Curious No More Ch. 08

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Thanks again for your support. I always try to answer any emails and I hope this is as enjoyable as my previous experiences. Life is getting really busy and I found it tough to edit this one, but feedback is always appreciated.


“Fuuuuck! I love it! So good! Don’t stop!” I was lost in the feeling of how natural it felt to take his load. I didn’t even care that I hadn’t cum. I could feel his cock pulsing in my ass and that meant I got my reward. I loved it and let Sam know, “Oh Sam! Oh fuuuuck! Keep cumming man!” I tried to keep squeezing my hole, milking his cock and keep him in me and not lose a drop.

“Unnnnhhh… unnhhh… unhhhh!” I could feel Sam flexing his cock in me, pushing more of his seed into me, deeper. We continued to kiss and Sam’s weight slowly melted onto me. We lay there, locked in an embrace, his cock still hard and our breathing slowly returning to normal.

My head was buried in his neck and my hands were still on his ass pulling him into me, not letting him out.

I turned my head to look at Sam. “I want more of that. A lot more of that.”

We spent the rest of the night draining ourselves.


In the coming weeks, Sam and I continued to fuck like crazy whenever possible. Our results came in and they were perfectly clear. Being able to bareback opened us up to a more intense world as the intimacy seemed to increase. I would occasionally wake up to feel his hard dick digging into me during the night, whereupon I would open myself up to him and enjoy a sleepy fuck that felt like part dream and part porno. I would lie on my side, pushing back into Sam’s hot cock, his precum our only lube sometimes, until he gushed his load into my willing ass. Arms wrapped around me, head buried in my neck, legs twisted with mine, a slow passionate fuck that became a fantasy of mine without even knowing it. I was becoming more submissive and while I was still looking at women, my sex life became consumed by cock – Sam’s cock. We still maintained a balance of being FWB but the reality was that we often put sex with each other over sex with others… that’s not to say we didn’t have others in our bed’s…


A few weeks after going full bareback, during another hot sex session, Sam started to tell me how he wanted to see me take another cock. He was bent over me, giving it to me from behind and whispered into my ear, “Don’t you wish you had a cock to suck on, right now?” I moaned loudly and it was obvious that I did and Sam knew about my previous experiences.

“Wouldn’t it be so hot, to hold a cock in your hand and have another in your mouth as I fuck you like the slut you are? Is that what you want?”

“Unnnnh yesssss daddy. Anything for you.” The thought turned me on so much and I tried to push my hole back on to his cock more.

“No,” Sam replied, “I know you’ll do anything for me. I want you, to want it for you; I want to see how slutty you are, how bad you need it.”

I breathed out, “I want it bad. I love cock. I want to be used.”

Sam leaned back, “Fucking right you do!” he exclaimed. “That’s fucking hot.” He started to pump my ass hard and the sound of him slamming his cock into me filled the room.

Now it was my turn to give it back to him, “I want cock! Lots of cock! Filling me, while you watch me take it!”

Sam grabbed my hips even harder and started power fucking me, pulling his cock all the way to where just his head stayed in me and then slamming it as hard into me as possible. It hurt but in a good way. “You like that? You want to be used? You want to be my fuck toy? Used by my friends? Become a gay toy?”

I moaned loud, “Oooohhh god yes!” and my cock got rock hard again after going down a bit from him slamming my ass.

Sam pulled his cock all the way out and told me to flip over, “I want to see you tell me that’s what you want.”

I flipped over and pulled my knees back and Sam played with his cock at my hole, teasing me.

He grabbed my cock which was leaking and played with it, “Wow! You are really turned on by this idea aren’t you?”

I nodded, “Yes! I’d love another threesome!”

Sam pinned my legs back as far as they could go, exposing me and opening me up even more. He then drove his cock into me in one easy push.

I wrapped my legs around him, “I want your friends to fuck me.”

Sam leaned down and kissed me aggressively to which I responded in turn while pulling him into me.

“Is that what you want?” Sam asked as he continued to fill me, kissing me between words. “You want more cock?”

“Yes! Set it up babe! I want it!”

Sam started to have an urgency in his thrusts when he heard me say it.

“Yesssss! Fucking! So! Hot!” Sam started to moan and I could feel him get harder and his breathing quicken.

“Breed me daddy! Cum in me! Make me ready for other guys!” I 100% wanted other cock and with Sam’s cock in me, I couldn’t wait to have more.

Sam slowed down his thrusts and pressed escort osmanbey into me even more deeply as he unleashed his seed into my eager hole. “Unnnnhhhhhh! Fuck yeah babe! Take my load! Take your reward!”

I buried my head in his shoulder as he came and tried to revel in the feeling of him loading my ass up with his sperm. This was my favorite thing in the world because it was so intimate yet taboo. Two people could never be closer than at this moment. I now understood why some of my ex-girlfriends were such cumsluts – I loved it too, now.

I was close to cumming but didn’t care as long as Sam had given me his load. At this point in our relationship, Sam would sometimes not allow me to touch my cock until he said I could. Sometimes he wouldn’t even allow me to jerk off for days to make me even more willing to have me cum from him fucking me and of course when I did cum, it would be a huge load. If he didn’t make me cum from him just fucking me, he might finger my ass and help me out but he might also punish me by not allowing me to unload at all just to show me who was in charge. When I did cum, it was almost exclusively from just prostate stimulation. My loads were huge and my orgasms dizzying. It was worth it not to touch myself for that alone. Sam was trying to train me into just being “a fag that needs cock to cum”. It was working.

After that night, we discussed how we would set up our threesome. Sam said he had an acquaintance, Alex, that liked to play and he was sure he would be into having fun with me. They had never hooked up but Sam said they always flirted and Alex had a reputation as a good guy. He emailed him to catch up about how he was doing and drop some “subtle” hints.

“… my new friend is discovering some new things about himself. We should catch up… “

Alex responded that they should indeed get together and Sam and him did meet up for coffee but after that, Sam didn’t say much about it except for that Alex was interested but that he had lots of “things” going on and it might be a while before we could all get together. In the while, though, Sam continued to fuck my ass and push my limits, blindfolding and tying me up among other things. I knew I loved sucking dick, but one evening, I got an even better understanding of how much I loved dick.

A few weeks later, Sam and I had met up at his place on a Thursday night with no plans except to get high and fuck. As we passed the dong bong, back and forth, Sam played some bareback porn for us on the computer and he started to talk that talk, “I can’t believe what a cocksucker I’ve turned you into. I bet you’ve been thinking about this all day, haven’t you?”

I took a big rip of the bong, held it and finally exhaled, before smiling at Sam, “Your cock makes me greedy.”

A very nice high had fallen upon me, making me even more relaxed and horny. We didn’t have to work the next day so I was planning on staying over and letting things happen. Sam kept checking his phone but I didn’t really think anything of it. We lay on his bed, making out and playing with each other’s cock and my hole. By this point in our relationship, my ass didn’t need a lot of warm up – Sam had truly made it his hole. We were down to just our underwear and Sam moved on top of me, stroking my cock lightly, tickling it, and making it hard as an iron spike. “I love seeing how excited you get for me,” Sam smirked and then mocked me by saying, “It’s so hot for a straight guy.”

I squeezed his cock through his underwear and muttered, “I think you fuck the straight out of me a bit more every time.”

“Yeah? You like that though, don’t you? Getting a bit gayer every time we fuck?” Sam squeezed my cock harder as he emphasized on the word ‘fuck’.

“Yesssss… I love getting fucked by a cock. So much… feels so good. So natural.” Even after the months of him pounding me full of his cum, our sex talk never stopped and in fact, would often escalate in its degradation and submissiveness.

“It is natural, babe. I love hearing you say that.” Sam leaned in to kiss me and I wrapped my legs around him.

“Fuck me babe. I need it!” I begged.

“Fuck! You are even starting to sound gay!” Sam said and mimicked how a fey sounding guy might sound, “Fuck me babe! I neeeed it!”

“Nooo!” I said, looking Sam in the eye. I was partly offended by his comment but my cock hardened and flexed at the thought and my ass tingled.

Sam laughed, “Ha! Look at how hard you are… You want to be gay! You want to be a complete fag and walk around like a twink, swishing that ass!”

I was torn; the idea of being a twink repulsed me but turned me on so much. I knew Sam was just talking dirty to me but this took it to a new level. My ass literally opened up at the thought of being an out of the closet twink who reveled in his gayness. I had never wanted cock more in my life at that moment.

“Fuck me, Sam! Keep making me gay! I want it! I want to be turned, babe! Fuck me! Like a twink!” I rolled my ass escort güngören up and ripped off my underwear. I think I caught Sam off guard, “Wow” was all he managed to say.

I lay on the bed and pulled my legs back, fully exposing my ass to him. “Fuck me baby! You own my hole! Convert me even more!”

Sam dove in headfirst, pulling my cheeks apart and driving his tongue deep into my pussy. I moaned like a bitch.

“Pleasssseee fuck me!”

“Not yet… you need to have your pussy spread open for me… show me how bad you want it.”

I decided to turn the tables on Sam and put on the gayest accent I could, “Fuck me stud… fuck my pussy and make me your bitch!”

It had the effect I hoped for. Sam didn’t even pull his underwear off all the way, he just pulled his cock out, lubed it up and drove it into me with my hands pulling him deeper into me, the both of us letting out moans as we became one. My knees and feet were almost over my head as he filled me up, his hands on my shoulders and the back of my knees on his shoulders. Sam drilled me hard and fast, “I love hearing you talk like that! I’m going to convert your ass for real. Make you never want women again… just like you want. Make you walk and talk like a fag!”

I gasped and looked up. Sam had me bent almost in half and I could have sucked my own dick if he kept at it. Unfortunately, his apartment phone rang to let us know that someone was downstairs. Sam stopped and looked at me and smiled, “You ready for a big surprise?”

“Don’t stop fucking me!” I pleaded. I couldn’t believe that he was stopping to answer the phone.

“Ha! You have no idea how fucked you are about to get.” Sam pulled his cock out of me and answered the door buzzer, “Come on up!”

Suddenly, it hit me – we were about to have our threesome! “Is that Alex?!?!”

“Yup! You ready to have some fun?” Sam pulled his underwear all the way on and a pair of shorts with a t-shirt so I did the same. Just when I thought the night couldn’t get any hotter, the temperature was about to go way up!

Soon, there was a knock at the door and Sam let Alex in. In walked a very slim, good looking guy. About 5’10 with blonde hair and green eyes, Alex carried himself with confidence which was evident when he introduced himself.

“Hi. I’m Alex” and laughed lightly as he looked me up and down.

Sam introduced me, “This is Matt. The guy that’s been waiting for you and he’s very warmed up and ready for you.”

I finally spoke, “This is so hot. I am definitely ready! I can’t believe that Sam set this up!” Being high from the pot, I had no shyness left and I felt very mellow, comfortable and very ready.

Sam looked at me and smiled, “I knew you’d be game, babe. Alex and I have just been trying to fit it into our schedules.”

Alex had taken off his jacket and was standing there, looking at us before he spoke, “It looks like you guys have already started. Having fun?”

Sam had moved behind me and started to grind his cock against me with his hands on my hips, “We were just getting started. His hole is warmed up and he is in a very submissive mood tonight. Aren’t you, baby?”

I placed my hands on Sam’s hands and pushed my ass back at Sam, “Mmmmm. I am… very submissive tonight.” My cock went from a chubby state to a full hard on.

Sam leaned into me and bit my neck, “Why don’t you make Alex more comfortable? Show him just how submissive you are? Why don’t you get down and suck his cock?”

Alex started to unbuckle his belt and jeans as I knelt in front of him. I finished the job for him and could see his cock already starting to get hard through his underwear.

“Pull it out and suck it,” Alex said as he looked down at me.

I fished it out and took his six inches to the root. He moaned and grabbed the back of my head and started pushing and pulling me up and down his cock.

I loved sucking dick. I absolutely loved it. I loved the way it felt in my mouth. The way it tasted. The way I could make it grow in my mouth. The way it expanded when a guy was about to cum. I simply couldn’t get enough. I never turned down Sam when he wanted a blow job and all that practice made me an expert deep throat cock sucker. I rarely gagged and my jaw didn’t even get sore anymore. I had dated a girl once who loved sucking dick and complained about a wasted load when you didn’t cum in her mouth. She blew me every time I wanted and loved gagging on cock. She loved being called a cocksucker and now I knew exactly what she felt. There was a power in sucking cock somehow. Something that made me fulfilled. I didn’t understand it but I didn’t care so long as I had a cock to suck. Sam made sure I had lots of his cock to suck and I loved it and I loved being called a ‘cocksucker’. There wasn’t any turning back, and there was so much to learn – and tonight I was learning I couldn’t get enough.

Sam came over and stood next to Alex. I reached up and squeezed his cock until he pulled his it out which caused me escort çapa to pull off of Alex’s cock and immediately deep throat Sam’s member. I had one hand on each of their cocks and I played with one while sucking the other.

“Fuck, Sam. You were right. He is a giant cocksucker!” I moaned at the thought that Sam had told Alex what a cocksucker I was and this encouraged me even more. I started going back and forth between the cocks, deep throating them until I had both of them moaning. They both had a hand on the back of my head, but I didn’t need their guidance – I wanted them more than they could ever know. At one point, Alex played with his cock on my face and I just moaned and licked him all over until I ended up sucking on his balls. I looked up at Sam and he smiled, “Ready for the bedroom, fag?”

I moaned and nodded my head with Alex’s balls still in my mouth.

We moved into the bedroom where Sam told me to lie on my back and play with my pussy, “Show Alex how much you need it, boy.”

I stripped naked and laid down and then pulled my balls up with one hand before working my fingers into my hole. I was still fairly slick from the lube I had in me, but I wanted to be ready so I applied more lube till I could easily work three fingers in and out of my chute and press on my prostate.

“Who do you want first, babe?” Sam asked. “We’re both ready for you.”

I looked over and Sam’s cock was fiercely hard as was Alex who was holding an unopened condom package.

I stared into Sam’s’ eyes, “I want you first so you can cum in me and then Alex can work it into me deeper.”

“Wowww, you fucking slut!” Sam exclaimed.

He wasted no time, climbed on top of me and lined up his cock with my hole, pushing just the head into me before he grabbed my hands and pulled them out of the way, and then he drove his cock into me in one perfect push.

“Unnhhhhh!” I moaned, as did Sam. He was now lying on top of me, still holding my wrists out to the sides of me. “What next? What do you want now?” Sam asked although was more of a rhetorical question. He knew exactly what I wanted.

I turned my head and looked at Alex, “Bring that cock over here.”

Sam leaned back to get out of the way as Alex stepped to the side of the bed and lifted one knee up beside me as he offered his cock to my mouth which warmly accepted it. I was in heaven. Sam started to get into a rhythm with his hands on my hips and my legs wrapped around him while my head bobbed upon Alex’s cock. Alex tasted amazing and Sam felt perfect in me. I moaned and tried to go with their natural movements, imagining what the scene looked like in my head which turned me on even more. My cock swayed to the rhythm of their sex.

Alex had a hand on my head, pulling my hair and using my mouth. I continued moaning and felt my cock grow.

“Don’t you dare cum, fag!” Sam hissed. “You’ll cum when I say so. I own your ass, don’t I?”

I moaned around Alex’s cock but that wasn’t enough for Sam, who drilled me harder, “Say it, gay boy!”

I pulled off of Alex’s cock and took a quick breath, “You do,” before I went back to swallowing Alex.

“I do, what? Say it cocksucker!” Sam demanded, seemingly to ensure that Alex and I understood who was in charge.

I pulled off of Alex’s hard cock again, but this time a trail of saliva and cock juice hung from my mouth as I admitted it to Sam while trying to again catch my breath from sucking cock, “You own my ass and cock. You are in charge, sir.”

Sam moaned and so did Alex as I licked his cock. Sam looked down at me and again asked, this time sarcastically, “Who owns your hole?”

“You do, babe. You own it. It’s yours.” My cock flexed as I said it, growing harder and harder, waving in the air to the ministrations of the fucking and sucking of our bodies. Admitting it in front of Alex made me find an even deeper submissiveness in me, turning me on more and more. My cock was flared a deep red and looked almost angry as it leaked my precum.

Sam started to drill my ass even harder telling Alex to use my mouth. “He loves it. He wanted to suck my cock the first time he saw me. Didn’t you straight boy?”

I managed to muffle a moan around Alex’s cock. Alex liked that and moaned, “Mmmmmm Look how straight you are… sucking my cock and taking it in your ass like a natural. Yeah straight boy, let it go… just enjoy what you really are… gay… just like us… yeah… you love it and want it… more and more… good boy.”

Sam had his hands on my hips and thighs, pulling me deeper onto him. I could start to feel him pick up the urgency.

“You feel so good babe. Your ass is perfect for taking cock. You take it so easily and naturally.”

I started to moan more and more as I could feel Sam’s cock get harder and bigger. He adjusted his position a bit and really started to hit my prostate. My moans got louder and Sam responded, “You like that, babe? You like me hitting your gay spot?” I moaned and nodded as best as I could with Alex’s cock in my mouth. Sam picked up the intensity, “Yeah straight boy, let it go… just give yourself to it… be that fag that you want to be… you know you do… “

I could feel my orgasm building and Sam must have felt it too. “You want to cum, straight boy?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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