen right now. Then it beeped again and it was another video of the girls on the dance floor, this time there was a group of guys surrounding them, the girls were teasing them, pushing their asses at them and grinding, squealing and giggling at each other. I could see Kerry dancing with a big bear of a man. Barrel chested. Not what I’d say was good looking but dressed very smartly. He looked quite a bit older than us. He held Kerry waist as she moved to the music. My cock throbbed. I decided to wait up for a bit.

It didn’t take too long before I got another video. The girls were in their booth and so was the group of guys. The girls were sat on their laps. Emily had her tongue down the throat of the black guy she was with, his hands squeezed her big tits and all the girls screamed in delight, calling her a slut.

Kerry was on the lap of the big guy she had been dancing with. I couldn’t see where his hands were as the table was in the way, the guy was whispering into her ear. She was smiling.

At 2am I got a message with a photo. The message said

“Emily is going home with Troy, I don’t want her alone so Pete and I are going with them. Don’t worry, nothing is going to happen between Pete and I tonight. Pete will drop me home later.”

The picture was a selfie of the four of them. Emily and the black guy ‘Troy’ and my wife and ‘Pete’ the big bear of a man. I read the message again and noticed the ‘tonight’ added to the end. It insinuated that something might happen another time. I decided to go to bed.

I was awoken by the sound of a car pulling up, I looked out of the window and saw a truck on the driveway, Kerry was on the passenger seat, she looked up and saw me at the window. Knowing I was watching she leant over to Pete and kissed him, hard. I could see him hold the back of her head as their tongues explored each others mouths. I stared, a mixture of emotions flooding my mind. My cock throbbed.

They pulled apart and Pete got out of the truck, he opened the door for Kerry and held her hand as she stepped out. For a moment I thought he might come in but he said something to her I couldn’t hear and then spanked her playfully as she came towards the house. He looked up at me and grinned.

Kerry was exhausted and told me to wait until the morning and she’d tell me everything.

“I think Pete’s the one baby” she said just before she fell asleep.

Chapter 4

I woke early and tidied up and made Kerry a cup of coffee and took it up to her.

“Mnmmmm thank you darling” she said, holding out her arms.

I climbed onto the bed and into my wife’s arms, she told me what had happened the previous evening.

After leaving the restaurant and managing to get into the VIP area of the club, the girls, all drunk, danced and invited the attention of all the men in the club. Soon they were surrounded, Emily being the only single one was coveting the attractive men and with her big tits on show and beautiful face and body. She had the pick of a few but settled on Troy as, as she said, she wanted to try BBC. Troy was with a few friends from work and soon they were all over the girls. A handsome guy called Steve was the first one to try it on with Kerry. She was attracted to him and they got talking. Kerry told him she was married and that nothing would happen between them tonight. She then told him that she and her husband had an arrangement though and had explained a little bit about our situation. Steve had said it wasn’t really his thing but that Kerry should definitely talk to Pete who had some experience in these things. He then went and got Pete. Pete was the boss of all the guys and was treating them to a night out after the successful completion of a construction job.

Pete oozed confidence and charisma and although he wasn’t Kerry’s type at all and was 53 she found herself becoming attracted to him as they talked. He asked her lots about herself and about me too. He was genuinely interested. He told Kerry he found her extremely attractive and would love to spend more time with her and me in any capacity we wanted. He also told her he had experience being a dom / alpha Male for swinging couples.

When Kerry sat on his lap he was a gentleman and even though Kerry would have quite liked to be touched a little, he didn’t.

“I felt his bulge though baby. He felt huge” she confided in me.

When they went back to Emily’s place, Troy got out some cocaine and they had a bump. He and Emily were soon making out and she was soon topless and sucking on Troy’s massive dick.

“He must have been 9” long easy” Kerry whispered.

Pete and Kerry left them and went to the kitchen to talk as Emily’s cries and moans filled the house as she was fucked silly.

The noises made Kerry very horny and she found herself telling Pete all about me and my locked cock and our desire to have Kerry fucked in front of me. Pete said he’d love to help us in that department. He had a big house with just himself in it, he could take us to a whole new level of enjoyment if we submitted to him. He wanted it to be a wonderful experience for al three of us. He really wanted to meet me and talk to me to establish my desires. The only time they had kissed and touched was when they knew I was watching.

“So you want me to meet Pete?” I asked

“He’ll be here at lunchtime hun, he’s picking Troy up from Emily’s, you’re going out to lunch with him first.”

“Oh right”

“I’m sorry babe but I know you’ll like him.”

“Ok honey, let’s see how it goes”

I was quite taken aback and nervous at the thought of meeting this huge guy who knew about my cuckold desires.

I left Kerry to sleep more and showered and got ready. It was a summer’s day so I wore tailored shorts and a shirt. Ag around 11am Jen came home, dropped off by one of the boys who was at Katie’s. I couldn’t help wondering if she’d gotten laid.

“Hey James”

“Hi Jen. Did you have a good time?”

“Yes thank you”

Jennifer came to me and kissed my cheek, she lingered with the kiss and I couldn’t stop myself sniffing her hair which smelt great.

“I’m going to shower and get changed”

At midday Pete’s truck pulled onto the drive. I went to the door and held out my hand, he pumped it enthusiastically.

“Hi James, I’m Pete, it’s really nice to meet you” he said.

“Hi Pete good to meet you too. Please come in while I grab my keys

Pete followed me into the kitchen.

“Nice place you have here James, great neighbourhood .”

“Thanks Pete, we like it here.”

At that point Jennifer walked in. She wore tiny flannel shorts and a bikini top, she held her book and was heading to lay put in the garden.

“Pete, this is Jennifer, Kerry’s daughter. Jen this is Pete, umm an old friend of mine.”

“Hi Pete” she said smiling.

“Hi Jennifer, you going to lay out?”


“Make sure you put on plenty of sunscreen honey. Its gonna be hot and you don’t want to ruin your beautiful skin.”

Jen grinned at Pete. “I will. Thank you.”

“Right then James, let’s go shall we? I’ll drive.”

On the way to the restaurant Pete put me at ease, he asked me about my job and we talked sports and our interests. Eventually he said we must deal with the elephant in the room. He asked me straight if I really wanted to watch my wife having sex with another man. I told him I did. He then asked what I liked about it and how far I wanted to go . He wanted to know if humiliation was a turn on to me and I found it was easy to talk to him about it. He listened attentively and nodded. I revealed things to Pete that no one knew, not even Kerry. The conversation continued as we ate in the restaurant. He explained that he was quite experienced in this lifestyle. He had once advertised himself on swinger groups as a dominant alpha Male and had been quite popular. He also said that if we wanted him then we could have a single encounter but if we really wanted to get the best out of the lifestyle then he suggested he ‘own’ us. For that we’d have to agree to his terms. He outlined them for me. I listened carefully. My cock tried desperately to harden. My breathing grew laboured.

“That’s turned you on hasn’t it? He grinned.

I nodded. He told me that Kerry had already agreed to his terms in principal, he suggested we discuss it tonight and let him know.

By the time he dropped me home I was quite taken with him. Kerry was right, he oozed confidence and power and was really likable. I wanted him to like me. I already knew that we’d accept his terms and be ‘owned’ by him.

Chapter 5

Kerry was obviously extremely happy that I was so taken with Pete. We talked about his terms and how it would affect our lives, our main concern being Jennifer. We agreed it was very exciting and that we should go for it. Kerry messaged him and told him. The dynamics were fairly simple. Pete was now head of the family, the alpha. Along with Kerry, What he says goes. Then comes Kerry, she can make decisions regarding me and my sexual release. After Kerry comes Jennifer and then me. Obviously in front of Jennifer nothing would change but outside of that I had no say in what went on. In fact, Pete had said, his dog ‘Bob’ had more rights than I did. We waited for his reply.

Both our phones beeped. Pete had created a WhatsApp group with the three of us in it.

“That’s really great to hear. I’m so pleased. You wont regret it. I want you to come and stay with me on Saturday night. Do you think you can both wait until then?”

“Yes sir” I replied

“Yes daddy” Kerry wrote.

One of Pete’s rules was that we refer to him as ‘Sir’ or ‘daddy’.

“I’ll come and see you in the week for a coffee” he continued “now I want a picture to assign to your names in my contacts. Take one now please. Make it sexy.”

Kerry and I looked at each.

“Yours is easy” Kerry laughed. “Drop your shorts”

I did as I was told and Kerry took a picture of my caged dick and sent it to Pete with a laughing face emoji.

“Perfect” he replied “so pathetic”.

My cage was filled. I was so turned on. Kerry told me she wanted to get changed. She returned wearing her favourite white lingerie. Stockings, garter belt and thong with matching lace bra.

She began posing on the bed as I clicked away, taking a pics. She looked so sexy, on all fours, sticking her ass out. I couldn’t believe I was about to send them to another man rather than RIP off her panties and fuck her.

We deleted the pics we didn’t like and then I sent Pete about six that we thought were up to scratch.

“Mnmmmm. OMG, baby girl is even sexier than I could have imagined.” He wrote.

A moment later he sent us a link to his contacts. Kerry was ‘baby girl’ and he had ***********ed a pic of Kerry on all fours, chest on the bed and ass pushed up with knees spread wide. Next to the pic of me in chastity was the name ‘cuck’.

“I want you both to save this bursa escort pic against my contact which you will call ‘daddy’ he messaged.

A moment later we received a live picture that made both of mouths hang open and eyes widen.

“Oh my god” Kerry gasped.

“Is that for real?” I said.

The picture was of a curved semi hard cock, being held, by Pete. It was pretty long, hard to guess but it looked like it was 7” in it’s current state but would grow more. It was the fattest cock I’d ever seen, it looked like a potato.

“Omg daddy” Kerry typed and then saved it as he asked.

My stomach did somersaults as I saved ‘daddy’ as a contact in my phone. I could imagine him calling me and a picture of that big ugly cock appearing on mg screen. It was so hot.

“You’re going to be getting a lot of that baby girl, it’s the only cock you will be getting unless I want to share you, which I will at some point.”

“Yes daddy, I cant wait.” Kerry typed.

Pete had told us that he would use us as he saw fit and that it would include sharing Kerry with suitable people. Maybe with other couples or single men and almost certainly multiple men at the same time. Kerry would be his fuck toy. Kerry had experienced a threesome in her youth and said it was incredible. She definitely wanted to do it again and the thought of being gang banged turned her on immensely. The thought of watching gang banged nearly made explode.

Kerry lay back on the bed and tugged of her panties. She took a quick pic of her smooth glistening pussy and sent it to Pete and then pulled my head down.

“Make me cum bitch” she hissed.

Chapter 6

Pete came to see on Wednesday evening. Kerry, Jen and I were cleaning up the supper things when he arrived unannounced. I heard Kerry invite him in.

“Hi James, Hi Jennifer” he said loudly, grinning from ear to ear. “ I hope you dint mind me dropping in”

“Of course not,” I said, going to shake his hand, “you’re always welcome anytime”

“I got something for you Jennifer” he said, holding out a bag.

“For me!” Jen exclaimed taking the bag.

She pulled out a very high end bottle of sun cream.

“After we spoke last time” Pete chuckled.

“Thank you” Jen laughed and the reached in a d brought out a designer bikini set and held it up.

“Oh my gosh Pete, I love it, thank you so much. Look mommy.”

“Yes baby, its gorgeous.” Kerry said. Why don’t you try it on”

As soon as Jennifer raced upstairs, Kerry moved to Pete and threw her arms around him. Pete bent his head and they kissed deeply. I could see their tongues dancing in each others mouths and Kerry moaned softly as Pete grabbed her ass and then lifted her so her legs went around his waist.

I stood, transfixed until I heard Jen.

“Jens coming” I whispered urgently.

Pete lowered Kerry to the floor just as Jen bounded into the kitchen. My jaw nearly hit the floor. The bikini comprised of three tiny red triangles of material held together with string. The buttons were a thong and the tiny triangle barely covered her obviously smooth pussy. The string was tied in bows on either hip. The top triangles covered her nipples and not much else. She has bigger boobs than Kerry, maybe a D cup and at 16 years old, like her buttocks, they were unaffected by gravity. She looked simply stunning, in a porn star way.

Jen spun for us and then, leant on the counter, standing on tiptoes, pushing her ass up at us.

“I love it! Thank you Pete. Do you like it?”

“Where’s the rest if it?” I laughed, half joking, thanking the fact I was caged.

“I think you look incredible” Kerry said.

“That’s good because I got you one too!” Pete said, pulling an identical white one from his pocket.

“Yay! We’ll be like twins mom!” Jen squealed.

“Why thank you Pete” Kerry said, pecking Pete on the cheek.

I could see a mischievous glint in Pete’s eye and guessed this was a test.

“Ok baby, go and put your clothes on and give us adults some space” Kerry said to Jennifer, who pouted but went back upstairs.

“Thank you daddy” Kerry purred. “Shall I try mine on?”

“No, I want to enjoy you properly the first time I see you naked. There will be plenty of time for me to see you and Jennifer in your costumes.”

Pete spun Kerry around so she it was her now leaning on the counter. He squeezed her ass and then rubbed her pussy through her cut off Jean shorts. He reached around and undid them and tugged them around her knees along with her panties. Kerry began to pant. Pete just stood back and admired Kerry’s quivering globes.

“You are so fine Baby girl” he murmured. “Daddy is going to destroy you this weekend”

Kerry groaned and then squealed as Pete spanked her once hard, making her butt cheek glow pink.

“Drop you pants cuck, let me see your pathetic locked dick”

I looked at the kitchen door, terrified but really excited at the thought of Jennifer coming in. I undid my pants and let them drop to the floor and pulled down my underwear. My cage was slick with precum.

“Very good, both of you. Daddy is very happy.”

We were allowed to pull our clothes back on and I made coffee for us. We talked about the weekend. Pete gave us his address and said how much he was looking forward to it. He also hinted that he might be getting a little cocaine. Kerry and I had both enjoyed party drugs in our youth, ecstasy and cocaine mainly and still enjoyed the occasional bump of coke. He asked what Jennifer would be doing. We told him at sixteen she was more than capable of looking after herself.

“I bet she is” Pete grinned

Kerry sat next to Pete and rubbed his thigh, she hung on his every word and giggled like a schoolgirl at his jokes. I could see she was really horny and so ‘into’ Pete. Eventually she led him to the door and kissed him passionately goodnight. When she closed the door she slumped against it and giggled at me.

“Oh my god” she laughed. “ this is so hot”.

Jennifer appeared at the top of the stairs.

“Has Pete gone?” she asked “I really like him”.

“Yes he’s gone sweetie but you’ll be seeing a lot more of him I think” Kerry said, giving me a knowing look.

I hadn’t told Kerry about Jennifer’s inappropriate behaviour towards me. I’d noticed things had subtly changed in the house. Jennifer had always been very shy with regards to her body and kept her door closed. She now seemed to be very comfortable in her body and more than once got an eyeful as I walked past her open door. Rather than quickly cover up, Jen would meet my eye and carry on, making me quickly look away, reddening in embarrassment. She also started showering with the door open. Seeing her silhouette through the shower screen as she soaped herself was enough to make me squirt precum from my cage and I’d be lying I said I hadn’t lingered. I knew she was doing it deliberately but didn’t want to get her in trouble with her mother plus I wasn’t sure Kerry would believe me.

Saturday arrived and both Kerry and I awoke very horny and excited. Jennifer went to her swim class arly and Kerry unlocked me to clean myself and the cage. I immediately grew as hard as concrete. She pushed me back on the bed and sat on my face. She began edging me as she teased me.

“I’m going to be fucked by another man later……You’re going to watch your wife get fucked by a big thick cock….You’re so pathetic…..I cant wait to feel daddies cock inside me….I need a real man”

I could only grunt as I licked her pussy and groaned as she brought me close to an orgasm and then backed off. She become an expert in torturing me.

“Oh my goodness you’re so hard……….you love the thought of me fucking other men don’t you?……what kind of husband wants to watch other men fuck their wife?………you dirty, pathetic excuse for a man……’re never going to fuck me again.”

She kept it up until I brought her to an orgasm, her cum flooding my mouth as she ground onto my face. After we showered, I was locked again and we tried to have a normal Saturday which was difficult as we were so excited. Pete was going to cook us steaks for dinner and Kerry made her speciality dessert, trifle, to take with us. She had chosen her outfit for the evening already. She chose a figure hugging stretchy pink mini dress. It was so short that she had never worn it out of the house before. It was backless and so no bra could be worn. She had some white, thigh high, leather boots with 5” heels to wear and she had already decided that panties would be visible through the dress and so couldn’t be worn. She began to get ready about 3 hours before we were due to leave. She drew herself a bath and soaked in bubbles. I could hear her singing happily. Kerry spent ages on her hair and makeup and then dressed. Her dress barely covered her ass and she looked so incredibly slutty and gorgeous. Really pretty woman stuff.

“Mom!” Jennifer cried when she saw Kerry “You cant go to dinner at Pete’s like that!”

I held my breath. We were worried about these conversations.

“Don’t I look good?” Kerry asked her daughter

“You look amazing but it’s very……….revealing”

“I know, but it’s a party” Kerry lied “The other girls are going to be wearing things like this and I’ve never worn this outfit before.”

“Well you do look hot, I bet you love it don’t you James?” Jennifer said and gave me a weird look.

“I do Jen, I think your mom looks great and every man there will be jealous of me”

“Thank you darling” Kerry said and kissed me. “Now you respect the house Jennifer, be a good girl and make sure you and your friends look after the house”.

“You know I’m a good girl” Jen said, looking straight at me.

“Hmnnnn” Kerry said.

I grabbed our overnight bag and we left.

Chapter 7

We arrived at Pete’s at 7pm. We drove onto a large drive with a separate double garage. The house was huge with really nice garden landscaping. His business must have been very well.

We rang the doorbell and heard a loud deep dog bark. Shortly afterward, Pete answered the door.

“Hi guys, welcome!” he boomed.

He took my hand and pumped it hard, smiling warmly before turning his attention to Kerry.

“Holy shit , you look amazing baby girl”

They embraced and kissed, then Pete took her hand and led her into the house. He was dressed very smartly in expensive looking slacks and a shirt with shiny leather shoes. I followed carrying our bag. We were in a long hallway with several doors leading off it. Pete warned us that when he opened the door his fog Bob would come and greet us. He was very big but totally soft we were warned. With that Pete opened a door and a massive great Dane bounded out and began sniffing and licking us excitedly. He was really big, bigger than me if he stood up on his hind legs. Pete ushered us into a large open plan living area and Bob calmed down enough for is to relax.

“Right, you guys look around, seriously, I want you to feel totally comfortable, I’ll open a bottle of champagne.”

Pete disappeared through a door and we looked around our surroundings. The house was big and really well furnished. We could see through a large set of French doors to the garden and a large swimming pool with Jacuzzi was lit up. Some gentle music began playing through the built in ceiling speakers and then Pete emerged with the champagne. We were given a guided tour of the house as we drank, the house had five bedrooms, all with ensuite bathrooms.

“This is our room baby girl” Pete said when we got the master bedroom. “I’ve got you next door James.”

I felt stupid but I hadn’t considered the sleeping arrangements. Kerry looked at me, looking tonsee how I felt. I was very turned on.

“That’s perfect Pete” I said.

Downstairs there was an office and a basement that was dismissed so we didn’t see down there. The outside was incredible, a pool house and manicured gardens surrounded the big pool.

“I’m sure Jennifer would live to come over and swim sometime” he said

“Without question” I answered.

“You have a beautiful home” I said.

“Thank you James. Let’s go inside, I’ll cook our steaks”

We followed Pete into a huge kitchen and talked about his amazing house as he cooked for us. He seemed very at ease in the kitchen and had soon cooked our meal. We returned to the dining/living area and Pete opened a bottle of wine. We enjoyed a beautiful meal together, all quite normal. We learnt that Pete did run a very successful contracting company from his office at home. We finished the wine and opened another bottle and enjoyed Kerry’s trifle. When Pete rose to start clearing up, Kerry jumped up.

“No daddy. You go and relax. James and I will clear up”

Pete didn’t complain and when Kerry went to take his bowl he placed his hands on her hips. Kerry looked down, smiling demurely. Pete’s hands slid down and then up again, her dress rising up her thighs, her beautiful pert bottom appearing to me as I stared. His hands slid around and squeezed her alabaster globes until with a playful slap he pulled her dress back down.

“No panties you naughty girl”

Kerry giggled and walked away with the dishes, wiggling delectably, the bottom of her ass cheeks still visible. Pete whistled in appreciation and caught my eye. I blushed and looked away, fussing with the dishes remaining on the table.

“I’m going to fuck her so good James” he breathed at me.

I didn’t know what to say. I smiled feebly.

“You want that don’t you James? You want me to fuck your wife don’t you?” Pete pulled out his phone and pointed it at me.

“Tell me what you want cuck”

“I want you to fuck my wife please daddy” I said, looking into the camera lens on his phone.

I felt sick to my stomach but incredibly horny too. I gathered the crockery and headed to the kitchen to join Kerry.

We loaded the dishwasher and washed up the pans in silence. We both knew what was about to happen and were quiet in our own thoughts.

“Ok James. Last chance.”

Kerry looked at me, I could see concern on her face. It made me love her even more.

“Its ok baby. I really want this.”

Kerry came to me and we held each other and then kissed long and hard. We told each other that we loved one another and then i followed my wife into the living room to join the man who was going to fuck her.

Dance music was playing now and porn played on the 60” TV on the wall. Pete sat in an armchair and was chopping up lines of cocaine on the coffee table. An opened bottle of champagne and three filled glasses were ready. Pete held out a straw to Kerry. After we each did a line Kerry began dancing seductively, her hands roaming over her body, her dress rising up. Pete told me to take lots of pics and video as I watched them. I knew Kerry would be very horny after the blow and I could feel my dick leaking in pants. Pete did another line and handed me the straw before standing and joining Kerry, holding her as they moved to the music. Her dress was now up around her waist and Pete’s hands were all over her ass a d between her legs, rubbing her smooth pussy. She looked incredible in those white thigh high boots. She began moaning and rubbing at Pete’s crotch. Pete helped her undo his shirt buttons and remove his shirt. His chest was enormous and hairy, unlike mine. I had very little body hair and what I had, Kerry liked removed. My groin area and chest were smooth like Kerry. Pete’s stomach was large too but he didn’t look fat because of his huge chest. He was so unlike anything Kerry normally found sexy. Kerry fumbled with his fly and pulled his pants open and reached in. I saw her eyes widen as she felt his cock for the first time, her lips parted and she moistened them with her tongue.

Kerry dropped to her knees and tugged Pete’s cock out of his pants. She held it and stared, moving it around to inspect it and feel its weight.

“Oh my God daddy” she whispered.

Kerry’s hand looked tiny against Pete’s fat uncut dick. It looked even bigger than in the photos. It was 8” and the thickest cock I’d ever seen, itches ugly and veiny but beautiful in it’s own right. Pete took a small bag and sprinkled cocaine on his dick. Kerry sniffed the powder and then licked the residue and stretched her mouth wide and sucked the tip, rolling her tongue around it and moaning. Her eyes, pupils like saucers looked up at Pete, lust filled.

Kerry treated Pete to an incredible blow job, sucking each ball into her mouth and licking up and down his shaft, stroking him hard. She sucked him into her mouth, forcing it deep inside until she gagged but still unable to take him all, bobbing her head back and forth, fucking bursa eskort him with her mouth. Moaning onto his cock.

Pete stood, legs apart, hands on hips, looking down at his slut. I took many pics and video and sipped champagne, high as fuck. it was so erotic.

“Undress” Pete instructed me and watched as I removed my clothes, standing naked.

Pete indicated I should stand next to him which I did. He pulled Kerry off his cock and had her hold our cocks, one in each hand.

“Oh my god” Kerry laughed. “Look at you pathetic little locked dick. No wonder I have to find a real man to fuck me. Look at daddies massive cock baby, he’s soooooo big. He owns my pussy now. You’re never going to fuck me again. You’re such a loser”

My cock throbbed and pressed against its cage. Precum oozed from the end and pooled in her palm.

“Oh my God. You’re actually enjoying this you disgusting man. Lick it up”

Kerry dropped my cage and held her palm up. I bent down and licked her hand clean of my precum. Kerry smiled at me. I had never done that in front of her before.

“Right, now fuck off. I need this big dick inside of me.”

I moved away and Pete reached down and Kerry raised her arms so he could pull her dress up and over her head. He then picked her up and placed her on her back on the big armchair. Kerry spread her legs wide holding them open. I could see her pussy was swollen and wet, her nipples hard. Not for the first time I thought that she could easily be a porn star, she was easily as sexy and good looking as the best porn stars. Pete removed his shoes, socks and pants and stood naked. His big cock swinging in front of big heavy, hairy balls under his large belly. Pete looked at Kerry like the cat that had caught the canary and sunk to his knees. Reaching up to squeeze her tits he began licking her cunt like an animal.

“Oooooh daddy” Kerry squealed as the big man tongue fucked her.

Pete licked her asshole, pushing his tongue inside and then all along her taint to her pussy, licking it all over before concentrating on her clit. Flicking his tongue against it and rubbing it with his thumb.

“Yes daddy, yes. It feels soooooo gooooood,” Kerry moaned.

Pete moved his hand from her breasts to her pussy and slid one and then two fingers into her wet snatch and began fucking her with them as he licked her clit. I knew from experience that this was a sure fire way to give my wife multiple orgasms. Kerry’s moans suddenly stopped and I saw her face turn red and her mouth open in a silent cry and then her body started to shake.

“OH FUUUUUUUUUUCK” she finally managed to cry “CUUUUUUUMMMMMING”

I watched my wife cum again and again as Pete didn’t stop fingering her cunt and flicking his tongue against her clit. I could hear her pussy flood and squelch as Pete’s fingers pushed in and out. Eventually Kerry could take no more and pushed Pete’s head away. He slowly withdrew his sticky fingers and kneeling up held them to Her mouth. Kerry took his hand and greedily sucked his fingers clean with a moan.

“Oh my God I came so hard” she sighed.

Pete was now holding his cock and guiding it toward her inviting fuckhole. I made sure I was videoing and stood near. He took hold of her legs and pushed them up and open. His big fat cock bumped at her juicy fuck hole. I held my breath as he pushed forwards and the tip prised open her cunt lips. Pete held it there for a moment. Kerry , eyes wide and mouth open stared onto his eyes. Pete moved his hips forwards and the tip slid into her, followed by an inch of cock. Kerry groaned. Pete pushed again, his cock looked impossibly thick in her pussy and I could see her clit was swollen and exposed.

“Oh my god” Kerry groaned “its so fucking big”.

Pete paused, allowing Kerry to get used to it and then pulled back slightly before pushing forwards again, half his cock sliding into her. Kerry groaned and chewed her lower lip. Pete inched his cock into her and then pulled right back, almost popping out before thrusting forwards, burying his enormous cock in my wife.

“FUUUUUUUUUUCK” Kerry moaned loudly.

Pete fucked Kerry in long, deep, slow strokes.

“Oh my God yes. Fuck me daddy, fuck me”

Precum oozed from my cage and I found myself moaning. Kerry caught my eye.

“Look at him you faggot” she panted “look how a real man is fucking your wife. Look at his big fat cock filling my cunt. Its soooooo big. It feels soooooo gooooood.”

I groaned. I felt like I was in a dream. It didn’t feel real. Porn played on a massive TV with a woman in an interracial gangbang my gorgeous sexy wife who I loved with my whole heart was humiliating me, her pupils fully dilated, her face a picture of lust. Heady dance music played and the room smelt of sex. My jaw trembled and my heart raced as I watched this man, twenty years older than my wife fuck her with his massive dick, until, after several minutes he pulled out. Pete stood and pulled Kerry to her feet, he then sat where she had just been and stroked his cock. Kerry turned and backed onto him. She straddled his big thighs, reached under to guide his cock and sank down, reverse cowgirl. Pete reached around and grabbed her tits as Kerry began to rise up and sink down, moaning like whore.

“I love your big dick daddy” Kerry cooed, using her slutty schoolgirl voice. “fucking me, fucking my tight married pussy”

Pete moved his hand down and found her clitty, rubbing it as she bounced up and down.

“Unghhhhh, ahhhhhhh, Oooooh, Mmmmph, fuuuuuuck.” Kerry moaned, leaning back, supporting herself with her arms.

“Yes daddy yes, fuck your little slut, make me cum, I’m gonna cum”

I watched a pink flush spread across Kerry’s face and she chewed her lower lip again and then threw her head back and let out a loud guttural groan, signalling the start of her orgasm.

I felt my caged dick squirt copious amounts of precum as I watched Kerry cumming on another mans cock, I could see it running down his shaft and drip off his big hairy balls. Kerry cried out in ecstasy and ground down onto Pete’s love stick, her body shuddering. She lay back against his chest and he held her, thrusting gently into her and kissing her neck.

Kerry lifted herself off with a squelch and got on all fours on the thick carpet in front of Pete. She spread her legs and pushed her ass up and head down, arching her back in a downward curve. Her pussy was puffy and swollen and gleamed moistly. She looked back over her shoulder at Pete.

“Fuck me daddy” she purred.

Pete grinned and stood up, he was still so big and hard, I had no idea how he lasted so long. He knelt behind her and pushed his head down, licking her asshole.

“Ooooh fuck” Kerry sighed.

Kerry assured me she had never had anal sex before and had never let me even try. One of her ex boyfriends had tried and had hurt her and that had out of her off for life she said.

Pete knelt up and guided his cock to her cunt, he slid the tip in and then, without warning, grabbed her waist and lunged forwards burying himself in her to the balls.

“OHHHHHHH!” Kerry groaned

Pete pulled back and then plunged in again and then settled into a rhythm. Kerry placed her head on its side on the floor and moaned with each thrust.

“You love me fucking you don’t you baby girl?” Pete growled

“Yes, yes, oh my godddddd yessssssss” she hissed.

“ You’re daddy’s fuck toy aren’t you?

“Yes daddy, I’m your fuck toy” she said in her child like voice.

Pete sucked his finger and then started probing her asshole and slid his fat finger inside.

Kerry responded by growling herself and pushing back.

“Fuck me, fuck me daddy, fuck your little fuck toy.”

Pete slapped her ass, making her squeal and pumped her harder, making her brace herself with her hands. His thighs slapped against her creamy buttocks and it was clear he was going to cum soon. Kerry must have felt it too.

“Cum on my face daddy, I want your cum all over me” she panted.

I could barely believe my ears, my wife was such a slut and I loved it!

Pete grunted and pumped harder and faster and then pulled out and stood, pulling at Kerry who spun around and knelt beneath him, mouth open, head back as Pete pumped his cock in his fist and with a loud groan spurted thick ropes of cum over Kerry’s face. Some landed on her tongue but Pete made sure he painted her face. He squirted on her forehead, cheeks, nose and chin before pushing his cock into her mouth to be cleaned. Kerry moaned softly as she sucked him, swallowing his cum.

When Pete stood back I moved in and took several pics of Kerry, looking up at me with Pete’s cum all over her face and dripping off her chin. I ***********ed video as she wiped the cum up with her fingers and into her mouth, swallowing it all.

Pete sat back in the chair and Kerry took off her boots and curled into his lap. She looked so small in the arms of the big man. They kissed as she ran her fingers through the curly hair on his chest.

“Mnmmmm, that was amazing daddy” she purred “ thank you”

“I’m glad you had fun baby girl” Pete said “ did you have fun cucky?”

I nodded dumbly

“I’d say he did daddy” Kerry laughed “look at his pathetic wiener”

I looked down and saw that my cage was a mess, precum had leaked out in such large amounts that ropes of it hung between my upper thighs and the sheath of the cage.

“Clean yourself up. Oh my gosh, you’re so embarrassing”

I wiped the precum with my hand and then looked for something to clean my hand with.

“Use your mouth” Kerry said, a sly smile on her face.

I did as I was told and used my fingers and mouth to clean myself as best I could, Pete and Kerry watching and laughing at me. I was allowed to sit down on the couch and we finished the champagne, had more cocaine and watched porn. When a scene with two girls came on, Pete commented how he’d love to see Kerry like that.

“I’m sure it can be arranged” Kerry replied.

Kerry remained on Pete and they kissed and fondled each other. Pete only softened a little and was soon hard again as Kerry stroked him. I could see Kerry was very high as was I. My jaw shuddered as I looked from Kerry and Pete to the porn on the TV, the room sexually charged. Eventually, Kerry slid to the floor and took Pete in her mouth again, licking and sucking like the girls on the screen. Pete closed his eyes and enjoyed the attention of my slut wife and her warm wet mouth.

“Let’s take this to bed” he said, opening his eyes.

We helped tidy up the front room as Pete let Bob outside and turned off the TV and music. It wax strangely quiet now as we all went upstairs.

“Join us cuck. Sit in the chair.” Pete said, when we got upstairs.

Kerry and Pete climbed into his massive bed. It looked so warm and comfy and it says something to my state of mind that this was the first time I was jealous. Kerry disappeared under the covers and I could see them rise and fall as she sucked on his rod. Pete threw the covers off them and gently pulled Kerry up. Kerry straddled Pete and positioned herself over him, holding his dick in her hand she guided him to her cunt and sank down with a moan.

I moved off the chair so I could see her taking his cock as she worked it in, lifting and lowering, taking more each time. Once again I was amazed at how fat it looked as her pussy gripped it tightly. Pete fucked Kerry brutally. Having cum once already and the cocaine in his system he lasted longer than the first time, he took her in all positions, pounding her as she cried out in pleasure and moaned for more. She came hard, on her back, Pete pinning her legs back so her knees were on either side of her head, driving his cock into her.

“Get on your back cucky on the bed cucky” Pete ordered me, pulling his fat slippery cock from Kerry’s cunt, making her groan in disappointment.

“Sit on his face, 69” he told Kerry.

Kerry straddled my face, her pussy was soaking and sloppy and engulfed my nose and mouth. I licked furiously as Kerry held my caged dick, moving it in her hands.

“ Lick my used cunt faggot. It’s all you’re good for. I cant believe how much you love watching a real man fuck your wife. You disgust me. I hope you know you’re never going to put this tiny Weiner inside me again. I now know I need big cocks. Nothing but big juicy cocks for me now. “

I groaned into her pussy, the humiliating words turned ne on so much, even though I knew she meant what she said. She pulled my cage painfully , making me groan. I felt Pete moving on the bed and Kerry was lifted off my face. I looked up and saw that Pete was knelt behind Kerry, guiding his cock towards her waiting twat.

I will never forget how good it looked from beneath her as Pete fucked herewith his fat cock. I leant up and licked everything in front of my face including Pete’s cock. Pete pulled out and pushed his cock at my mouth. I paused. Could I really suck a mans cock? Would Kerry freak out? Pete pushed again, bumping my lips. Kerry, wondering what was going on looked underneath herself.

“Suck it faggot” she hissed “suck daddy’s big cock. I know you want to.”

I opened my mouth as wide as I could and Pete pushed his cock inside. It tasted mostly of Kerry with a slight saltiness. It filled my mouth completely. I was so horny I sucked it, I enjoyed it too. I felt so naughty and dirty. The angle we were at meant Pete couldn’t get too much in which was a relief, I manoeuvred my arm and held it, feeling the weight and power of it.

“ Oh my God daddy, look at the little cock sucker. What a pathetic faggot loser” Kerry teased.

I put it back at her cunt and Pete slammed into her, making her cry out, stopping her cruel words. We continued in this fashion for some time, Pete swapping from Kerry’s pussy to my mouth and back again. When he was inside Kerry I used my tongue on them both but concentrated on her clit.

“Don’t stop, I’m close daddy, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me good!”

Pete pounded her, spanking her and making her squeal, I flicked my tongue on her clit as hard and fast as I could. It had the desired affect and soon she was trembling and shuddering and I could feel her cunt clench and unclench, spasming on Pete’s dick.

“OHHHHHHH FUCK YES, IM CUMMING, IM CUMMING FUUUUUUUUUUCK!” Kerry yelled as my mouth filled with her juices as they dripped off Pete’s cock.

Pete didn’t stop, obviously close and my tongue and Kerry’s orgasm pushing even closer. He continued slamming into her wetly. Kerry, now spent, was like a ragdoll, whimpering as she was ploughed.

“Breed me daddy, breed me” she wailed.

“Oh fuuuuuck!” Pete grunted and heaved into Kerry, cock pumping, filling her with his seed.

When his body stopped jerking he slowly pulled out. I opened my mouth and caught the drips of his and her cum in my mouth. Kerry watched me.

“Open wide faggot”

Kerry then used her pelvic muscles to push and a steady stream of Pete’s cum trickled out and into my mouth.

“Clean me you dirty queer, clean my bred cunt”

I licked her, pushing my tongue deep into her hole to gather all Pete’s cream. Until she eventually rolled off me.

“That was fucking incredible” Kerry laughed, collapsing and Pete and I chuckled too.

After we lay on the bed panting and recovering quietly, Pete stood and told us he was going to take a quick shower.

“Go to your room now James” Kerry said. “Daddy and I need to clean up. I’ll be in to see you soon.”

I padded next door to my room and climbed into bed. I could hear the shower running next door and imagined them in there together, soaping each other up. After ten minutes Kerry came into my room. She was naked still.

“I promised you an orgasm after you watched me get fucked “ she said, holding out the key to my cage.

I gulped.

“I had the best time baby” Kerry said as she removed my cage and sat on my legs.

“I did too. It was so hot” I said, my slimy cock springing to attention, big, angry and purple.

“ Did you like watching Pete’s big fat cock fucking me?” she whispered.

“Oh my God yes” I groaned

Kerry began stroking my cock, edging me.

“He fucked me so good. I’ve never cum so much in my life. Did you like it?”

“Yessss baby”

“Did you like sucking his cock?”

I swallowed hard

“Yes I did” I admitted

“I thought it was so hot” Kerry said, much to my relief. “I had wondered you know”

I groaned as I neared my orgasm and Kerry stopped touching me.

“Do you want to cum baby? Are you ready to cum?”

“Yessssssss” I hissed “Please, please let me cum” I begged.

Kerry pumped my swollen cock in her hands and my cock twitched and throbbed. Just as was about to cum, Kerry pulled her hand away and instead of a wonderful long awaited gushing orgasm. My cock twitched and cum leaked out in a steady, unfulfilling ruined orgasm.

“Noooooooo” I groaned

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