Cuckolded at the Gym

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My girlfriend Marianne’s new lover Thomas owns a gym in our town that we both used to frequent. That’s where she met Thomas. Marianne is a high powered lawyer in town and I felt blessed and lucky to meet her and date her after my divorce. Marianne was actually the attorney for my divorce so she knew all the dirty little secrets that dissolved my marriage. She knew for example that my wife had left me for several reasons listed in the divorce action. Sexual incompatibility, namely my obsession with cuckolding was the major one. My ex-wife had filed and listed all the dirty details. I hired Marianne thinking that I’d have a better chance in front of a lawyer with a female judge.

Marianne was the quintessential professional and she represented me with a stellar performance. She has a body to die for, with long black hair, 38DD cup breasts, legs that never end and calves that are witness to her days at the gym. We spent hours going over my obsession with cuckolding in detail. She would have me describe what exact aspects turned me on the most. So there was to be no surprises in court, she made me share everything I had ever written or viewed when it came to cuckolding. Begrudgingly I turned all my writings, journals, and stories over to her. They held my deepest secrets and desires, some of which I had not even shared with my ex-wife.

It was from the seeds of destruction of my marriage that my relationship with Marianne grew out of the ashes like a Phoenix rising from the flames. Immediately after the divorce was finalized, Marianne asked me out for a drink one night. We met at a very high class bar frequented by businessman and lawyers and people with money. Marianne relayed to me that now the divorce was final she was no longer legally bound to me in a professional manner and that we could have a private relationship if I wished. I must say I was a little confused.

Marianne, not one to beat around the bush, came right to the point.

“Look Bernie, I’ve spent the past few months reading all your deep dark secrets and I must admit that I’m intrigued and aroused by your fascination with this whole cuckolding thing.”

She sat back and took a long slow sip of her bourbon and water and smiled her wicked grin over the rim of the glass. I remained speechless waiting for her to continue which she did.

“I must admit the whole idea turns me on. Therefore I have a little proposition for you. If you’ll agree, we can begin to see each other. Call it dating if you will, but we’ll be a couple. There will be one condition. You’ll be a cuckold.”

Bang! Just like that it was out on the open on the table. The thing I had desired for years of marriage. The thing that had ended my marriage was now on the table for the taking and all I had to do was say yes. I sat back and smiled and she continued.

“Bernie you can become my cuckold. You can live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. I mean let’s face it, we share no secrets anymore. I know all and I mean all of your desires. So if you want here’s what I propose.” Once again she leaned back and sipped her bourbon. “We become a couple in all aspects of the term. And we’ll continue to check in with each other to make sure we’re both happy with the relationship.” I had to admit it all seemed very practical and sane at the time. A mixture of eroticism, relief, caution, and fear all raced through my mind at once.

Marianne proceeded to lay out her plan. She and I would move in together since her income was significantly higher than mine. I would sell my house and give the proceeds to her to help run ‘our’ household. To the outside world I would be a down on his luck guy who was renting a room from her and would occasionally be seen out in social settings with her. Marianne after all, had her reputation to uphold. But behind closed doors things would be different. Behind close doors, I would be her cuckold. She would be free to come and go as she pleased, see whomever she wanted and do whatever she wanted whenever she wanted. I on the other hand, would maintain the household, do all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, yard work, tend to Marianne’s personal needs and whatever else she saw fit. Every three months we would sit down and have a review of our relationship. If either of us wanted we could get out no questions asked. However, if we both decided to continue, we take things to a little deeper level.

I have to admit my mind was rushing. Thoughts and visions were coming quicker than I could process them. However, in spite of it all I heard myself mutter, “Sounds good to me, I think I’d like that”

Marianne smiled and slid her pantyhose covered foot over my crotch. My cock got rock hard immediately and she just laughed and said, “This should be fun!”

The next three months went by in a flash. Every cent I had was transferred to Marianne’s bank account. The second month of our relationship, I got the bad news that the company I worked for was moving out of state and I no longer had a job. Breaking the news to Marianne that Escort Bayan night over dinner, she merely smiled and said that she would support me until I found work. Little did I know that I would never again have a regular job although I would work like a dog seven days a week. Now I was totally dependent on Marianne.

My days started at 5:30 when I rose from my bed, Marianne and I slept in separate rooms. Hers was a luxury bedroom the size of a suite; mine was a tiny room that could double as a walk in closet. It consisted of a single bed and a little three drawer dresser that Marianne had found at a tag sale. Both were painted pink and had unicorns painted on them. My drawers were filled with one pair of jeans, one t shirt, one pair of dress pants, and one dress shirt. That was it. The rest of my wardrobe consisted of clothes that Marianne would provide for me at her whim. Sometimes the outfits would be silk or satin teddies, sometimes a pair of pantyhose, other times an outfit like a cheerleader or a ballerina. When I went out with her in public I was to wear one of my two male outfits, in private however I dressed to reflect my role as her slave and cuckold.

After rising I would put the coffee on, prepare breakfast for Marianne lay out her clothes for the day. I would serve her breakfast in bed, and while she ate I would kneel at her feet and massage them. Some morning she would allow me the pleasure of licking her to orgasm before I was to run a shower for her. Once in the shower I washed her hair and body, then dry her off and she would get ready for work usually wearing very revealing and very sexy clothes. Then she would give me my outfit for the day and off she would go. Then my day of drudgery would begin.

My duties included cleaning the house from top to bottom, dusting everything, vacuuming, and laundry, doing dishes, sometimes cleaning closets or the basement or any other task Marianne wanted me to perform. Marianne owns a ten room house so there’s always plenty of cleaning to do. Marianne would also required me to do all the shopping, and yard work. Yard work had to be done wearing the outfit that she provided for me that day. We live in a fairly secluded area on a couple of acres of land with a high fence around the property, but I always felt very exposed out doing yard work in a bikini or cheerleading outfit. Marianne found it rather amusing and humiliating when she was home to lounge by the pool and watch me.

During the first three months of our relationship Marianne would often go out without me at night with other men. She would come home and tell me of her dates and of the sex that ensued. I had to wonder what the method to her madness was in not bringing anyone home or not including me. I think that she was trying to find out how much I would put up with and how far I would go. During this time Marianne insisted we both join a new gym in town that a new client of hers had just opened. I was never a physically active guy and in school was more the nerd type than the jock type so going to the gym was not something I was looking forward to or going to enjoy. The first day we went together, Marianne introduced me to Thomas for the first time. He looked like one of those WWF wrestlers, big, bald and bad. He had biceps the size of my thighs, and his stomach looked like a six pack abdominal commercial. He stood about six feet four and when he shook my hand it disappeared inside his.

As he gave us a tour of the gym, showing us the machines, the steam room, the sauna, the showers, the weight room, it was like I was an afterthought. He put his arm around Marianne and escorted her from area to area telling her none of this would have been possible without her great legal advice. She cooed and fawned over him like a teenager with a crush on the new quarterback of the football team. Thomas looked at me and giggled to Marianne that I looked like I needed a gym; fat, balding and pasty white was how he referred to me as if I wasn’t even there. That day changed our lives forever. Marianne would return to the house every day regaling me on her trips to the gym and workouts with Thomas. I on the other hand was only allowed to go to the gym on Saturdays the busiest day there when I would accompany Marianne and watch her workout routine with Thomas. These Saturday sessions were torture for me. Marianne would make me mirror her workout and her and Thomas would laugh when I was unable to lift the same amount of weight she could or do the same number of reps on a certain machine.

At the end of the third month of our relationship Marianne and I sat down for our talk. It was a short conversation with her saying that she was happy with the way our relationship was going and wanted to continue. That was it! She never even gave me a chance to speak or voice my opinion, although I would have gladly acquiesced. Moving into months four through six, our life remained as it had with the exception of Thomas was no an integral part of our life. Marianne began openly seeing Thomas exclusively and telling me about every chance she got. The middle of month four brought the next level to reality as she told me she would be bringing Thomas home for dinner. I was excited and nervous and had no idea what to expect.

That morning before leaving for work Marianne dressed in a smart black business suit, the skirt came to mid thigh with no panties, and a sheer white silk blouse with a lacey white bra. She told me she had left a box on her bed with an outfit in it that I was not to open or put on until she called and said they were on their way home. I spent the entire day cleaning, cooking and making sure the house was spotless and dinner was perfect. Dinner was to be ready at seven and at six forty five the phone rang. “You may open the box and don your outfit.” Click, the receiver went dead and the lump in my throat grew.

Untying the frilly pink ribbon on the box, I lifted the top to reveal the ‘outfit’ Marianne had left for me. Chill ran up my spine. Inside the box was one of the outfits that I had described in detail in one of my journals. The outfit consisted of a pair of sheer to the waist pantyhose, a sheer white chiffon chemise with white marabou trim and white heels. I gulped as I slipped on the outfit and looked at myself in the mirror. Standing there I saw myself, totally shaved except my eyebrows, wearing white heels, pantyhose and the white sheer chemise. I stared at myself transfixed wondering what lay in store for me, at the same time feeling arousal rise in my cock. The timer on the stove beeped bringing me back to reality. I hurried to the kitchen and began preparing dinner.

I heard a car pull into the garage and Thomas and Marianne laughing as they got out of the car and made their way into the kitchen. I hear Thomas’s voice first as my back was turned towards them. “Well you weren’t lying!” They both laughed and Marianne said, “Turn around and let us see how pretty you look!” I could hear their laughing but could also feel myself getting aroused as I slowly turned around and faced them. Drinking in their appearance made me hard. Marianne looked ravishing, and Thomas looked every bit the hunk she reveled about. “Well I think you should give us a little curtsey and welcome our guest to our home.”

I took hold of each side of the chemise, lifted them out slightly to the side and performed a gentle curtsey and said, “Welcome to our home sir, may I get you a drink?” They both snickered and gave each other a hug and exchanged a kiss. “We’ll each take a glass of wine in the living room.” Marianne said in a very dismissive voice as she grabbed Thomas’s ass and they walked toward the living room. Meekly, I poured two glasses of wine and brought them into the living room presenting them to Marianne and Thomas. Marianne instructed me to get some lotion and give her a foot massage.

Kneeling on the floor massaging Marianne’s feet, Marianne began to speak, more in a monologue than a dialogue. “Bernie, just so there’s no awkward moments let’s talk about the five hundred pound elephant in the room. Thomas and I have known each other since right before you hired me to handle your divorce. When you hired me and disclosed all your dirty little secrets I couldn’t help but think what a great trio we’d make. Thomas has read all your diaries and journals and stories and he knows all about you and me. He has been fucking me for months now with that magnificent cock of his.” With that, she smiled at Thomas and rubbed his crotch through his pants and then continued. “Many of the nights that I’ve come home and had you lick me to orgasm, you were licking Thomas’s cum from my pussy. I’ve told Thomas how you lick me to orgasm, and will do anything I ask so you may play with you little pathetic excuse for a cock and cum.”

She sipped her wine as I continued to knead the lotion into her feet and calves. “So tonight we take our relationship to the next level. Thomas and I will be served dinner by you and then we’re going to fuck our brains out in my bed while you watch us and serve us. Tomorrow, Thomas will be moving in and you’ll help him move all of his things in here and make him comfortable. From now on, you’ll address Thomas as Sir and you will address me as Ma’am both in public and private. You’ll continue your duties around the house as you have been with the exception of Thomas now being here. You’ll do as he says and will do your utmost to always please him and show him respect.” I swallowed hard as I watched Thomas begin to play with Marianne’s tits.

“Aside from your duties around here, Thomas can use your help at the gym. He needs someone to work there and you’ll be perfect since you don’t have a full time job you can accommodate him whenever he needs you.” She took a big sip of her wine, tossed her hair back and kissed Thomas full on the lips. “You can go put dinner on the table.” That was it. No opportunity for me to say anything! My mind raced with a thousand different things that I’d like to say, but none of them would cross my lips. All I was able to do was stand up and mutter, “Yes ma’am,” curtsey and head for the kitchen.

We had a quiet dinner with the three of us seated at the dining room table. Thomas seemed uniquely interested in finding out what made me tick as he asked me about my past, and my fascination with cuckolding. I explained as best I could but knowing that he had read my journals and stories I knew that he had a fuller understanding than I could ever explain. After dinner I cleaned the table and dishes while he and Marianne retired to the bedroom with some wine. I was instructed to join them when I was finished. Walking towards Marianne’s bedroom I could hear them giggling and chatting as the television played in the background.

Knocking on the door, Marianne commanded me to enter. I was greeted with an incredibly erotic sight. Marianne was lying on the bed wearing a long black silk gown with a push up bra that accentuated her magnificent breasts. Thomas lounged on the bed wearing jeans and a shirt that was unbuttoned to show his perfect hairless chest and six pack abs. Marianne ordered me to come in and kneel at the foot of the bed and massage her feet. I knelt down and began to massage her feet as her and Thomas began to make out. Before long they were in a world of their own making out with each others hands caressing the others body. Finally they broke their embrace and Marianne glanced down at me. “Ok Bernie time for you to do what you’ve always wanted to do!” Thomas and her began laughing as she slapped him on the butt.

He rolled off the bed and motioned for me to come to him on my knees. I complied and Marianne smirked and took off her silk gown. “Unbutton his pants and get that cock nice and hard.” It was a command I had longed to hear for years, and finally here I was kneeling in front of my girlfriend’s lover hearing it for real. Gingerly I reached out and unbuttoned his jeans sliding them down his massive thighs to the floor. He stepped out of them and stood there with his bikini briefs bulging. Gripping the waistband I slowly slid the briefs down his legs. His massive cock bounced up and down once it was freed from its constraint. I stared at his cock; it had to be at least six inches long totally soft. His cock and balls were shaved which made his cock look even bigger. “Well go ahead, don’t keep me waiting.” Marianne commanded with a smirk on her face.

I reached out took his limp six inch cock in my hand and began to stroke it. It was warm and I could feel it start to come to life in my hand. Then I held his cock straight up and kissed the tip. A salty drop of pre cum greeted my kiss and I licked it and swallowed. I took his cock deep in my mouth and began to suck him. I could feel him growing in my mouth his cock pulsing as I sucked getting harder and bigger. Finally he was so big I could only accommodate about half of his cock in my mouth. He held onto the back of my head and guided my head on and off his cock.

When he was totally hard, he pushed me away and crawled on the bed between Marianne’s legs. She spread her gorgeous legs showing him her shaved pussy glistening with juices. He drove his massive cock deep inside her and their fuck marathon session began. For the next hour they did it in every conceivable position while I knelt there and watched aching from arousal. Finally when she could take no more, Marianne began to cum and shouted that she wanted Thomas to cum too. I watched as he tensed and grabbed the headboard driving himself deeper and deeper into Marianne’s insatiable pussy. They both climaxed at once in a hot, sweaty culmination.

Thomas rolled off Marianne, his high cock covered with their juices. He merely motioned towards me and I knew what he meant. I crawled towards the bed and took his cock in my mouth and cleaned every drop off. Thomas and Marianne enjoyed the show and both laughed and made fun of me while I cleaned him dry. Marianne then made me stand up and take off my pantyhose. She slid to the edge of the bed, scooped all of Thomas’s cum out of her pussy and spread it all over my naked shaved cock and balls. The mere action of her doing this brought my tiny cock to its rigid state. It only took a few strokes and I felt myself cumming, shooting my load all of her hands and arms. She stood up and laughed her evil laugh and glanced at Thomas. “Watch this.” She extended her hand and arm and once again I licked all three of our ejaculate off her hands, fingers and arms. Thomas and Marianne got quite the laugh as she dismissed me and told me to go to bed.

That night I slept as I had never slept before safe and secure in the knowledge that at last I was a true cuckold.

Part 2 to follow..

Cuckold at the gym by cuckytoher

Part 2

I awoke the next morning wondering if it all had been a dream. All of the years of dreaming and fantasizing had come true last night. And if I was right, Thomas and Marianne had realized their fantasies too. Realizing that Marianne had planned this whole thing made it even hotter. That she had recognized my Achilles heel early on and exploited it for all our benefits made the whole thing seem surrealistic.

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