Cuddling with My Best Friend

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“Hannah, I don’t want to make you sleep upstairs in the hot loft,” I shouted up the stairs.

“No, I swear! It’s fine for you guys to take that bed. It’s a California King and I don’t need that much room to myself,” she replied.

It was Hannah’s bachelorette weekend and we were spending two nights at her family friend’s lake house in North Carolina.

“Well,” I stood somewhat crouched over in the small space above the living room and breathed in the heavy air. I glanced over at Gracie, my best friend who shrugged.

“Suit yourself,” she said under her breath, snatching up her weekend bag and pillow.

Truthfully, I would have loved sharing the full-sized bed in the loft with Gracie. While her soft skin is constantly warm to the touch, I am always freezing. Sharing a bed has come second nature to us over the past few years of road trips, late nights in the dorm, and visits to each other’s homes over holiday breaks. We had both just graduated college, myself only a month prior to the lake house trip and her a semester before me.

I swung my backpack over my shoulder and followed Gracie down the narrow stairwell, past Hannah who was dragging her overloaded suitcase towards the loft, and headed for what looked like the master bedroom of the house. The rest of our friends were gathered in the living room area, a mess of champagne glasses, Doritos, and four more heads giggling about a Romantic Comedy we had just finished.

“Men are NOT that responsive to sexual cues! They just go for what they think feels right.” Emily, a former roommate of mine added to the tipsy conversation that had erupted post-movie.

Gracie and I exchanged amused glances.

“Goodnight guys,” I interjected. “I think we’re going to hit the hay so we’re rested for tomorrow’s adventures.”

I followed Gracie into the room which was decorated in plain gray and navy blue décor. Over the bed there hung one large metal anchor.

“Jeeze, these fancy rich people sure don’t know how to decorate a room,” Gracie said.

Exhausted, I set my backpack down, quickly changed into my pajamas, and climbed into the bed. The large, fluffy comforter felt heavy and secure wrapped around me. Gracie did the same.

“I can’t believe you’re moving next weekend,” I whispered into the room.

Gracie had been my best friend for four years and now she was embarking on a new adventure – to a graduate school program far away from home. I was taking an entry-level staff job at the university we had just graduated from.

“I know,” she whispered back quietly. “I’m going to miss you so much more than I can tell you.”

“I love you, Gracie.”

“Love you too, Alex,” she said as she reached her hand out to touch my arm.

I dozed off after a few moments of silence, and when I woke up a few hours later, I was snuggled up against Gracie’s warm back, my cold hands tucked under my chin. I reached one arm over her torso to spoon her and drifted back to sleep.

The sun wasn’t coming up, but bursa eve gelen escort an alarm was going off. “Noooo,” Gracie moaned as she reached over to turn off her phone alarm. “I’m sorry. It’s SO early. I forgot to turn it off today.”

“It’s okay,” I mumbled sleepily.

Then, I felt Gracie’s warm arm around me, her head snuggled next to mine. Her other arm touched a strand of my hair.

I opened my eyes to see her smiling at me.

“Hi,” she said.

“Hi,” I smiled back.

After a moment, I felt her reach both of her arms around my back as if she were going to scoop me off the bed. Her right knee swung over and pushed between mine to meet the bed and she hugged me tightly. I let out a quiet gasp. We had snuggled, but she had never gotten on top of me.

We were both very straight. I had dated many guys, and while she had only dated a few, she simply seemed to air on the conservative side. This level of cuddling was out of character for her.

Even so, I felt my body responding to every move she made. She hugged me tightly, and I reached around her and did the same, then relaxed and began tracing my fingers all over her thin, tank top-clad back.

She let out a low moan, and hearing her moan felt amazing. It was so pure and lovely.

I kept tracing my fingers all over her back while she let out several small sighs. She pushed her body into mine, her arms next to my head and her hands pushing up towards the headboard. I could feel my nipples beginning to harden, and since we both slept without a bra on, I’m sure she could, too.

Was this really happening? Was I dreaming?

Gracie’s knee was digging into my inner thigh. I wanted to moan loudly as she wiggled on top of me.

I felt her body snake up towards the headboard. Her breasts were very close to my face and I could feel her leg start digging into my pussy. I moaned.

I glanced up at her and our eyes met. She paused, thinking carefully about what she was doing. I could see a tiny bit of fear through the lust that burned in her bright blue eyes, but she began grinding her lower thigh into my pussy through my athletic shorts. Her chest came down and rested on top of mine, near my neck, and she would often raise up and dig her warm, soft face into the side of my neck, but didn’t yet dare to kiss me.

I felt my entire body catch fire under her warmth as she straddled one of my thighs and began grinding into me as hard as she could.

My mind and my body were so confused, but the late-night sleepiness mixed with sudden burst of lust kept any words from escaping my lips. I tugged at her tank top, tracing my cold fingertips on her bare lower back. She paused to pull her shirt up and over her head, pulling the comforter over both of us and letting her perky bare breasts dangle in my face.

They were beautiful. I reached up to squeeze one and she let out another moan. I twisted her nipple as she jerked around on my thigh, grinding again bursa escort and clenching down on my leg every few seconds, trying to grind deeper and harder.

After a few minutes of this, I slowly moved out from under her and we faced each other on our sides on the giant bed. I pulled her tightly to me as she had earlier. I brushed my lips across her neck and she shivered, pulling me hard against her. I decided that it was my turn, so I gently climbed on top of her and straddled one of her legs, leaning down next to her face.

“What are we doing?” I asked quietly as I ground my chest into hers.

She didn’t reply with words, but reached around and grabbed my hips, pushing her leg up into my throbbing pussy. I let out a load moan.

“Shh,” she whispered.

I needed to make skin to skin contact with her, so I pulled my tshirt over my head and nestled my chest into hers. It felt so warm and inviting that I began massaging her breasts while still trying to grind my pussy into her leg. I suddenly needed much more.

I reached my fingers into the waistband of her leggings and tugged downwards. She let out a gasp, but let me pull them all the way off, leaving her laying on the bed in only in a dark pair of panties. I pulled my athletic shorts off and straddled her thigh again, this time only her flesh. I leaned down and kissed her check gently, then grabbed her wandering hands and pushed them down into the mattress above her head and we pressed our bodies together tightly. I wanted her so badly.

I started grinding into her thigh as she tried grinding back into mine from under me, and our breathing became heavy. I dug my arms under her arms and around her back, up and over her shoulders. Her nipples had grown and were poking into my own chest. We were warm – without the covers.

At this point we had thrown all inhibitions out the window – and I was getting close to orgasming in bed with my best friend.

“Gracie?” I questioned, looking for answers as I humped her leg – I didn’t want to stop.

She humped back, hard, but then stopped and began running a hand all over my stomach, sending chills all over my body. She reached for my panties and began caressing my very wet pussy through the cotton.

“Oh, yes,” I whispered as she rubbed harder.

I reached down and held her hand tightly to my pussy as I flipped over onto my back.

“Yes,” I said again.

She reached down the front of my panties and began aggressively rubbing into my wet mound. Within seconds, I began to climb.

I moaned so loudly when I climaxed that afterwards, we froze, her hand still down my panties, listening to the house for indications that anyone had heard us. When no one had stirred after a few moments, she moved her hand and we both fell back onto the bed. I cuddled up against her and fell asleep.

Minutes or hours passed by, but I woke to Gracie adjusting her position. She was shifting so that her back was facing me, and I lazily laid görükle escort my arm around her and across her chest, grazing a naked breast. She sighed and pressed her body into mine, her panty-covered flesh digging into mine. I moved my hand down to her hip and pulled her into my body. After a moment, I kissed her shoulder and she slowly turned back towards me, one hand weaving itself into my hair and the other reaching for my hip. We both pulled the other in tightly, our legs re-tangling and our breath quickening again, her hot breath tickling my cheek and collar bone.

“Mmm,” she purred quietly, nestling her face into my neck.

My mouth involuntarily fell open, and I could feel my senses heighten and the need to touch her everywhere grow again. I reached around and tugged at her panties where they met the small of her back, and she helped me take them off. My hand dragged slowly up her thigh and she began to shiver. My fingers met her silky wet slit and I gently began to rub her pussy. Her body was rocking gently, her pleasure building slowly. She spread her legs, allowing my hand better access. I pushed one finger into her.

“Ohh,” she gasped.

Two fingers. I switched back and forth between fucking her with my fingers and circling her clit.

“Oh, Alex,” Gracie whispered, her hand still woven into my hair, pulling tightly.

Then, I quickly pulled my fingers out and roughly circled her clit. Her body began to stiffen and she covered her mouth with one hand as she moaned quietly. I sat up and leaned over to kiss her, letting our mouths meet for the first time in a huge crashing wave of pleasure.

I just made my best friend come. This thought trailed through my mind as I smiled into her mouth.

My mouth did not want to stop there. I kissed her gently on the neck, then the chest, and then her breast. I moved up onto my knees and waited for her to move as she continued to recover from her orgasm.

“Don’t stop,” she whispered between shallow breaths.

I leaned over to kiss her nipple and her hands met my hair, lacing into the brown locks and pulling me into her tightly. I licked her nipple gently and then sucked on it, hard. I sucked a large part of her breast into my mouth and bit down gently.

“Ahh,” she moaned. “Oh, keep doing that.”

I did. I bit her many times across her breasts, and after several minutes, I began to kiss her stomach and navel. I finally began to kiss just above her bikini line when she suddenly sat up and pulled me into her lap.

I was now straddling her and she wanted our pussies to get closer. I had never done this before. Had she?

“Lie down,” she instructed me.

I did, and she worked her way into a scissoring position, her usually calm and reserved personality receding as she became a very dominate and passionate lover.

She began to grind her pussy into me, sending waves of pleasure through my body. Her silky pussy was so soft and erotic against mine. After a few minutes, she came hard, shaking and panting and sweating. I pulled her close to me and gently caressed her hair.

A few minutes later, we could hear the rest of the house waking up to start our day.

“So much for getting rest,” I said.

“I love you,” Gracie whispered.

I kissed her slowly. I never wanted to leave that bed.

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