Cyber to Reality Ch. 01

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I had always been curious, but much too engrained in the straight guy perception of all things gay. The gay community was all hairdressers and limp wristed wimp types.

Perhaps it was my protection against my curiosity, I was not at all like that so I must be 100% straight. I ignored the obvious signs that did not fit the image. The fact that my first wank was about a guy after watching one of those old black & white deep south cotton plantation movies. The fact that I found the sight of naked guys so arousing. The fact the thought of a hard cock made my mouth go dry and my stomach tingle.

All this was pushed out of mind because I knew I was not attracted to the stereotype gay. I married had three children and kept all those best sexy thoughts for private moments alone. I am a naturally submissive person, unfortunately so is my wife, so these feelings were also suppressed. Suppressed that is until I was thirty five years old and discovered the internet.

I first discovered the obvious porn sites, I browsed pages and pages of photographs of women sucking on cock, I knew that more and more I was looking at the cocks not the women. Then I found lots of pictures of men, sexy men, not wimps but real men. I would surf the web for hours and hours mesmerised by hard cocks and delicious pictures of oral sex. I was envious of every woman with a cock in her mouth. I found myself licking my lips and having an enormous hard-on covered in precum.

It was natural progression to find the gay sites and the revelation of the gay bear and the BDSM sites. Not a wimp in sight! I was becoming so liberated by the knowledge that I was not alone and that I could enjoy this. It seemed a natural step to go to a chat room, I was in heaven, I could communicate with guys, tell them how I really felt, I could arouse them.

I became a gay cyber slut, ignoring anyone who wanted to meet up on the first or second chat, that was way to scary! I had an alter ego who was a submissive slut and soon became to realise that it was nearer the truth than I dared believe. I built a long standing online relationship with this one guy, who was Dom but very kind too. He was Gay, 52 and was living on his Ankara bayan escort own, he was out and enjoyed it to the full. I was very envious. He lived about ninety miles away, I deliberately avoided anyone too close. He never pushed but seemed happy that I would be online and do as he asked. One day, shocking myself, I suggested I could phone him. I was soon phoning him every day and now I really wanted to meet him too. He knew everything about me, he was the first person to know everything about me. I knew what he liked and I trusted him so next time he said “It would be better if I was with him for real” I suggested that we should meet, if only for coffee.

The time and place was arranged, I would drive to near his home, meet him in a supermarket car park and we would go for a coffee. I secretly booked a day off work and my stomach was turning over and over as I drove into the car park. I saw his gold Volvo parked exactly where he had described it would be. I pulled up in the lane behind him, a few cars down. He was reading the paper, he had not asked what car I had so I think he was unaware that I had arrived. He looked good, he was taller and bigger than I had imagined, he was clean shaven and tanned. I walked towards the car and he obviously caught me out of the corner of his eye. He looked, opened his window, smiled and simply said “Hello Mark”. My reply was a stuttering “Hello Steve”. It sounds mad but it is difficult to explain that moment, by uttering his name I had identified myself as that cyber slut and I had actually met the man who understood me.

He suggested I jump in, but I was nervous and suggested I follow him in my car, he agreed and I found myself following this lovely man back to his house. He opened the front door and invited me in.

He went straight to the kitchen and put the kettle on, turned to me and looked me up and down very obviously. I was hard and he looked and smiled, he moved over to me, said that I looked better than I described and run his hand over my stretching trousers saying he particularly like some parts.

We knew so much about each other, I knew he wanted to kiss me, so I kissed him. He started to unbutton my shirt Escort bayan Ankara and pull it out of my trousers then he undone my trousers and let them drop. I just stood there in heaven. He ushered me to step out of them and to remove my socks and shoes.

I was standing there in just my grey underwear, just tight briefs with a swelling cock and a wet patch. He stood back examining me again, I found that so sexy. He told me to sit on the chair next to the kitchen table, I did and he came over and stood between my legs, his cock was inches away from me, I looked in his eyes and he just nodded. I ran my hand over his trousers, felt his hardening cock inside, I undone his fly and the button and opened them to find boxer shorts, I kissed them. I slid my hand in and soon found the opening and his hot sexy cock. It was like electric through me, it was beautiful moment I will never forget. His lovely hard seven inch uncut cock escaped and I knew I had to taste it. I was in ecstasy as I licked and sucked and caressed him, he just watched, gently resting his hand on my head. I was so engrossed I don’t know how long I was there, but I never wanted it to stop, I felt his cock throb and then start to pulse and then he stopped me.

He told me he had enjoyed it, but I wanted him to cum, I pleaded him to let me continue.

“All in good time ” he said and guided me through to his bedroom and suggested I give him a whole body massage.

We had done this in cyber land so much I knew exactly where to start and where to go. He undressed, he was big, not fat but not muscular, he was completely hairless apart from some neatly trimmed pubic hairs. His tan was all over, his arse and chest were very sexy. As he lay on the bed on his tummy I realised that I had cum sometime during giving him his blow job and so I left my briefs on, embarrassed at the sticky mess.

I started at his feet with musk massage oils, smooth and sexy I moved up the back of his legs over his tight arse and all over his back to his neck, then I went down his arms and back to his shoulders. He told me to go back to his arse and do it properly. I again rubbed his firm cheeks, he opened his legs slightly and Bayan escort Ankara I separated his cheeks as I rubbed them and blew gently on his arsehole, I knew he wasn’t into penetration but enjoyed the sensitivity of the tight little muscle being massaged. I parted his cheeks and dropped a few drops of oil directly down on his arse, he twitched and sighed. The oil run down and my hand met it as it ran over his balls, they were smooth and hot and just as I cupped them in my hand he turned over on to his back.

His cock stood proud and looked amazing, he told me I should finish what I started. I knelt between is legs my oily hands rubbed up his chest to wards his nipples and his cock slipped in between my eager lips. I used my lips to hold his cock as my tongue ran around his tip, then I started to suck and pull more of his lovely cock into my mouth. I moved up to kneel along side him so his cock was not pulled down but sat more naturally in my mouth. Again I have no idea how long I was there, I was almost in a trance, a beautiful all over sexy feeling engulfing me.

I was aware of him reaching over to his bed side table as he said he had something for me, he had a nearly empty tube of lube and squeezed some on his fingers then he pulled my briefs down to my knees and I felt the cool gel all around my arse. He gently spread it all around and before I knew it I felt his finger slip into me. I continued to suck on his now throbbing cock and was sure I was getting a new taste that turned me on even more. I found my arse pushing towards him, why did that feel so wonderful? The thrusting from his cock spread to his hips and I know a couple of times he stopped himself coming by withdrawing slightly from my attentions, but I only knew I really wanted him to cum. He knew that is what I wanted too. I felt him thrust harder with his fingers and at the same time his cock pulsed and throbbed at the same time, I felt his cock strain and then I tasted hot sexy cum for the very first time, it was in my mouth, over my face, over his cock it was delicious. I could not get enough and I licked and sucked it from everywhere.

He summoned me to his side and we lay on the bed together, he said that he was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed his fingers. I was pleasantly surprised too., I had secretly thought I would not enjoy that area but now I found myself dreaming of being fucked. But that would have to wait for the next visit…

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