Cuckold Husband and Father Ch. 02

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Pulling away from Julie’s apartment complex, I felt relieved I’d been able to successfully explain what was happening when my daughter caught my brother, her Uncle Jack, thrusting feverishly between my legs.

Just two hours earlier, Jack and I were having sex in my marital bed when Julie appeared out of nowhere – completely unexpected, and stood in the door way with the look of complete shock and horror on her face. She was more than angry at first; she was seething mad. She’s always been extremely close with her father, and I knew she’d never stand by and allow her father to be hurt by anyone, including me. But, once I told her what had transpired between her father and me for the last ten years, she seemed to be less angry, and, somewhat understanding.

The only thing was, in order to get her to fully understand the situation with her father and why Uncle Jack was humping me, I had to tell her everything – and I mean everything. As hard as it was to break the news to my daughter that her father was a sexually submissive man with an underlying panty fetish and cuckolding desires, I knew I had to tell her the difficult truth.

Hopefully, if I told Julie everything, she wouldn’t talk to her father and that would allow him to save face, and avoid an embarrassing confession on his part. I couldn’t allow him to be hurt, or be wounded in the eyes of hid daughter, so considering my options, taking Julie into my confidence would be better than seeing Tim torn down and battered with shame in the eyes of our daughter.

Tim and I had been through so much turmoil in the last ten years. They were difficult years, but, things were much better now. We’d gotten some professional help, and, once I opened my eyes and saw what I needed to do to save my marriage, I took responsibility and we made changes. And soon, things did start to get better. He was getting erections again and we were having sex, lots of sex. We were even cuddling, holding hands and talking again. We went back to being a couple, and for the first time in many years, I was having orgasms with his penis inside me – strong and wonderful orgasms while he made love to me.

And, willing to do whatever I needed to do to protect my recovering marriage, I told Julie everything. Sitting across from my daughter, I poured my heart out to her. I could tell she was having a hard time accepting what I was saying, so, I made a sincere offer to prove I was telling her the truth by letting her see for herself. After the long and difficult conversation, Julie finally accepted what I was saying. She even apologized for getting upset with me, as well as barging in on me and my brother while we fucked.

However, her untimely visit to the house was bad for another reason, too. It interrupted us, and my brother wasn’t able to get to the point where he could cum inside my pussy, ruining my husband’s weekly creampie treat. Between that, and the time lost driving over to Julie’s apartment and explaining it all to her, I was now in a serious panic. Tim would be home in less than two hours and the surprise I knew he’d been looking forward to all week had evaporated into thin air.

The only saving grace was Julie’s apology, and her eventual offer to help me come up with a substitute surprise for Tim that night. Fortunately, I was able to think of something by recalling a discussion where my husband said he might want to try a little more humiliation, and with a little thought, I put a loose plan together in my head, explained it to Julie and asked her if she was serious about her offer to help.

I had my doubts that Julie would actually show up tonight, as she said she would. I told my daughter many things about her father that had the potential to traumatize her as we sat on her couch. Through it all, she seemed to finally accept it, but, I was worried the shock of hearing me propose she use my strap-on cock on her father’s butt tonight just might have pushed her too far.

To make it easier for her, I assured Julie he’d be blindfolded so he wouldn’t see her, and, there were other things I could do to distract him so he wouldn’t know it was her. I told her I’d get him ready, do all the set up and make it all happen if she’d just show up and follow my instructions.

We’d all benefit from this, or at least that was my plan – Julie would see for herself I was telling her the truth and she’d gain an insight to her father she never had before. For me, I’d get to make good on my weekly duties to give Tim his fantasy treat, and, my husband would get to live out his newest fantasy and have the time of his life by being exposed, displayed and fucked with a strap-on by someone else while I watched and assisted in his requested humiliation.

As I drove back to the house, I called my brother. I quickly told him I’d smoothed things out with my daughter and asked for a favor. “Jack,” I pleaded, “I really need your help. I can still make this happen for Tim tonight, but, I need you to masturbate into a condom gorukle escort and run it over to the house before Tim gets home. Can you do that for me?”

I didn’t explain everything to my brother because I didn’t want him to know I’d dragged my daughter into this, but, telling him I could just squeeze the cum from his condom up into me seemed to convince him, and luckily, he said he’d do it and run it right over. I felt fortunate he was able to help, and I promised to do something special for him next week to replay his generosity.

The Friday afternoon rush hour delayed my drive back to the house so it was just at 5:00 PM before I got there. I knew Tim would be home in less than an hour, now. While I was driving, I thought about how I’d orchestrate the evening, and by the time I pulled up into my driveway, I was pretty happy with the plan I’d come up with. In fact, it was ingenious and if it worked out, my poor husband would be deliriously happy, thoroughly satisfied and completely spent by the time the night was over.

I was excited, too. My panties were wet thinking about how Tim was going to react the instant he realized I was bringing in another woman to see him in his panties and fuck his cute butt with the strap-on. Plus, he’d be thrilled when I held his face in my crotch to suck out my brother’s cum while he got screwed, and, his thick cock would be throbbing and pulsing with excitement, ready to satisfy me for hours once Julie was finished fucking him and she’d gone home.

I went to change into a light summer sundress, ditching my bra, but keeping my same panties on so my husband wouldn’t suspect anything. It wasn’t long before my brother came by with the condom filled with his cum, and as I looked at the clock, I figured I had about thirty minutes before my husband arrived home.

Busying myself in the kitchen, I immediately started working on an early dinner. Typically, I’d be lying on the bed when Tim came home. I’d have pulled my panties back on after my brother had finished pumping my pussy full of his sperm. Tim knew never to arrive home on Friday any earlier than 4:45 PM, and my brother was always gone at least ten minutes before that. During those ten minutes, I’d get out of the bed, slip my panties up my legs and start to massage my wet pussy through the fabric of my panties to mix up our combined juices and help Jack’s cum start moving down to the mouth of my vagina where Tim could get to it easily.

But, today would be different. I fully expected Tim to be confused when he rushed into the house expecting to find me lying on the bed with my legs spread, well fucked and juicy for him. Instead he’d find me in the kitchen cooking dinner. No problem, I had a plan and knowing Tim, he’d play right into it and that would allow a perfect opportunity for me to start the evening’s activities off in a way that would further confuse him.

I was getting incredibly damp at my deviousness, and I honestly stopped to wonder if my husband would be able to survive the night and keep from cuming when our daughter bent down behind him and slipped the strap-on cock into his ass. I expected Julie wouldn’t be there more than an hour, and then I’d take some time to reinforce his humiliation after she left by describing the way he looked, sounded and acted as I exposed him and then let another woman fuck his ass with my strap-on. Then, I’d get on top of his cock and ride him until I couldn’t cum anymore. Finally, when I was totally satisfied and pleasured, I’d let him have his way with me – letting him fuck me anyway he wanted, and once he came inside me, I’d sit on his face and let him take as long as he wanted to suck and lick me clean. After that, we’d fall asleep in each other’s arms, kissing and hugging and he’d tell me how much he loved me.

It was about 5:50 and I was very close to having our dinner done when I heard the deep hum of the garage door opener. A minute later, I looked up and Tim was standing in the middle of the kitchen with his car keys dangling from his hand and a very confused look on his face.

“Oh, good.” I said, looking casually over my shoulder at him. “You’re home.”

“What’s going on?” He asked, curiously.

“Nothing.” I replied, “Just making dinner. Hey, help me out by setting the table, would you? I’ll be done here in a couple of minutes.”

I heard his footsteps as he walked up behind me and put his arms around my waist. “Hmm,” I sighed as he hugged me, “I’m glad you’re home. I missed you today.”

His hands began wandering, exploring me, and when he discovered I wasn’t wearing a bra, his hands immediately went for the hem of my sundress and he started to reach up under it toward my pussy.

I wiggled away from him with an over mitt on one hand and a large, wooden spoon in the other hand. “Come on,” I giggled, “none of that now, I’m trying to cook. I asked you to set the table for me, remember?”

He smiled and took a step toward me, reaching for the hem of my altıparmak eskort bayan dress again. Holding the spoon up in front of him, I gave him a stern look and said, “Tim, I don’t ask you to do that much around here, and this is the third time I’ve had to ask you to set the table for me. Now, come on, please help me out. And, wash your hands before you touch my clean plates.”

Ignoring the dejected look on his face, I turned toward the stove, and giggled to myself at the way this was unfolding. Reaching to stir the saucepan on the stove and then bending down to open the oven door and reach in to pull out the casserole I heated up, I heard him walk to the sink, and noisily jerk the handle up to turn the water on. He was being loud and abrupt – a sign he wasn’t happy about something, and that made me smile, too. He was well on his way to being right where I wanted him to be at the end of our dinner.

I made endless, mundane conversation while we ate. I asked about his day and what he had for lunch. I told him how I thought I needed some new curtains for the kitchen, and then described the kind of pattern I wanted so it would brighten it up in there. I kept on, and on, while he picked at his food, face down, sulking to himself while he ate. When I was about done eating, I asked him in a quite matter-of-fact tone why he was being so quiet. “Is there something wrong, Dear?” I asked.

He slammed his fork down, it startled me and I jumped a bit. “So what’s gotten into you today?” He asked. “It’s Friday, you know. I had a hard week and I was looking forward to having some fun tonight. Surely you didn’t forget it was Friday?”

Okay, time for phase one of my plan to start.

“Tim,” I said, leaning over the table at him, “I’ve had a hard week, too, and I just spent a lot of time making us a nice dinner and the least you can do is be sociable and pretend to appreciate it. You know, I think I’ve had about enough of you taking me for granted.”

Then, standing up and dropping my napkin down to the table, I pointed to the stairs and said, “Dinner is over. Get up to our bedroom right now.”

Tim was more than a little surprised at my forcefulness, but, knowing his submissive nature, I knew he’d do it without questioning me. And as he stood up, I glared at him and pointed again to the stairs, following him as he made the turn from the kitchen, walked up the stairs and into our bedroom. “Into the bathroom.” I said. “Take your clothes off.”

I reached into our bathroom medicine cabinet, took out my razor and put a new blade cartridge on it while he undressed. Then, reaching into the shower, I grabbed my shampoo and set it on the side of the tub, along with some body moisturizer. Then, turning to look him in the eye, I said, “You have thirty minutes. When I come back, you better be clean and completely hairless, with no stubble on your face or below the waist. You’ve just earned yourself a punishment tonight, buster. If you’re smart, you won’t make it any harder than it’s already going to be.”

Without saying another word, or allowing him to say anything in return, I started to leave. As I got to the door, I turned, saying, “If you get done before I come back, put on the clothes I lay out for you on the bed, and then wait for me.”

“Do you understand?” I asked.

I could tell he wasn’t going to cross me because he was in his zone now – that special submissive place he loved so much. In the matter of a few minutes, he’d given up control to me and he would do anything I told him to do. He knew damn well as soon as I reached for the razor something different was happening tonight since he’d just shaved his pubic hair four days ago. But, that’s okay – I knew he’d do it, and, I knew he’d rack his brain trying to figure out why I was telling him to shave again. The mystery would consume him, raising his anxiety level and his anticipation of what was to come.

Closing the bathroom door behind me, I broke into the biggest smile you could ever imagine and nearly fell over because I started to laugh so hard. Stumbling to his panty drawer, I reached into the back and pulled out the panties that were, for no better terms, his panty nemesis.

They were actually man panties which I ordered for him online from a specialty site. They were full cut – exactly like a man’s brief, but, they were intentionally feminine, edged with frilly piping on the legs and waist, and they were made from a soft, mesh material that was virtually see through. They came up almost to his waist, and would just about contain all of his ample cock when he got an erection. Being as big as he was down there, what usually happened was that his cock tented out the panties, pushing against the material lewdly.

What he really hated about these panties, though, was they were pink, and the only time I made him wear them was when he was going to be punished. I never dressed him in them to play, and they quickly became known nilüfer eskort bayan as his “Punishment Panties.” Any time he saw them, he instantly knew what was coming.

Leaving the dinner plates and dishes as they were, I went into my daughter’s old bedroom to get it ready for the next stage of my plan.

In the reading I’d done on the internet about role playing, I learned the importance of having a place that was set aside to be ‘safe’. So, I was very careful not to ever directly spank, punish or sexually humiliate my husband in the sanctity of our bedroom. That was the place of our marriage bed – the place where we made love. We’d play and fuck in every room of the house, but, we made love and cuddled in our bed, and when we were there together, I was his loving wife and he was my strong, handsome husband.

But, as much as I was careful about keeping our bedroom safe, I was also just as diligent about where he was punished, and that was in my daughter’s room. On top of that, I preferred to punish him the same way each time so he knew exactly what to expect when I took him in there dressed in his punishment panties. Usually I punish him by using forms of embarrassment and humiliation along with a spanking. Tim always gets an erection when he’s punished, and he’s told me time after time how much he honestly enjoys it. At times, he’s even come to me and confessed something so I’ll have a reason to punish him. I’m very conscious of his feelings and I don’t ever say, or, do anything that might have any lasting ramifications. He’ll have a raging hard-on after we’re done, apologize for whatever he did, and then we’ll fuck for hours.

This time, however, he wasn’t going to be spanked. This time, he was going to experience embarrassment and humiliation at a level he’d never thought was possible. Of course, I would monitor everything closely, but there was no doubt in my mind that he’d be gratified and thanking me before the night was over.

I prepared the place for his punishment, my daughter’s old bed, by attaching the soft restraints ropes onto the posts of the bed. Tim was actually the one that devised and engineered his own restraint setup. The four specially designed ropes attached to the four posts of the bed and would hold him comfortably and securely in place as he kneeled on a thick pillow at the side of the bed. Bent exactly at the waist, his body would be pulled over the bed so his chest was lying on the mattress, and his butt would be sticking out, perfectly positioned for what ever I wanted to do to him.

Once in that position, he couldn’t move until I released him. I could sit on the bed to scold him, spank him, even take his cute ass with my strap-on if I wanted to and he couldn’t do a thing about it. I never left him tied up there very long – at the most, maybe twenty or thirty minutes, but, the instant I took him in there, he always accepted his fate. He never gave me any trouble, either. He’d immediately kneel down on the pillow and attach the velcro attached loops around his thighs and then I’d do his wrists for him. A quick tug on the adjustment tabs and the ropes were snugged up just tight enough so he could barely wiggle his arms and legs.

As I was getting it all ready, I smiled to myself knowing this was going to be considerably different for him this time, but I had this gut feel he’d be surprised out of his mind with the kind of pleasure he’d only dreamed about. Not only was I going to tie him down, but, I was going to lube him up and put a vibrating butt plug in his cute ass. He’d be blindfolded, which wasn’t uncommon at all, but, I was going to add a pair of earphones over his ears and play a cassette tape with the sounds of my brother and me fucking. I’d leave him there for a while until my daughter arrived, and by then, he’d be a wiggling, quivering mass of man ready to submit to anything. Then, the fun would really begin.

There was a purpose for everything I was doing. He’d wear the blindfold the whole night until Julie was gone. The real reason for the butt plug was to start getting him lubricated, and open, to make his shameful butt fucking easier and more pleasant for him. The audio tape was something Jack and I made several weeks back, which I thought might come in handy one night as a surprise, just to tease Tim. However, tonight, I wanted to deprive him of his hearing so he wouldn’t hear Julie coming in or us talking, and this was an easy way to do it. Tim didn’t know about the tape, and I’d never, ever let him watch, or listen to Jack fuck me, so this would certainly be a first and a huge surprise for Tim to actually hear what went on between my brother and me.

In all, he’d be tied to the bed in his shameful panties, which I’d pull down to lubricate his ass, and put in the butt plug. He’d be blindfolded and forced to listen to a tape of my brother and I saying nasty things to each other, and the sounds of me slurping up and down his cock and my moaning as by brother fucked me. The big kicker was he’d be lying there just like that when I brought our daughter in to see him, and she’d stay in there with us while I made him display himself to her, pull down his panties and show her his cock. Lastly, that’s where Julie would take his ass with the strap-on as he cleaned my brother’s cum from my pussy.

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