Cybil is Seeking a New Slave Ch. 05

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Story is about consensual adults going into a bdsm relationship F/m. For whoever read Ch.4, Cybil is now giving Sean a session of pegging, he also will wear a maid´s outfit adding consensual humiliation so his mind flips as desired by her and becomes with this last step ready for his new life by his Mistress.


We wake up on Sunday, Cybil starts smooching me, I´m still fettered and helpless, yet I react well to her kissing. She then gets up and goes to the bathroom, when she is back, I´m untied telling me to go to the bathroom and clean up. I´m soon back from the bathroom.

“Well, slave today is Sunday and normally what I´ll be asking from you today will be done during the week as part of your chores. Since you are currently occupied during the week with that employment you still have, we will do it today so that you get a full picture. Your job will end the moment we both agree you are in a 24/7 relationship with me.” Cybil said.

“Yes, Mistress and what is that I´d be doing during the week?” I asked.

“Look what´s on the bed slave.” Cybil said with me not still quite awake I have overseen a maid´s uniform on the bed laid out for me, I obviously deducted.

“Mistress, will I be using this often?” I asked.

“I´m not sure quite yet slave, I could decide to have you in it every time the house needs dusting or a thorough cleaning, or always.” Cybil said making me aware she orders and I obey, “I want to watch you as you dress and before you say or ask, I know it is a little intimidating and some humiliation goes into it as well. Take into consideration that you are becoming mine and to do as I wish with you. This will happen always between us, in the future if we decide to add other situations or people, we will talk about it before we go there, in that I will respect limits.” Cybil said.

“I understand Mistress.” I said starting to dress into the uniform in the same order she set the clothing out for me. I start with the first item as Cybil looks at me. She is me haunting with her smile, every now and then adding girly comments as I dress.

“I see you are also shy; well a good number of men who are submissive tend to be.” Cybil said.

“Yes, I am, only when I get to know the person well enough, I might open up.” I said.

“Don´t worry you´ll open up with me. I doubt you have anything to hide by now, maybe an anecdote or some time when you had some fetish being performed.” Cybil said.

“You are right Mistress, by now I have gone past any previous experience I have ever had.” I said.

“If you become my slave for good, I´ll be getting you into shape and I may get you a wig for you, I have not decided on that yet. You do look interesting in this uniform, I may have sexual use of you once you finish doing the cleaning. All you need to start cleaning the house with you´ll find it in a closet we have in the kitchen. But first things first I want my breakfast, so go ahead and make it for me.” Cybil said.

I go to the kitchen and make breakfast for her. Cybil does invite me into sharing it with her. With the permitted distension I asked, “Mistress if not mistaken with some situations you are just opening the door introducing me to them as the flogging and in others you are pushing my limits in order to see if I have what it takes to be with you, such as getting me into this outfit with what may come after, am I right in my assumption?”

“No, you are wrong slave, I´m getting you familiar with what life will be for us, you might feel that some things feel easier for you to deal with and others which are not quite as easy as the one I´m putting you through now. You should notice the only difference with your chores is the outfit, which I feel it humiliates you by the fact of seeing yourself dressed as a maid.” Cybil said having some toast.

She is right, it makes me go deeper into the rabbit hole having this uniform on. I had not seen it coming and that humiliated me, yet I feel she has all the right to put me into this or whatever she wants since she is My Mistress. I had not become fully aware of her control over me as I´m now. I blush at the knowledge of my position with her, trying to become contended with it in a complete way. I see Cybil looking at me and giving me time to come up with a comment and said, “My ego has just had a quarrel with me and I naturally surrender to you Mistress.”

“Good to now slave that your ego is surrendering to me as it should, it does not have much room in this relationship.” Cybil said adding, “If you are finished you may start with the bedroom and work your way around the house.”

I get up geting the needed items from the closet and started off with making the bed and cleaning. A good two hours have gone past by now, finishing now in the kitchen. Once I´m done I go up to Cybil and said, “Ready Mistress your house is clean.” I said.

“Yes it´s my house but soon you´ll call it home as well.” Cybil said.

“Yes, Mistress if you say so.” I said.

“Sean dear, I think Eskort Kız it´s time to do what I had mentioned yesterday, are you up to it?” Cybil said knowingly she is putting me into a tight situation.

“You mean that?” I asked.

“Oh, it´s not such an issue as you think it is and you´ll get to like it Sean, that I can assure you, because your ego will no longer interfere with your concept of being a male, keep in mind you are now a slave who only has to go a little deeper with me.” Cybil said.

“God you have made it so clear and in such a blunt way.” I said.

“I´m starting to truly like you Sean and yes I´ll be blunt among other things until you stop with questions and feel totally relaxed being my slave.” Cybil said with a touch of sensuality.

“I guess I should be saying, Mistress what would you like to do now.” I said.

“That is not the correct attitude yet but you are getting there. I know this coming next is making you anxious. I´d like you to relax as if you have done it many times and you like it, can you at least try to think it?” Cybil asked.

“I´ll try my best Mistress.” I said.

“There we have the attitude we want. It’s is only appropriate to have your Mistress own you in every way and since you have female attire on, it would be right to have you accept being taken down that road also.” Cybil said.

“If that is your wish Mistress. Does it turn you on?” I asked.

“As a matter of fact, it does, but mostly making you go down a road into total subjugating slavery. It is nice to feel I own you and fuck you with my cock into submission.” Cybil said.

“Ah, your pleasure is having me submit to your whim, not fucking me for the sake of pegging.” I said.

“I like the combination of all it does entail when I do it.” Cybil said.

“Time will show me the different aspects of your domination over me Mistress.” I said.

“Yes it will, now I´m going to put you into bondage. I want you with your waist over the retractable horse you will see in the living room set out for you, it will take a little time getting you ready, but very fulfilling for me putting the ropes on you love.” Cybil said as I see her bring over a considerable amount of ropes with her as I go to the living room.

I see the horse and put my body over it in the position required by her. I start to think of what is coming next in a calm way, “I see it´s easy to set anywhere Mistress.” I said.

“It´s an easy retrievable piece of furniture. On the carpet it tends not to move too much, whilst you are completely bound and I have you.” Cybil said smiling at me.

“You want me as I am now on the horse?” I asked.

“Yes, I want just that slave.” Cybil said as I get into position she is coming round and starts tying me up in the most intricate of ways finding myself totally bound in Japanese bondage style.

I just cannot move now, helpless and at her mercy. I try to make some sort of movement and I seem to be part of the furniture, because I can only move a little of my neck and head and my fingers. I said, “Mistress, never been so tightly bound as now.”

“I hope you enjoy it slave. Now I´ll buckle up and show you who has the cock around here.” Cybil said disappearing into her bedroom as I hear the hear go. Soon enough I hear her making her way back to me. In the position I´m in my eyes find it difficult to be in a position in which I can see her unless she is only a couple of feet away from me. Soon enough I see her heels and look up the little possible I can. There´s a protruding strap on, it´s there just before me tied up to her waist. She purposely puts it before my lips touching my back as if checking something and slightly moving the cock forward and back from my lips.

“It´s quite something you have on Mistress.” I said.

“I see you have noticed it, good slave, would you like to open your mouth and take me in?” Cybil asked adding, “I asked it as a question but more in a rhetorical way if you understand the idea.”

“Yes Mistress, when you are ready.” I said.

“You are such a willing slave it makes me wet, now take me in.” Cybil said feeling as she goes into my mouth starting to fuck me in a slow way making me take a good mouthful.

“Uhm.” I said and only that, not having possibility of any other. She still does a little more mouth fucking with me. I drop some saliva she sees it and stops.

“I see you drool slave; I wonder if is it because of a mouthful or I´m making you like it too much.” Cybil said as I see her put a condom on it and feel her hand on my back as she moves towards my rear.

“You know I´m becoming yours Mistress and up to now I can say you are making me very happy knowing you want and can control me.” I said.

“Yes, baby that is the way for us, I hope as I do you, you´ll shortly want more of me. I´m now giving you an extension of me and I´m proudly taking over making your arse which is mine as well.” Cybil said.

“I guess that after this there´s no turning back.” I said.

“I´d say you will become ready for vows, then yes you will drop everything in your life to serve me for the rest of it.” Cybil said softly to my ear.

“May I have a request Mistress?” I asked.

“Depending what it is, I may or not grant it, please go ahead with it.” Cybil said.

“Please use a lot of lube until I get accustomed to have you in me.” I said hoping she will go gently into me.

“Your request is reasonable for a first time with me. I do also want a willing slave to take me in with `gusto` maybe even craving it so that I can micromanage you even more so.” Cybil said.

“What do you mean with `gusto` Mistress?” I asked.

“It´s a Spanish word I learnt which means with pleasure, willingness, liking.” Cybil said.

“Thank you for the translation Mistress.” I said as I feel one of her fingers going into me, it goes in an out a couple of times, she then puts a second one in and gives me the same treatment.

“I see you are open, how often you play in there?” Cybil asked.

“Long ago I slowly tried small toys, then with a pro a slightly bigger one and stopped, until now with you.” I said.

“So, tell me slave, have you been fucked?” Cybil asked.

“No, I haven´t Mistress.” I said.

“But you have been with a pro, then what did she do?” Cybil questioned.

“She opened me sliding the toy in, just played a couple of times in and out and that was it.” I said.

“Is that the truth slave?” Cybil asked putting three fingers in and pumping.

“Uhh, yes Mistress it´s the truth.” I said.

“I believe you slave, remember we trust each other, don´t ever let me catch you lying to me.” Cybil said.

“No Mistress trust between us is like breathing we have to have it always.” I said.

“Good slave, I´m the first, if you take the vows I´ll be the only owner of your butt. Further on in life we do not know what might happen, but if you stay by my side I´ll be the only one fucking you.” Cybil said.

“Yes, Mistress I do hope it works in such a way that you´ll be the only one with me for ever.” I said.

“I´m letting you know slave that I have put a butterfly into my harness it will stimulate my pussy as I fuck you, hopefully I´ll get a lot of orgasms from it.” Cybil said.

“I hope you enjoy doing me Mistress.” I said and feel the head at the entrance as it starts to go in.

“Ooohh, ohhh.” I said as she slides the head in then holding, she goes in some more as I feel her filling me up. It feels bigger than it looks. She finishes going in as her hips are now touching me and I have the fullness of her in me. It is desperate for me because I´m bound in such a way that moving is impossible. She knows it and enjoys it very much, knowing I´m totally helpless.

“Do you feel me slave, do you feel how full you are with me in you now? I´m going to turn you into my little slut, do your understand slave, are you willing to become my whore?” Cybil asked as I hear the vibrator in her butterfly turn on with its buzzing noise reaching my ears. She is still fully in me not moving, I feel a little tickle from the buzzing, which must be doing wonders for her pussy, I guess.

“I belong to you Mistress I´m your slave.” I said.

“I know you are a slave and to be mine, now are you a willing whore for me?” Cybil asked as she starts pumping into me.

I feel somewhat humiliated telling her I´m a whore. Knowing I belong to her it does not have much meaning letting my ego jump at her, because I´m whatever she wants me to be. I want her and like her as a woman and Mistress to me. I finally able to get words out, I said, “Yes Mistress, I´m a whore.” She is making me get a physical sensation from her fucking not thinking I could have. The prostate is touched by her strap on as it slides in and out making feel I like it.

“Whose whore, are you now, will you tell me?” Cybil asked again not satisfied with my answer.

“I´m, I´m, I´m whore, your whore.” I said finally as the rhythm is now making my whole body feel she is in command turning me into a slutty whore who is starting to want more from her. My mind melting in contradiction as she makes me want that more from her.

“I´m truly enjoying myself slave. I´m playing with my nipples now as I fuck you with two orgasms in and more to go, I know you are liking it, feeling humiliated at the same time. It is time to give up slave you are mine, say it. You are now proud to be my whore, say it slave, say you are my whore, ohhh, mmm, mmm.” Cybil said having another orgasm.

I feel so helpless and horny before this beautiful woman dominating me as she´s fucking me into submission, I have tears which are a mix from my frustrated ego which still thinks it can still handle something and my inner feelings that have now become open to her in a complete way as I surrender to her I said, “Yes a whore your whore, yes slutty with you Mistress, fuck me, fuck me.”

“That´s the slut at last coming out, you have surrendered, I can enjoy you as the whore you are, when I fuck you I´ll sometimes ask you to call me Sir, because I´m serving you my little slut.” Cybil said now making me whine.

“Yesss Mistress, yesss” I said as I feel I´m having an orgasm or some type of orgasm, but not the ones I was used to as I moan, “ohhhh, ohhhhh, mm, mm.”

“Yes, slave now you are mine, mmmm, mmmm.” Cybil said having another orgasm then slowing down, leaving her hips resting over mine. She then withdraws from me; she pulls the rubber off her tool and drops it into a small bag she purposely left there.

I feel an emptiness now, still very helpless in bondage, wanting to move now, “Mistress, you have enjoyed yourself a lot I suppose.” I said.

“Yes, I have. Thank you for the orgasms I achieve fucking you my little whore. I´m going to untie you now. Most of the fun came from making you my whore, one who cannot go back now, overriding your ego was a match at the beginning. I know the ego is hurt, but it cannot go against me any longer.” Cybil said knowing she has taken me over the hill now, there´s no more climbing to do now. She has control over me now.

I have tears as she finishes untying me. I stand before her, “Mistress…” I said stopping in my words as I gulp.

Cybil comes to me and kisses me hard, I give into that kiss, “Your tears are the last resistance from your limping ego still trying to fight a lost battle. I know you are aware of it, your kiss with me tells me you are now in a position to shed your doubts with me.” Cybil said.

“I´m thinking what you have just said and yes the ego compares how I use to see myself before being with you and my current situation, which is giving in now.” I said.

“Sean, I do have genuine interest in you. If you are willing I´m prone to try a little more on you in the way of humiliation to get any threads of your ego still trying some type of a comeback trying to interfere with our relationship. We can skip this and take a longer journey to get to the desired mindset or take a short cut as I´m offering, which might hurt a little. After taking the shortcut you´ll feel free and a willing slave so that nothing else will matter except feeling you belong to me. Tell me Sean are you up for it?” Cybil asked.

“Will it hurt a lot?” I asked.

“I have experience in this Sean, but every individual has his own limit, so what I can say now cannot foretell what you might or will feel.” Cybil said.

“Can we stop if it goes too far?” I asked.

“I´d say it´s a little difficult. Crossing a bridge once half way on it you tend to carry on, if you go back on your steps it always seems not quite right and by far more difficult.” Cybil said.

“Can you tell me in what it consists you putting me through, then I decide?” I asked.

“Yes, it´s basically humiliating you to the extent that you don´t feel an ordinary male any longer.” Cybil said looking at me with a willing face not hiding anything from me.

“I don´t know what to answer Mistress.” I said.

“Would you let me ask?” Cybil asked.

“Yes, please do so.” I said.

“How do you feel now that I´ve fucked you?” Cybil asked looking at me and showing her strap on to me.

That hit me hard and quick just like lightning. I remained thinking about it as my ego tries to answer me. I calm down after a couple of minutes making myself aware that the fucking has taken place, so that is history, there will be more to come. If going back is an option, I´m in the wrong relationship. I know I like her and what she has to offer me. It´s the ego my ego playing memories of maybe who I once was but no longer is, entering this zone is only a matter of accepting the new me. I keep myself in silence figuring it out a little longer, then said, “Yes my ego is still interfering with me. That me from the past and the one wanting to be with you. Even if it hits hard it can become handy. It´s somewhat like an injection, the dread of the thought of it before you have it and once it´s over it turns into a memory and nothing else. Yes, she should go for it, Cybil.” I said.

“Sean, thank you for that surrender to me and if I feel I´ve pushed you too much it´s because I have a genuine interest in you. The idea is that once I´ve started I will not stop. I´m going to degrade you until you no longer feel the man you were. Before I start any thoughts or doubts, if so, we can stop now.” Cybil said.

“If we decided to take the long road, we will come to the same result with me having to process every step of the way as I see my manhood slip away from me. I´m already submissive and want to be with you so if you get me to change the way I think of myself or better say my ego still thinks of me, I want it and by now I´d say I need it.” I said.

“You are sure Sean?” Cybil asked again.

“Yes, Mistress.” I said.

“Sean remember that what we do now is to have you with the right mindset, in the future when we want to play humiliation, we can do it as now or differently. I will not be doing this in the future unless agreed to in play. Further humiliation will not be necessary after it, because you´ll obey me.” Cybil said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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